Dear Friends and fellow Patriots, Please forgive me for doing a "reply all" on this. I don't mean to intrude on your privacy, but this is an issue near and dear to my heart. For almost four years now, I have fought Executive Orders.

Many of you know me--many don't. For those that don't, I am a Constitutional Fundamentalist, 2nd Amendment supporter, Constitutional Militia supporter, survivalist and a Nam-era former Woman Marine that considers her oath to protect and defend the Constitution to still be in full force.

Clinton has far surpassed Benedict Arnold, Lincoln, Wilson, FDR, LBJ and Carter in his deliberate and treasonous betrayal of America in his Exeutive orders (EOs) and Presidential Decision Directives (PDDs). Below are some links. Take the time to read the following links a flaw of mine that really needs some work, but sadly, I don't have much hope of success. Oh, well--we all have our faults! Lynell

"Molon Labe!" King Leonidas of the 300 Spartans to Xerxes' demand to surrender their arms--literally in Greek, "Come--receive!" "With your shield or on it..." --Spartan mothers.

Hot Links for Executive Order information:
White House Sources: White House Publications
What???? Presidential Treason 101 & 102
Unconstitutional Clinton's Power Grab Through Executive Orders
HERE this site: None Dare Call it Treason
This site for Global Goals of the Clinton Administration

The following is from

Here is some info on me and my aol personal profile for your perusal. What I write about and post is anything related to anything UNConstitutional, anything that takes away our freedoms and guaranteed rights, and info on anti-United Nations, anti-New World Order, anti-illuminati, anti-unrighteousness, anti-immorality, etc.

People have asked, "Who is USCMike1?" "Who IS this NUT?" Bottom line is: "I am a teacher and a helper." My AOL member's profile is posted and open to the public.

I will copy it and post it for those who may not have access to AOL online services.

HERE IT IS: AOL Member's Profile for USCMike1 Member Name: USCMike1 = Michael Johnson Location: Los Angeles, CA USA - Birthdate: 02-11-XX Sex: Male Marital Status: widower w/18 y/o son, (yes, I am looking for a wife)

Hobbies: Teaching, Helping others+ Disaster & Emergency Rescue Trainer, Tutor English to Int'l students, news publisher/editor, TV-Video Production, train EMTs & Paramedics, attended USC=Univ of So.Calif+soon to create private international medical school w/other doctors . . teach horse back riding, wilderness survival, sailing, boating, navigation

Personal: homeschool my son, He never went to high school, he started college at age 13, (I took classes with him the first year to help him adjust) he graduated at age 16 with 3 separate Associate of Arts degrees from 3 separate 2-yr community colleges (Services) from Christian Family Community College.

He is already a nationally certified Phlebotomist (draws blood) and Administrative, Clinical, Laboratory Medical Assistant. (couldn't even possibly tell that I am proud of him could you? - lol)

Occupation: Physician Assistant, Allied Health Instructor in the fields of Medical Assisting and Emergency Medicine, TV-Video prod, teacher, int'l media news journalist, medical student, Gerontology, Tutor all subjects & grade levels + college

Personal Quote: "If you can't fight them, don't join them - lead them!" (MDJ). I am part Native American Cherokee Indian & full Born Again Christian

In earlier years I was heavily and comprehensively into aerospace industry: atomic energy, (radiation) health physics, nuclear reactors, satellites, liquid and solid fuel rocket propulsion, electronics, computerized inertial navigation systems.

I am a Constitutional Patriot and anti-New World Order advocate.

Currently, I am preparing training courses for Disaster and Emergency Medicine and Rescue and Y2K-New World Order survival skills including how to detect and protect yourself from NBC - Nuclear, Biological, Chemical warfare and weapons of mass destruction.Clinton's Civilian Concentration Camps, and you will need do-it-yourself-at-home medical treatment.

If you are interested in information on the above skills and how to construct your own Constitutionally guaranteed self-defense weapons from common materials found around your home, (especially when Clinton makes possession of ALL Second Amendment protected weapons UNConstitutionally illegal) then contact me at This e-mail address is ONLY for personal correspondence and survival lessons. PLEASE NO news posts or forwards at this address.!

AntiTerDRT stands for Anti-Terrorism Disaster and Emergency Medicine Rescue Team, and believe me! you will need this information and training VERY soon when Clinton declares martial law.

I have 55,000+ incoming e-mails archived and 27,500+ e-mails in active storage. I receive 500+ e-mails per day and if I don't read and delete them, then in two days AOL maxes me out at 1000 and rejects and bounces all the other incoming e-mails.

As of today I have 35,721+ active readers (not including many newsgroups that people forward and re-post to. I send out from 5 to 10 to 30+ individual posts per day. Lately I have been deluged with preparations for Y2K. Ask if you are interested.

I have been working on electronic detectors and meters for dangerous and lethal microwave irradiation and will be constructing units for distribution next week.

I have hundreds of new books and military and proprietary manuals on survival, medicine, anti-NBC protection, improvised expedient home made protective weapons for self-defense that I will make available to the qualified Patriot.

A few Patriot readers have unilaterally volunteered (unsolicited) to send me a cash donation to help me keep my computer online with needed repairs. Those readers know who they are. Please contact me and I will send you, at no charge, the microwave irradation detector and dangerous and lethal radiation meter.

I hope this answers your questions and those of anybody else who has ever wondered about USCMike1.

I invite inqueries and comments but no need to flame me for your (the readers') disbelief or lack of trust as SOME people have been preparing for many years and could care less what the unbelievers say.

I am NOT in any Constitutional Civilian Militia but have been asked to form one nationwide. I am helping to set up special out of the way Patriot survival retreats in New Mexico, Arizona, California, Nevada, Oregon. And I will be taking my training seminars on the road as I am buying a tractor-trailer to go mobile. But I need drivers and donated busses, motor homes, trailers, etc., to be able to reach everybody nationwide.

I will only entertain responses from serious respondents.

Sincerely, USCMike1

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