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Weather In Pennsylvania!

Binghampton, NY Northeast pa

Pittsburgh Radar

State College - Central PA Radar

Philadelphia - Southeastern PA

Harrisburg South Central PA

Dover Del radar

Rainbows over Pennsylvania

Rainbow Over St. Peters Episcopal Church Glenside,pa Summer of of 2017

rainbow Over Lancaster, PA summer 2017

The Benjamin Franklin Parkway at Night

Downtown Philadelphia at Night from sw Phila.

Philadelphia's Boat House Row

Downtown Philadelphia at Night

Downtown Philadelphia During the Daylight

Philadelphia's Eakins oval, in front of Philadelphia's art Musuem, at night

This is the aerial view of the Neighboorhood
I live in Pensylvania(From Google earth)

[ Yahoo! Maps ]

Map of Horsham, PA


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Philadelphia's Airport

Aerial View of Philadelphia's International Airport

PDFs on Philadelphia's Airport

Pdf of Services in the airport area

Pdf of Philadelphia airport layout

Pdf of Investors conference report

Diagram of Philadelphia's airport expansion Plan

Philadelphia International Airport is Set For a $5.2 Billion Expansion

The Allentown Bethleham Easton Airport


This site for the Lehigh Valley Aiport Lehigh Valley International

Pittsburgh Airport

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And somebody's idea of an animated badge for Pennsylvania

Speaking of National Conservative & PA politics!

Here is Website of the National Constitution Party

And here is the Website for The Constitution Party Of Pennsylvania

Here is the Website for Montgomery County Republican orginazition

Here is the web site for State wide Republican Orginazation

Pennsylavania GOP Website

Here is the web site for Horsham Town Ship Republicans

The local Republicans of a near by town The Abington Township Rockledge Organization

And for the national GOP it's Republican Activist

Another category of interest is Local & State Government (My Home State); Here is the Home page for the state of Pennsylvania

The state of Pennsylvania The executive office of Pennsylvania

Looking for a Job IN Pa? Then click here to start your search!

Interested in Maps? Then click here for USGS Topographic maps for Pennsylvania

News Headlines about Pennsylvania from Newsindex.com

National STIC Network Showcase

Information on National STIC Network Showcase

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The Commonwealth Foundation Family of Websites

NEW! The Commonwealth Foundation -
Fighting for a Better economy in Pennsylvnia!

This is the Website of the Commonwealth Foundation - Conservative think tank for Pennsylvania

Here is Grass roots Pennsylvania The Drudgereport for Pennsylvania!

This site for all Pennsylvania Conservatives!

And here is Pennsylvania's marketplace of ideas!

Follow this site Events for the commonwealth foundation

AND Please no more taxes.org

And here is: Pennsylvanis votes

Here is Pennsylvania Independent PA watchdog in Harrisburg

Track how your pa educational Dollars are spent!

sign up for E-mail messages from the commonwealth foundation!

here is Policy on gas drilling in pa

Here is Policy on Economic growth

And CF policy site

A new site is Energy facts for PA!

A new site for pa freedom is Live free pa !

Let's get rid of the Evil PA LCB Click here to help!

Another conservative Foundation: The Lincoln Foundation

Another one is Empower PA!!!

Are you a teacher in Pennsylvania? Then click here!

A recomended New website for Media Trackers Pensylvania

The CommonwelthFoundation's Fairness center! Fighting for a Better economy in Pennsylvnia!

NEW! The Commonwealth Partners -
Fighting for a Better economy in Pennsylvnia!

NEW! The Allegheny Institute based in Pittsburgh -
Fighting for a Better economy in Pennsylvnia!

The Allegheny Institute based in Pittsburgh

NEW! The lincoln Institute
- Fighting for a Better economy in Pennsylvnia!

A similar website for Nationwide issues

The watchdog group

This one focuses on Philadelphia area

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Gas Prices In Pennsylvania

Here is Gas Buddy's main site

Here is Related links from Gas Buddy.com

Click here for Gas buddy's GAS price temperature map of PENNSYLVANIA

Here is Gasbuddy's New Google "MASHUP" Of Philadelphia area gasprices!

