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Us Costoms And Border Protection

The Southern Border wall Under Construction

THANKS TO AUSTRALIA: THIS IS AWESOME absolutely beautiful and well said...

Celebrate The

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Washington Crossing The Delaware, on his
way to his multi-pronged counter attack on the Hessians in Trenton, NJ

NAVIGATING THE SWAP By the Trump Admistration

My new painting – “Crossing the Swamp” “Never give up. Never lower your light. Never stop till the swamp is dry.” – Jon McNaughton For a list of figures in the boat:

A Painting of the Constitutional Convention
Happy #ConstitutionDay2016! The document was signed 229 years ago on
Sept. 17, 1787 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (Ratified on June 21, 1788),
New Hampshire became the ninth state to ratify the document
You can read it here:

The Forgotten Man, which depicts Obama trampling on the US Constitution, has been bought by Fox News anchor Sean Hannity, who plans to present it to Trump. Photograph: Jon McNaughton

Trump the Rider by Jon McNaughton

The warroom--- The war against the democrats in their attempt
to remove Donald Trump from the Presidency

The Cost of Illegal Immigration Thanks to klowdtv.com
Click on the play triangle

A wonderful new talk show It's Sebastian Gorka !!!!

The Sebastan Gorka radio talk show

Happy Fourth Of July! Here’s A Galaxy In Red, White And Blue

Image of NGC 4258 (M106), a spiral galaxy in the Milky Way. This is a composite image made up of
X-rays from NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory (blue),
radio data from the National Science Foundation’s Karl Jansky Very Large Array (purple),
optical data from NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope (yellow)
and infrared data from NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope (red).
Credit: X-ray: NASA/CXC/Caltech/P.Ogle et al;
Optical: NASA/STScI;

The Statue Of Liberty Nebula!!!!

The Red White And Blue Nebula!!!

Upstream Ideas from Paul Ryan ...caution!!

Upscale Ideas from Paul Ryan!

To Contact your Federal Representative, Click here!

September 17th.......

Pay no attention to this day....

Here is the great seal of the United States

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National Election Results by county.....

Results of the 2004 Election by county...

Results of 2008 Election by county...

Results of 2012 Election by County

Results of 2014 Mid term Election

Results of 2014 Election (House of Representatives)

Results of 2014 Election (US SENATE)

Results of 2016 General Election

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Media Research Center

This organization does a good job exposing the Media's Left Wing Bias......

This section for The Media research Organization...

Media Research Organization

Here is the MRC's new campaign Tell the truth from the liberal left wing media!

A brand new organization Media of Mass Corruption new campaign for 2013

And MRC's Media Research Action activities!

Here is MRC's EYE Blast TV! division!

This is Eyeblast's Video done right division

Here is Video Channel division

AND Eyebalst's news division

clock here for MRC TV.org

Media research's Blog for EYEBLAST

Here is Media research's partner organization:
The Cybercast News service

and another... The Free Market Project!

And another News Busters.org!!!!


Here is Mrc's video offerings

and here for Inter markets...get a market quote and more

And a sample video

Click here to subscribe to cnsnews' almost daily tell them you want the daily free service as seen in the flash!
NEWS letter


Click here for Media watch's New York Time's Liberal/Left wing media bias watch

Here for Bussiness and Media.org

And here for Culture and Media.com

And last but not least MRCAction.org

Let's put Media Research in your will!

Brand new, IT's MRC TV!

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Conservative women

This is Laura Ingrahm

Here is Laura Ingraham's website


Here is a Blog From Michelle Malkin

AND Michelle Malkin.com

Something new Twitchy.com Michelle Malkins twitter consoladtion site


And here is Ann Coulter's website

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This section for:
Our Country Deserves better....

The Our Contry Deserves better PAC!!!!!

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This section for:
How Obama got elected....

THE How Obama got elected website

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This section for a new set of MAPS:
Global Incident Map Mashups....

From the Global Incident Group:


The Global Incident Google MASHUP

The Transit Security Report

The Terrorist Warning report page

The Bio-Terrorist Report page

The Agriculture Report Page


The Global Phoenix Intelligence group

The Language Defense Agency

Alerts Via your Cell Phone

The Federal Bureau of Investigation

The Central Intelligence agency

The CIA's page of links

Get ready at ready.gov

Anti-Terrorism and Force Protection information.(For DOD Employees)

U.S.A. AMBER Alerts

From National Association of Radio-Distress Signalling and Infocommunications,
Emergency and Disaster Information Services (EDIS)
Budapest Hungary

Havaia Infomacios Szolgoist - Riaztasi terkep(Mian Map)

Here is their Carribean severe weather alert map

Here is their Tropical Storm (World Map) Alert page

And here is their Pacific Ocean storm monitor map

And here is their South American Alert map

And here is their European alert map

And here is their Asian alert map

And here is Mongolian Alert map

And here is South east Asian alert map

And here is their USA CANADA Alert map

And here is their Indonesia alert map

And here is Central American Carribean alert map

and here is Austrailan/ New Zealand alert map

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Want information on obama?

Click on the OBAMA file

Another site Expose Obama.com

Click here for
Is OBAMA qualified to be President????

Click here for a report on the OBAMA FRAUD(as of 11/08)

Is OBAMA qualified to be President????

Click here for The Communist party USA is joyfull over Obama's election""

Click here for Commie blaster.com exposing communists in the US Government

Is Obama qualified? I Don't think so??

Click here for Victims of Communism.org.....

