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WND exposes U.N.'s 'New World Re-Order'
United Nations' attack on U.S. sovereignty target of in-depth probe


Posted: May 7, 2003
1:00 a.m. Eastern

Decisions made in the next few months will determine to a great extent
whether the United States of America remains a free, constitutional republi=
or yields its freedom to the rule of international law administered by the
United Nations, according to the May issue of WorldNetDaily's acclaimed
monthly Whistleblower magazine.

Indeed, says the eye-opening edition, titled "THE NEW WORLD RE-ORDER, the
long battle between globalists and those committed to U.S. sovereignty is
coming to a head.

For the past decade, the United States government has, with few exceptions,
consistently yielded to the will of the "international community." But that
pattern changed dramatically on March 17, when President George W. Bush and
British Prime Minister Tony Blair slammed shut the window of diplomacy on t=
United Nations and went forth with a "coalition of the willing" to liberate

The United Nations and much of the rest of the world went ballistic,
demanding the U.S. recognize and submit to the U.N.'s authority. That impas=
in the Security Council, played out in the worldwide media, demonstrated
viscerally the inevitable collision that has been brewing between the U.S.
and the U.N.

May's Whistleblower, perhaps as never before, shines the powerful light of
investigative journalism on the United Nations and its globalist agenda. Fr=
radical environmental treaties that would eviscerate traditional property
rights, to attempts at global gun control, to resolutions aimed at
establishing international "gay rights," the United Nations is the hub of a=
effort to restructure the world in the most radical ways imaginable. The Ma=
issue includes:

"Time to renounce the United Nations?" by U.S. Rep. Ron Paul

"The rise of global governance," an extensive timeline documenting, among
other things, the major role of the Council on Foreign Relations in promoti=
world government

"The New World Re-Order" by Henry Lamb, showing how the battle between U.S.
sovereignty and U.N. globalism is at a critical point

"The U.N.'s global kangaroo court," on why the International Criminal Court
is more likely to prosecute George W. Bush or Tony Blair than Saddam Hussei=
by Mary Jo Anderson

"Global 'gay' rights," by Art Moore, documenting how U.N. participants are
attempting to institute a worldwide homosexual-rights agenda

"Structure of global government" by Joan Veon, explaining the difficulties
the U.S. would face if it attempted to pull out of the multi-tentacled Unit=

"U.N. coming for your guns" by Sarah Foster, comprehensively documenting ho=
private groups and governments have teamed up to attempt to restrict the us=
and ownership of firearms worldwide =E2=80=93 including within the U.S.

"Quit the U.N." by WND Editor and founder Joseph Farah

"Why the U.N. can never bring peace" by Bob Just, a look at the underlying
reasons why global government is so appealing to so many

"God and the United Nations" by Rev. Nate Atwood, on what the Bible says
about global government vs. sovereign nationhood

"Two futures" by Henry Lamb, providing an inspired and in-depth look into t=
possible future Americas =E2=80=93 one chilling, and the other full of free=
dom and
hope =E2=80=93 and illustrating how America's destiny is still up for grabs=
monthly issue of Whistleblower focuses on a single topic of vital importanc=
e =E2=80=93
 topics typically ignored or downplayed or spun by the establishment press =
such as income taxes, the Federal Reserve System, the "gay rights" agenda,
radical environmentalism, Islamic terrorism, the corruption of government
schools, guns in America, and abortion. Whistleblower is also the chief mea=
of support for

"For a long time we have planned a Whistleblower issue on globalism and the
United Nations," said WND Editor Joseph Farah. "Now is the time. The next f=
months may indeed define what kind of country and world we live in for the
rest of our lives. If you care about America, read this issue."