The Red Symphony

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Makow - Rothschilds Conduct 'Red Symphony'
The 20th Century Unveiled
By Henry Makow PhD

Incredible and bizarre as it sounds, humanity is indeed the victim of a
diabolical conspiracy.

War, depression and genocide in the past century were not accidental or
inevitable but the result of a malevolent design.

Shocking evidence is a 1938 Stalinist police (NKVD) interrogation of a founder
of the Communist International, Christian G. Rakovsky, 65, who was facing the
firing squad for plotting to overthrow Stalin.

 The 50-page transcript of his interrogation, dubbed "The Red Symphony," was
not meant to become public. It confirms that the Rothschild-Illuminati planned
to use Communism to establish a world dictatorship of the super rich.

This is perhaps the most explosive political document in modern history. It
reveals why the Illuminati financed Hitler and then tried to destroy him, and
why Stalin made a pact with Hitler in 1939.

Christian Rakovsky was a veteran Communist insider. Born Chaim Rakeover in
1873, he studied medicine in France before becoming a revolutionary. He was the
leader of a terror group that attacked government officials.

In 1919, Lenin put him in charge of the Soviet Ukraine government. He
successfully kept the area for the Bolsheviks during the Civil War. Stalin
appointed him Russian ambassador to Paris in 1925,

Rakovsky belonged to the powerful Trotskyite faction that took their orders
from the Rothschilds. Many of this group were shot in Stalin's 1937 Communist
Party purge.


Thus, the circumstances of the midnight interrogation Jan. 26, 1938 were very

What could Rakovsky say that would save his life?

Rakovsky appears to use the tactic of "deceiving with the truth." He wins trust
by revealing the truth but leaves some of it out. He tries to impress Kus'min
that he and Trotsky represent an invincible power he calls the
"Capitalist-Communist Financial International."

He confirms that the "revolutionary movement" was designed to enlist support by
pretending to serve mankind's moral and collective ideals. The real aim,
however, is to divide society, undermine established authority and create
totalitarian rule.

"Revolution" really means, "overturning" Western civilization.

"Christianity is our only real enemy since all the political and economic
phenomena of the bourgeois states are only its consequences," Rakovsky says.
(Griffin, p. 264)

Peace is "counter-revolutionary" since it is war that paves the way for

Rakovsky refers to the Illuminati as "they" or "them." He claims he does not
know them but I suspect he does.

He explains that the "Illuminati" is a Masonic secret society dedicated to
Communism. Significantly, its founder Adam Weishaupt took the name from "the
second anti-Christian conspiracy of that era, gn
osticism." (249)


The interrogator was one of Stalin's cleverest agents, Gavriil Kus'min known as
Apart from him and a hidden sound technician, a doctor Jose Landowsky was the
only other person present.

Conscripted by the NKVD to help "loosen the tongues of detainees," Dr.
Landowsky was sickened by the many tortures he witnessed.

The interrogation of Rakovsky, however, was cordial. Dr. Landowsky doubts if
the mild euphoric he put in Rakovsky's drink had much effect.

The interrogation, conducted in French lasted from midnight until 7 a.m. After,
Kus'min ordered Landowsky to translate the interview into Russian and make two

The content was so mind boggling that Landowsky made an additional carbon for
himself. "I am not sorry that I had the courage for this," he wrote. (279) (The
Bolsheviks had shot Landowsky's father, a Tsarist colonel, during the 1917

A Spanish volunteer later found the manuscript on Landowsky's dead body in a
hut on the Petrograd front during World War Two. He took it back to Spain where
it was published as "Sinfonia en Rojo Mayo." in 1949.

A person with the nickname "Yamaguchi" has posted the first half of "Red
Symphony" on the Internet at

The whole transcript was published in English in 1968 as "The Red Symphony:
X-Ray of Revolution." You can find it in Des Griffin's "Fourth Reich of the
Rich." (1988) I recommend this book.


Rakovsky gives his interrogator an astonishing inside view of modern history in
order to prove that his sponsors control the world.

"Money is the basis of power," Rakovsky says, and the Rothschilds manufacture
it thanks to the banking system.

The "Revolutionary Movement" was an attempt by Meyer Rothschild and his allies
to protect and extend this monopoly by establishing a New World Order using the
"revolutionary movement."