BAILOUT prize patrol

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Andrew Bretbart's Group of "BIG" web sites

Here is Andrew Breitbart's Main Page

Here is Andrew Breitbart's Big governemnt.com

And ... Big Hollywood

Another one is" Big Journalism.com

Another one is Breitbart TV

Another Patriotic Video media source Is Big VoicesMedia

And last but not least Big Peace.com

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This section for Conservative News forums,newsletters etc....

This section for patriot news etc...

A newsite it's Conservative Intellegence !!!!

AND here is david horowitz's Conservative review of Federal Legislatures

Here is the web site for Michael Savage

Check out Town hall.com Conservative blog headquarters

Here is Little green footballs

And here is The News blog Truth laid bear

Here is Hugh hewit.com

Here is Hugh Hewitt's spin off site Victory Caucus.com.....

And check out Robinson and Long.com/

And another spin off is Pajama TV!

A new website as a result of 2008 is The NEXT RIGHT.com!

another one is RE-Build the party.com

Click here for Top Conservatives on Twitter

Click here for Twitter.com

yet another site to fight to to restore our 5th amendment property rights

check this site out for American Voice, source of patriotic radio on the net

Check out Censored news stories by the left wing news media

Discover the latest efforts of local governments to steal your property!

Information on terrorists at peoples truth forum!

Here is FARK.org news accumulator....

Here is Freedom Works.....

Here is Minuteman Headquearters!

And here is MinuteMAn Political Action Committee

A new site is: Secure Borders.net

And this is: Right March.com

Click here to Seize Liberty!!!!!

Here is a new media effort its Grassfire.org

And here for The Dad.net

Click here for It's wingtv net

Click here for the Eagle newslist webpage

I have moved EagleNet over to my personal website and created new forums as well. The main EagleNet website

A new sub section for the crest it's We the people coalition

Here is the We the People main page

And here is We the people Foundation.org

The new forums are located (also accesible from the main page) Todd Jumper

Here is conspiracy on-line Daily conspiracy on-line

The Norristown, PA Newspaper, The Times Herald

The daily Montgomery Co, Bucks Co, PA newspaper: The Intelligencer Record

The Washington Times a relatively Conservative Newspaper in the Nation's Capitol The Washington Times

An Important Paper for Philadelphia!!!!!! The Philadelphia Business Journal

Check this one out ...... Fox news better than the others????

Here is America's Future WEB site: America's Future

You got alternative news sources here!!!!

Let's start with NEWS CHOICE

An Alternative News Service, The Drudge Report

Christopher Ruddy has a news source!!!! Christopher Ruddy's news service

Here is a web site for a radio show in Baltimore MD. 21st Century Radio with Zoe Heiromouys!

Chris ruddy has another site News Max !!!!

Alternative news with a conservative focus Conservative news ORG!!!

Alternative news service The Alternative news service

Yet another alternative news source NEWS COM

Another alternative news source The Aim report

This is another conspiracy oriented news surce World net daily news

Here is the conspiracy site.... Conspire.COM

Here is Olie North's site North American.com!!!

Here is another source of alternative news!!!!! THE WINDS ORGANIZATION

Here is alternative Dr. Stephen Burzynski alternative Cancer treatment

Just in time for forth of July is a new site The 1776 web net

A news source from which I obtain an e-list from is: The Konformist!

Talk about rumor mills! Here is Ru Mill !!!

A new challenge to moveon.org it's freedoms Watch.org

here is The Freedom Forum

another challenge to moveon.org It's Gathering of Eagles

A private effort to search news, It's source for international as well as domestic news, it's NEWS BCC!

Here is the site of The Beltway Conservative newsletter Human Events

Here is Human Events' Book Store its HE Book Service Online!

Here is a source of Original Sources!!!!

One of the founding magazine it's William F Buckley's National Review

Here is The Freedom Channel

Another organization to protect our Second Amendment It's Citizens of America

Here is another anti-new world order site: The clark Public net

This site is another activists site: A Christian Militia site

Here is the Alabonic research center in Michigan AL-Abonic Reseach Center

The Committee to restore the Constitution has a web site in CO. The Committee to restore the Constitution

This section for conservative news sites

Here are Newspapers to link to:

The Spotlight or it is now known as American Free Press Headquarters of Populism

Here is the AmericanFreepress' subsidary The Barnes review

Click here for Public Library of Science

Here for Citizen Spokane Net (a conservative newspaper?)

And here for Road Block Registery

And yet another Conservative Alert site

Here is a new entry It's assassination science

Here is Freedom.org

Here is Retire Safe.org

Information on campus nuttiness Campus Nonsense.com

And Tounge Tied.us

A new conservative site Free conservative.org

And another new site is Founding fathers.info

Here is a new Informtion Clearing House

Here is a new site it's Global Conspiracy.org!

Or here for Global-conspiracies.com!

Is there a conspiracy? If you are open minded

Indiscreet stuff about Bush and conspiracies

Here is the main page of the above article The Thresher.com

Click here for the official web site of The Ruckus Society

Here is the web site for The Southern "Poverty" Law center

This section for news sources

Here is News Clips from the free Congress Foundation



And here is The GOP's main page

And A new site Republican for a reason

HERE is The Republican Governor's association

Click here for GOP DONORS Click here to donate!

Here is the source for GOP VIDEOS and Radio Commercials THE GOPTRUST

The GOP is seeking your input, click here americans speakingout.com!