Click here for GAS Buddy's GAS TEMPERATURE MAP of the USA

And here for GAS BUDDY's list of average prices across the USA

Here is gasbuddy's Gas prices by State

And last but not least GAS prices by metro area

Here is Gas price temperature map for CANADA!

Click here for

Gas Prices in Pennsylvania

Gas Buddies Upgraded GAS PRICE MAP for Pennsylvania

Click here for

Gas Prices in the Philadelphia area


Click here for

Pittsburgh Gas Prices!


Click here for

Allentown gas prices!


Click here for

Scranton Gas prices


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Here is the clear dark sky predictions for Pennsylvania

Click here for a page of Clear dark sky clocks for Pennsylvania

Here is the clear dark sky projection for Harrisburg PA My State Capital

Here is the clear dark sky projection for North East Philadelphia Airport PA

Here is the Clear Dark Sky Projection for the HAzelton, PA area:

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General information about Pennsylvania

Here is Pennsylvania's Internet Power Port!!!!

Pennsylvania's new New Assembly web site

Click here for Pennsylvania's Highways website!!

Click here for Harrisburgh PA highways!!!

And here for Pittsburgh PA Highways

Here is The Pennsylvania Justice Network!!!

Here is a Pennsylvania based website to help business It's SAPs Mysap.com

Pennsylvania is working on the Y2K problem Pennsylvania 2k Organization

Pennsylvania has has an office of Technology

First Here is the Constitution Of Pennsylvania The Pennsylvania Constitution

This site encourges you to come to PA and Invent the future

To invent the future you must have a site Select sites in Pennsylvania

Here is The main page for Philadelphia Highways

Here for Channel 10's traffic reports Up to the minute report on Philadelphia area traffic

Here is a map of Pennsylvania PENNSYLVANIA

Here is A report on Pennsylvania's effort to Fight West Nile Virus!

Here is Pennsylvania's site for Reauthorization of TEA21!

Pennsylvania's 21st Century Citizen Environmental Commission Pennsylvania 21st Century environment

This site specilaizes in maps of Turnpikes..... Travel Boards

Speaking of Traffic! Visit this site for Traffic from around the contry!

This site is an organization for Pennsylvania Downtowns!

News about Pennsylvania's cities!

How's this for history??? Zippo Lighter Mfg.

Here is something odd People risking their lives installing thses tiles

This section for Penn Dot material

This site is for PENN DOT's Construction web site!!!! Construction site info

This section for Lehigh Valley/Central PA information

In the Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania Route 22 is being ovrhauled again! Route 22 renewal & Lehigh Vally C of C

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A tip of the hat for western Pennsylvania!

Here is your virtual tour of Pittsburgh!!

I am saving you money!

" Pittsburgh by air Day or night!

Landing at Pittsburgh International Airport at Dusk - November 2014

This video was taken from the air, as I flew above Pittsburgh Pennsylvania (with a great view of the neighborhood of Oakland) in November of 2014. As the video starts, you are looking up the Monongahela River at the Waterfront and Homestead, with the neighborhood of Greenfield and Parkway East (I-376) coming into view shortly afterwards. As the video continues, Schenley Park, Oakland, and the University of Pittsburgh come into view, with Phipps Conservatory, Litchfield Towers, the Cathedral of Learning, and the Petersen Event Center clearly visible. Next we flew over the Upper Hill neighborhood, with the Bloomfield Bridge, Bloomfield, and East Liberty visible in the background. We then crossed over the Allegheny River with a good view of Millvale and other Northside neighborhoods. Next, McKnight Road comes into view along with North Hills High School Stadium (it was a Friday night so there was a game in progress), and the Parkway North (I-279). Finally we turn up the Ohio River, and continue along our landing path until we land at Pittsburgh International Airport.

Here is the downtown web cam for Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh at Night

virtual tour of Pittsburgh

Click here for The official City of Pittsburgh web site

The Pittsburgh Urban Magnet Project !!!!

