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  • Mega problems with a constitutional onvention MEGA questions......

  • Top Pages from JBS HQ!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Special section on Kris Anne Hall

  • JBS Head Quarters information

  • Merge USA, Canada and Mexico?

  • John Birch Society Videos

  • AL GORE Won't Debate



  • Local chapter of the JBS! (QVMF)

  • INFOMATION on the Bildergers and other world promoting World government organizations



  • The Law Enforcement Charitable Foundation

  • Reports on Marxisim


  • Library of Congress and additional reseach resources

  • Exposing Junk Science


  • Current Events/Natural Disasters

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  • Introduction

    William A Bacon's John Birch Society Page

    Happy birthday, America! Celebrate your freedom, give thanks for your liberty,
    and guard both against any who would take them away.

    The Blue Book of the John Birch Society

    informaton on The Blue Book of the John Birch Society (PDF)

    Constitution Infographic from the John Birch Society

    Happy Fourth Of July! Here’s A Galaxy In Red, White And Blue

    Image of NGC 4258 (M106), a spiral galaxy in the Milky Way. This is a composite image made up of
    X-rays from NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory (blue),
    radio data from the National Science Foundation’s Karl Jansky Very Large Array (purple),
    optical data from NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope (yellow)
    and infrared data from NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope (red).
    Credit: X-ray: NASA/CXC/Caltech/P.Ogle et al;
    Optical: NASA/STScI;
    IR: NASA/JPL-Caltech; Radio: NSF/NRAO/VLA

    The Statue Of Liberty Nebula!!!!

    NGC 3576 // Statue of Liberty Nebula

    The Red White And Blue Nebula!!!

    The US Chamber of commerece's Free

    AND................. The US Chamber of Commerce

    Click here for Celebrate Capitalism Day

    OBAMA (Socialist Government) -ville

    Headline News on the United Nations from News

    Click Here to follow The National Debt, Updated daily!

    Another debt Clock

    World Debt clock

    we've launched a tool at which I think your users may find useful. It's an animated world debt clock, covering 40+ of the world's biggest economies (from the US to Australia). Unlike the debt clock you currently mention, it's fully responsive & works on the mobile handsets that 40-50% of your users are reading on in 2020! ;)

    And Another debt clock

    Click here for the official Public Debt web page

    Click Here for The National Debt Chart!!

    THIS Site for USA

    AND............ FED

    This video section on the FEDERAL RESERVE

    Dangers of an Article 5 Constitutional Convenvention (COCON)

    Mega problems with a constitutional Convention MEGA questions..Mega Problems...

    Information on Mega problems with a constitutional onvention MEGA questions..... (PDF)


    TOP PAGES From JBS Headquarters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The United States Constitution
    Learn More about The U.S. Constitution
    and our founding principles

    JBS Leaders' Manual


    Exposing the 2030 Agenda Booklet

    who is John Birch?

    Myths vs Facts video series

    Stop a Constitutional Convention Action Project

    The Harsh Reality of a Convention of the States

    Article V Academy

    John Birch Society UN Related Materials

    The UN's leading role in inciting Sri Lanka to adopt
    its disastrous feritlizer ban

    Nullify the Central Bank Digital Currency

    CPAC 2024 Motto attacks Globalism

    Take action against UN Schemes

    Proposal for negotiating text of the WHO Pandemic Agreement

    Stop A Con-Con

    Rein in Big Government with nullification

    FPA Enrollment Open for 2024-2025

    Birch'n Booklet

    Leadership Coferences

    Founder Robert Welch

    Back to Basics

    Chapter report form

    Volunteer Leaders Accelerated performace series

    JBS Timeline and history

    Myths vs Facts

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    Special Section on Kris Anne Hall

    Kris Anne Hall's Website

    Kris Anne Hall's Website!

    Kris Anne Hall's Youtube Channel

    Kris Anne Hall's youtube Channel

    KrisAnne Hall is an attorney and former prosecutor, fired after teaching the Constitution to TEA Party groups
    – she would not sacrifice liberty for a paycheck. She is a disabled veteran of the US Army,
    a Russian linguist, a mother, a pastor’s wife and a patriot. She now travels the country and teaches
    the Constitution and the history that gave us our founding documents. She is a dynamic speaker
    and she will share tremendous information and historical facts every American should know.