Yet another source of Conservative news its Bush Country.org

Monitor Earth Changes here at It's Earthchangestv.com

Click here for Consortuim news

AND here for Talk America!!!!

Here is Citizens against Governemnt waste

And here for Online course what justice looks like

Why not America first? Click here for America first Party!

Here is another source of information it's Rusty's Retreat!

Here is another news site: Alternet.org

Here is a great new effort It's The World News Network

Here is independent news from Canada it's Ontario Independent media

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This section for David Horowitz's world of websites

Check out David Horowitz's Discover the Left wing Networks

And David's Freedom Center.org

Click here for David's Front Pagemag.com

Here is students for academic freedom.org

Here is David Horowitz's News Real Blog.com

Yet another website for Students Freedom Center

Another terrorism Awareness site from David Horowitz

here is Philly's Freedom center website

This is David Horowitz's Jihad watch

And David's Wall of truth.org

A Brand new one Truth revolt.org!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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This section for Reports:

Here is an updated Report on FEMA executive Orders

Here is Donald Rumsfeld's site

A report on America's SECRET Governemnt's Social Engineering???

Here is a new Iraq Status Report.com

Here for Under Standing War.com

Click here for Ultra Secret.info...The Enducation and Research Institute

And here for No New Taxes in Pennsylvania!

Here is the list of 35 restrictions the IRS puts on Government registered Churches

And here for a report on how disinformers do ther dirty deeds

Here is a report on The New america under tyranny??

This page for For what the UN has in store for you in Reference to Bio-Sphere reserves!

A David ICKE report on Under water volcanoes!

Click here for a report on how the bildeberg rules the planet

And here is
Pajama media!

Click here for: The Department of Defense Web site

Click here for Defense systems news on DEFENSE systems

site about mil site - fyi Mil site on the Quadrennial review

An analysis of the quardrennial Defense review

Click here for The Check point nullification project

The following resource is a data visualisation infographic filled with data
on the effects food production has on our planet

This data visualization has been put together in a very clever way
that highlights just how much is affecting sustainability.

Information on home security

*Here's the link to a home security resource: Reviews.com

Information on network security Virtual Private Networks (VPN)

Best VPN in the USA

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This section for some special documents

The The Federalist papers

THE WONDERFUL United States Constitution

The Also Wonderful United States Declaration of Independence

This section for the Unitied States Constitution

We start this section with the web site for the New Philadelphia, PA based

National Constitution Center

Rightr across the street from the Constitution Center is Independence Hall and Historical Philadelphia Pennsylvania area history

Here is a site with reports on political open secrets!!!

Click here for The official archive of WWII Aerial Photographs

Here is a report on The state of Liberty in the United States of America

This page asks: Are proud to be an American???

Here is Col David Hackworth's Soldiers for truth Website

Regional Government is here Click here for Henry Lamb's report

And the main site.. News with views...

Click here for Synopsis/report on the report from Iron Mountain

Click here for Gun Control Works!

Here is information not gnerally known about The Bill of Rights

And here for Special Thanks for Bill Clinton

Talk about Conspiracy! The federation of American Scientists follow the intellegence agencies with open source material The American Federation Of scientists

Click here for news in the crypto world It's Crypto Me.org

Bill Cooper battles the new world order also Bill Cooper's unique view on things

Sherman Skolnick has his Skolnick Report Page

Here is Jason Martell's other web site, Big Brother is Watching!

To keep tabs onthe FEDS click here for Mike Causey's FED report

The following section is for important documents!!!

Here is the National Archive Of Documnents

Part one of the Council on Foreign relations Report PArt One

PArt two of the Concil on Foreign Relations report Part Two

Click Here for the Contitution for the New World Order

Here are some interesting quotes from "Environmental Scientist Steven Schneider Speaks

Here is a recent report on the Federal Emergency Management agency

This document (State Department Document 7277) Is the basis of the theory of convergence with the United Nations!!!! State department Document 7277

This sub-page asks the Question Who is Maurice Strong?

This sub-page is The Patriot's Poem!

This is another important Document Death to the New World order.. Vampire Killer 2000!

THis link for the important Report from Iron Mountain

This is the announcement of the United Nation's Fascist Global Goverance Session

This document spells out the danger of Executive orders Executive Orders

This document lays out the 25 rules of Propaganda

Speaking of the United Nations, I found the United Nations Charter on-line! The United Nations Charter

Click for the model United Nation's Free ordinance

Speaking of important Documents Here is one that was in the news recently unabomber's manefesto

here is a another Unabomber site It's Unabombers.com

Here is the Ten Planks of the Communist Manifesto

Here is another list of ten items, if the NWO should be imposed click here for Ten Tips to Survive the Coming New World Order

Here is information on the possibility of Programmed killers by ????

This section for searches!

Search World Net Daily News!!!

Search WorldNetDaily.com

SEARCH The Congressional Research Service


Here is a site for Codexsinaiticus - An ancient copy of the Bible!

Search the University of North Texas The University of North Texas (UNT) Libraries has produced its own archive of CRS reports. It is even larger than the CDT collection, with which it naturally overlaps

Here is USA.gov is the U.S. government's official web portal to all federal, state, and local government web resources and services.

This section for news and search services

CLICK HERE for immigration information from The Bureau of Immigration Appeals

Here is an opinion page that might surprise you! It's Issues-views.com

This site for Progressive news Yes we do have an open mind!