Here is an organization trying to improve Pittsburgh It's

Click here for The Pittsburgh Channel

Click here for Real Pittsburgh

And here for Pittsburgh first

Click here for The Andy Warhol Museum

Click here for The Pittsburgh Regional Allaince

Click here for Johnstown PA

Here is the Pittburgh Area Convention Bureau

Click here for Visit Pittsburgh.com

Click here for Visit Pittsburgh.org

Click Here for Carnegie Mellon Museum

HERE IS The Phipps Cpnservatory in Pittsburgh!

Here is another great thing for western PA it's The Digital greenHouse for Western PA!

For information about Pittsburgh It's Real Pittsburgh.com

Another source of information about Pittsburgh It's Pittsburgh first

Shell cracker plant in Beaver County to provide 600 jobs when it opens

An artist's rendering of the New cracker plant planned for Western PA, North Of Pittsburgh Credit:courtesy of Shell.

Integrated process for acetic acid and methanol US 6846951 B1 Google search result of Patent similar to ethane cracking

Shell cracker plant construction -site (Summer 2017)in Beaver County to provide 600 jobs when it opens

Royal Dutch Shell is building a 6 Billion Plant in Monaca, Pennsylvania, and nearby Businesses are already seeing positve effects Courtesy of the Pennsylvania Department of Community and economic Development

A Giant Factory Rises to Make a Product Filling Up the World: Plastic (Summer 2019)

More than 5,000 people are working to build Shell’s plastics plant in western Pennsylvania. MONACA, Pa. — The 386-acre property looks like a giant Lego set rising from the banks of the Ohio River. It is one of the largest active construction projects in the United States, employing more than 5,000 people.

The cracker plant and its derivative units, when completed, will transform ethane from Marcellus and Utica shale gas into plastic pellets. The conversion process involves heating up ethane to form ethylene, which forms the basis of plastics.

Shell is building an ethane cracker and derivative units that will transform natural gas liquids into plastic pellets. The multi-billion dollar project will gobble up ethane produced from the Marcellus and Utica shales in Appalachia.

A shell building in Chester Rock Springs Business park is the former Taylor smith & Taylaor pottery site.Located Minurtes from the Royal Dutch Shell cracker being built in nearby Monaca, Pennsylvania, the site is drawing interest from companies looking to capitalize on the oppurtunity. courtesy of the Business development corp.of the northern panhandle (of West Virgina).

And Leaving Pittsburgh ...for now..

United Airlines Take Off From Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - 2013

This is a United Airlines Plane taking off from Pittsburgh International Airport in an early morning, about 7 A.M. Great view of the river, and aerial urban sight. Pittsburgh has plenty of mountains and bridges, which enhance the view.

Takeoff from Pittsburgh International Airport

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A tip of the hat for Central Pennsylvania!

Penn dots Report on the Potters Mills gap project, Finally The last part of the rt 322 expressway under construction

Weather CAM for Harrisburg/Lancaster/York PA

Weather cam for Lancaster PA

Weather cam for York PA

Here is the Pocono, Milford PA Weather cam

Click here for The official City of Erie Website

And here Erie area Chamber of Commerce

Here is a private environmental organization for the Philadelphia area.... The Delaware Estuary project

And here for The Delaware Estuary project message boards...

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Virtual tour of Philadelphia


Special Video section on Philadelphia

Your Virtual tour of Philadelphia

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General Information on the Philadelphia area

Landing at the Philadelphia airport.....

Final Approach&Landing at Philadelphia International Airport

After a 10 1/2 hour flight from Athens International Airport, I was finally able to record the final approach on PHL. In my opinion, this video provides a great view of Philadelphia and a few of its notable areas such as the Naval Shipyard and the Sports Complex. I hope you enjoy!

Landing at Philadelphia International airport in November 2016

Short video of landing approach from New Jersey

Your Guide to Moving to Philadelphia!

Real time status of Septa

Your Guide to Fun in Philadelphia!

Your Guide to the Philadelphia area's largest electric supplier!

