CONFESSIONS OF AN FBI "X-FILE" AGENT

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                      CONFESSIONS OF AN FBI "X-FILE" AGENT

The following is from a secret report released by an FBI special agent
code-named JORDON, who has been involved with the intrigues taking place
near Dulce, New Mexico and Area 51 [Dreamland] Nevada. Among his fellow
colleagues within the FBI, Jordon was often referred to as "The X-File
Man". 'Jordon' claims to be an abductee whose birth in 1962 was
genetically engineered by "tall greys" that had apparently altered the
genetic codes within the ovum of his human mother -- who was also an
abductee -- and infused the genetic coding of the ovum with certain
specific genetic characteristics taken from another female abductee for
some undetermined purpose. Although his life was being severely
manipulated by the aliens, agents of the Department of the Navy
apparently stepped-in to counter some of the machinations which the
aliens were carrying out, using abductees like 'Jordon' as pawns in a
vast game of cosmic chess. With the permission of the agent himself, the
following is reproduced from Mia Adams' book "THE EXCYLES" [Escelta
Publishing, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida -- 1995]. Incidentally, the author
uses the British spelling of Grey -- with an 'e' -- rather than the
American spelling of Gray -- with an 'a' -- just in case the reader has
wondered which is the 'correct' spelling... they are both 'correct':

The account I am about to give is based on my experiences and the
personal investigation I have conducted over the past several months. I
cannot, and in a few instances I am specifically prevented from,
revealing where and when I acquired all of the information I will
present. I will state that on two occasions I deliberately violated
secure areas and on one occasion participated in a rather unorthodox
field interrogation in order to obtain data. I also deliberately involved
several innocent parties who, unfortunately, may become subject to
penalties which should rightfully only be mine. I have lied and have done
so knowingly and repeatedly in order to elicit information and in order
to cause governmental entities to react to moves they only thought I was
making. I freely admit that I am guilty of abusing the power of my office
and my credentials. I do not apologize for this, but I may soon become
subject to the administrative or legal consequences of these actions. So
be it. At the risk of appearing melodramatic, more dire consequences may
also follow. I can only state that, if resistance is within my power, I
will not go quietly.

I am taking the precaution of disseminating this account [both on paper
and on disks] to several individuals solely and exclusively as a means of
forestalling the desirability of attempting to silence me entirely. It is
my belief that revenge would not be the goal of those opposed to my
efforts, but, rather, the prevention of the leakage of information...

As a copy of this report is now in your hands, I urge you to make
numerous additional copies and to place these copies in several locations
to avert efforts at recovering all of them. Let me be very clear: If my
opponents are able to recover all the copies of my report, then they will
inevitably turn to the matter of muzzling me as the only remaining threat
to security they face...

I am firmly convinced that I was abducted by non-human sentient beings at
the age of six [SECTION DELETED] and that my newly surfaced [Thanks to
Dr. -- NAME DELETED] recollections regarding this incident are reliable
and real. These beings strongly resembled the Grey 'Breeders' I will
describe below, but, as I remember no 'Workers,' I cannot be entirely
sure of what these beings represented. However, I have incontrovertible
evidence that the aliens who abducted me as a child have maintained an
interest, if not an influence in my life. This evidence has already been
provided to those who could make best use of it...

The Department of the Navy [D.O.N.] is a relatively SMALL clandestine
agency within the United States Government which is staffed primarily by
individuals ostensibly recruited and trained by other elements of the
Federal Government. It is funded and supported by the National Security
Agency and is also augmented by very tightly compartmentalized elements
of the armed forces [I believe that BLUE LIGHT is the original code name
for the U.S. Army's EBE-related unit, which was allegedly converted into
the now famous counter-terrorist DELTA FORCE] and other governmental
organizations. [Approximately one third of headquarters DIVISION FIVE of
the FBI is actually a front for D.O.N., with at least several dozen HQ
special agents devoted to these matters.]

Despite its name, the "Department of the Navy" has very LITTLE to do with
the actual United States Navy. Its existence is known only by an
extremely limited number of individuals and its actual mission is known
by an even smaller number. The Department of the Navy's purpose is to
direct extraordinary unique activities in relation to extraterrestrial
biological entities [EBEs] and alien technologies with the primary
missions of combating alien operations which are hostile to the national
security of the United States, gathering and exploiting alien
technologies, and the containment of premature disclosure of information
regarding the presence and intentions of the EBEs.