    Kris Anne Hall's presention at a local JBS chapter event
    In Harleysville, PA June 22, 2015

    Published on Jun 25, 2015 Jbs chapter website for Chapter QVMF State Sovereignty: The Roles of the States and Federal Government KrisAnne Hall delivers a constitutional lesson on Sovereignty. She defines the origins of State Sovereignty

    Related website is the Tenth amendment Center


    Another Interest of mine is conspiracy research and what do you know!
    Here are Hot-links to the John Birch Society!

    Special Section on Samuel Blumfeld

    The great Samuel Blumenfeld has died here is a summary of his work

    The Joihn Birch Society's Headquarters

    The John Birch Society Sound cloud interview on the dangers of a Constitutional Convention

    The John Birch Society's Education Arm
    It's the Freedom Project Academy

    A good effort: Liberty Sentinental

    Here is the latest status on our TNA PROMOTION!

    The John Birch Society, THE JOHN BIRCH SOCIETY

    THE John Birch Society's Shop

    Here is the JBS' American Opinion Foundation

    The Society's JBS press feed

    THE Society's YOU TUBE SITE

    THE Society's Meet up alliance

    THE Society's MySpace Site

    The Society's FACE BOOK SITE

    HERE IS THE Society Liberty network tv page

    Here is a similar page from Australia Brookes News From Australia

    Click here for don't fall for these un dialectics

    Click hers for why I Joined the John Birch Society By Barbara Hartwell


    MERGE THE 3 NATIONS of the North American Continent??

    Other Allied Organizations

    Closely allied is The North American Super Corridor(NASCO)

    Is this in our Future????
    Click here for USA WAKE UP!

    The Arctic circle organation

    Information on The Arctic circle organation



    What is the John Birch Society???

    Reckless Policies During Covid-19 | Constitution Corner

    As Americans reflect on everything that has happened during this COVID era, is this pandemic the straw that breaks the back of the Republic of our Constitutional values? Or is this the moment that reminds us that we live in a Constitutional Republic and we need to pay more attention? Find out what Thomas Massie has to say about the many regulations and orders that all American have been witnessing. Take Action: 1. Understand the Constitution: 2.. Understand the Bill of Rights: ▶️ More Related Videos - A Socialist Bailout and Digital Dollar: - The True Costs of the Wuhan Coronavirus: - Governing Constitutionally During a Crisis: LIKE THE JOHN BIRCH SOCIETY AND WANT TO GET INVOLVED? HERE ARE SOME NEXT STEPS! 🇺🇸 Become a Member 📧 Free E-Newsletter 💰 Donate to Help Keep our Videos Free 📺 Subscribe to our YouTube Channel 📲 Let's Connect! - Facebook - Twitter - Instagram 📺 The New American YouTube

    United Nations: From Crisis to Control

    In this episode of Straight Talk, Christian Gomez examines how the United Nations is specifically exploiting the 2019 pandemic to promote one-world government and the need to get out. Find out what’s in the latest UN report entitled: “A UN framework for the immediate socio-economic response to COVID-19.” Take Action: . Visit the Get U.S. Out Action Project: 3. Understand the Constitution: ▶️ More Related Videos - Wisconsin Court Revokes Unconstitutional Stay-at-Home Order - The New Normal: Tracking Americans via “Contact Tracing” - Deep State's Fake Science LIKE THE JOHN BIRCH SOCIETY AND WANT TO GET INVOLVED? HERE ARE SOME NEXT STEPS! 🇺🇸 Become a Member 📧 Free E-Newsletter 💰 Donate to Help Keep our Videos Free 📺 Subscribe to our YouTube Channel 📲 Let's Connect! - Facebook - Twitter - Instagram 📺 The New American YouTube #GetUSOutofUN #ClimateChange #GetUSOut