Here is the search engine for:

Here is a database for Air Crash Data: Air Crash Database.com

Here is another alternate news source it's Alter News wire

Here is a PAC for pro-natrional Defense candidates it's National Defense PAC!

Here is the search Database for: Special Forces Head Quarters Search Engine

Here is a massive site for Research on the Nation of Texas

And another site for The Republic of Texas

And here for Treaties re:The republic of texas

Click Here to research Crime from around the country

CLick here for NSA research at George Washington NSA research!

here is The Conservative Caucus

Here is a Global Security.ORG

For world wide news here is Geo Strategy Direct

This is a service to search for Moreover!!

Here is a new service It's News Making news

Another good organization is Phylis Schafly's Eagle forum The Eagle Forum

The Birch society battles Junk Science all the time, Here is the anti-Junk science web site!! The Anti-Junk Science site!!

Another JUNK SCIENCE IS Global warming here is The anti-Global warming site

Another anti-Junk Science site is Tech Central Station!

Another multi conspiracy expose site is.... PARASCOPE.COM

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The Heritage Foundation

Here is the heritage's foundation page

On Misslie defense

The Heritage foundation... Great heavy duty CONSERVATIVE REPORTS!

Want suggestions on on action? Then Heritage action.com is for you

Another domain for the heritage foundation

help for conservative cndidates here!

Help fix Healthcare policy here

and here for Values voter summit

The Heritage Foundation's Plan to save Medicare

Visit Policy ideas for advancing liberty

Here is THe Heritage Foundation's shop

And here is Libertad.org The Heritage Foundation's Spanish Website

Click here to return to top of Page

Click here for more news

Here is Conservative Review news page

How about this site for Liberal "LOGIC???????"

Here is Star Parker's Website URBANCURE.ORG

News on Project for the new american century

And here for The Etherzone news service

Click here for the Internet's one stop shopping place for political commentary, Information and analysis
Real Clear Politics

This site for The Universal Seduction

This site tries to make you feel guilty about owning a SUV it's "I don't care about the air.com"

Click here for Back Lash

Click here for another news site It's real news 247

Click here for Canidian Conservative Information The Fraser Institute of Canada

Here is The The Christian Coalition

Here is Federal Observer.com

And here is The Federal Observer Links page

And here is a new news service from GOOGLE.COM!

Here is another news site It's radio free nation.net

Here is Assignment editor

Here is Carol Valentine's Public Action.com

Here is Conspiracy Archive

Another news site for patriots American News Net

This site for a left wing view of things The Emporors' New Clothes Web site

Yet another world control theory The "POWER" behind the scenes???

Here is a site to preserve data before it Goes down the memory hole!!!

And here is another freedom of Information site It's Freedom Info.org

Exercise your rights at Flex Your Rights!!!

FIND out about the new left party at Left Party.org

Here is a new site for 9-11 conspiracy Pentagon hit

Here is a research site for Urban Operations

Here for Stray voltage on the farm

And click here for info on Roadblocks around the country

Click here for the rights of Motorists

Here for Military Report

Click here for Information on NATO STOPNATO.ORG.UK

For more NATO information Stop The NATO.ORG

Here is the Web site of a new patriotic news organization it's The American Media orginazation

The following three sites are endorsed by the American FreePress

Here is the AmericanFreePress Third Way

This site is for the Shumacher Society

Here is an experiment in Local Script

Closely related to Patriot conspiracy is Being prepared

Here is another Newspaper.... The OIL Patch news letter

Another patriot news source is DEJA NEWS!

Here is Chuck Harder's For the People organization

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This section for conservative think tanks

Here is an Awsome Site It's American Reformation.org"

Here is alan Keyes new venture its Renew America!!!

Here is Corporate Predators

Click Here for The CATO Institute

AND here is Social Security Org

Click here for The Cato Institute's Research Links

And here for The National Center for Policy Analysis

Click here for Americans for tax reform K Street(NW WASHINGTON, DC) Project

Click here for money sources of Activists cash

Here is the New Web site for American Conservative Union's New Website

here is The National Association of Scholars

And here is The Defense Forum

Click Here for Pacific Research.org

Here is The National Bureau of Economic Research

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America Responds to Terror

This section for Concentration camps in the US

Conentration camps in the US by state index

Here is a site for information on how the Federal Reserve Makes you a slave

And here for Additional Slave info

Another road to slave dom is the Federal Land Grab check The American Land Rights association

Here is the site for US Prison Industries IT's Unicor.gov

For underground bases Click here!

For other anomalous Stuff It's Anomalous unlimited

And here for someone's ideas of truth it's Truthout.com

Click on this sub-page for America responds to terror

Click here for America's response to the WTC Atrocity!

Here is a source of Emergency information it's Emergency.com!

Click Here to Educate Yourself about The Freedom of Knowledge , The power of Thought

Thos site to find out the Original Intent of our Founding fathers!

Click here for an organization fighting ilegal Immigration it's American Patrol by Glenn Spencer

Click here for American Patrol's Links page

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This section for Alex Jones!

We start with his main site INFOWARS.COM!

Alex Jones' Info Links

Here for Alex Jones' Government links

This site for the Bohemian Grove Conspiracy!

Here is a newspaper's reference on Bohemian Grove it's The Bohemian Grove Action Network

Here is one of Alex Jones' new page its The Jones Report watch out Drudge!

Another one is Inforwars.net good stuff

Here is Alex Jones' Prison Planet

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Since the establishment uses natrual Disasters to advance its plan, This section watches
Natural Disasters

This site covers all disasters it's Extremely Low Frequency Research and Development

Volcanoes are watched here

Yet another volcano watch Site

To top off everything, here is The Mt. St. Helens Vocano Cam!

