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Subject: NWO - A Constitution for the Federation of Earth overview

The Parliamentarians for Global Action are current politicians
(including our NZ Prime Minister and deputy) who want
a piece of the pie when the world gets subtly swallowed up in this.

Every year they have World Constitution Assemblies.These go under the
name of Global Ratification and Elections Network, which includes
several hundred organizations, to promote ratification of Constitution
for Federation of Earth. They elect delegates to World Parliament. There
are 400 organizations in 75 countries [now 80%]
with 15 million individual members. [1993 figures]

It is UN associated. There is a complete absence
of names of who is behind this, but there were 15 pages of signatures of
people from throughout the world. This is the only address. The Global
GREN headquarters, 1480 Hoyt St., Suite 31, Lakewood, Colorado 80215.

After looking at it carefully, I don't think we'll be able to get out of
this one. It's
happening right before our eyes and I never noticed. Anyone else notice?
Its like an inevitable fate no one can escape. The world is doomed
unless, is repeated throughout. There are 19 articles and I'll scan as
many as I can, under the heading NWO  Articles 1 - 19
They have divided the world into 20 zones and 5 world capitals. Our
politicians have lied and committed treason.




1958 Agreement to Call a World Constitutional Convention initiated by four
persons. Circulated worldwide for signatures, requesting both national
governments and people of each country to send delegates.

1959 World Committee for a World Constitutional Convention forrned.
Thousands sign the Agreement. including many prominent leaders.
1960 Organizers of this action travel around the world to enlist support..

1961 Definitive CalI to the World Constitutional Convention adopted. Many
persons sign, including
1962 Heads of five national governments.

1963 First Preparatory Congress held Denver, Colorado, USA. with delegates
from 5 continents.
1964 Call to the World Constitutionat Convention is publidy issued, then
circulated for more signers and response.

1965/66 Second Preparatory Congress held at Milan, Italy. Outfine for Debate
and Drafting of a World Constitution is formulated, on basis on alternative
choices. Plan agreed for a Peoples World Parliament to meet concurrently.

1967 Decision made at Third Preparatory Congress to begin Convention in
1968, even it no government delegates.
300 Peoples Delegates pledged.

1968 First working sessions of World Constitutional Convention and Peoples'
World Parliment held at Interlaken, Switzerland, and Wolfach. \\ Germany.
200 Peoples Delegates from 27 countdes, of 5 continents. Work begun on
drafting the World Constitution.

1969/70/71 Strategy for Reclaiming Earth for Humanity is circulated.
Emergency Council of World
Trustees meets, Santa Barbara, Calif., and issues First Decree for
Protection of Life, outlawing nuclear weapons Directions given to drafting

1972 World Constitution drafting commission of four persons works for 2
months, almost completes first draft of Constitution For The Federation of

First draft finished, pnnted in 1974. then circulated worldwide for comment,
together with Call to the second session in 1977, now defined the World
Constituent Assembly. Comments on first draft compiled.

Drafting Commission meets again. Second draft completed, circulated.

1977 Second session of World Constituent Assembly held in June, lnnsbruck,
Austha. Earth Constitution debated paragraph by paragraph, amended, then
adapted with 138 onginal signers from 25 countries of 6 continents. Call for
ratification by the nations and peoples of Earth is is Constitution is sent
to U.N. General Assembly and to all national governments.

1978 Earth Constitution is circuated worldwide for debate and ratification
79 Third session of World Constituent Assembly held Jan.1979, Colombo, Sh
Lanka, adopts
80 Rationale For A World Constituent Assembly, defining hght of people to
convene Assembly, draft consntuton, and obtain ratification. Appeal issued
for national parliaments to ratify.

1981 World Constitution & Parliament Assn. meets at New Delhi., India. Call
issued for Provisional World Parliament to convene 1982 under term of
Article 19 of Earth Constitution. Honorary Sponsor list of 150 prominent
persons enrolled.

1982 First Session of Provisional World Parliament meets at Brighton,
England. Delegates form 25 countries of 6 continents. Five world Leg'. Acts
are adopted: for World Disarmament Agency, World Economic Development,
Ownership of Oceans & Seabeds, Graduate School World Problems, World Courts.

1984 First Provisional District World Court organized in Los Angeles.' takes
up case of outlawing nuclear weapons. Plans for Provisional World Parliament
in Sudan and Nigeria thwarted by military coups.