    Will Fake News Control You? | Activate America

    Today many are realizing they can't believe everything they hear. Art Thompson discusses the many falsehoods that exist in the major media and what you can do about it. Take Action: 1: . Watch Staged News Example 2. Subscribe to The New American: 3. Sign Up for Top Daily Headlines: ▶️ More Related Videos - Pushing Fake News Agenda: - know False Flags Lead to Fake News: - How the Government Conditions You: LIKE THE JOHN BIRCH SOCIETY AND WANT TO GET INVOLVED? HERE ARE SOME NEXT STEPS! LIKE THE JOHN BIRCH SOCIETY AND WANT TO GET INVOLVED? HERE ARE SOME NEXT STEPS! 🇺🇸 Become a Member 📧 Free E-Newsletter 💰 Donate to Help Keep our Videos Free 📺 Subscribe to our YouTube Channel 📲 Let's Connect! - Facebook - Twitter - Instagram 📺 The New American YouTube #StopFakeNews #BeAware #ActivateAmerica

    - Organizing to Defeat Tyranny| Activate America:

    Last week we gave you an up close and personal example of how some are battling and winning the COVID-19 lockdown. This week, we want to go through how you can put this into action in this episode of Activate America, patriotically staying active during COVID-19 lockdown. Action Items: 1. Contact your local Coordinator: 2. Read and share “The Founders’ Brilliant Solution to Big Government: Article VI” (PDF)">3. Distribute physical copies by purchasing them here: 4. Visit our COVID-19 Action Page for the latest legislative alerts, articles, and videos: 5. Download and share the Freedom is the Cure issue of our news magazine:(PDF) ▶️ More Related Videos - How You Can Lift Lockdowns - Destruction of the Middle Class - Forced Vaccines & Digital ID’s LIKE THE JOHN BIRCH SOCIETY AND WANT TO GET INVOLVED? HERE ARE SOME NEXT STEPS! 🇺🇸 Become a Member 📧 Free E-Newsletter 💰 Donate to Help Keep our Videos Free 📺 Subscribe to our YouTube Channel 📲 Let's Connect! - Facebook - Twitter - Instagram 📺 The New American YouTube

    - Groupthink Leads to False Facts | JBS News Analysis: published a great article last week titled “How Fear, Groupthink Drove Unnecessary Global Lockdowns.” Groupthink was prevalent last week with a video posted on Twitter of a woman who was harassed by a mob of shoppers at a local grocery store on Staten Island, New York. Her crime? She wasn’t wearing a mask. We’ll look at groupthink and demonstrate how social media giants are helping to preserve this way of thinking in this episode of Analysis Behind the News, where we provide the perspective that you can use to restore American liberty and independence. Action Items: 1.Discover The New American: essential news for freedom-loving Americans: 2. Visit our Countering COVID-19 action project page: 3. Help to protect and restore American liberty and independence by joining The John Birch Society: ▶️ More Related Videos - The Power to Plunge a Needle Into Your Arm: - H.R. 6666 to Track You! - It's Time America Decouples from the China Train

    LIKE THE JOHN BIRCH SOCIETY AND WANT TO GET INVOLVED? HERE ARE SOME NEXT STEPS! 🇺🇸 Become a Member 📧 Free E-Newsletter 💰 Donate to Help Keep our Videos Free 📺 Subscribe to our YouTube Channel 📲 Let's Connect! - Facebook - Twitter - Instagram 📺 The New American YouTube


    This section for Why won't Al Gore Debate The "Global Warming Crisis"

    John Strossel

    Since Al Gore will not debate..... Let's demand debate from AL "Global Warming" Gore

    Click here for.. for the latest debate news


    This section for JBS campaings

    The Jbs' Power of 500 project

    THE POWER OF 500: 100/10/6 PROGRAM

    The John Birch Society Archives

    Help us get US out of the United Nations!

    Help US get out of the UNITED NATIONS!

    The John Birsh Society's magazine

    The John Birsh Sociey's Main webpage

    The John Birch Sociey's plan to restore election intergity

    John Birch Society's Legislative alerts

    The John Birch society's store

    information on the John Birch Society's store

    The john birch socity' recomended legislative search service

    The Society's efforts to stop the constitutioonal convention

    The National vaccine information center

    A web site in defense of the United States Constitution

    Restore the Electoral College!

    Support Our Local Police!

    Chapter qvmf's chapter website

    This is a Republic, not a Democracy. Let's keep it that way!
    Let’s Restore The Electoral College; Not Abolish It.

    THE JBS has a campaign on Immigration, check this speech on a frightening anaylsis!

