Two of the global threats suggested by the Iron Mountain
Report are aliens and global environmental pollution.

More on JFK's report on what to do if you run the world and still want to enslave the world, Nazi style, and force everyone to work for the Military industrial complex. Continue divide and conqure over false flag op's. Even if the flag is chemical or alien.~~~ Apt This just may be one of the most important letters you will ever read. Put on your tin foil hats folks before you read the following email! As Art Bell would say, "wanna take a ride?" I found it very interesting that Meria Heller had G. Edward Griffin, author of "The Creature From Jekyll Island: A Second Look At The Federal Reserve" on her radio program last week and they were discussing the 1966 Hudson Institute think tank study "The Report From Iron Mountain" which was commissioned for the Department of Defense under Defense Secretary Robert McNamara. One of the major conclusions of the Report From Iron Mountain is, that in the past, war has been the only reliable means of making the masses compliant with the will of government, but we are reaching a point in history where the old formulas for contolling the masses may not work and the invention a suitable substitute such a credible global threat may be necessary. Such a threat would not have be real to work just as well, providing the masses can be convinced it's real. Two of the global threats suggested by the Iron Mountain Report are aliens and global environmental pollution. The global environmental pollution model was viewed as the most likely to succeed because it could be related to easily observable conditions such as smog and water pollution -- in other words, it would be based partly on fact and, therefore be credible. Also, predictions could be made showing end-of-earth scenarios just as horrifying as atomic warfare. Accuracy in these predictions would not be important. Their purpose would be to frighten and not to inform. It might even be necessary to to deliberately poison the environment to make the predictions seem more convincing. In this fashion it would be possible to frighten the masses into accepting a falling standard of living, tax increases, and bureaucratic intervention into their lives as simply "the price we must pay to save Mother Earth." If a vision of death and destruction from pollution could be implanted into the public subconscious mind, then the global battle against it could, indeed, replace war as a mechanism for control. I have The Creature From Jekyll Island and highly recommend it even if only you read the last several concluding chapters of the book. The unknown author below must be a rightwingnut, they're seemingly incapable of discussing anything without dragging Bill and Monica into the conversation! Astro ~=*=~=*=~=*=~=*=~ Subject: This just may be one of the most important letters you will ever read. "Letter from a friend " Ok, this is a long one. I just became aware of the problem in our skies, and to tell the truth I have read all sorts of theories, from anti terrorist things to the take over of some super government. Since all of these options lay open, I contacted a friend who has a relative who... Well you get the picture. I do not know how truthful this is, but the email I received this evening includes the following: ************************************** Do you really want to know what is going on? It isn't pretty, and it is far worse than the imagined evils that have been attributed to so called `Chemtrails'. The truth of the matter is that the Earth is dying. Since the Start of the Industrial Revolution, about 200 years ago, mankind has been dumping pollutants into the air in greater and greater amounts. Though many developed industrial nations have become aware of what was happening and that the atmosphere could only hold so much, I fear that the emerging industrial nations are behind the times when it comes to reduced emissions. All of these pollutants have been adding up over time, by the mid 20th century when we started fully understanding the implications of what we were doing by the symptoms and signs given even then, it was too late to do much to advert disaster. Even if we had cut back our emissions to near nil, we still would have suffered through the UV Summer caused by the depleted Ozone layer. All of those CFCs and other Ozone destroying gasses were still in the lower atmosphere, it takes a few years for them to reach the Ozone layer thus when we discovered the holes in the ozone, it was already to late to stop further damage. The UV Summer started back in 1990-92 - it its growing worse exponentially, in a few years UV levels will be high enough to cause serious ecological disaster which will have a direct impact on crops. Presently we would have nearly 30% more cases of skin cancer if nothing had been done. Another side effect of all the pollutants is the Green House effect a very real problem that I fear we under estimated several years ago. In early 1993 a few events took place which showed that Global Warming was speeding up, meaning that the earlier estimates which had a 2'F global warming in 50 years was far