According to Rakovsky, "The Rothschilds were not the treasurers, but the chiefs
of that first secret Communism...Marx and the highest chiefs of the First
International ... were controlled by Baron Lionel Rothschild, [1808-1878] whose
revolutionary portrait was done by Disraeli the English Premier, who was also
his creature, and has been left to us [in Disraeli's novel 'Coningsby.']" (250)

Lionel's son Nathaniel (1840-1915) needed to overthrow the Christian Romanoff
Dynasty. Through his agents Jacob Schiff and the Warburg brothers, he financed
the Japanese side in the Russo Japanese War, and an unsuccessful insurrection
in Moscow in 1905. Then he instigated the First World War, and financed the
1917 Bolshevik Revolution. Rakovsky says he was personally involved in the
transfer the funds in Stockholm. (251-252)

The Jewish labour movement or "bund" was Rothschild's instrument. The Bund's
"secret faction" infiltrated all the socialist parties in Russia and provided
the leadership for the Russian Revolution. Alexander Kerensky, the Menshevik
Prime Minister was a secret member. (253)

Leon Trotsky was supposed to become the leader of the USSR. Trotsky, a Jew,
married the daughter of one of Rothschild's closest associates, banker Abram
Zhivotovsky and became part of the "clan."

Unfortunately "national" Communists like Lenin (one-quarter Jewish) got in the
way. Lenin overruled Trotsky and made peace with Germany (Treaty of Brest
Litovsk, 1918.) This was not the Rothschild's plan.

World War One was supposed to end the way the Second World War did. Russia was
supposed to overrun Germany in 1918 and assist local "revolutionaries" in
establishing a "peoples' republic."

Trotsky was responsible for an attempt to assassinate Lenin in 1918 but Lenin
survived. When Lenin had a stroke in 1922, Trotsky had Levin, Lenin's Jewish
doctor finish him off.

At this critical moment, the unexpected happened. Trotsky got sick and Stalin
was able to take power. In the crisis, the Trotskyites pretended to support
Stalin and infiltrate his regime.

Radowsky characterizes Stalin as a "bonapartist," a nationalist as opposed to
an International Communist like Trotsky.

"He is a killer of the revolution, he does not serve it, but makes use of its
service; he represents the most ancient Russian imperialism, just as Napoleon
identified himself with the Gauls..." (257)


In order to control Stalin, international finance was forced to build up Hitler
and the Nazi party. Radowsky confirms that Jewish financiers backed the Nazis
although Hitler was not aware of this.

"The ambassador Warburg presented himself under a false name and Hitler did not
even guess his race... he also lied regarding whose representative he was...
Our aim was to provoke a war and Hitler was war...[the Nazis]
received...millions of dollars sent to it from Wall Street, and millions of
Marks from German financiers through Schacht; [providing] the upkeep of the S.A
and the S.S. and also the financing of the elections..." (259-260)

Unfortunately for the bankers, Hitler also proved intractable. He started to
print his own money!

"He took over for himself the privilege of manufacturing money and not only
physical moneys, but also financial ones; he took over the untouched machinery
of falsification and put it to work for the benefit of the state... Are you
capable of imagining what would have come ...if it had infected a number of
other states and brought about the creation of a period of autarchy [absolute
rule, replacing that of the bankers]. If you can, then imagine its
counterrevolutionary functions..." (263)

Hitler had become a bigger threat than Stalin, who had not meddled with money.
Rakovsky's present mission was to convince Stalin to make a pact with Hitler
and turn Hitler's aggression against the West. The purpose was for Germany and
the Western nations to exhaust each other in battle.

Rakovsky urged the Russians to use the tactic of "deceiving with the truth."
The Russians were to impress Hitler with their genuine desire for peace. Hitler
was not to suspect that he was being set up for a war on two fronts.

Stalin was given a choice. If he agreed to divide Poland with Hitler, the West
would declare war on only one aggressor, Germany. If he refused, the bankers
would allow Hitler to depose him.

Kus'min demanded some high level confirmation. Rakovsky told him to see Joseph
Davies, the US ambassador in Moscow, a fellow Freemason and representative of
the International Communist Roosevelt administration.

Someone was sent to Davies who confirmed that "much would be gained" if
Rakovsky got an amnesty. On March 2, 1938 a powerful radio message was sent to
Moscow in the cipher of its London embassy.

"Amnesty or the Nazi danger will increase," it said." Davies attended
Rakovsky's trial and gave him a Masonic greeting. On the same day, March 12
1938, Hitler marched into Austria.

Rakovsky's death sentence was commuted. Some believe he lived out his years
under an assumed name. See Another
source has him shot in 1941.

Secret negotiations were begun with Hitler. The result was the
Ribbentrop-Molotov pact signed in August 1939 just one week before the invasion
of Poland.

The interrogation seems to have created an accord between Stalin and the


Europe and the United States long ago succumbed to Rothschild Illuminati
control. In Russia, there are still some death spasms.

Recently, Vladimir Putin arrested Mikhail Khordordovsky, the head of Russia's
largest oil company "Yukos" and "the richest man in Russia."

Putin announced that Russia would seize his $12 billion 26% stake in the oil
company, one of many national assets plundered in the reorganization of
Communism 15 years ago.

Then we learn the shares already had passed to none other than banker Jacob
Rothschild under a "previously unknown arrangement" designed for such
circumstances. The two have known each other for years "through their mutual
love of the arts."

Rakovsky told Kus'min that the Illuminati do not take political or financial
positions. They use "intermediaries."