    Our Campiagn to stop the Central American Free Trade agreement

    Here is our campaign to Stop the Free Trade Area of the Americas

    ANOTHER CAMPAIGN Stop the North American Union

    Click here sign Stop the Free Trade Area of the Americas Petition

    Follow this link to find out 12 Reasons to get out of the United Nations

    Click here for the JBS' Get us out of the United Nations Home page

    Please sign this petition to To get us out of the united nations

    follow this link to Earth Charter Information

    Or you can follow this link to Homeland Security alerts

      The Liberty Amendment is a multi-faceted approach to rolling back
    Federal intrusion to its Constitutionally-defined limits, allocating
    responsibility to lower levels of government, and removing insidious
    tax burdens.
    Text of the proposed Liberty Amendment is below:
    Section 1. The Government of the United States shall not engage in any
    business, professional, commercial, financial or industrial enterprise
    except as specified in the Constitution.
    Section 2. The constitution or laws of any State, or the laws of the
    United States shall not be subject to the terms of any foreign or
    domestic agreement which would abrogate this amendment.
    Section 3. The activities of the United States Government which violate
    the intent and purpose of this amendment shall, within a period of
    three years from the date of the ratification of this amendment, be
    liquidated and the properties and facilities affected shall be sold.
    Section 4. Three years after the ratification of this amendment the
    sixteenth article of amendments to the Constitution of the United
    States shall stand repealed and thereafter Congress shall not levy
    taxes on personal incomes, estates, and/or gifts.
     For more information .
     Douglas Strother Past Master 2004 A.D.
    Redondo Lodge #328 F.&A.M. 2 B 1 ASK 1
    Central Committee Member 2004-2005
    American Independent Party

    Here is one idea to get some traction underneath The Liberty Amendment. Rep. Ron Paul is a sponsor of the Liberty Amendment as House Joint Resolution 15. He is also the chairman of the Liberty Committee

    Let us encourage other members of the Liberty Committee to sponsor it as well. Our State representatives need to be brought on board as well. The return of State soverignity should be a selling point for them.

    JBS Freedom index

    LEGISLATOR TESTIMONIALS in the effort to stop a con con



    Main webpage of the John Birch society

    Jack Mcmanus His own online blog!

    This JBS page has on line audio The Review of the News online!!!

    Here is another affilite it's The Robert Welch University!

    Ckick here for JBS Books online

    Click here for New Stuff from the AOBS!

    The Society has a new New American Book Store!

    Click here for The New American Magazine

    Headline news from the New american Mgazine:
    The New American

    Front Page

    This webpage uses Javascript to display some content.

    Please enable Javascript in your browser and reload this page.

    Here is the John Birch Society's new Information portal

    Here is the New American's Focus Page -- current issues in focus

    CLick here for a source of InfoQuest*


    From my JBS CHAPTER (QVMF)

    Upcoming Prenentation from Chapter QVMF about an Overview of America and Dollars And Sense

    MY chapter's next presentation

    Recomended video and Blog from Chapter QVMF


    Publius-Huldah's Blog Important Information!!!!!!

    Chapter QVMF's Presence on the Internet!

    Here is the webpage of my Chapter's Computer guru!

    Click here for Federal Expression's Twitter account!

    And this is Federal Expression's Pennsylvania Pending Legislation's alert page

    Something new Federal Expression Quick LInks!

    Here is Federal Expression's You Tube channel

    Another you tube Federal expression Link

    Anothe page is Defend it the us constitution!!

    Our Blog on the Internet! Chapter qvmf's blog!


    Our Chapter's Youtube channel

    The attached should be the “US. Army Training Manual” from 1928.
    Pay special attention to Sec.IX Lesson 9 Representative Government. I believe the quote is on Page 106.

    Here is the link to The USA's Army's 1928 Training Manual
    The significance is that in 1928 the US Government accurately describes the USA as a Republic Subsequent issues describe the USA a Democracy the worst possible form of Government


    Information on the Bilderbergers and other world government
    promoting groups

    Wikipedia article on world govrnment

    Wikipedia article on the Campaign for World Government

    Wikipedia article on the World Federalists

    The Bilderbergers

    Information on The Bilderbergers

    First the main site:

    Here is A filmed interview on the Bilderbergers

    And here is The 2002 meeting participant list

    A Bilderberg Organization chart

    The Bilderberg Group

    Is 120-140 powerful people who meet each year to discuss policy. The meetings are closed to the public. This graph we found on Facebook shows the members' connections to a ton of corporations, charities, policy groups and media. Everyone from Eric Schmidt to George Soros is a member. There are tons of conspiracy theories about the group, including that they control the world economy. We took the findings with a grain of salt--after all, it's easy to trace an individual to a corporation and the graph doesn't specify what influence the member wielded. But perhaps it's a compelling argument for why the meetings should be public.