1985 2nd session of Provisional World Parliament held New Delhi, India.
Opened by President of India, presided by speaker of Lok Sabha -more World
Legislative Acts adopted: for Emergency Earrtn Rescue Administration, World
Government Funding, and Commission on Terrorism.

1986 Campaign continued for provisional ratification of the Constitution for
Federation of Earth, pending review at next World Constituent Assembly.

1987 Third session of Provisional World Parliament held Miami Beach,
Florida. Three more World Legislative Acts are adopted: for Global Final
System, Environment Protection, and Hydrogen Energy Provisional World
Cabinet started.

Plan launched for collaboration by many organizations to prepare next
session of World Constituent Assembly  1 50 organizations join ii
Preparatory Comminee. Two meetings held in New York with U. N. Ambassadors.
to explain and solicit help. List of Honorary Sponsor reconfirmed and

1990 Government of Egypt agrees to host Assembly. Three preparatory meetings
held. Call circulated for Governments and People to send degates.

1991 Location of 4th session World Constituent Assembly abruptly changed due
to Gulf War. Held at Troia, Portugal. in May. Delegates adopt amendments to
Earth Constitution. New ratification campaign begun, appealing to both
people and governments. Most Honorary Sponsors personally ratify.

1992 Global Ratification & Elections Network organized, including several
hundred organizations, to promote ratification of Constitution for
Federation of Earth, then election of delegates to World Parliament. First
Government heads ratify.

1993 Global Ratificanon and Elections Network expanded to include 400
organizations in 75 countries, with more than 15 million individual members
More being added. Plans for 1995 Parliament are launched

NWO 2 Constitution for Fed of Earth book.

This is at the back of the 51 page book the World Govt in waiting uses for
its rules. You can send away for a copy.



 Lacking  World  Government, nations have squandered many trillons of
dollars in a nuclear arms race, deploying 50,000 bombs when exploding even
100 can  wipe  out civilization, while nuclear wastes pose lethal hazards
for 1000's of years.

 The arms race continues to rob the people of all nations, while dozens of
hot wars ensue.

 A climate crisis has grown insiduously, to where it is now almost out of
control.  To reverse climate change, an emergency global
campaign of $500 billion per year should have been started long ago.
 Dozens or environmental problems transcending national boundaries have
proliferated without solutions.
 Generations of billions of people suffer needless extreme Doverty
(especially in "3rd World")  from  lack  of a global  finance system
designeci 10 serve human welfare.
 Scores of  other  supranational  problems accumulate without solutions,
and become more complex.
 A Legislative Parliament to which the Citizens of Earth elect delegates;
 A World Executive and Administration responsible to the Parliament;
 Mandatory World Courts with jurisdiction over all supranational issues;
 A World Constitution which defines the structure and functions of the
World Government, together with all departments and agencies, designed for
maximum human welfare;
 Universal disarmament; non-military procedures for global administation
and  enforcement.

is ready now for immediate ratification and implementation
After four sessions of a World Constituent Assembly (1968, 77, 80, 91) with
delegates from all continents, the Constitution for the Federation of Earth
is offered for ratification by all Nations and People of Earth.  When
ratified by 25 countries, elections will be held to compose a World
Parliament to begin the

"First Operating Stage" of World Government, while the ratification campaign
continues. This is the only comprehensive World Constitution ready to serve
the needs of humanity today and for coming centuries, with mandatory review
every 20 years to keep up-todate.

and go the most direct route to Democratic Federal World Government!
Increasing world problems demand that no more time be lost. Already during
the past year more than 300 non-governmental  organizations in  75
countries,  inclusive  of  more  than  15 million individual members, have
joined the Global Ratification and Elections Network.  Help speed  this
campaign  to  success, before universal tragedies overwhelm all.
____ Send me a copy of the Constitution for the Federation of Earth. $10,
including postage.
____ Send full information about the Global Ratification & Elections Network
& Campaign.
_____ I want to assist as an individual member of World Constitution &
Parliament Assn. Dues $25
____ Send list of 200 Honorary Sponsors: Nobel Laureates, World Court
Sudges, UN Ambassadors, Noted Professors and Scientists, etc.