Click here for Montgomery County Web cams

Click here for State road construction site

Click here for Pennypack Creek construction zone

Click here for Amtrack ovverpass Construction site

Click here for Academy road construction site

Click here for Penn dot's video Road weather Inforemation System (RWIS)

Here is Philadelphia's Musuem District

Stretching from LOVE Park to the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia's grand tree-lined Benjamin Franklin Parkway
is flanked by some of the city's most acclaimed destinations. Visitors to the Parkway Museums District will discover a cultural mecca
with world-class museums and educational institutions, the magnificent Swann Memorial Fountain, Cathedral Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul
on Logan Square and the world famous "Rocky" steps. Treasures and discoveries abound on (and just a few blocks off) the Parkway!

AND the complementary site Visit Philadelphia!!!!

This section for Attractions in the Philadelphia's Sun Belt

Here is a site for general Scientific and Philadelphia Area Glen Center.com

And something it's Philadelphia Science Festival!

Here is Philadelphia's African American Museum!

This site for Lehigh Valley's Musik Fest

Here is the site for Western Montgomery County's Folk Fest

CLick here for POCONO Vacations It's 10k Vacation Rentals!

Here is the most popular natural attraction in Pennsylvania It's Crystal Cave!

A major tourist destination in the Lehigh Valley is Dorney Park!

Another attration is: The Allentown Fair!

Yet another Fair is the Bloomsburg fair

Here is a new attration in South Central Pennsylavania it's The Whitaker Center for arts and Science

For A South Central PA vacation here is Hershey PA attractions!

Here is the Web site for Lancaster, Pennsylvania

And look at The Pennsylvania Rennisance fair!

Here is PA Dutch country's Dutch Country PA!

Visiting Pennsylvania in the fall? FAll In Pennsylvania!

Here is more highway construction

Another construction site is Route 202 in Souteastern, Pennsylvania

Here is the Links Page to US202.com

Here is another major construction project near where I live! It's State Route 309 online !!

Click here for RT 309 WEB CAMS!

The Re-vamped 309/I-276 interchange:

Map of the PA Route 309 Re-construction corridor:

A new construction project is: The Blue Route re-surfacing project!

Here is US route 30 reconstruction in Delaware county

And here is I-95 revive!

Here is the web site for I-276 & I-95 Interchange project

here is the web site for

Pennsylvania's Lottery!

Pennsylvania has a very neat UN-natural History Musueum

Pennsylvania's railroad history is displayed at The Pennsylvania's Railroad Museum online

Here is another Museum it's The National Civil War Museum

Want Pennsylvania History? Then Click here for the Digital Archives of Pennsylvania!

here is another great attraction in the Philadelphia area

This is the site of the new Business marketing site for the Philadelphia area It's Select Greater Philadelphia for your Business

This website for Atteactions in the King of Prussia area

Here is the link for The Keswick theatre In Glenside

And here for The Mitchell Center for performing arts

Here is Longwood Gardens in Chester County

Here is the site for the greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce The Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerece


Here is the website for The Delaware Valley Regional Economic Development Fund

Click here for Philadelphia seaport

Here is a webcam out side of the philadelphia seaport musuem

And here for Plan philadelphia fuure!

Click here for Construction portfolio of the COMCAST Building

and the future? for phila?

here for american commerce exchange

A Video tour of Philadelphia

First here is a web site for Philadelphia Neighborhoods

Here is a new site: Dig Philly.com your guide for up to tminute activities In Philadelphia

This site for digital image history of Philadelphia!!!!

Philadelphia's Ben Franklin Institute

Ben Franklinn's statue at the Frnaklin Institute

Ben Franklin's statue at the Top of Philadelphia (well not quite)

Well hello there, Mr. Franklin.! You can get up close and personal with Ben at Philly From The Top! (đź“·: J. Fusco for VISIT PHILADELPHIA

Here for

The Franklin Institute

The Franklin INstitute

AND HERE FOR The comcast center Phildelphia's tallest building!!!!

Click Here for Philadelphia's Film promotion site

About a Film to be produced in the Philadelphia Area it's S I G N S

Here is the official Web Site for Philadelphia's New Regional Performing Arts Center

A major tennant of the Kimmel Center will be The World Famous Philadelphia Orchestra

July 4th is Independence day and here is Sonoco's America's Birthday site

Click here for Philly Freedom net for Fourth of July celebration

This site has a lot hot links The Philadelphia Convention Bureau

Here is the web site for The New Philadelphia Convention Center!