Here is Current volcanoes!!!

And here for Volcano World, Showing how our own Earth Pollutes!

This part for earthquakes


Here is There's a excerpt on scalar weather engineering by Christi Verismo

And here Human Engineered EarthQuakes by Ray Bliger

Here is National Earthquake Information Service

Here for good site in California It's SYZYGY.org

Here is Matt Drudge's site World earthquake report

This part for Tsunami watch

Monitor Earthquakes in this section

The Washington University has a neat site Seismic Monitor

Let's start with the British Government watches World Wide Quake locator

This site supplies Earthquake information

another site for monitoring recent quakes

Art Bell has a site for earthquakes! Art Bell's Earthquake central

This section for hurricane watches

Here is a report on FEMA

Here go with FEMA Watching hurricanes

Commercial Hurricane watch The 1998 season watch

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This section for Young Americans for Freedom

This page for the Young Americans For Freedom!

And here is the YAF's LINKS PAGE

And here for the Ronald Reagan Foundation

Here is The Reagan Ranch

Here are the Young American Broadcasters!!!

Here is an Allied organization It's Campus Reform.org

This section for Young Americans for Liberty

A new student organization It's Young Americans for Liberty!

Stuff from their store.... Flyers, VIDEOS....

AND.... Shirts etc....

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Home Land Security????

Information on the tips program

here is the official Government site For the Tips program

To report TIPS informats Report Tips informants

Here is the web site For the US Congress

Here is the site for Homeland Security

How about some mysticism??? THE DARPA EYE LOOKS AT YOU!!!

Here is an organization claiming to defend the Bill of rights(from the left side?) The Bill of Rights Defense Committee

Help expose The Sanctuary city fraud!

information on potenital problems when hauling nuclear waste

Click here for nuclear transport routes Mapscience.org

ANd here for potential Plumes from Transport accidents

Click here for Nuclear blast mapper

For a database of Nuclear tests.....

The Austrailian Nuclear explosion database

This one is to monitor fires around the world Nasa's fire atlas

Here we watch the on going crisis of India and Pakistan

This section for the border crisis

Click here for American Patrol

Or here for American Border Patrol

Click here to find out what What the pro-immigrationists want to do!

Is McVeigh Dead? Click here

Click here for remeberance

Click here for Remeber 9-11. memorial day

Here is another site its The Human Underground

Here is a great site from the UK.... It's 9-11.co.uk!!!!!

Click here for The Lawful path

Click here for Guerrilla News network

Here is the news source of Conspiracy News Link of conspiracy

Here is a news service out of Australia its Leviathan Weblogs

Here is another Independent News service Copvcia.com

This section for information on taxes/Economic considerations

Reports on Unions from unionfacts.com

FROM the US Chamber of Commerce it's Free Enterprise.com! and the 20 million job challenge

Click here for United States Chamber of Commerce main site

Click here for Tax freedom101

Click here for some interesting information on the Income tax it's Inform America.COM

Here is another site with Information on the Income tax Give me liberty !

How about some facts about the electricity "CRISIS" in California? Electrictyfact.com

Here is a site for an interesting economic proposal its The National Economic Stabilization and Recovery Act

Do your bit to protest high gas prices Click here for Gasoline Price Protest

You can protest gas prices by clicking here The Bush Energy Plan

Click here for another source of American Energy Balanced Energy.org for Coal

Click here for the latest from Technology

Read here about imaging Through a wall imaging

Is this The source of chemtrails?????

Here is the web site for The Center for Democracy and Technology

A New conspiracy research WEB Site Hagman Investigative services

And here for Homeland Security US(North east Intelligence Network

Section on rigged voting and petitions

Can you say Black Box Voting? "Plus, he's just not one of The Anointed.

Click here Patriots Assuring Clean Elections (PACE)

Are you tired of hearing about the problems? Are you ready to DO something about it? Get Onboard USS C.N.S.A. / C.C.R.G....Join US!

Click here for Let Freedom Ring USA.com....

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Patriotic Research

Here is a site to Quotes from our founders!!

A new Hard hitting patriotic video site!

A NEW Patritoic online training institute
It's the Sherman Institute!

You can keep track of our congress critters at Govtrack.us!!!!

Source for Patritic Research it's Capitol Research.org!

Sources for patriotic news It's National Center news

Another source of patriotic news American Liberty Foundation

Here is another source of Patriotic information... Devvy Kidd !!!

Here is the source of Ric Carter's Skeptic News' webpage!

Impeach Clinton Now!!!! Impeach Clinton Org

Another impeach clinton site.... Shadow GOV The Christian Impeachment site

This section for John F. Kennedy Assasination

The JFK Musuem

Here is Fletcher Prouty's book THE SECRET TEAM

Click here for the 25 rules of Disinformation at

The Truth at Pro Paranoid.com!

To find out the qualifications of being a Democrat Click here You too can be a democrat if: Corpwatch.org

Cleick here to easily Contact Your Federal Members of COngress!

Plans for teachers

It’s my favorite time of year — back-to-school season! To help everyone get a jump-start on the new school year, I’m passing on a few resources that offer unique approaches to teaching core concepts to students of all ages.

