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First Pennsylvania is OPEN FOR BUSINESS!!

A 171-year-old Pennsylvania tax mandating that businesses pay taxes on
assets even in years when they were not profitable
has finally been eliminated after years of delay. The capital stock and franchise tax expired Thursday December 31, 2015 as 2015 came to an end.
Gov. Tom Wolf called it an “unfair tax on business”
that he was committed to eliminating.

Local Bussines advertising website for local business! It's Hatboro Horsham Patch!
Speaking of Business Here is the Web site for the The New York Stock Exchange!
And Let's not forget the N A S D A Q!
Here is the chamber of Commerce for Pennsylvania, PA Chamber of Commerce
The Local Chamber of Commerce is: Horsham Twp. chamber of Commerce
Another Business resource is: The Online Yellow Pages of South Eastern Pennsylvania
The Local rotary club has a neat site The Horsham Rotary.com
HEre is the web site for a local New high tech start up!
This is a national Business news service, It's
Local Business.com
This is the web site for a local major Business Campus The Pennsylvania Business Campus!
This is the web site for Horsham Township (Pennsylvania) Government Horsham Township
This is the links page from Horsham township's page Horsham's Link Page!!
Here is a Local CNC Machine shop CER-MAC of Horsham
And A Local IT Company Horsham IT

Here is a new Bhudist temple in the Philadelphia area Eastern-Montgomery County Bhudhist Temple

Here is the web site of a Nationally known Mail order house It's Harriet Carter

MY Vet has a good informative web site The Horsham Vet in Horsham, PA
My Electric Utility is Philadelphia Electric Co.

This section for Health Care in the Horsham area!
Here is a company for cancer research Hope Link
Thisis the site for further information about the previous link National Cancer institute
Here is my Medicalcenter Hatboro Medical Associates
A health Care Web Site Health Axis!
A Hospital is Dolyestown Hospital
Another One is: Abington Memorial Hospital
Yet another Hospital is: Central Montgomery County Medical center
To complement Health care here is world wide medical information IT'S E C R I ORG

And this section for food in the Horsham area!
Here is a very local chain Genuardis Groceries
This chain is more regional than localAcme Groceries

Here is the link to my Long distance phone co: Eastern Telephone Company
Here is a Celluar Telephone Co. In Eastern PA Mobile Quest of Warminster PA

Start up Businesses
Here is a start up office assistant it's Cyber cat Virtual Office asssitant
Here is a smal computer reseller in Willow grove it's Henley Computer of Willow Grove PA
My good buddy in North-East Philadelphia has a start-up business M A Z A H A L
Here is a video editing company... Image Refinery productions
Here is a Computer Book Store! The Business and Computer Book Store
Are you allergic? the visit Pollen.COM The Pollen count site!
Another firm is SAP !
Here is another start up for Project Management services it's PSSI Central
Here is a new consulting company The Diagonal Group
Here is a new idea for a start up, create your own frontpage it's Echo Factor
A couple of teen agers have a web design business it's ML Web creations
This site for computer self employment Business for prosperity

This site is the site for a computer Business School Gibbs computer school

The Area has some great traffic engineering firms
Here is a major firm MCMahon Transportation
Another firm in Pottstown Traffic PD

The area has some great craft stores!
Here is AC MOORE

The area has some shopping malls
here is Montgomery Mall
And here is another big Mall King of Prussia Mall
This site is a Business site for Businesses in Montgomery County, PA
Here is another B2B Site it's AJUNTO .COM!!
This site to facilitate Business to Bussiness in Eastern Montgomery County
This site for Business promotion in Philadelphia County
Here is a web site to help you find a job it's Information Matrix

Major Corporations based Near where I live, Please patronize if you can!
A Major Corporation is based near where I live... Rohm & Haas

A Major Computer Company is: Unisys!
Another Major Corporation Based in Horsham, General Instruments
Here is a economics forecaster it's Economy.com of West Chester PA
Here is the web site of a Cable TV Company in the Horsham area Suburban Cable
To complement cable, here is Internet access via Cable it's World Gate Communications!

This is the web site for the local newspaper in the Horsham area It's Montgomery news!!!
Home Builders in the Phialdelphia area

This section for Home builders !

Here is Toll Brothers
AND here is Orleans!
Another Buidler is: TH Properties
Yet another Builder is: Realen Homes
Another Builder is: Ryan Homes
Yet another builder of quality homes is: Gambone Brothers
ANd here is real estate in Toronto (Canada) Real Estate Direct.com

A tile Business is Moravian Pottery and Tile works
A Managed Care Company in Eastern Montgomery County Area is Merck Medco's site!
Here is the headquater site it's Merck

A major financial institution based in Horsham is ADVANTA
Some other banks in Horsham area are: Summit Bank
Another bank is National Penn Bank
Yet another bank with precence in the Horsham Area is Commerce Bank!
Anoher bank is M & T Bank
This section for POCONO based businesses
A major Outlet Mall In the POCONOS is; The Crossings
Pocono Resorts

This section for Lansdale Based Business

Here is the web page for The Lansdale Daily Reporter
Here is: Times Herald Newspaper of Norristown,PA
The companion to the Times Herald is All Around Philly
Here is an organization trying to manage traffic The TMA of Montgomery County
Here is something for cultral material The Museum network
This group is trying to improve the Philadelphia area's image it's The Metro Policy organization
These guys want to Wire Philadelphia!
And here is Big Step
And here for the The Advisor Port
And here for the Abington PA Abington High Tech Incubator

To start is the Chamber of Commerce North Penn Chamber of Commerce
This company will help you with WEB Design! Calypso Design in Landsdale, PA!
This web site was designed by the previous Web Design Firm Premier Photographer
This is Full line Computer consultant Eagle Computer Associates
This is commercial Web site promoting Lansdale Based Bussiness This Is My Town...Landsdale, PA
Another Surprise! Lansdale has it own online Auction , GoMainline!
Here is another electronic shopping mall Half DOT COM!
Surprise! Here is a Film Company in the Lansdale AREA Lazer Light Entertainment

A PA consulting Company in Ft. Washington, PA is MindBridge
Another Web Design firm in Plymouth Meeting PA E-DESIGN
Another consulting Company in the Plymouth Meeting area is Future Vision
A startup Consulting Company in Towamencian Loon Tech Manage your Consultants!
Another Pennsylvania Based Bussines to help you design Web Pages is: Penn Cen near Harrrisburg

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