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COMETS: Comet Alert
Extragalatic Supernova Extragalatic Supernova Alert
Gamma Ray Bursters Gamma Ray Burst Alert
Meteors Meteor Alert
Minor Planets Asteroid alert
Neutrino-detected supernovae Neutrino Alert
Novae Nova alert
Occultations Occultations alert
Planets Planetary alert
Solar activity/geophysical phenomea: Sun Earth alert
Variable Stars Variable star

This section for web links.....

The American Association of Variable Stsr Observers
Association of Lunar and Planetary Observers
British Astronomical Association
Center for Backyard Astrophysics
The International Meteor Organazation
The International Occultation Timing Association
The Amateur Sky Survey
The Demon Astronomer
Partners In Discovery
Skymap Two line element files for modelling
This site for Adler Planetarium in Chicago
The Catalina Sky Survey
Here for Amatuer Amatuer Comet watching
Another work of love is Daily sunspot totals
yet another Amatuer Astronomy site
Want an Astronomy degree? Then click here for University of western Sydney Nepean

Looking for a mystery? The next four sites deal with the mysterious Voynich Manuscript

This site for a good summary of the efforts to decode The Mysterious Voynich Manuscript
Here is an article from Lingua Franca Vol 9 number 3 (April 1999) When words fail

Here for a site in the UK evmt.html

another site in the UK eva.htm

Take a look Mr. Landini's home page

This section for informtion on GPS

Here is one Swormely's GPS site
for you space guys here is NASA's online ephermis system
Click here for Arizona' solar data
For weekly space news click here for Sunspot data
For Infrared information The Caltech infra red catalog
The Kitt peak observatory has Kitt Peak outreach
to observe the sun safely solar data
Here is a site for Nasa's obseratorium
This is a site you can Travel the H-R diagram
Looking for Nubulae? Nublae observer's homepage
Here is a site for The supernovae net
Click here for Pulsars universal wonders
another black Hole Syracuse University Courses
Here for Top 20 technologies of the 20th century
Click here for To findout how people use high tech