"Bankers and politicians are only men of straw.... even though they occupy high
places and appear to be authors of the plans which are carried out..."

Obviously Khodordovsky is an "intermediary" for Rothschild. So are Richard
Perle, Henry Kissinger and Ariel Sharon who each spoke out against Putin's
action. Perle, the architect of the Iraq war, called for the expulsion of
Russia from the Group of Eight. Sharon expressed concern about "persecution of
Jewish businessmen." Khodordovsky is Jewish as is Simon Kukes his successor.
And Perle and Kissinger.

Many Jews serve the Illuminati and that is one reason for anti Semitism. But
Tony Blair and George W. Bush serve it too and are not Jewish. The membership
of the Bilderbergers and the Skull and Bones is mostly not Jewish. The
Illuminati is an alliance between the Rothschilds, and the world's super rich
united by Freemasonry, which consider Lucifer to be God.

Mankind, God's magnificent experiment, has been subverted and compromised. From
the U.S. soldier in Iraq, to the taxpayer who pays the national debt, we are
all "men of straw."


Henry Makow Ph.D. is the inventor of the board game Scruples and author of "A
Long Way to go for a date." His past articles on feminism and the new world
order can e found on his web site He welcomes comments at


"The Rothschilds and that class of money-lenders of whom they are
representatives and agents -- the men who never think of lending a shilling to
next-door neighbors, for the purpose of honest industry, unless upon the most
ample security, and at the highest rate of interest -- stand ready at all times
to lend money in unlimited amounts to robbers and murderers who call themselves
government, to be expended in shooting down all those who do not submit quietly
to being robbed and enslaved.

"They lend their money in this manner, knowing that it is to be expended in
murdering their fellow men, for simply seeking their liberty and their rights;
knowing also that neither the interest nor the principal will ever be paid,
except as it will be extorted under terror of the repetition of such murders as
those for which the money lent is to be expended.

"These money-lenders, the Rothschilds for example, say to themselves: If we
lend a hundred millions sterling to the queen and parliament of England, it
will enable them to murder twenty, fifty, or even a hundred thousand people in
England, Ireland, or India; and the terror inspired by such wholesale
slaughter, will enable them to keep the whole people of those countries in
subjection for twenty, or perhaps fifty, years to come; to control all their
trade and industry; and to extort from them large amounts of money, under the
name of taxes; and from the wealth thus extorted from them, they (the queen and
parliament) can afford to pay us a higher rate of interest for our money than
we can get in any other way. Or, if we lend this sum to the emperor of Austria,
it will enable him to murder so many of his people as to strike terror into the
rest, and thus enable him to keep them in subjection, and extort money from
them, for twenty or fifty years to come. And they say the same in regard to the
emperor of Russia, the king of Prussia, the emperor of France, or any other
ruler, so called, who, in their judgment, will be able, by murdering a
reasonable portion of his people, to keep the rest in subjection, and extort
money from them, for a long time to come, to pay the interest and the principal
of the money lent him.

"And why are these men so ready to lend money for murdering their fellow men?
Soley for this reason, viz., that such loans are considered better investments
than loans for purposes of honest industry. They pay higher rates of interest;
it's less trouble to look after them. This is the whole matter.

"The question of making these loans is, with these lenders, a mere question of
pecuniary profit. They lend money to be expended in robbing, enslaving, and
murdering their fellow men, solely because, on the whole, such loans pay better
than any others. They are no respecters of persons, no superstitious fools,
that reverence monarchs. They care no more for a king, or an emperor, than they
do for a beggar, except as he is a better customer, and can pay them better
interest for their money.If they doubt his ability to make his murders
successful for maintaining his power, and thus extorting money from his people
in future, they dismiss him unceremoniously as they would dismiss any other
hopeless bankrupt, who should want to borrow money to save himself from open

"When these great lenders of blood-money, like the Rothschilds, have loaned
vast sums in this way, for purposes of murder, to an emperor or a king, they
sell out the bonds taken by them, in small amounts, to anybody, and everybody,
who are disposed to buy them at satisfactory prices, to hold as investments.
They (the Rothschilds) thus soon get back their money, with great profits; and
are now ready to lend money in the same way again to any other robber and
murderer, called an emperor or king, who, they think, is likely to be
successful in his robberies and murders, and able to pay a good price for the
money necessary to carry them on.

"This business of lending blood-money is one of the most thoroughly sordid,
cold- blooded, and criminal that was ever carried on, to any considerable
extent, amongst human beings. It is like lending money to slave traders, or to
common robbers and pirates, to be repaid out of their plunder. And the men who
loan money to governments, so called, for the purpose of enabling the latter to
rob, enslave, and murder their people, are among the greatest villains that the
world has ever seen. And they as much deserve to be hunted and killed (if they
cannot otherwise be got rid of) as any slave traders, robbers, or pirates that
ever lived." -, "No Treason" (1869)