Subject: [exopolitics] World Parliament and the Extraterrestrial Presence

Aloha All, I recently received news of a Constitution for the
Federal of Earth that is circulating the internet.
It's quite an interesting document and I thought I would share my
thoughts on it and how it relates to exopolitics.

The document is well thought through and demonstrates the thinking
of a number of forward looking individuals wanting to deal with
global problems in a systemic way. The idea of a global federal
government is not new and has been championed by a number of non-
government organizations over decades. The organizers are generally
a combination of global visionaries, humanitarian organizations and
lawyers with a constitutional background. Basically, if you combine
a bunch of well meaning constitutional lawyers, global visionaries,
humanitarians, and give them ample resources you then get something
like this document. I've met with organizers from a number of NGO's
or 'citizen organizations' over the years such as the World
Federalist Society and they strike me as quite dedicated and very
sincere. In answer to the obvious question over the role of the New
World Order, I've found that such organizations have no direct
connection to the illuminati and efforts to orchestrate a New World

Organizations such as the World Federalists have been very prominent
in organizing global initiatives such as the International Criminal
Court, the Global Land Mines ban, and support global initiatives
such as the banning of Space Weapons, etc.

I've noticed that the idea of a world federal government arouses
intense passion since some believe federalism is the answer to
global problems, while others believe world federalism is the way to
global domination and rule by negative ETs or even the Anti-Christ
for those with a religious upbringing. Now some including me have
tried to distinguish between 'global governance' and 'global
government' to steer through this intense debate. Global governance
is basically where governments, citizen organizations and
communities work together to be effective, while global government
is something like what we see in this World Constituion document.
It's not clear that global governance has failed at this point, it
just hasn't been allowed to succeed. Global government of course is
what the New World Order want which is why efforts to make the UN
effective have dismally failed, and why coordination between local
communities, NGOs and governments have not always been successful.

Presently, I think that my main objection to this World Constitution
is that it is merely a technical solution to a spiritual problem. As
long as humanity continues to live under a capitalist system that
commodifies everything and prevents brotherly/sisterly ties from
influencing our daily lives and motiviating government policy, then
we will continue to have global problems. Once we get our house in
order and start to live the great French revolutionary slogan of
fraternity, then we'll go a long way to solving global problems.
Even if this World Constitition was adopted tomorrow, the global
elite and the captains of industry would find a means to subvert it
and continue to set up an imbalanced global system which perpetuates
elite control. Any technical solution to global problems can be

Some of the provisions in the document are also quite naive and
unrealistic. This is especially the case when it comes to
expolitical issues so let me know focus on that. The document
assumes that a World Disarmanent Agency would abolish all WMD from
major powers. How would the World Government deal with the US and
Russian shadow governments for example? Simply tell them to open up
their secrets and black projects? I doubt that would succeed due to
the vast military infrastructure created to deal with
extraterrestrails and the very real belief by many in the national
security agencies that we need to have military defence ready to
defend humanity against ETs in case this was ever needed. While I
disagree with this way of thinking, I know that's how many inside
the secret government think, and merely telling them to be nice and
comply with this new global federal government would not work. It's
quite naive and we need to come up with a strategic solution to the
ET presence, rather than a constitutional or ethical solution which
the shadow government will ignore (for more on this idea, see )

The issue of extraterrestrials is an area where not surprisingly the
World Constitution is silent and basically reflects the naivette of
the general public over exopolitics. How does one deal with ETs and
the govenrment secrecy over decades? Not a mention of this yet it is
undoubtedly the greatest travesty of justice we have witnessed in
human history. ETs come to our planet to offer assistance when we
develop weapons of mass destruction that can destroy our
civilization and affect space (atomic/hydrogen bomb), yet this is
kept secret since that would damage the interests of the global
elite who control the oil industry, pharmaceuticals, etc. To make
matters worse, the global elite make agreements with the wrong ETs,
suppress info from the friendly ETs and intimidate into silence
those who interact with friendly ETs.

Finally, the world constitution document is 'human centric'. What of
representation for other sentient species on Earth, the cetaceans,
the animal kingdom, the subterranean civilizations, and finally of
Gaia herself if we accept the Gaia hypothesis proposed by James
Havelock? Who will represent these constituencies in such a World
Government? We need to transform our thinking if we want to change
the planet and can't simply assume that putting together a new
system of federal global government based on the US Constitution and
European charters with humans representing themselves as the owners
of the planet will solve globla problem. That would be like
reorganizing the chairs of a sinking ship since basically we have to
confront the reality of other sentient species on our planet if we
want to deal with global problems and with the ET presence.

I think we have much work to do in changing the consciousness of
humanity first before we come up with the right technical solution
such as a world federalist constitution. I think that documents such
as this are a good start since they spark the imagination and get
people looking at the problems, but they are not the ultimate
solution and barely scratch the surface of the exopolitical issues
humanity has to deal with.

In peace,

Michael Salla, PhD