Here is the web site for the New National Constitution Center

And here for Independence Hall And Historical Philadelphia, Pennsylvanis area

This section for experiences!

You can experience Pennsylvania at ExperiencePA.com!

Experience Phialsdelphia at Philadelphia Magazine

Experience Shopping in Philadelphia at The Shops At Philadelphia's Tallest Building complex!

Experience Philadelphia at the NEW visitors center! It's The Independence Visitor Center!

This site for Art work based in Philadelphia!

Here is another great Philly area site.... US Law dot com"

The local PBS TV Channel has a neat Store of Knowledge!!

Here for a neat Philly area institution..... Sesame Place Theme Park

Here are Vacation resources For Philadelphia

Here are resources for High Tech workers in Philadelphia

Taking off from Philadelphia. for now.........

Southwest Taxi and Takeoff Philadelphia Intl.

This is a video of a Southwest Airlines B 737-800 taxing and taking off from Philadelphia International Airport. This flight was en route to Fort Meyers. I hope you enjoy the air traffic control conversations too! Thanks for watching. Don't forget to comment, rate and subscribe. Look out for more videos soon!

Philadelphia Freedom!!! Scenic HD A321 Takeoff From The City Of Brotherly Love!!!

Fantastic overview of the city!!! Included are views of the Schuylkill River, Delaware River, Walt Whitman Bridge, Benjamin Franklin Bridge, the Sports Complex and the Center City Skyscrapers!!! Filmed from the economy cabin on board US Airways!!! on board Flight 1731 to Chicago O'hare. 10/12/11. to Chicago O'hare. 10/12/11.

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This section for College Information
and High tech for Pennsylvania!

The Lancaster Science Factory

Making Science Fun! Welcome to the Lancaster Science Factory, a hands-on, interactive technology and science center in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.
We invite you to come explore our exciting exhibits relating to the physical sciences, engineering, technology and mathematics.

Here is the website for Philadelphia University!!!

Here is PHila city.com

Here for information on Campus Philly.com

And here for Philly College.com

Here for College campus information For Phialdelphia

Here is the site for Penn State Main Campus

This site for Buying stuff in Philadelphia

This section for pa educational sites

Here is the web site for Delaware Valley College In Doylestown

Here is Temple's Ambler Campus!!!

This is the site Of Montgomery (PA) County's Community College

here is the site for The Lincoln Institute

Here is the web site of the High School I graduated from Abington High School, PA

Here is a Penn State Branch Abington Campus of Penn State

Here is a small college nearby it's Arcadia University

Yes we have High Tech in the Phila area...

Here for High tech in Valley Forge

This site for High tech in Philadelphia

A new University in the Philadelphia area is: Phoenix university

After work there is After work experience in Philadelphia

More information about Phiadelphia it's The Philadelphia Story

For High tech in the Pittsburgh area

Another high tech goody in Pennsylvania it's the Pittsburgh Supercomputer center!

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General Information on the Philadelphia Suburban area

This is great search engine for neat stuff in the Philadelphia area


Here is a virtual reality site for Philadelphia Virtual reality for Philadelphia

Philadelphia has a great Music center in the Mann Music Center

Chester County's Longwood Gardens re-opens!

The fantastical comeback of Longwood Gardens’ Main Fountain Garden A rich man’s "attack of insanity" turned into one of the world’s greatest gardens. So how on earth could it get any better?

Here is a map of South Eastern Pennsylvania S.E.PA

Take this link to find Episcopal Resources

This map is of the Pennsylvania Turnpike PA Turnpike map

This site for the latest traffic report sponsored by PECO PECO's traffic report

For a general traffic report for the Philadelphia Area Philadelphia Area Road Construction

This site for the Regional Planning Agency for the Philadelphia area The Delaware valley Planning Commission

The County of Montgomery, Pennsylvania (My home County!)

Here is a map of Montgomery County Pennsylvania

The Promenade at Upper dublin Township

The Promenade at Upper Dublin is under development moving full speed ahead to make up for time lost due to the unusual rain during 2018 - 2019 . COURTESY OF BET INVESTMENTS

The Promenade at Upper Dublin - A Report

A report on the Promenade Development In Upper Dublin And Adjacent Developments (PDF)

NBC-10 Visits the Fort Washington PA Office park WAWA on January 10, 2018!