off the mark, more like 20 years. We, mankind and the industry that supports us, made a terrible, costly mistake. We waited to too long to change our ways. In the 1980's a conference was joined together of many scientists and military brass. In closed, Top Secret meetings everything and I mean everything was placed on the table. The general information is in the public domain; however, it is policy to stress the optimistic outlook for the Future of Earth. This took place around the time the Wall Fell and the Iron Curtain came down. These events are directly linked to the secret meetings that took place. The notion of political boundaries became moot when faced with extinction. Yes, a few nations till hold back, but these are the ones who refuse to see very real problems. Much of the intelligence and the data that was placed on the table came out of the old Soviet Union. They too had seen the problem and were concerned. As President Reagan pointed out, it would take an outside force that threatened humanity as whole to bring about world peace. Ironically as he spoke those worlds the crises was mounting. The purposes of the closed-door meetings were to discuss in real terms what the coming events for earth were. Further, to offer working immediate solutions and to set up reasonable long-term goals. When the meetings started it was a fair certainty that something had to be done it was rather obvious that something was wrong. It wasn't until the meetings went on that the exact magnitude of the disaster was understood for the very first time. The combined data showed that this generation, our generation would see the end of life as we know it. A true extinction level event that was forecasted to include up to 89% of all species and The combined data showed that this generation, our generation would see the end of life as we know it. A true extinction level event that was forecasted to include up to 89% of all species and poise a very real threat not only to the existence of our civilization but our species as well. The going odds were less than 10% that mankind would survive. Two major problems faced us; Global Warming and UV Summer. Global Warming, as you may know, is far more than just a rise in earth's average temperature, it also includes a rising of sea water, not only from the melt of the polar ice, but from the expansion of water when heated. Take a look at any map of the world and you will quickly note that the major population centers reside in the coastlands and low lands of the world. If we allow the seas to rise we would lose all of those homes. Evacuation of a good chunk of the earths population is not feasible. It would also mean that more water vapor would enter into the atmosphere charging storms with more energy causing greater storm damage. Heat the Atlantic a few degrees and Hurricanes become Hypercanes, storms of such size and strength that nothing in their path can survive. Winters would become far worse, super blizzards that would bury cities and towns, then afterward would melt into floodwaters. Increased precipitation worldwide would be seen. Further areas that had once seen abundant rain would suddenly enter major drought. Super weather patterns would kill, the droughts would destroy our ability to feed the 6+ billion people on earth - combined with coastal and low land flooding our civilization would not survive. Venice Italy is a prime example of the realities of global warming, it is flooding much more now than 20 years ago. In recent decades we have seen large chunks of the Antarctic ice pack break off - large as Rhode Island. Alaska and Greenland are showing signs of global warming as well. The mean average temperature of Earth has increased dramatically - more than what is reported. It is heating up faster with each passing year. The more heat that is trapped, the more wide spread and dramatic the effects are. Look back over the past decade of weather patterns. One will easily see the impact of Global Warming. UV Summer is here; it has been here for a while. Without protection we would be seeing more instances of skin cancer. This problem has been down played as well, however I am most certain that a resourceful person can find the real statistics for skin cancer cases and also real statistics on how much flooding of the coastal regions is taking place and the number and severity of storms. The evidence is out there. Buried under controlled skepticism and directed debunking. With all of this in mind and with the reality of our future being very dim indeed, it was decided to do something. Several ideas were considered. A large solar array placed between the Earth and the Sun, it would do much to cool the earth, however it would do little to reduce the poisoning by UV Radiation (As well as other cosmic radiations that are deflected by the Ozone Layer. A series of smaller reflective discs placed in Orbit between Sun and Earth was considered, but the same UV problem would be there. Detonation of several high yield nuclear weapons was considered as well, it was thought that the controlled nuclear winter would reduce the amount of UV and Infrared reaching the surface, however no one