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Be Prepared for disaster

Building a first aid kit for disaster

Keeping a clear head and placing safety first is easier said than done when disaster strikes. We created this guide to educate people on medical emergency preparedness best practices. Topics covered include: The four phases of emergency preparedness An emergency preparedness checklist for prescription drug patients How to stock a first aid kit and go bag Tips on using an emergency preparedness plan template

As you're well aware, citizens in communities all across the country (and really, the world) have faced a lot of uncertainty in the last few months due to COVID-19. I don't want anyone to forget about the importance of natural disaster safety. On that note, I'm passing along information that will help protect the people in your community during emergency weather:

Tornado facts and safety

Facts on: Tornado facts and safety

The Ultimate Guide to Hurricane Facts, Information and Resources

How to Survive a Flood: Flood Safety Tips

Facts on:How to Survive a Flood: Flood Safety Tips

Drought Safety Tips

Facts on:Drought Safety Tips

The Ultimate Home Fire-Safety Checklist: Tools and Safety Measures that Will Keep Your Family Safe

Safety Tips for a Winter Weather Emergency: How to Prepare

Facts on: Safety Tips for a Winter Weather Emergency: How to Prepare

How to Survive a Prolonged Power Outage

Driving In Emergencies and Disasters

DIY Home Projects to Work On After a Natural Disaster

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INTRODUCTION - Some career Resources

Career resources from Accreditedschoolsonline.org

People who are interested in learning about going green on and off campus, can find an informative guide below.
- A Guide to Sustainability In College and In Life

Students who are passionate about turning their interest into a reality, and want to pursue a degree, can find an additional guide below.
- Turning Green Degrees into Sustainable Careers:

Career resources from Collegeaffordabilityguide.org

Affordable Environmental Science Degrees
The 50 Most Affordable Environmental Science Degrees

Career resources from LearnHowToBecome.org

From Learn How to Become
The 50 Most Affordable Environmental Science Degrees

Career resources from Find Your Context education

A Well Written article on 6 deadly factors impacting the environment

Here is

a well-researched article on the subject of ”6 deadly factors impacting the environment, and ways you can help." This includes recent studies, worded to be easy to follow, digestible, interesting and would be scientifically supported.

The Author discusses: - loss of biodiversity - deforestation - oil spillages - plastics - waste - vehicle emissions I also have a 1st class degree in Biosciences, so I have written numerous articles such as this in the past. This is a topic i'm very passionate about.

CYBER DEGREES Your Cyber Security Degree Info Center

Career resources from Matchcollege.com

Career resources from Matchcollege.com

MatchCollege has been thriving for over 11 years helping millions of college-bound students
each year.  We are a free-to-use site and continually looking to update information to help 
college seekers and their parents with college questions.  With nearly 8,000 accredited
colleges and universities listed on the site, we are the go-to for students everywhere.

DEGREES for Social Work Career Info Center

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Earthquake information centers

  • EARTHQUAKE SAFETY From Educator Labs

  • EARTHQUAKE SAFETY From Public Health Org

  • EARTHQUAKE SAFETY From Elderimpact.org

  • EARTHQUAKE SAFETY From Elderimpact.org

  • Misc sources

  • Earthquake information from EDUCATOR LABS

    Reviewing Earthquake Safety and Preparedness

    How to Keep your Family Safe During Earthquakes

    Protect Yourself During an Earthquake

    The Homeowner's Guide to Earthquake Recovery

    The Science of Earthquakes"

    Disaster Recovery Training for Post-Earthquake Clean Up

    Earthquake Preparedness: What Every Child Care Provider Needs to Know

    Earthquake Safety at School

    The Homeowner's Guide to Earthquake Recovery

    Drop, Cover & Hold: Earthquake Safety for Kids

    Disaster Recovery Training for Post-Earthquake Clean Up

    Ready.gov: Earthquake Safety

    How to Keep your Family Safe During Earthquakes

    Red Cross Disaster Safety Checklist

    Home Safety Checklist

    Disaster Preparedness for People With Disabilities

    How to Prepare Your Home for an Earthquake

    Emergency Planning - Protect Your Pet

    Earthquakes, Insurance, & Loss Prevention

    Great Shakeout Earthquake Drills

    How to Prepare for a Winter Storm

    Disaster Preparedness for Livestock (PDF)

