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That isn't the only hoax: global warming is one aspect of "sustainable
development," the current name for Communism. It is part of "The
Environmental" movement that has displaced the prior "Conservation"
movement at terrible cost to both people and other living things. The
1960's "Report from Iron Mountain concerning the Possibility and
Desirability of Peace" studied UFOs and Environment as two possible
hoaxes to unite mankind and maintain the power of the Superelites
(Insiders). Evidently, the Environment nonsense won--we just won't
believe the dangerous aliens.
  But the Environazi movement is almost as vulnerable as
Space-aliens-are-coming-to-get-us, because it, too, is unscientific and
rather easily discredited. Thousands of actual weather scientists have
signed a petition against the global warming hoax, an extraordinary
number. Private ownership of land is better for plants and animals than
"the Tragedy of the Commons," as shown in lovely articles in The New
American and elsewhere, such as the photos of private vs. public land on
the slopes of Mt. St. Helens after the eruptions. And the carbon dioxide
scare is especially ridiculous because we all learn in third grade or so
that carbon dioxide and water are the basis of photosynthesis--and hence
of all endangered plants (including the rainforest) as well as common
ones (such as food) and the rare and common animals that feed on them.
Anybody who is against carbon dioxide is against life. Only fossil fuels
increase carbon dioxide, so fossil fuels are the only fuels that increase
life on Earth. Since the plants produced include wood and corn (for
biodiesel), they can be burned over and over again, once the long-trapped
fossil is released to the atmosphere via burning. Fossil fuels are NOT
"nonrenewable;" they are SUPERRENEWABLE.
All the lies are to benefit the insiders, the JBS has fought since its
founding. Today, the insiders ares promoting their hopeful world
government the UN. JBS has an exciting campaign to get US out of the
UN--and a very hot campaign to get the UN out of the US (be sure to sign
the petition and otherwise promote this). The UN uses lies, as complained
of below. The contrast between what the UN calls "silly," and the easily
proved truth may be what wins this campaign.

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      Date: Sat, 18 Dec 2004 17:26:57 -0800 (PST)
      From: Harsha Sankar

