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The U.N.'s Millenium Forum at the UN Headquarters!

It will feature the first meeting of the "People's Assembly," composed of representatives from elitist organizations, serving as a "Global Legislature!" The "People's Assembly" has no elected representatives! The "People's Assembly" is composed of representatives from private associations! The "People's Assembly" is a group of elitists proclaiming themselves to be our lords!

The Millenium Forum in May will be followed by the Millenium Assembly beginning September 5, 2000. The Millenium Assembly will feature the Millenium Summit, beginning September 6, 2000, which is a meeting of every head of state in the world to endorse the Charter for Global Democracy! The Charter is a "to do" list of actions to be taken to complete the establishment of global government. The list is summarized here:

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1. Consolidate all international agencies under the direct authority of the United Nations.

2. Have the U.N. regulate all transnational corporations and financial institutions.

3. Create independent sources of revenue for the U.N. such as the "Tobin tax" and taxes on aircraft and shipping fuels, and licensing the use of the global commons.

4. Eliminate the veto power and permanent member status on the Security Council.

5. Authorize a standing U.N. army.

6. Require U.N. registration of all arms and the reduction of all national armies "as part of a multilateral global security system" under the authority of the United Nations.

7. Require individual and national compliance with all U.N. "Human Rights" treaties.8. Activate the International Criminal Court, make the International Court of Justice compulsory for all nations, and give individuals the right to petition the courts to remedy social injustice.

9. Create a new institution to establish economic and environmental security by insuring sustainable development.

10. Create a new International Environmental Court.

11. Adopt a declaration that climate change is an essential global security interest that requires the creation of a "high-level action team" to allocate carbon emission based on equal per-capita rights.

12. Cancel all debt owed by the poorest nations, have "global poverty reductions", and "equitable sharing of global resources," as allocated by the United Nations.

More information about the structure of the coming global government can be found at Global GOVERNMENT

In short, all legislative power will be transferred to the UN. National governments will become administrative agencies to carry out the policies directed by the UN. National governments will report to IGOs (Inter- Governmental Organizations), which will be the administrative agencies of the UN.

These events are highly significant in the establishment of global government. They will centralize power, moving power even further from the hands of individuals. The trend is to centralize all power in the United Nations. Freedom means every individual having power to run his own life.

Freedom loving people, come to New York on the above dates and demonstrate against the continued concentration of power into the hands of a global elite! On the back are seventy five slogans suitable for putting on protest signs to carry at the demonstration.

Visit Protest Sign for some tips on what to do to prepare for and carry on a protest. A well-equipped demonstrator is a more effective demonstrator! See you in New York!

(If you can't travel to New York, you can round up some friends and demonstrate at a public square in your city. Such a local angle to a national story almost always gets local media attention!) This flyer is on the internet at:

Obtain the Internet flyer here

"We can see beyond the present shadows of war in the Middle East to a new world order where the strong work together to deter and stop aggression. This was precisely Franklin Roosevelt's and Winston - Richard Gephardt, in the Wall Street Journal (September 1990)


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