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Washington Crossing The Delaware, on his
way to his multi-pronged counter attack on the Hessians in Trenton, NJ

NAVIGATING THE SWAP By the Trump Admistration

My new painting – “Crossing the Swamp” “Never give up. Never lower your light. Never stop till the swamp is dry.” – Jon McNaughton For a list of figures in the boat:

A Painting of the Constitutional Convention
Happy #ConstitutionDay2016! The document was signed 229 years ago on
Sept. 17, 1787 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (Ratified on June 21, 1788),
New Hampshire became the ninth state to ratify the document
You can read it here:

The Cost of Illegal Immigration Thanks to klowdtv.com

wonderful new talk show It's Sebastian Gorka !!!!

I know there's a lot going on right now. My name is Kyle and I'm part of the community outreach team here at STEPS (Student Training & Education in Public Service). We're a new organization focused on connecting people with education and career opportunities in public service fields like social work, teaching, psychology, and many more. AmeriCorps vs. Peace Corps: Which One Is for You? We're a small team right now, so we have limited resources. Having links up on your site would give our efforts a huge lift. If you have any questions about STEPS, our experts, or our guides, please feel free to reach out. We feel really strongly that these resources help students and professionals alike, and when people help us share them, it means a lot. Thanks Kyle Smith Community Outreach Specialist

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Featured Links


Featured Links on Teaching Core Concepts

To help everyone get a jump-start on the new school year, I’m passing on a few resources
that offer unique approaches to teaching core concepts to students of all ages.

25 Great Ideas for Teaching Current Events

The Educator’s Guide to Real Estate Lesson Plans

Veterinary Lesson Plans for K-12 Educators

The Educator's Guide to Applying Real-World Math: 15 Resources with Over 100 Lesson Plans

Teacher Resources and Lesson Plans — Special Needs Students

Unmasking Alcohol Manipulators: Critical Thinking Lesson Plans to Subvert Alcohol Advertisers

K-12 Music Education Lesson Plans

40 Shopping and Retail-Themed Lesson Plans for Educators

Cheers to our hard-working teachers and all they do to make learning exciting!

Master of Education in Teacher Leadership online

Lamar University's M.Ed. in Teacher Leadership online introduces teachers to the design, methodologies and techniques
 of scientifically based educational research in making informed decisions that positively impact student achievement
 . This program gives you the tools to understand the strengths and structure of learning communities that develop
 a culture of change and improvement for student learning through team building and mentoring.

dog autism

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Resources for Home security systems

Your site for comparing Home security systems!!

Compare Home security systems here

Your Home security systems - Money Saving Pro

Money Saving Pros!!!!

Be Prepared for Auto distasters

All conect Home Security

All conect Home Security

Secure your home

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Earthquake Preparedness

There are few things as scary as an earthquake. When and where they'll strike cannot be predicted, and once they hit, the only thing we can do is wait them out. Although they're a formidable force of nature, there is a lot we can do to protect ourselves and our homes from earthquakes and the damage they cause

Disaster preparedness essentials

Get ready for a major quake. What to do before — and during — a big one

Home Emergency & Disaster Safety

Apartment Rental Earthquake Preparedness

10 Tips for Keeping Children Safe in an EARTHQUAKE(PDF)

Disaster Safety for People with Disabilities: What to Do When Emergency Weather Strikes

Prepare your community for Natural Disasters

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Home ecurity

The Ultimate Guide To Home Security


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Geographical Resources for Educators!



Grantham Education Online Degrees

New Democrat Campaign "Ad"

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Sharing a helpful online guidebooks on Volunteering

Sharing a helpful online guidebook on Public service

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