Ironically, while NASA supposedly suspects or knows that there are alien
artifacts on the Moon and is suppressing data on this subject [This was
only mentioned to me as an aside], NASA has no official role in dealing
with EBEs. This is not to say, however, that NASA, like the rest of the
overt government is not penetrated by some DON personnel. Furthermore,
the DON has had some interaction with NASA personnel who accidentally
became aware of too much. I was also told that an overt NASA effort to
detect non-human civilizations was doomed to failure, but I was not told

The Greys are divided into quasi-sentient asexual WORKERS who are, on
average, four feet tall, AND dominant BREEDERS who have large eyes and
are, on average, almost six feet tall. Both types of Greys have four
fingers on each hand. This alliance emerged from the successful recovery
of several apparently crashed Grey craft and the subsequent establishment
of relations with this species. This relationship is, for the time being,
clandestine by the choice of both parties and involves a very limited and
gradual sharing of information and technology by the Greys.




                            REVELATIONS OF AN MJ-12
                          SPECIAL STUDIES GROUP AGENT

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                          SPECIAL STUDIES GROUP AGENT

Michael Wolf, in his trilogy THE CATCHERS OF HEAVEN [Dorrance Publishing
Co., Pittsburgh, PA] makes the following 'disclaimer' at the beginning of
his volume: "The following events, which purport to involve the United
States of America, the former Union of Soviet Socialist Republics,
France, Belgium, Italy, Germany, Israel, and the U.K., officially,
according to repeated statements issued by all governments involved,
never occurred." Incidentally the author expressed a deep concern for the
children of this planet and for the legacy we are leaving them, and
therefore directed all of the royalties for his work to an organization
devoted to helping children.

To paraphrase some of the more relevant [to this work] points brought out
in the Trilogy:

-- Black Budget Operations utilizing billions of dollars raised by CIA
drug running, were classified Above Top Secret, thereby escaping audit by
Federal auditors who possessed only a "secret" or "top secret" security

-- We are now living, as of the latter part of the 20th century, in an
regulated-taxated-inflated economic slave system carefully designed to
serve the elite.

-- The author possessed one of the highest security clearances in the
world, and reported only to the U.S. President, even though his knowledge
and briefings of cosmic affairs often surpassed his one-and-only superior
in several areas. He was warned against writing the trilogy -- which
contains sensitive information yet which deals mostly with his
interactions with his friends and family on this and other worlds -- by
fellow friends and insiders within MJ-12. Wolf however chose to go ahead
with the project as he felt that we have the right to know what's going
on, and for the sake of "the children" and their future on this planet,
Such tyranny he insists "MUST END NOW!"

Also, Wolf states that many of the new generation of younger politicians
and intelligence agents are trying to do away with the self-destructive
policies of former administrations in regards to the alien scenario.

-- The author claims to be a genetically engineered human who came from
extraterrestrial 'Nordic' genetic lines and was placed on this planet for
a purpose. He possessed an above-genius mentality which made him an
Intelligence "head hunter's" dream come true. Even the President's were
aware of his talents and sought his expertise. His advanced mind led to
his involvement with a super-secret project involving the development of
an actual cyber-cloned humanoid with self-programming artificial
intelligence if not sentience -- as well as other projects involving
super-advanced quantum mechanics that one will never hear about in the
public domain, at least not for many years to come. Michael Wolf was
raised in a Jewish family and experienced abductions/contacts ever since
childhood... as had his human mother who became the 'host' for his
existence on planet earth.

The author also claims to have a genetic 'brother' names SA who served or
serves as the Prince of THE ALLIANCE, a Nordic collective in Altair
Aquila which is affiliated with THE CORPORATE, a Grey species collective.
Although the Human ALLIANCE and the Grey CORPORATE interact [or have
interacted in the past] with the other, the Nordic 'Alliance' ALSO
maintained contact with the FEDERATION OF WORLDS. The Grey 'Corporate' in
turn maintained an allegiance with something called the UNIFIED RACES OF
ORION. The MAJESTIC-12 organization was aware of all three MAJOR
confederation groups, the joint humaniod-reptiloid CORPORATE/ALLIANCE,
the mostly-humanoid FEDERATION OF WORLDS or F.O.W, and the mostly

-- The 'Black' programs are so named because presumably no one can shine
a 'light' on their activities and expose the corruption within. According
to agent Wolf, there can be governments within governments within
governments, and the "black ones" or secret government can be invisible
to the electorate government itself.

--There are 'Nordic' extraterrestrials walking the streets of several
major cities on earth, unknown by others for who they are.

-- The author knew Dr. Edward Teller, the developer of the H-Bomb, on a
personal basis.