    Earthquake Proof Your Home: How to Prepare Your Home and Property for an Earthquake

    Hurricane Safety Checklists

    Storm Spotting for Children: At-Home Meteorology

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    Earthquake safety information centers from publichealthcorps.org

    Preparing for Disasters in Your Home: What to Buy, What to Skip

    Earthquake Hazard Maps

    Home Emergency and Disaster Safety

    Earthquakes for Kids

    Earthquake Safety Guide with Checklist

    Beat the Quake! Earthquake Knowledge Game

    Earthquake Recovery Resource Guide

    Disaster Readiness Tips for People with Mobility Disabilities

    Disaster Preparedness for Pet Parents — Everything You Need to Know

    Earthquake Safety Checklists in Multiple Languages

    160+ Discounts on Emergency Supplies, Emergency Preparedness courses, and Disaster Preparation

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    Earthquake safety information centers from elderimpact.org

    The worst part about earthquakes is their unpredictability -- certain factors give us clues to when one might occur, but ultimately there's no way to forecast exactly when one will strike. As a California resident, that's a pretty overwhelming thought. And this year, it isn't just us Californians who have to worry. Geologists are predicting that 2017 will bring particularly destructive earthquakes. Early preparation has perhaps never been more important.

    Home Emergency & Disaster Safety

    Earthquake Preparedness For Central U.S. Mobile Home Owners

    Disaster Safety for People with Disabilities: What to Do When Emergency Weather Strikes

    Minimizing Damage and Repair Costs to Manufactured Homes During an Earthquake

    Driving to Safety: The Car Owner's Guide to Emergency Evacuation

    How To Stay Safe In Your Apartment During Earthquakes (And other calamities)

    How Much Does it Cost to Earthquake Retrofit a Home?

    Debunked myths about what to do during an earthquake

    Survival guides for some Handicapped people

    Explaining special needs to your child: 15 great children's books

    How to Remodel for Accessibility

    Developing Your Blind Child's Sleep Schedule

    How to Exercise if You Have Limited Mobility

    Healthy Eating Advice for Wheelchair-bound People(PDF)

    There’s no such thing as earthquake season

    BY: Bradley Davis .but as a California resident, I wish there were! I say that not because I'm trying to make light of these disasters, obviously. If there were such a thing as earthquake season like there is for tornadoes and hurricanes, those of us living in earthquake-prone areas would know when to have our guard up and would probably be more proactive in making preparations when that time of year was upon us. E-mail Bradley Davis website Bradley Davis Snail Mail Address: 700 N. Valley St. ǀ Anaheim, CA ǀ 92801

    The Ultimate Guide to Earthquake-Proofing Your Home

    Getting Your Family Prepared for a Disaster

    Do You Have a Pet Emergency Preparedness Plan?

    What to Do with Your Pet During an Earthquake

    Quake, Rattle, and Roll: What to Do After an Earthquake

    Are Your Appliances OK to Use After an Earthquake?

    Survival Guide: Driving During an Earthquake

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    Information from Safer Tommorrows.org

    Inspecting for Possible Home Hazards From The Centers for disease and Prevention


    From the Seattle department of Emegency Prepardnes (PDF)

    Top Tips for Pet Earthquake Preparedness

    Homeowner’s Guide to Cleaning Up After an Earthquake by HomeAdvisor

    From Allstate Insurance

    From Allstate Insurance

    Earthquakes can occur in every region of the country, at any time of the year and usually without warning. That could mean that you’re driving your car when an earthquake strikes. Would you know what to do if you’re on the road when an earthquake occurs? Heeding these safety tips can help you cope with an earthquake if you’re in your car when the next “big one” hits.

    From Rainbow International

    What to do after an earth quake

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    Earthquake safety information from other sources

    Earthquake guide

    Information on a earthquake safety guide

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