25 Great Ideas for Teaching Current Events

The Educator’s Guide to Real Estate Lesson Plans

Veterinary Lesson Plans for K-12 Educators

The Educator's Guide to Applying Real-World Math: 15 Resources with Over 100 Lesson Plans

Teacher Resources and Lesson Plans — Special Needs Students

Unmasking Alcohol Manipulators: Critical Thinking Lesson Plans to Subvert Alcohol Advertisers

K-12 Music Education Lesson Plans

40 Shopping and Retail-Themed Lesson Plans for Educators

Click here to return to top of Page

Restoring America

Here is Restoring America begins here!

here is Bill Bennet's new site America's Victory over terrorism!

Here is a great news portal for you its PRWEB.com

Here is Empower.org

Here is Michael Moore's Homepage

And here for global research it's Global Research Canada

lick here for the Cutting Edge Web site

Another site is Friends of Liberty

And the Values and Capitalism from the American Enterprise institute

The THe American Enterprise Institute's main page

Click here to return to top of Page

This Section for Thinking!

Here is an independent thinker who thinks that it's Big Business who is behind our loss of freedoms
Thom Hartman.com

Here is another source of information Stew Webb!!

This section for LEARN Pages

Here is the main Learn Home Page

Here is a link page from LEARN's Link page

Here is Learn's Learns' Alternative News media Link page

Another alternative site is Counterperspective.com

And here for Point of view

Here is Lermanet.com

Here is a private intellegence organization It's Strategic forcasts

Here is Free World Allaince

And here for Free Press International

And here is Give me liberty.org

And here for Project USA

Here is Newt Gingirch's WEB site NEWT.org

Here is Global issues.org

Click here for Chemtrail central

Here is what you need to research Chem Trails: Aerosol Observing System (AOS)

Or here for Mystery Mag

Here we go recent "lone nut" events on the map here... The single line theory????

And here the two line theory???? Click here more events connected

Here is the USa's Debt Clock and more!

World Debt clock

we've launched a tool at Commodity.com which I think your users may find useful. It's an animated world debt clock, covering 40+ of the world's biggest economies (from the US to Australia). Unlike the debt clock you currently mention, it's fully responsive & works on the mobile handsets that 40-50% of your users are reading on in 2020! ;)

Want to design your own country? Then click here for Nations states

Want to bet on the future? Then click her for INTRADE.com!!!!

Here for Foreign Affairs

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Here are important sites for magazines!


Rush Limbaugh's wife is starting a new magazine !!! Vent Magazine

J W Fish's site a precussor to the JBS' site For what's its worth!

Another magazine of conspiracy stuff Steamshovel Press

Another relatively Conservative publication out of Washington, DC Insight Magazine of Washington,D.C

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Some Misc Political Stuff

You can access what our Legislators in DC are doing!!!

Here is the Link to the U.S. Senate The United States Senate

Here is the link to the U.S. The United States House of Representatives

Tell your Congressional Representatives what you think! Via Charles Collins' Site Net line to Congress

Let's send Messages to our Governmental critters!

Here is a site for increasing your Reliogous beliefs it's Belief net.com

Another fact checking site The Annenburg political fact checking web site

And here for Associated Television News!

Click here for Information from the tax foundation

A new site for patriots...... The Majority accoutability project Click here for a new The CREST Patriotic forum

Are you tired? click here for This person's rendition of why he is tired!!!!

Here is Crest's truth Online forum

News service from The Binary report

Here is the Justice Department's Defense of the Alleged "patriot act"

Click here for the conservative alternative to moveon.org It's move america forward!

Click here to find out what What the pro-immigrationists want to do!

Since I don't know for sure where the Republican party fits,I'll give them their own little section The Republican Party


Visit: Sign the Petition...Mail It In and Stand By for Heavy Seas

Spread the news...visit and sign the Petition. You can add a few words telling Mel Gibson you support his First Amendment right to make this movie and distribute it.

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This section for on-going current events interest

Click here for inforamtion about Native American Leadership opinions

Here is a site on the 9-11 atrocities... Brian Salter's Questions

This site for Research on Terrorism it's ERRI Counter terrorism Archive

Here for the latest In Missile defense Air Borne Laser Defense

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From the Defense department It's Defend America.mil

Click here for Digital Globe Pictures of the world

Here is a news site for US Defense It's InsideDefense.com

And here for Information on the Knights Templar

Click here for info on Global Circle net

Information on Surf control tools

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Here for clinton Scandals

Yet another source of info on a clinton Scandal Johnny Chung!

Yet another Clinton Scandal is The Clinton Body Count Page

Here is yet another CLINTON BODY COUNT PAGE

And yet another Clinton Body count listin page

A similar list for George W Bush is: The Bk2k list

This is another important section Impeachment Central!!!

Here is the first Impeachment Site! Impeachment Central

Click here for Judicial Watch Blog!

Here is another site that might help with Impeachment Judicial Watch

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Proofs of Conspiracy??

Recently Art Bell had a show on Low Frequency Sonar research

Art bell is also interested in Mystery Contrails

Another place to research contrails Contrail connection

Closely related is the goings on in Alaska with the Mysterious HAARP PROJECT

Kurt Saxon's Home page here you go survivors! The survivorist's home page

A site you need to be alert for earthquakes!!!!! The Sesmic Observatory

This site will help you go on strike for Liberty! American Policy Org.

The following site links to NSA were the VENONA Cables are located. These cables show some of the "official history" is wrong when refering to the McCarthy era

The National Security Agency release of the Venona Cables The Venona cables

Here is a site on the Twa 800 crash it's TWA800.com

This site for a possible second Oaklahoma city bomb truck

For a look at religious fundamentalist... Texe Marrs....

