MEDIA RELEASE:  I Am An American, And I Am Tired


I am an American, and I am tired. I'm tired of being treated like a serveant to
the government. I'm tired of being subjected to worse tyranny than the original
founding fathers did over two hundred years ago. I'm tired of working to change
things only to meet people who cower in a corner just waiting for the
government to do with them as they wish. I'm tired of preaching the
Constitution while the government sets a preverbial fire to it year after year.
I'm tired of being harrassed by the law enforcement for practicing my
Constitutionally protected rights. I'm tired of Americans who care more about
their big screen and their SUV than they do about their rights. I'm tired of
paying taxes only to be taxed more without proper representation. I'm tired of
being buried under an unjust system that keeps pushing poor people like me
further down. I'm tired of all these things, but because I am an American, I'll
keep pushing on, because I am not just an American. I'm an A merican patriot.

One of the big reasons for the American Revolution was taxation without
representation. You see, the original colonists were being taxed by the
government of England. Yet, they were under rule of the English government with
noone to represent their interests. So they drafted the Declaration of
Independance. They were wise enough to see that the only way out from under
tyrancial rule was to stand up like men and form their own government with
great courage. Today, we are in much the same situation. We are being taxed by
the government of the United States. Yet, we are under the rule of the United
States Government with noone to represent our interests. So now we must declare
our independance, and just like the original founding fathers, we will try our
best to produce our freedom through peaceful means. If we cannot accomplish
that goal, then you only have to study history to see where it goes from here.

We pay taxes upon taxes these days. I know that so many people have heard this
time and time again, but consider what we mean by taxes. We pay payroll taxes.
We pay sales taxes. We pay road and bridge taxes to use the roads that our tax
money built. We pay land taxes for property we own while the government
dictates what we can and cannot do with that property. We pay extra taxes on
items such as cigarettes and alcohol. The tax is also higher on such things
such as gasoline which is almost a need in today's world. Then at the end of
the year, we get the priviledge of filling out forms to prove that we have paid
all the taxes that we are dictated to pay, or else the government penalizes us
even further.

Now consider the various taxes we pay that aren't even called taxes. When we pay
a fee in order to participate in the state dictated instituion of marriage,
then we are paying a tax. When we pay a fee in order to be allowed to drive on
the roads that our tax money paid for, then we are paying a tax. Then we have
to pay another tax to register the vehicle that we paid sales taxes on to buy
so we can drive it in the roads that our tax money built, and that we paid road
and bridge tax on so we could use it, and that we already paid a tax for
license for so that we can drive on. On top of all that, in most states we pay
yet another tax that is misrepresented as a fee for a sticker showing that the
state has declared our vehicles safe to drive. Then if we do wrong according to
often unconstitutional laws, then we pay another tax that is called a fine.

So where do all this tax money go? After all, we are trillions of dollars in
debt as a nation. Well, we have provided for years now supplies, arms, and
ammunitions to other countries so that they can, traditionally speaking, use it
all at a later date to fight us. Then after we beat them, we send billions of
dollars in aid and supplies to rebuild those countries. I guess you could
consider that a reward for going to war with us. Oh, and don't forget the
trillions that have been spent on nuclear weapons just in case we ever need
those. Also, never forget thew millions sent out every year to aid for
countries with homeless and starving people although we have homeless and
starving right here in our own backyard.

Is there any tax money spent here in America? Well there is the war on drugs,
but there are more drugs here in America now than there has ever been before.
Then there's the war on illiteracy, except there are more undereducated people
in America than ever before. Don't forget the millions spent every year
protecting our southern border. Oh, I guess that really doesn't count if the
government is going to grant illegals amnesty anyway. Then there is the cost of
regular law enforcement. Call a cop when you are trouble and see how well your
money is being spent there. Don't forget also, they aren't required by law
anyway to help you. It doesn't matter that your tax money pays their salary.

Is that all? Not hardly. The president, vice-president, most senators and
congressmen, and just about all higher up officials within our government make
at least six figures a year. That of course is just the present administration.
After the president leaves office, he collects his income for the rest of his
life. On top of that, he recieves bodyguards for life for him and his immediate
family, lifetime medical care,and  the cost of his office staff and supplies
every year. Oh and don't forget that every president has a library built in his
name. Private funds are used to build the library, but our tax money is used to
staff it. Someone asked me once if I had a problem with the president recieving
free medical care. I goddamned sure do when war veterans do not.

Alright, we've briefly went over some of the many things our tax dollars are
spent on. The big question though is though if all of it is neccessary
expenses. I'll go with the president since he after all the "leader" of this
great nation. I use the term leader loosely because it seem ironic to me when a
leader of a country is much better off than the average citizens of that
country. I say that with knowledge of the true meanin of leadership, which is,
the abilitiy to influence others to participate in order to achieve a common
goal. Our president spends between four to eight years in office. During that
term, he basks in the glory of his power. He dictates the powers to declare war
for this country that is in great dispair itself. He stands at podiums around
the country and talks about the "little" man, while he can look forward to six
figures a year for the rest of his life. He has ordered cuts in medical care
for veterans with the knowledge that his own care is free from now on. He can
push his religious beliefs upon the rest of the free world without regard for
the seperation of church and state clause. I'll stop there for now and ask, are
we getting our moneys worth? I don't think so. I also don't think we are
getting our moneys worth from any other of the numerous government expenses.

It's time to get off my soapbox now. The sad thing is that although this has
grown into a lengthy article, I've only touched the tip of a huge iceberg. This
country is in dire straights fellow patriots. It's time for us to come together
and figure out some solutions before it is too damned late for us all. I am an
American and I am tired. I'm tired of all these things. I'll keep pushing on
though, because I'm not just an American. I'm an American patriot. Join me
fellow patriots and cry out loud for liberty.