       Tom DeWeese Commentary
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        December 15,
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        Global warming will cost Americans...
        There is NO man-made global warming
        By Tom DeWeese
        December 15, 2004
        National Sovereignty Vote Index
        Daily reports from COP 10
        There is no scientific evidence to back claims of man-made
       warming. Period.
        Anyone who tells you that scientific research shows warming
      trends -
       be they teachers, newscasters, Congressmen, Senators, vice
      presidents, or
       presidents - is wrong.
        In fact, scientific research through U.S. government
      satellite and
       balloon measurements shows that the temperature is actually
      cooling - very
       slightly - 0.037 degrees Celsius.
        A little research into modern-day temperature trends bears
      this out.
       For example, in 1936, the Midwest of the United States
      experienced 49
       consecutive days of temperatures over 90 degrees. There were
      another 49
       consecutive days in 1955. But in 1992, there was only one
      day over 90
       degrees and, in 1997, only five days.
        Because of modern science and improved equipment, this
       trend has been most accurately documented over the past 18
       Ironically, that's the same period of time the hysteria has
      grown over dire
       warnings of "warming."
        Changes in global temperatures are natural. In fact, much
      of the
       recent severe weather has been directly attributed to a
      natural phenomenon
       that occurs every so often, called El Nino. It causes ocean
      temperatures to
       rise, as tropical trade winds actually reverse, for a time.
        The resulting temperature changes cause severe storms,
      flooding, and
       even drought on every continent on earth. It's completely
      natural. El Nino
       has been wreaking its havoc across the globe since long
      before man
        How about the reports that the polar ice cap is melting? On
       Day, the Financial Times of London carried the hysterical
      headline: "Arctic
       Ice Cap Set to Disappear by the Year 2070."
        The article stated that the Arctic ice cap is melting at an
       unprecedented rate. The article is based on a report titled
      Impacts of a
       Warming Arctic, submitted by a group of researchers called
      the Arctic
       Climate Impact Assessement (ACIA).
        It must be understood just who makes up this so-called
      group of
       researchers. The report is not unbiased scientific data.
      Rather, it is
       propaganda from political groups that have an agenda.
        The report was commissioned by the Arctic Council, which is
       comprised of a consortium of radical envionmentalists from
      Canada, Denmark,
       Iceland, Finland, Norway, Russia, Sweden, and the United
      States. All are
       nations that possess land within the Arctic Circle.
        Many of these countries, through the Kyoto Protocol, have a
       financial stake in pushing the global warming agenda. One of
      the groups
       providing "scientists" to the ACIA "researchers" is the
      World Wildlife
       Fund, one of the leading chicken-little scaremongers that
      create junk
       science at the drop of a news release, to terrify us all
      into proper
       environmental conduct.
        The report is now being used at the global warming meeting,
       currently underway in Buenos Aires, to rally the troops, and
      bully the
       United States into accepting the discredited Kyoto Protocol.
        We are being warned of killer heat waves, vast flooding,
      and the
       spread of tropical diseases. Ocean levels are rising, and
       coastlines are doomed, they tell us. Hurricanes and
      tornadoes have already
       become more violent, we're warned. Floods and droughts have
      begun to ravage
       the nation, they cry.
        Any change in temperatures, an excessive storm, or extended
       is looked upon as a sure sign that environmental Armageddon
      is upon us.
       Diabolical environmentalists are using the natural El Nino
      phenomenon to
       whip people into a global warming hysteria.
        Two kinds of scientists
        We are assured by such groups that scientists everywhere
       sounding these warnings, and that we may only have one
      chance to stop it.
       Well, as the debate rages, we find that there are really two
      kinds of
        There are those who look at facts, and make their judgments
      based on
       what they see and know. Their findings can be matched by any
       scientist, using the same data and set of circumstances, to
      reach the same
       conclusions. It's a age-old practice called "peer review."
      It's the only
       true science.
        And then, there are those who yearn for a certain outcome,
      and set
       about creating the needed data to make it so. Usually, you
      will find this
       group of scientists greatly dependent on grants supplied by
      those with a
       specific political agenda, who demand desired outcomes for
      their money.
        Let's just take NASA, for example - the most trusted name
       American science. A lot of NASA scientists have fallen into
      the money trap.
       Environmental science has become the life-blood of the space
      program, as
       the nation has lost interest in space travel. To keep the
      bucks coming,
       NASA has justified launches through the excuse of
       environmental research. And, the budgets keep coming.
        At the same time, many of NASA's scientists have a
      political agenda
       in great harmony with those who advocate global warming.
      And, they're not
       above using their position to aid that agenda whenever the
      chance is
        This was never more clearly demonstrated than in 1992, when
      a team
       of three NASA scientists was monitoring conditions over
      North America to
       determine if the ozone layer was in danger. Inconclusive
      data indicated
       that conditions might be right for ozone damage over North
      America - if
       certain things happened.
        True scientists are a careful lot. They study, they wait,
      and many
       times, they test again before drawing conclusions. Not so,
      the green
        Of this three-member NASA team, two could not be sure of
      what they
       had found, and wanted to do more research. But one took the
      data, and
       rushed to the microphones with all of the drama of a
      Hollywood movie, and
       announced in hushed tones that NASA had discovered an ozone
      hole over North
        Then-Senator Al Gore rushed to the floor of the Senate with
      the news
       and drove a stampede to immediately ban freon - five years
      before Congress
       had intended - and without a suitable substitute. He then
      bullied President
       George H.W. Bush to sign the legislation by saying the ozone
      hole was over
       Kennebunkport, Maine, Bush's favorite vacation spot.
        Two months later, NASA announced - on the back pages of the
       newspapers - that further research had shown there was no
      such damage. But,
       it was too late. The valuable commodity, known as freon, was
      gone forever.
        Flawed computer models
        Then there are those computer models. Night after night,
       watch the local news as the weatherman predicts what kind of
      a day tomorrow
       will be. These meteorologists, using the most up-to-date
       available, boldly give you the five-day forecast.
        But, it's well known that even with all of their research
       expensive equipment, it really is just a "best guess." There
      are just too
       many variables. If the wind picks up here, it could blow in
      a storm. If the
       temperature drops there, it could start to snow. The earth
      is a vast and
       wondrous place. Weather does what it wants.
        Yet, those who are promoting the global warming theory have
       audacity to tell you, they can forecast changes in the
      global climate
       decades into the future.
        The truth is that computer models are able to include only
      two out
       of 14 components that make up the climate system. To include
      a third
       component would take a computer a thousand times faster than
      what we have
        To go beyond the third component requires an increase in
       power that is so large, only mathematicians can comprehend
      the numbers.
       Moreover, even if the computer power existed, scientists do
      not understand
       all the factors and the relationships between them that
      determine the
       global climate.
        So, it's an outrage for the World Wildlife Fund or the
      Sierra Club
       to tell you that man-made global warming is a fact, and that
