Bilderberg Propaganda Rules The Planet


Published in the February 17, 2005 issue of  Ether Zone.
Denying that yearly meeting among the most select group of power brokers
has little significance, illustrates the success of managed news. 
Condemning any critical reporting to the depths of conspiracy oblivion
has been the public relations coup of the last half-century.  Now that
the first fifty years of non-existence denial has worn thin, the next ad
campaign has a spin of benign   benevolence.  Hey, as O^“Reilly would
say, any ^”right thinking^‘ person couldn^“t really believe that this
social society could be up to no good?  Ask yourself the simple
question.  How many of your friends or family think you may be a little
deranged for even bring up the topic?  If the proof is in the pudding,
don^“t ask the waiters.  This treat is a dessert that won^“t add pounds
to your waste, but may well cause your future to be wasted.
Back to the original scene of the crime, the  Bilderberg Hotel in
Oosterbeek, Holland is the sentimental honeymoon get away for these
originators of the globalist jet set.  The Jan. 21-23 meeting was
discovered by Henk Ruyssenaars of the Foreign Press Foundation.  Well, do
you really care about the celebration itinerary of the supreme elite or
are you waiting for your own holiday visit to Davos Switzerland?  Veteran
sleuth James P. Tucker reports on the strange winter schedule: ^”In
recent years, as publicity in Europe mounted and security measures
increased, Bilderberg has been holding back to reduce the possibility of
^”leaks.^‘ Luminaries would receive ^”hold these dates^‘ notices and be
told where to go as the meeting time drew near.^‘
According to an informative article entitled: Bilderberg's secret agenda
2005, this years meeting is decisive.  The foremost topic is the role of
NATO and the passage of - The European Constitution (read the official
summary)  - The Constitution of Europe - to be voted this year in Europe
and next year in England.  Quoting from this essay: ^”This constitution
is authorizing legally that NATO to be the only official frame of
European^“s future defense forces. (First part of the text). In one
sentence, Europe^“s future is definitively cemented in the wedding with
the American direction. This is to be voted ^”democrately^‘, but with the
respective governments hiding these important facts. As a matter of
confirmation of the influence of NATO upon Europe, last December was the
inclusion of Turkey inside Europe imposed by America and decided by
Europe. This shameful decision was pushed by the commissioner to
^”broadening^‘ of Europe, Mr Gunther Verheugen, member of Bilderberg.^‘
Now before your eyes gloss over and fatigue sets in, what^“s the beef
with voting the democratic will?  The ^—reality programming^“ that comes
across the global media network has a prime function of selling what is
professed as unavoidable, while discrediting any alternative as
impossible.  If you dismiss the saga and influence of the machinators,
you then must provide a reasonable explanation for the history of the
last fifty years.  When goals are set and agendas are defined,
politicians implement legislation and policies that conform to their long
term plans.   There Is No Conspiracy - Only Official Policy, and a great
deal of that policy originates from within Bilderberg circles.
To Conspire or Not to Conspire - That is the Question?  Yet, we are told
by every mainstream media outlet, that the blessings of Democracy is the
mission of the global New World Order.  Undoubtedly, the positions of
official authority and the minions in every bureaucracy reflect a uniform
adherence to the never-ending program towards consolidation and
regimentation.  Whatever is put in play at the annual session comes into
actuality in the years that follow.  Metternich^“s vision for Europe and
Wilson^“s dream for a league of nations has become the world community
promise of an empire to defend self-determination ^÷ as long as it is
defined as an integral component of the overall union.  All the time the
media serves their ownership interests that are invariably constituted at
every Bilderberg meeting.
A simple plan of coincidence in development - NATO as the neighborhood
policeman, European eastward expansion as the direction and America as
the final enforcer.  Is it mere chance that such an outline at an
exclusive spa translates into prescriptive action in due course?  The
media see no connection, and the public dutifully follows and accepts
their role.  A uniform code of conduct under a single European
Constitution converts into a global goliath that fits the scheme and
achieves the agenda.   With the technological instant reach of the
medium, the message while in dozens of languages has the same script.
What people believe from this cultural matrix no longer related to
primeval facts and certainly does not reflect their own self-interest.  
The technocrat society is designed as a debit bankcard with the pin
number safely secured within the accepted ATM machine.  The internet
voices in the wilderness, represent one of the few areas of dissent that
penetrates the censures.  Hitherto, the docile character of such
continental socialistic societies have expected such plots for control. 
It is their history.  But America was invented to be different.  The
blending of elitism from both sides of the pond means that the same fate
awaits for all.
The Bilderberg mindset is expounded in every form of media.  Critical
thinking is deemed subversive.  Careers are built upon unvarying
propaganda.  Resistance seems futile, but is it foolish?  Is it possible
to turn down ^”The Constitution of Europe^‘ anymore than to dissolve
NATO?  The media condescends with a singular voice.  It is up to the
populist to prove them wrong.  The entire basis of cabal power rests upon
the apathy of a perceived inevitability.  As long as a fictitious
legitimacy is never disputed, the plutocrats extend their rule.  A
supranational federation at all times conflicts with any meaningful
definition for self-determination.  Any defense of the superiority of the
^”world community^‘ fosters the tyranny of the New World Order.  Who do
you believe, the media or your common sense?