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Operating with discretion, offering clients a strictly confidential service. Rapport will only provide services which reinforce its reputation for reliability, high quality of product and integrity. Rapport is an independent company

This company has over 40 years of imagery experience and is a value-added reseller of all types of commercial imagery. The products we provide include image maps, 3D perspective views and fly- throughs, merged datasets and GIS layers. Autometric is also an authorized reseller of a wide range of image processing and GIS software and hardware. We are the leader in providing imagery information systems and analytical services to governmental, commercial, and international users Autometric, Incorporated

This company offers the busy international professional a single place through which to access the "best in class" open sources, software and services. OSS Inc. is pleased to share with members and visitors this selection of the finest sources of information, including commercial imagery; useful software well- suited to addressing business and open source intelligence processing and analysis needs; and value-added open source information services in niche areas.IT's The Open Source Marketplace

Intelligence organizations - MINING FOR INTELLIGENCE

The Communications Security Establishment and the NationalCryptologic Program

The professional organization of the Intelligence Branch of the Canadian Forces. Membership is purely voluntary and not supported by public funds. The aim of the Association is to foster, maintain and promote the traditions and well being of the Intelligence Branch and Intelligence Branch members. The Intelligence Branch Association

In 1984,SIRC', was established as an independent body to review the activities of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, usually called 'CSIS' the Security Intelligence Review Committee

(CASIS) is a nonpartisan, voluntary association established in 1985. Its principal purpose is to provide informed debate in Canada on security and intelligence issues. Membership is open and currently includes academics, concerned citizens, government officials, journalists, lawyers, students, as well as former intelligence officers. The Canadian Association for Security and Intelligence Studies

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