wanted to risk radiation poisoning, and who in their right mind would willingly detonate nuclear weapons? The outcry from the public would be intense. The initial Stratospheric `Shadow' Plan which called for the spraying of reflective dust combined with other elements that would cause condensation therefore precipitation was considered, however, this required spraying in the upper regions of the atmosphere. Ozone is created by radiation bombardment (mainly UV) of the Oxygen atom. This is how the Earth has maintained its Ozone Layer for millions of years. Had we sprayed in that region of the atmosphere it was feared that the natural production of Ozone would be hampered, requiring repeated applications over centuries of time. We were faced with one viable option, and that was to lower the altitude where seeding would be done. Many metals and substances were considered. The Stratospheric Seeding would have used titanium oxide and aluminum oxide conjunction with silver iodine and other trace metals. The idea was to create a long lasting umbrella that would reflect sunlight back out into space. At lower levels in the atmosphere these particles would be inhaled by organisms this drastically reduce the number of substances that could have been used. (Note: even at higher altitudes it was feared that the dust would settle out in time, over generations - the risk of side effects was far lower than one would imagine) What is being used is the only combination that will do the job of adverting ecological disaster while having the least amount of impact on human and animal life. It came down to a matter of numbers. Without treatment we faced an extinction level event. With treatment we see possible survival with a loss of a few hundred million, possibly 2 billion if one considers the long-term effects of near constant exposure to the substances used to create the shield. It may appear that this is an open and shut case and that if provided with the choices the human race would agree to this spraying. The good of the many far outweighs the good of a few. Unfortunately there is a little bit more to the picture. There is a standing need to deal with the problem fast. The greatest threat to the project was that the arguments and the sideline debates and the weighing of the pros and cons would drag out until it was far to late for even this extreme measure. Remember that all of this was being done during the Clinton Administration. Look back at that period of time and you will find that there were a few stage shows put on world wide to entertain and pull attention away from the ecological problems we faced. Trust me, Clinton really didn't have sex with that woman. But he did agree to have his name dragged through the mud to pull the attention to him. Several other events took place, which were staged as well, all of which were designed to keep the masses busy. There are a few opponents to the shield project. They made their presence felt on 9-11-01. No, it wasn't the Taliban or Bin Laden who caused these events, it was those who are opposed and are fighting the only working solution to an impossible problem. What is going on has far reaching implications. The general strife we see today is partially due to the threat that our species faces. There are those who would rather see nothing done than to have this project carried out. If it was revealed just how bad things really are, I assure you, the ensuing panic would cause greater damage than the suspicious mumblings that have been heard when it comes to Chem-Trails. I tell you these things to set the record straight and to impress upon you the need to refrain from causing panic. The threat to humanity is not from the planes spraying overhead, but from the impact that mankind has had on this delicate planet. Earth is dieing. The program in place is only a stop gap measure. The more dire estimates tell us that the problem is too far advanced to stop ecological disaster. The oceans are dieing, the fresh water supply is depleted, and the very ground in which we grow our crops is yielding up poisons. Global Warming and UV Summer are the issues that face us today, tomorrow we will be looking at famine, thirst and the spread of disease. We have forestalled for a few decades the death of our civilization. It is not a cure; it is not the solution. Unless a miracle takes place during the next 20 years, mankind and planet earth will die. Look back at the past two decades of political history to see the truth of these words. Look at the events as being a result of the threat that humanity faces. When the Soviet Union folded, it did so to the amazement of many Do you honestly think that the Soviet Union folded due to financial problems? Look at the years of relative peace we have enjoyed, do you think that all of these nations who were once at each other's throat decided to set aside their differences magically? The fast development of the European Union is another sign of the times. A United Europe has never been possible before, but suddenly it is not only possible, but happening. A friend "Conspiracism is a profitable sub-branch of the entertainment industry" -- Harry Flashman