Clip & send to World Constitution & Parliament Assn
1480 Hoyt St.. #31. Lakewood, CO 80215

NWO 3 Contsitution for Fed of Earth - Article contents




Article I Board Functions of the World Government 1
Article II Basic Structure of World Federation and World Govenment I
Article III Organs of the World Government 2
Article W Grant of Specific Powers to the World Government 2
Article V The World Parliament 4
Sec. A Functions and Powers of the World Parliament 4
Sec. B Composition of the World Parliament 5
Sec. C The House of Peoples S
Sec. D The House of Nations 5
Sec. E The House of Counsellors 6
Sec. F Procedures of the World Parliament 6
Article VI The World Executive 7
   Sec. A Functions and Powers of the World Executive 7
   Sec. B Composition of the World Executive 8
   Sec. C The Presidium 8
   Sec. D The Executive Cabinet 8
   Sec. E Procedures of the World Executive 9
   Sec. F Limitations on the World Executive 9
Article VII The World Administration 9
Sec. A Functions of the World Administration 9
Sec. B Structure and Procedures of the World Administration 10
  Sec. B-5 and 6: Secretary General of the Administration 10
Sec. C Departments of the World Administration 11
Article VIII The Integrative Complex 11
   Sec. A Definition 11
   Sec. B The World Civil Service Administration 12
   Sec. C The World Boundaries and Elections Administration 12
   Sec. D Institute on Governmental Procedures and World Problems 13
   Sec. E The Agency for Research and Planning 13
   Sec. F The Agency for Technological and Environmental Assessment 14
   Sec. G The World Financial Administration 15
   Sec. H Commission for Legislative Review 16

Artide Ix The World Judiciary 16
I Sec. A Jurisdiction of the World Supreme Court 16
Sec. B Benches of the World Supreme Court 16
t Sec. C Seats of the World Supreme Court 17
Sec. D The Collegium of World Judges 17
Sec. E The Superior Tribunal of the World Supreme Court 18
Article X The Enforcement System 18
Sec. A Basic Principles 18
I Sec. B The Structure for Enforcement 19
Sec. C The World Police 20
Sec. D The Means of Enforcement 20
Article XI The World Ombudsmus 21
Sec. A Functions and Powers of the World Ombudsmus 21
L Sec. B Composition of the World Ombudsmus 21

Article XII Bill of Rights for the Citizens of Earth 22
Article XIII Directive Principles for the World Government 23
Article XIV Safeguards and Reservations 24
Article XV World Federal Zones and the World Capitals 24

Article XVI World Territories and Exterior Relations 25
Article XVII Ratification and Implementation 26
   Sec. A Ratification of the World Constitution 26
I   Sec. B Stages of Implementation 27
   Sec. C First Operative Stage of World Government 27
   Sae. D Second Operative Stage of World Government 29
   Sec. F Full Operative Stage of World Government 30
   Sec. F Costs of Ratification 31
Article XVIII Amendments 31
Article XIX Provisional World Government 32
   Sec. A Actions to be Taken by the World Constituent Assembly 32
   Sec. B Work of the Preparatory Commissions 32
   Sec. C Composition of the Provisional World Parliament 33
   Sec. D Formation of the Provisional World Executive 34
   Sec. F First Actions of the Provisional World Government 34
Call to the Global Ratification and Elections Campaign A
Model Forrn for Ratification B
Responsible World Government is Overdue C
Preamble F
Individual Ratifiers of Constitution for Federation of Earth 35 to 50
Brief History 51
Partial List of World Problems 52
Universal Call for Ratification, issued 1977 Inside Back Cover
Diagram of World Government Back Cover
Subject: NWO 4 Articles 1- 4 Constitution for Fed of Earth