Inside King of Prussia’s $1 billion transformation

Is King of Prussia the new boom town? Photo by Philly by Drone(as of August 2017) If King of Prussia builds it, will they—millennials, baby boomers, and commuters—come? Eric Goldstein likes to think so. The executive director of the King of Prussia Business District has spent the past six years spearheading efforts to turn King of Prussia’s reputation as a mega-mall to a place where people actually want to live.

The King Of Prussia Rail Line

Arguably the most highly-anticipated project for King of Prussia is also the most ambitious and long-time coming: The King of Prussia Rail Line. Spearheaded by SEPTA, this effort to connect King of Prussia with the Norris High Speed Line (NHSL) has been years in the making, and there are still plenty more years to go. “It has amazing potential,” says Goldstein, whose organization helped launch the KOP Rail Coalition. “And it was amazing to me that King of Prussia was able to get itself to where it is today without public transportation. That was shocking to me in 2011 and still is in 2017.”

The King Of Prussia Town Center

Courtesy of King of Prussia Town Center Perhaps one of the most surprising transformations in the area has been that of the King of Prussia Town Center. The 260,000-square-foot town center, just steps from the numerous residential developments like Canvas, has given the area its first so-called Main Street and drawn national restaurants and retail to the area.

The web site of Montgomery County, Pennsylvania

This is the web site for Keep Montgomery county moving!

Here is the New Montgomery County real time incident map

here is access to Pennsylvania's Library system
But you must have a valid Montgomery County Library card
Montgomery County Public library system

Here is the site for Upper Moreland Township's Library

This site for Downtown Willow grove improvement project

Upper Dublin Township

The Promende at Upper dublin Construction started July, 2018

Promotional Video Of a Mixed use commercial Development Recently approved by Upper Dublin Township

Here is web site for Bucks County Library System

Here is the web address for Abington Township Library

Here is the a web site of the Girl scouts of South Eastern Penna

This is the site for Montgomery County's County Seat Norristown, Pennsylvania!

or here for for Norristown.com!

Here is another great barely known attraction it's Barnes Foundation Museum!

Eastern Montgomery County has it's own chamber of commerce!

In addition to be being a House of Worship, This should be a Grand Tourist Attraction The Bryn Athryn Cathedral

OR click here for The Bryn Athryn Cathedral

Or here for Our Lady of Czestochowa

Camden N.J. Has a neat N.J. Aquarium With A Shark CAM!

This section is on economic information mainly about Montgomery County! Pennsylvania

Here is a site to help out the Pennsylvania economy The PA Economy Leauge

Here is a link to the Chamber of Commerce of Montgomery County Valley Forge Chamber of Commerce

Here is The King of prussia Mall's site..... The King of Prussia Mall

Here is the site for Montgomery Mall In In Montgomeryville,Montgomery County of course!
Montgomery Mall

Here is a site for Lancaster, PA

Here is the site of a local organization I disagree with The Blair Mill Corridor Assocation

And here for the Marxist/Lennist state wide orgination I disgree with Penn Pirg

This section for ambler, PA Ambler Mainstreet

And here for: The Borough of Ambler

This is the site for one of my neighboring Counties Bucks County, Pennsylvania

and here for BUCKS COUNTY.ORG

The Space industry Returns to Bucks County!

This Section for Hatboro, Pennsylvania

Click Here for A Hatboro WEB Cam

Here is a Map of Hatboro PA, a neighbor of mine The Boro Of Hatboro

Here is the website Make it Lunch In Hatboro!

Here is the official web site HATBORO PENNSYLVANIA

And Here is the site for School District I live in The Harboro Horsham School District

For Waht's happening in Horsham, PA CLICK HERE!

Here is the web site for Hatboro Horsham Educational foundation

Here is the web site for The Union Libray of Hatboro

Here is Horsham's new Library.....

And here for Horsham's New Library!