Here is texe marrs article on How the Government uses 501 c(3) regulations to control Religion

Click here for the Electonic Waco Museum ww.propagandamatrix.com"> Propaganda MAtrix

This section is for books

Another important Document is the Communist Manifesto The Communist Manifesto

The report from Iron Mountain is another proof of conspiracy The Report From Iron Mountain

The Book, The Creature From Jekyll Island, another proof of conspiracy The Creature From Jekyll Island

Talk about mind control!!!!! Cathy O'Brien's Story of Trance Formation

And the possibly THE Source of Mind Control? The Tavistock Institute

A new section....UFO documents!!!!!!

Important UFO Document!!!!! The MJ12 Document

Related to books is journalism and here is sean Castell's UFO Journalism page

Here is The ultimate secret

Another take on the MJ-12 Controversey is Bill Cooper's Majesty 12 document

Some Conspiracy Topics

CLick here for the Conspiracy Channel

Click here for another politically incorrect site it's Freedom 21.org

Here for It's Conspiracy Planet

And another conspiracy web site: It's conspiracy times.com

Click here for another look at USS Liberty

Here is A populist Review

Here is a British site with some good links it's The Realm!

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This section for Tracking!!!!

This is the main page for MIT's Media Lab

This is for Citizen Governemnt Information Awareness

And here for Open the Government.org

And here for Government Citizen Information Awareness

How about the FBI??? It's FBI coverup

To follow global changes Go to Global Changes.com

And for our Canadian Friends it's Canadains.org

Do you think your being followed by the FBI? Then see The Counter spy site!!!

This site is closely associated with the counter spy site The Vigo Examiner

Click here for AirIQ GPS tracking systems AIRIG GPS TRACKING SYSTEMS

Click here for nci wpu maps

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This section for exposing Media Bias

This is a chart of Media Ownership

Here Is site exposing CBS' bias its Rather Biased.com

Here is a similar organization in Pennsylvania It's Pennsylvania Leadership.org

here Is David Horowitz's home page It's Front Page Magazine

Here is David Horowitz's sister page It's Slap Hillary.com

This section for Patriotic Radio

Click here for American Soviereign.com

AND HERE FOR DENNY RADIO Rush Limbaugh from Minnesota!

Here is The Rush Limbaugh Show

Here is an ad the RUPUBLICANS MUST RUN:

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This section is the PATRIOTIC SECTION

Celebrate the fourth of July here Design your own fireworks here

In response to all the recent E-Mails .....Please be advised, I am sick and tired of
answering questions about my dog.Yes, he mauled six people wearing Obama T-shirts, four wearing Pelosi T-shirts, Two
democrats, nine teenagers with pants hanging past their cracks, three flag burners and a
Pakistani taxi driver.FOR THE LAST TIME... THE DOG IS NOT FOR SALE !!

No, I do not approve of his smoking, but he says it gets the bad taste out of his mouth.

The site for the Kormofist E-ZINE

Here is the patriotic site for Israel The Israeli Defense Forces

This site is needed by every patriot for law helps Freedom Law Center for Patriots

another site for law for patriots is Supremelaw.com

Freedom needs free communications and guess what? The Microbroadcasters freedom site!

The Buy America foundation is here in Montgomery County (PA) The Buy america Web Page

Here is the United States Constitution!!!! United States Constitution

This is something the Patriots ought to watch Chris Temple's Corporate Watch Org

Believe it or not, This friend of the earth site has some good stuff Friends of the Earth

This site monitors Biological Outbreaks!!! Outbreak.org

This site provides analysis of the Constitution! The Constitution on the web!

The Declaration of Independence The Declaration of independence

Another defend the declaration site... The declaration Foundation

The Citizens Against the New World Order THE EAGLE NET

Here is a WEB Site for Patriots........ Patriot WEB SITE

Conspiracy nation news letter has a web site for it"s source of information you don't get from the mainstream controlled media


Another newsletter worth looking at is the American Freedom Movement News letter;

American Freedom Movement The American Freedom Movement Newsletter

The American Freedom movement's magazine page: Norm Resnick's organization

Patriots will find some interesting material here:

Here is Pat Shannahan's Web page

Here is information Local Soveregnity

Click here for Vehicle track technologies via GPS

Click here for Active denial Technology

Click here for the latest Sign code conspiracy!!!!

Click here for Corporate watch useful for patriots

And here for the links page of

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This section for the board of directors of the world

Here is a web site devoted to news on the New World Order from Canada

Info Ramp on the New World Order NEW WORLD ORDER INFORAMP

The following two web sites are points of take off of research into some of the foggy areas of New World Order Research

The Decentralized CIA Research Page: De-Centralized Intellegence Agency

Here is the site for the shadow government of the World! The Bilderberg group

Here is another board of director diagram it's The Rothschilds

Click here for How the world is organized!

And here is A public BILDERBERG WEB SITE?

And here the complementary One World Org

A new site for New Group of World Servers

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Haarp Research section

Click here for the HAARP web CAM

And here for About the Haarp Web Cam

For the unoficial history of Haarp Click Here

This is the Official Haarp Site The Official HAARP site

Here is Nick begich's Haarp site Earth Pulse

another Haarp site and connections to alternative sources of informtion HAARP NET

Here is another Haarp site Alaska Haarp Main Page

Here is specific Haarp info Haarp Spectral Frequencies

Commentary on Eastland's patents

HAARP appears to have been very busy lately:

Here is The University of Alaska's HAARP MAIN PAGE

Click here for University of Alaska's wf page

Here is (see spectrum monitor, waterfal= l charts)

Click here for HAARP Animation!