ARTICLE I Broad Functions of the Federation of Earth
The board functions of the Federation of Earth shall be;
1. To prevent war, secure disarmament, and resolve territorial and other
disputes which endanger peace and human rights.
2. To protect universal human rights, including life, liberty, security,
democracy, and equal opportunities in life.
3. To obtain for all people on earth the conditions required for equitable
economic and social development and for diminishing social differences.
4. To regulate world trade, communications, transportation, currency,
standards, use of world resources, and other global and
5. To protect the environment and the ecological fabric of life from all
sources of damage, apd to control technological innovations whose effects
transcend national boundaries, for the purpose of keeping Earth
a safe, healthy and happy home for humanity.
6. To devise and implement solutions to all problems which are beyond the
capacity of national governments, or which are now or may become of global
or international concern or consequence.
ARTICLE II  Basic Structure of the World Federation and World Government
1. The Federation of Earth shall be organized as a universal federation, to
include all nations and all people, and to encompass all oceans, seas and
lands of Earth, inclusive of non~self governing territories, together
with the surrounding atmosphere.
2. The World Government for the Federation of Earth shall be non-military
and shall be democratic in its own structure, with ultimate sovereignty
residing in all the people who live on Earth.
3. The authority and powers granted to the World Government shall be limited
to those defined in this Constitution for the Federation of Earth,
applicable to problems and affairs which transcend national
boundaries, leaving to national governments jurisdiction over the internal
affairs of the respective nations but consistent with the authority of the
World Government to protect universal human rights as defined in this World
Constitution.4. The basic direct electoral and administrative units of the
Government shall be World Electoral and Administrative Districts. A total of
not more than 1000 World Electoral and Administrative Districts shall be
defined, and shall be nearly equal in population, within the limits of plus
or minus ten percent.
5. Contiguous World Electoral and Administrative Districts shall be combined
as may be appropriate to compose a total of twenty World Electoral and
Administrative Regions for the following purposes, but not limited thereto:
for the election or appointment of certain world government officials; for
administrative purposes; for composing various organs of the world
government as enumerated in Article IV; fot the functioning of the
Judiciary, the Enforcement System, and the Ombudsmus, as well as for the
functioning of any other organ or agency of the World Government.
6. The World Electoral and Administrative Regions may be composed of a
variable number of World Electoral and Administrative Districts, taking into
consideration geographic, cultural, ecological and other factors as well as
7. Conuguous World Electoral and Administrative Regions shall be grouped
together in pairs to compose Magna-Regions.
8. The boundaries for World Electoral and Administrative Regions shall not
cross the boundaries of the World Electoral and Administrative Districts,
and shall be common insofar as feasible for the various administrative
departments and for the several organs and agencies of the World Government.
Boundaries for the World Electoral and Administrative Districts as well as
for the Regions need not conform to existing national boundaries, but shall
conform as far as practicable.
9. The World Electoral and Administrative Regions shall be grouped to
compose at least five Continental Divisions of the Earth, for the election
or appointment of certain world government officials, and for certain
aspects of the composition and functioning of the several organs and
agencies of the World Government as specified hereinafter. The boundaries of
Continental Divisions shalt not cross existing national boundaries as far as
practicable. Continental Divisions may be composed of a variable number of
World Electoral and Administrative Regions.
ARTICLE III  Organs of the World Government
The organs of the World Government shall be:1. The World Parliament.
2. The World Executive.3. The World Administration.4. The Integrative
5. The World Judiciary.6. The Enforcement System.7. The World Ombudsmus.
ARTICLE IV  Grant of Specific Powers to the World Government
The powers of the World government to be exercised through its several
organs and agencies shall comprise the following:
1. Prevent wars and armed conflicts among the nations, regions, districts,
parts and peoples of the Earth.
2. Supervise disarmament and prevent re-armament; prohibit and eliminate the
design, testing, manufacture, sale, purchase, use and possession of weapons
of mass destruction, and prohibit or regulate all lethal weapons which the
World Parliament may decide,
3. Prohibit incitement to war, and discrimination against or defamation of
conscientious objectors.
4. Provide the means for peaceful and just resolution of disputes and
conflicts among or between nations, peoples, and/or other components within
the Federation of Earth.
5. Supervise boundary settlements and conduct plebiscites as needed.
6. Define the boundaries for the districts, regions and divisions which are
established for electoral, admnistrative, judicial and other purposes of the
World Government.
7. Define and regulate procedures for the nomination and election of the
members of each House of the World Parliament, and for the nomination,
election, appointment and employment of all World Government officials and
8. Codify world laws, including the body of international law developed
prior to adoption of the world constitution, but not inconsistent therewith,
and which is approved by the World Parliament.
9. Establish universal standards for weights, measurements, accounting and
records.10. Provide assistance in the event of large scale calamities,
drouth, famine, pestilence, flood, earthquake, hdrricane, ecological
disruptions and other disasters.More coming....