Click here for Wowbrary, get automatic updates from the Horshan Library

CLick here for Montgomery County Library & Information Network Consortium

And here for Pennsylvania Online World of Electronic Resource(POWER)

Here is the site for Historical Hatboro Pennsylvania

here is the website for a lecture on the Battle of Chicamauga

Here is the web site for a local Haunted Woods In Upper Bucks County

Here is Upper Dublin's WEB SITE another neighbor of mine Upper Dublin Township

Here is the web site for Abington Township, Pennsylvania

Here is the web site for Upper Gwynedd Township

AND another neighbor is Montgomery Township PA

Here is a site criticalof Montgomery Twp. Govrnment Montgomery Township Community Watch

Here is the Eastern Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce

Another Muncipal neighbor of is Ambler Pennsylvania!

This is the commercial Advertisement site for the Lansdale/North Penn Area

Here is the Official Web Site for the Borough of Lansdale PA: Lansdale Borough site

Here is another neighboring boro Towamencin Township

Another neighbor of mine is Cheltenham Township

This Link to find out the weather in Lansdale/North Penn area

Lansdale PA weather

Click here for Weather Radar for the Philadelphia Metro area Lansdale, pA Click for Lansdale, Pennsylvania Forecast

This is a map of Maple Glen PA another Neighbor of mine!!!

Maple Glen PA

Here is the WEB site of the Township I live IN!! Horsham Township, Pennsylvania

This map locates HORSHAM TOWNSHIP, Pennsylvania Horsham Township, Pennsylvania USA

This is a good map of Horsham Township!!!!!!!! Horsahm Townsip, Pennsylvania

Here is google's map of Horsham and vicinity!

View Larger Map

While you are in Horsham why not visit The Dove Tail Artisans in Glnside for Artistic gifts!

My Township's web Page Horsham Township's Official Page

Click here for Dresher Road Reconstruction Project.url

Here is the web site of The Horsham Water and sewer authority!

Here is the links page of my Horsham Twp Links

E-mail the horsham Township a non-emergency messahe: Non-emergency E-mail to the Horsham TWP. Police Dept

Here is the website for The New Horsham Chats Orginazation

Email Horsham Chats Mailbox

This section for schools

A local school district Called the Pennridge School district

This is a site for Nationwide network of Schools

This section for local newspapers

This site is for my BUCKS-MONTGOMERY COUNTY NEWS PAPERS The Intelligencer-Record

Here is their new Intellegencer web site

And their new up to minute headlines from the intellegencer!

This site is for another News paper The Norristown Times Herald

This section for chamber of commerce

here is the Local Chamber of commerece its The Horsham Chamber of Commerce!!

Here is the web site for The Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce!

Here is the site for The King Of Prussia Chamber of Commerce

Montgomeryville, Pennsylvania is another neighboring town of mine!!!!!! Montgomeryville, Pennsylvania

Landsdale is a nearby town and guess what? Landsdale PA area WEB site

This site is for the Pennsylvania Dioacese Of Pennsylvania The Episcopal Dioasce of Pennsylvania

MY state Senator has a web page State Senator greenleaf

Here is the web site for The Pennsylvania GOP senate Web site

This site is for the Pennsylvania House GOP Pennsylvania House GOP organization

This section for Pennsylvanis Higher education links

The University of Pittsburgh in Western Pennsylvania The University of Pittsburgh

Yes, Pennsylvanis has a Pennsylvania Institute of Technology

This site is for Penn State's Great Valley Graduate Center

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Information on Media in the Philadelphia area

Here is the web site for Philly's News radio KYW 1060

Here is The new station W N T P News Talk

And here W P H T Tak Radipo with a pulse

A NEW Website For W P H T

This section focuses on Philadelphia local TV media

Channel 3 from Philadelphia KYW TV 3

Channel 6 from Philadelphia WPVI TV

Channel 10 from Philadelphia WCAU TV

Channel 12 the PBS Channel from Wilmington, DE WHYY TV

Channel 17 The Warner brother's channel in Philadelphia

Channel 23/52 Public TV for South Jersey

Here for Channel 29 FOX 29 for Phila

Channel 35, Philadelphia's exclusive Public Television Station WYBE TV

Ch 39 Public TV for the Lehigh valley

Here is channel 48's page W G T W !!!!