      we Americans
       must now suffer dire changes in our lifestyle to stop it.
        Scientists are not on the global warming bandwagon
        And so, too, is it an outrage for the news media to tell
      you that
       most true scientists now agree that man-made global warming
      is a fact.
        What it doesn't tell you is that roughly 500 scientists
      from around
       the world signed the Heidleburg Appeal in 1992, just prior
      to the Earth
       Summit in Rio de Janeiro, expressing their doubts, and
      begging the
       delegates not to bind the world to any dire treaties based
      on global
        Today, that figure has grown to more than 4,000 scientists.
       Americans aren't being told that a 1997 Gallop Poll of
      prominent North
       American climatologists showed that 83 percent of them
      disagreed with the
       man-made global warming theory.
        And, the deceit knows no bounds. The United Nations
      released a
       report at the end of 1996 saying global warming was a fact,
      yet before
       releasing the report, two key paragraphs were deleted from
      the final draft.
       Those two paragraphs, written by the scientists who did the
       scientific analysis, said:
        1. "None of the studies cited above has shown clear
      evidence that
       we can attribute the observed climate changes to increases
      in greenhouse
        2. "No study to date has positively attributed all or part
      of the
       climate change to ... man-made causes."
        Obviously, those two paragraphs aren't consistent with the
       agenda the U.N. is pushing. So, science be damned. Global
      warming is the
       greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the people of the world -
      bar none.
        The Kyoto Climate Control Protocol
        Those who have been fighting against the radical green
      agenda have
       been warning that modern-day environmentalism has little to
      do with
       protecting the environment. Rather, it is a political
      movement led by those
       who seek to control the world economies, dictate
      development, and
       redistribute the world's wealth.
        They use the philosophical base of Karl Marx, the tactics
      of the
       KGB, and the rhetoric of the Sierra Club. The American
      people have been
       assaulted from all directions by rabid environmentalists.
        Schoolchildren have been told that recycling is a matter of
      life and
       death. Businesses have been shut down. Valuable products,
      like freon, have
       been removed from the market. Chemicals and pesticides that
      helped to make
       this nation the safest and healthiest in the world are
      targeted for
       extinction. Our entire nation is being restructured to fit
      the proper green
       mold, all of it for a lie about something man has nothing to
      do with.
        But, the lie has grown to massive proportions - and the
      game is
       about to get very serious, indeed. Pressure is building
      again to impose the
       Kyoto Protocol worldwide.
        Only a few years ago, this treaty appeared dead, when
       George W. Bush refused American participation. Now, however,
      Russia has
       signed on, and the U.N. has enough support to begin
      implementing its dire
       consequences - even on the United States.
        Senator John McCain (R-Ariz.) has called the White House
      stance on
       global warming "terribly disappointing." McCain is now using
      the ACIA
       report to convene hearings on the "human effect on climate,
      and what to do
       about it." McCain intends to help build pressure on the
      President to accept
       the Kyoto Protocol.
        In fact, the Kyoto Protocol is a legally binding
       treaty, through which industrial nations agree to cut back
      their energy
       emissions to 7 percent below 1990 levels. This means that
      all of the energy
       growth since 1990 would be rolled back, plus 7 percent more.
      Such a massive
       disruption in the American economy, particularly since it
      has nothing to do
       with protecting the environment, would devastate this
        To meet such drastically reduced energy standards would -
      in the
       short run - cost the United States more than one million
      jobs. Some
       estimate, it would cost more than seven million jobs in 14
      years. If the
       treaty sends the economy into a tailspin, as many predict,
      it would cost
       even more jobs.
        It would cost the average family $1,000 to $4,000 per year
       increased energy costs. The cost of food would skyrocket. It
      has been
       estimated that in order for the United States to meet such a
      goal, our
       gross domestic product would be reduced by $200 billion -
        To force down energy use, the federal government would have
       enforce a massive energy tax that would drive up the cost of
      heating your
       home by as much as 30 to 40 percent. In all likelihood,
      there would be a
       tax on gasoline - as high as 60 cents per gallon.
        There would be consumption taxes and carbon taxes. The
      Department of
       Energy has estimated that electricity prices could rise 86
      percent - and
       gasoline prices 53 percent.
        The purpose of these punitive costs is to drive up the cost
       modern living, in order to force you to drastically change
      your lifestyle.
       That is the diabolical plan behind this restructuring
      scheme. Cars banned.
       Industry curtailed. Housing smaller. Family size controlled.
        Every single product that is produced with the use of
      energy would
       increase in price. This includes items such as aspirin,
      contact lenses, and
        A study by the Department of Energy's Argonne Laboratory
      finds that
       the treaty would cripple U.S. industries, including paper,
      steel, petroleum
       refining, chemical manufacturing, aluminum, and cement. That
      about sums up
       the economy.
        Global raid on American wealth
        But, perhaps you still are not convinced. Maybe you still
      cling to
       the idea that such drastic action is necessary - that those
      pushing the
       global warming agenda are truly in a panic over global
      warming, and are
       just trying to find a solution.
        If you are one of these people, ask yourself: Why does the
       Protocol only bind developed nations to draconian emission
        Undeveloped Third World nations would be free to produce
       they want. These would include China, India, Brazil, and
      Mexico. Yet 82
       percent of the projected emissions growth in future years
      would come from
       these countries.
        Now ask yourself: If the Kyoto Climate Change Protocol is
      all about
       protecting the environment, then how come it doesn't cover
        The truth, of course, is that the treaty is really about
       redistribution of the wealth. The wealth of the United
      States is, and has
       always been, the target. The new scheme to grab the loot is
       environmental scare tactics.
        And, international corporations, that owe allegiance to no
       would bolt America, and move their factories lock, stock,
      and computer chip
       to those Third World countries, where they would be free to
      carry on
        But that means the same emissions would be coming out of
      the jungles
       of South America, instead of Chicago. So, where is the
      protection of the
       environment? You see, it's not about that, is it?
        Still not convinced? One more thing. Hidden in the small
      print of
       the treaty is a provision that calls for the "harmonizing of
      patent laws."
       Now, robbing a nation of its patent protection is an
      interesting tactic for
       protecting the environment, don't you think?
        And, still more looting of the U.S. treasury is planned.
       of the Kyoto Protocol also want industrialized nations to
      subsidize poor
       countries' adaptation to global warming to the tune of $73
      billion per
       year. Obtaining such subsidies would be an interesting trick
      after the U.S.
       economy had been destroyed by the treaty. Looters rarely
      have the ability
       to think that far in advance.
        Don't think this devastation can't happen. The U.N. and the
       Union have exposed their hatred for the United States. They
      envy our wealth
       and think that legalized theft, rather than sound economic
      policy, is the
       way to obtain it.
        The fact is that one person now stands between the global
       jackals and economic sanity: George W. Bush. Will he stand
      firm in his
       opposition to the Kyoto Protocol? Or, will he capitulate to
       international pressure and sell America's soul?