    The Globalist grouping the World Government Summit

    This group unites all of the globlist organizatiuons under one roof

    The TransAtlantic policy network

    Information on The TransAtlantic policy network

    The United Nations

    Information on The United Nations

    The World Federalists

    The World Health Organization

    Information on The World Health Organization

    United Mations World Intellectual Protection Organization


    Here is conservative stuff

    Reality Zone The Reality Zone

    Here is Reality Zone's LINKS

    Here is the web site of Yorktown University

    Here is one of a very few Conservative Colleges It's Hillsdale College!

    This link brings you to a source of Conservative information IT' the Town Hall online!

    Here is another accuracy organization It's


    R E P O R T S

    The John Birch Society's Report on the Plan to Merge the three North American countries Via Trade agreements

    David Hprowitz's Conservative review report on your legislator!

    Here is a report on Sustainable development unsustainable freedom

    Click here for a report on Agenda 21

    Click here for information on "FAIR TRADE"

    Here is the web site for The youth site of Robert Welch University The New Robert Welch University!!!

    Here is a web site for The New Orleans area John Birch Society

    Click here for Internet/online guide to birching

    Click here for JBS Humor

    Here are Communist goals

    Here is a report on Information on the New World Order

    AND HERE is The threat from the United Nations

    Here is how the left uses language: as distraction

    Here is a good article on the much abused connerce clause

    This page for Three Good Reasons To Join The John Birch Society

    Click here to find out the influnce of Tax Free Foundations have!

    Click here More on the Commission on Global Government

    For Complete E-Mail Addresses for Congress, Senate, Governors & State Legislators

    Click here for American Econimic Alerts!!!!

    Here is a An enlightening exercise is to pull up some of them and compare their boards of directors, trustees, overseers or whatever they call them, with some of the other organizations. You will find some big hitters on the boards of a number of the think tanks. A great research tool.

    A report on the "Progressive" Global Forum

    Click here to return to top of page

    The Law Enforcement Charitable Foundation

    The Law Enforcement Charitable Foundation website

    The law enforcement Charitable Foundation Web Site

    Law Enforcement Charitable Foundation Intelligence Brief Reports

    (Fall 2022) Report to law enforcement

    The Law Enforement Charitable Foundation Intelligence Brief Volume 1 (Spring 2017)

    Volume 2 (Spring 2018) Report to law enforcement

    The Law Enforement Charitable Foundation Intelligence Brief Volume 2 (Spring 2018)

    Volume 5(Summer 2021) Report to law enforcement

    Information on Report to law enforcement Intelligence Brief Volume 5 (Summer 2021)


    This section to research marxism

    Click her for It's!

    Here is Gorbachev's new direction: The "environmental" movement - new home for communism

    Here is a report on The Red Symphony conspiracy"

    Click here for the Ten Planks of Marxisim

    here is a neat document, Click here for The time line for the New World order constitution

    Here is Yale University Center for the study of Globalism

    Environmental, social, and governance policies (ESG) are Dangerous

    Information on Environmental, social, and governance policies (ESG) are Dangerous

    What is ESG? Environmental, social, and governance policies are the Left’s latest political tool to use businesses and financial institutions to advance progressive ideology in American society.


    This section for new misc sites

    Here is a site for the environmentalists Support Green web hosting

    And here for their Climate

    And here for Papua New Guinea Rainforest conservation Portal

    And look here for Environmental Sustainability portal

    Here is the site for Rules for Revolution

    Here is the web site for the next push FTAA It's Council of the Americas

    Here is a site for the most left wing biased "News" Broadcater It's Rather!