Channel 57 UPN, Phila's Voyager Source Channel 57 in Phialdelphia

Ch61 Pax tv in the Delaware valley

Ch69 Pax tv for the Lehigh Valley

The American Broadcasting CO. A B C

The Columbia Broadcasting Co. National PBS

National Broadcating & The evil Empire N B C

The New Kid on the Block FOX National FOX

Philadelphia's Film exposition website

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This section for Misc. Information"

This section for movies I love

The favorite movie I have so far is: STAR WARS!!!!!!

The second Favorite Science Fiction series Star Trek!!!!

The Third favorite series is The X-files

Here is another TV show I watch It's Stargate

And here is Andromeda !

Here is PECO'S economic development site PECO economic development

Click here for The New Pennsylvania!!!

Here is the Montgomery County Economic development site Montco economic development

This section contains maps to the Philadelphia Metropolitan Area

Here is a map of the Philadelphia Metropolitan Area The Phila Metro AREA

Here is a map of center city Philadelphia Center city

Here is Historic Philadelphia Historic Phila

Here is Independence Hall Independence Hall, Philadelphia

Here is the Cultural Center The Benjamin Franklin Parkway

Here is the new avenue of the arts The Avenue Of the ARTS

Another interesting spot is the Franklin Institute! The Franklin Institute

This map locates the city's hot night spot South Street

This section is devoted to Philadelphia Regional Attractions

Here is the Delaware River Port Authority THE DRPA

Here is another Bi-state agency in the Philadelphia Area The Delaware River Basin Authority

Another Commission in South Jersey A Suburb of Philadelphia is The South Jersey Transportation Authority

Here is the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission DVRPC

Here is the Traffic Report for the Philadelphia Area Smart traveler For the Philadelphia Area

Here is the report for road construction The Phila. Metro Construction report

This site for the North Penn regional area Traffic mgmt and construction report

Here is the Links page for the traffic Management association

This is the report on Interstate Road Conditions in Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Interstate road conditions

Here is the Report for the Philadelphia International Airport! The City of Philadelphia Web Site

Here is a map of the Philadelphia Airport Phila Intl Airport

Here is the web site for the Phila Metro area Transit agency S E P T A

Here is amap of the SEPTA System The septa system

AMTRAK serves the Philadelphia also AMTRAK

I love Talk Radio! Here is the web site for Talk Radio in the Phila area It's Philly Talk Radio Online!

Here is the links page to Philly Radio online

Here is the website for the talkradio station in the Philadelphia area it's WPHT 1210 AM

Another humor break; here is my favorite Cartoon: DILBERT

Here is the weather report for the Philadelphia area Weather for Philadelphia

The following section is for community assets for the Philadelphia area

Philadelphia's Exposition resources

THE Bucks County Historical Society BCHS

The Philadelphia Stock Exchange The Philadelphia Stock Exchange

Another asset in Philadelphia is the University Science Center University Science Center

Here is a great organization in Valey Forge its The Freedoms Foundation

This section for James Michner and Pearl S. Buck

Here is the official web site for James Michener

Here is Manor Junior College Related to Pearl S. Buck Material

AND here for Pearl S. Buck Foundation

and anoher site Pearl S. Buck Foundation

This group is a booster of the Philadelphia area

Click here for the Greater Philadelphia First group

Here is Greater Philadelphia First's Business site

And here is The Home Fromt Message

This group helps to prescribe an economical Pennsylvania The Pennsylvania Economy Leauge For Eastern Pennsylvania

This section for the Ben Franklin initiative to assist companies grow...

This organization helps high tech small businesses grow!!!!!(State wide web page) The Ben Franklin Organization

This is the sub-page for South-eastern PA! South Eastern PA Ben Franklin

Here is the sub-page for North Eastern PA! North Eastern PA Ben Franklin

Here is the sub-page for Central And Northern PA! Central And Northern PA Ben Franklin

Here is the sub-page for Southwestern PA! Ben Frankiln for Southwestern PA

Here is the web site for the city of Philadelphia and related Links The City Philadelphia Pennsylvania

The following site deals with problems of the Philadelphia Port Philadelphia Port Development

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