Many John Birch members are internet activists.
The internet can be the most powerful tool that we have,
or it can be the place where we waste our time.
If the information, that you post, comes from the New American,
and the post also includes links to THE ACTION AGENDA,
then the interested, motivated, and informed prospect might just
The New American Magazine

If you learn to use the search engine, and the subject index,
then you will be able to provide links,
which will increase the traffic at The New American web site,
and have the potential of actually leading to concerted action. 
The John Birch Society has a national network of chapters
The John Birch Society has a fully paid field staff.
The John Birch Society publishes a MONTHLY bulletin FILLED WITH action
items for these chapters to follow.
The John Birch Society has system of summer youth camps.
The John Birch Society has Western Islands book publishing company;
which regularly produces new books, by scores of authors,
and brings back old books; which were no longer available.
The John Birch Society produces hundreds of videos, billboards, bumper
stickers, buttons, and audios.
The John Birch Society has a national network of retail bookstores to
distribute those books, and other materials.
The John Birch Society inspires hundreds of people to enter gun shows
and fair booths all over the country.
The John Birch Society has a speakers bureau,
and finds audiences for these speakers.
The John Birch Society does all important visits to large media brokers
like CNN and talk radio.
The John Birch Society has ad hoc committees like TRIM, and publishes and
distributes TRIM bulletins, showing voting records of congressmen and
makes these available online at:
Imagine this:
    1. You have a plumbing emergency,
that is so serious that you call a radio talk show,
and ask for a plumber to come at once.
    2. Hundreds of plumbers show up,
but only one has the tools to do the job.
5% of the people make things happen.
15% of the people watch things happen.
80% of the people never know what happened.
If you are in this group,
we know that you are not one of those 80% of the people,
who never know what happened.
At the very LEAST you are watching things happen.
The question is whether you want to be one of the
15% of the people who watch things happen.
OR one of the
5% of the people who MAKE things happen.
One of the biggest differences between the John Birch Society,
and almost every other organization,
that you may have known,
is that we have AN ACTION AGENDA.
Many people are surprised to find out that
there is actually something to DO ABOUT all of these problems.
It is NOT our goal to make you into the most knowledgeable patriot
in the entire concentration camp.
We want to live the rest of our lives in peace and freedom.
To do that, we need to TAKE ACTION.
We also need a lot MORE PEOPLE,
who will TAKE ACTION.
If you are not yet a part of the action agenda,
it is time to join.
For more information about membership in
The John Birch Society email me at:
John Perna 
For more information visit:
 The John Birch Socciety
The new american Magazine
The John Birch Society's trim program
 Get Us out of the United Nations