    Here is a site for the second amendment It's Keep and Bear

    This site for a news feed It's Leviathan Weblogs

    Here is a neat site How to buy american


    This section for Library of Congress And additional research resources

    Click here for the Library of Congress The Library of Congress

    And Here for The Library of Congress' Legislative research Page

    Here is another neat site it's Freedom Domain

    Here is news from Azaltan! It's

    This section on the Historical Location where the Constitution,Declaration of independence were writen

    Click here for our founding documents Research Resource

    Search the US Constitution Here at Emory University

    Here is another source of Information: It's the paperless archives

    This is the web site for the New Philadelphia Pennsylvania Based National Constitution Center

    Across Market Street The Declaration of Independence was written at Independence Hall and Historic Philadelphia Pennsylvania Area!

    Here is the Text of The Declaration of Independence

    You can click here for The current public debt amount

    An you can click here for "A Social Contract"


    Here is the site for further research into the United Nations

    TheEagle-L Electronic Briefing Books fyi.....National Security Archive Electronic Briefing Books provide online access to critical declassified records on issues including U.S. national security, foreign policy, diplomatic and military history, intelligence policy, and more. Updated frequently, the Electronic Briefing Books represent just a small sample of the documents in our published and unpublished collections.

    Sites featuring materials focusing on U.S. foreign policy, international trade, and a variety of issues and topics of interest worldwide

    Here is oliver North's Freedom

    Another opinion similar to the JBS USA Survival

    Here is USA survival's report on Global Taxes and organizations

    Here is Global

    This section for United Nation's stuff

    Another step in world government is The World Bank

    here we go for the upcoming Earth

    Here is the companion Earth charter summints

    AND Earth charter summint city schedule

    This page for Forty five points of communism

    Here is the main site for The United Nations

    Fittingly, here is an anti an anti International organization site!

    Thi site from Jeff rense The UN according to Jeff

    This site shows that there are other people in the World besides the John Birch Society who believes in the New World Order Global Goverance info site


    Here is Patriot stuff

    Reality Zone

    Here is Reality Zone's LINKS

    Here is the web site of Yorktown University

    Here is one of a very few Conservative Colleges It's Hillsdale College!

    This link brings you to a source of Conservative information IT' the Town Hall online!

    Here is another accuracy organization It's

    New Site up and need for ACTIVE Constitutional Scholars and Contributors.As previously posted, the new Awaken America site is up at: On the site, you will see that I've renewed the Scholars section and effort which will provide professional reviews of Congressional legislation PRIOR to the voting.
    Therefore, I'm looking for Constitutional Scholars who are willing to review upcoming legislation for its constitutionality which will then distributed to all members of the House and Senate (we could possibly even go to the State level with enough help).

    Here is a source site for Patriot information,

    Click here for What Really Happened!

    Cick here for United Nations' treaty database

    This page to answer the Question: ARE YOU A SLAVE?

    The Birch Society has its own magazine The New American Magazine

    Here is the JBS' top priority The JBS' TRIM program

    To complement The JBS' Trim program is Vote!!!

    Another complimentary site is Open

    Here is a site to Read the bill!!!!

    Here is the Library of Congress' site to track bills It's

    And here to Tracks members of congress

    The JBS has its own book store American opinion online

    This is a new sub site, The Society's View on The Vietnam conflict!

    This subpage enumerates the Powers Of the three Branches of OUR FEDERAL REPUBLICAN FORM OF GOVERNMENT

    Here is a site for anti war information It's

    Here is a Canadian effort similar to the JBS Tetradedron org of Canada

    And affliated is Citizens voice of canada

    And For the USA It's Citizens

    This section for search requests

    Concerned about Energy? Click here for Balanced Energy, Coal in your future

    How about Traditional values? Click here for Traditional

    here is a private database Digital National Search online

    This site for CIA FOIA requests

    And here for FBI FOIA requests

    This site highlights the Unconstitutional Executive orders!

    Here is the oficial database for Unconstitutional Executive orders!

    This site for more Global Goverance/Democracy Movement Charter99!!

    Here is a patriotic news source The Sierra Times

    This site for Global

    Here is a new information site it's News Making

    This site shows one small part of the plan to Deliberate dumbing down of the people

    Here is a website to inform you That there no free lunch

    Here is the web site of the enemy The Council on Foreign Relations

    Another enemy is The world economic forum at Davos

    This subpage gives contact capabilites local Souteatern/Central Bucks County Politicans Contact!!!!