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To lead off it is DATA.GOV

Here for Digital Government.org

Here is a site that helps to Fight Malaria

Click here for The Federalist

Looking for Ronald Regan??? It's Reagan 2000

Here is a private intel agency it's strategic forcasting!!!!!

For information on Government space photography capabiliites It's NIMA.mil

Another one is It's the National Recon. office

This site for US Department of Energy Environmental Mgt.

US DEPARTMENT of Energy Energy efficiency office

here is a Nuclear site: Hanford WASH

And here for the No-profit Brookings Institute

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Radio Talk Shows

This site for another radio talk show Info Wars!!!!

The freespeech research center: The Freespeech Research Center

Click here for the patriot's Legal Center it's Mark Levine's LandMark Legal.org!

And Mark's Radio show

Here is a new show.... It's the Glenn Beck Show

And here is: Liberty Works Radio

Here is another radio site it's Truth Radio

Here is another is Sound Waves.com

Here is A philadelphia area radio it's Domtalk.com, Patriotic radio in the Philadelphia area

And here is Dom talk links

Here is Dennis Prager's site

Here are recomended shortwave stations

Here is American Patriot Friends Network

Here is internet radio its Info Radio Net

Here is the best it's WWCR SHORTWAVE

Another Short wave station is It's the Gensis Communication

here is a new one its Patriot Broadcasting!!!

This section for Sites for radio shows!

Here is the web site for the Stan Solomon Show!

This section for Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh has a research site it's Rush Limbaugh's show online!

Sign a get well card for Rush Limbaugh at Millions Of Americans.com

Finally, Rush limbaugh has Rush Limbaugh online

Here is the warroom, set up by a talk show host in Pittsburgh, PA THE WARROOM

Here for The Hannity show

Here is Liberty Radio

Check out this site for Patriotic radio news on the New World order

Another radio site Republic Broadcasting

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This section is for the Second Amendment, the second most important
amendment to the United States Constitution


Here is the Poster for the second amendment people! Celebrate the 4th of July!

Yet another poster I want you to buy a gun!

Here is a site that describes The United Nations' Gun Grab

Here is a site to boycott Sara Lee by Women against gun control Boycott SARA LEE

This site is for the most effective Lobbying organazation to preserve the second amendment Gun owner's of America

Here is an interesting Site for the individual Floating Cities!

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Just to be fair, here are web sites for the NEW WORLD ORDER!


Doard of directors of the world? THE WORLD FORUM WEB SITE

How about A Map of the New World Order????

Here is a web site for the infamous club of Rome THE CLUB OF ROME

Here is a link to the Aspen Institute The new age aspen institute

This site for Future Media research at MIT!

Here is a link for some comedy relief William Bacon's humor page

United Nations

Here is a link to The United Nations! The United Nations Development Program

Here for the United Nations


For those of you who still don't believe the New World Order is coming down us via the UN, visit this site! The World Federalist Web Site

The Mother of all World goverance sites The United Nations

Related to the new world order is how the Federal Government reels staqte and local governments with our tax money, This site shows what's available! The FED's index to "AID" programs

Click here for information on what's in store for us in the New World ORDER! The Foundation project

And How the communists will get us there it's Communist rules of Revolution!

Rules on Finding Disinformation!

Here is the primary objective of the New World Orrder it's The Omega project

This site proposes the The Mind control propaganda theory

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Here is The FAS' Intelligence Web Resource Portal

here is another conspiracy website it's Conspiracy Planet

Here is the web site for Free Republic.COM

And the companion Free Republic.Net

Here is a diary from Free republic.com it's Alamo Girl.com

Here is the WEB site for another conservative talk show host Phil Valentine.com

Here is a site for Pro Business development

Here is the Global Research Bank

Other Research sites...... Security Focus!!

Here is another new site for patriots it's Friends of Liberty

Aother site in Phila it's The Liberty museum

The echelon system is under observation ACLU'S Echelon Watch

And here is the Conservative news service!

Another News service is American Freedom News

Here for Teesdale News service

A site for mid east news is Media Monitor Net

believe it or not here is the Conservative Claremont institution! And the conservative American Policy Institute!

This site is a spin off of the American Poilicy Institute Missile threat!!

Here for the Massive Conspiracy net.com

This site to track elected officials when it comes to economic growth The club for growth!!

From this site you can research the latest environmental evil it's Di-hydrate Mono oxide!!!

Here is a Site for Lyndon laRouche La Rouche in 2004

This site for The American Partisan

This site for a large website jump off point Above top secret

Yet another conservative site it's Conservative Headquarters!

And here for The Public Discourse.com!

Here is a new patriot news source Bill Brumbaugh's Proactive news.com

click here for Student News Daily.com! Conservative headline news for students!

And here for Reasons.org Reasons against the theory of evolution!

Here is a great Ronald F.Garon's Anti-NWO website

This site for The Music for Patriots!

Click here for Canadian Intell Links

Here is the link to The United States Supreme Court

Click here for The United States Supreme Court Links page

This site has a good selection of Monarchy Links!!

Click here for Register ".usa" domains!

Or here for For .us domains

Here is a place to get wealthy It's wealth Study

And another site Private Profits

here is a site for voting problems Vote scam

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