        Tom DeWeese is the president of the American Policy Center
       publisher/editor of "The DeWeese Report," a monthly public
       Copyright (C) 2004, All rights reserved

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      Date: Sun, 19 Dec 2004 17:36:35 -0800
      From: Blumstein
      Subject: Iraq's communists join election race

      Iraq's communists join election race
      by AL Jazeera (repost) Saturday, Dec. 18, 2004 at 9:11 AM

      The communists, Iraq's oldest political party, have submitted
      a list of
      257 candidates drawn from all sectors of Iraqi society and
      united under
      one banner, newspapers said.

      "The Union of the People list includes personalities of all
      faiths and all
      communities," party secretary Hamid Majid Musa told the daily
      without saying who would head the new group.

      He said, however, that one of those on the list is Culture
      Minister Mufid
      al-Jazairi, who represents the communists in the interim

      Musa said negotiations to link the party with other
      non-religious ones and
      the Kurds in order to have a wider-based list had failed.

      "Each preferred to go it alone," he said.

      The communist party is the oldest political group in Iraq.

      It was founded in 1930 and became one of the most powerful
      parties in the
      Arab world, before being progressively weakened by the former
      ruling Baath
      party and the advance of socialist ideology throughout the


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      Date: Sun, 19 Dec 2004 22:12:18 -0600 (Central Standard Time)
      From: "Chad W. McBride"
      Subject: Fw: [Anti-Feminism] UN Conference Shuts Up Reporter
      who Q's Global Warming

      Exclusive: UN Conference Shuts Up Reporter; Calls Global
      Science Questions 'Silly'

      By Marc Morano Senior Staff Writer
      December 16, 2004

      Buenos Aires, Argentina ( - The moderator of a
      discussion at the United Nations climate change conference
      here shut
      down questioning by a reporter who asked about disputed

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