    My subpage gives samples of what the world would look like if the NWO wins: Dystopia

    As an example of a diversionary against the John Birch Society ploy is The Welch Foundation

    Here is one of the predessor documents it's The Magna Carter

    Here is a link to Link to The United States Constitution

    Another group trying to protect our Constitution is this one: The Constitution Organization

    Here is an organization focusinng on the first ten amendments or The Bill of Rights Institute

    This group is campaigning the conservative message on College Campuses!!!! The Young America's Foundation!!!

    Another conservative campaign is Pat Buchannan for President

    This site for the Presidential Debate Debate 2000

    Another long term organization is The Council of Conservative Citizens

    The John Birch Society points out all the time the influence of the Council of Foreign Relations, the Bilderberg group and the Tri-lateral Commision; here is a web site with the mebership list: THE Membership list

    Here is the membership list of the recent April 2002 meeting of the trilateral Commission

    Another good organization is Phylis Schafly's Eagle forum The Eagle Forum

    Here is the Wilding map of the USA the radical Left wing environmentalists want the re-wilding of the United States!!!

    Another multi conspiracy expose site is.... PARASCOPE.COM

    This organization does a good job exposing the Media's Left Wing Bias...... Media Research Organization

    Talk about Conspiracy! The federation of American Scientists follow the intellegence agencies with open source material The American Federation Of scientists

    Bill Cooper battles the new world order also Bill Cooper's unique view on things

    Here is another independent organization


    This section battles Junk Science

    Here is a report the global warming hoax

    Here is a site that battles The Friends of the Earth it's Fiends of the Earth

    Here is fiends of the Earth commnetary on the Global Warming hoax Global Warming

    Here is an article on Global warming outling the political motivation behind "Global Warming" The Hidden agenda behind "Global Warming'

    The Birch society battles Junk Science all the time, Here is the anti-Junk science web site!! The Anti-Junk Science site!!

    Here is Scare mongering

    Another JUNK SCIENCE IS Global warming here is The anti-Global warming site Petition

    Here is the site for Web site for the Eco freaks "Earth day "

    Here is sitewave News Site

    Here is another Expose of the globalwarming fraud John Daly Of Australia!!!

    Here is another great anti-Global Warming site it's The Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine


    The following section is for important documents!!!

    The Constitution
    Learn More about The U.S. Constitution
    and our founding principles

    John Birch Society

    The Blue Book of the John Birch Society

    informaton on The Blue Book of the John Birch Society (PDF)

    William F. Buckley Jr. -- Pied Piper for the Establishment

    informaton on William F. Buckley Jr. -- Pied Piper for the Establishment (PDF)

    This document (State Department Document 7277) Is the basis of
    the theory of convergence with the United Nations!!!! State department Document 7277

    Here is State Dept Document 7277 codified!

    United nations

    Speaking of the United Nations, I found the United Nations Charter on-line! The United Nations Charter

    Zero draft of the WHO CA+ for the consideration of the Intergovernmental Negotiating Body at its fourth meeting

    Information on Zero draft of the WHO CA+ for the consideration of the Intergovernmental Negotiating Body at its fourth meeting (PDF)

    Summit of the Future Policy Brief 1:To Think and Act for Future
    Generations MARCH 2023 OUR COMMON AGENDA Our Common Agenda Policy Brief 2 Strengthening
    the International Response to Complex Global Shocks – An Emergency Platform

    Information on UN's Emergency Platform (PDF)

    United States Founding Documents

    Here is a Great site on the us Constitution

    The The Federalist papers

    THE WONDERFUL United States Constitution

    The Also Wonderful United States Declaration of Independence


    Speaking of important Documents Here is one that was in the news recently The unabomber's manefesto


    This section for on-going current events interest

    For a database of Nuclear tests..... The Austrailian Nuclear explosion database

    This one is to monitor fires around the world Nasa's fire atlas

    Here we watch the on going crisis of India and Pakistan

    Since the establishment uses natrual Disasters to advance its plan, This section watches Natural Disasters

    Volcanoes are watched here

    Yet another volcano watch Site

    To top off everything, here is The Mt. St. Helens Vocano Cam!

    This part for earthquakes World earthquake report

    This part for Tsunami watch