Greetings, here is another UFO event that may prove noteworthy given
recent release of information from Mexico. The Chavez government in
Venezuela is no big fan of the Bush administration and may follow a
similar course to Mexico in releasing information. President Chavez
is an outspoken critic of US policies and was subjected to a failed
coup backed by the US. He has backed radical economic principles for
Venezuela to make it less dependent on the US.

It can be predicted that if there is a policy rift between different
branches of the global controllers of UFO/ET information, then
President Chavez of Venezuela and President Fox of Mexico would be
two candidates for releasing informatation contrary to US pressure.
Incidents such as this downed UFO are likely to be given more
coverage in the global media and may be part of a covert global
campaign by 'progressives' to disclose more information about the ET
presence. This is certainly an important development and one worth

In peace

Michael E. Salla, PhD


UFO Crashes In Venezuela?
From Scott Corrales
The Journal of Hispanic Ufology
Source: Proyecto Orion

An unidentified flying object crashed last Saturday, May 15, 2004 in
the vicinity of the Raul Leoni Hydroelectric Station, also known as
the Guri Dam, located on the Caroni River some 100 kilometers from
the mouth of the Orinoco River at Puerto Ordaz, Ciudad Bolivar
(updated information).
The accident, which occurred in the early hours of last Saturday,
was witnessed by workers of the dam in question and took place to
the northwest of this location. Stringent security measures were
taken immediately by active members of the National Guard, who
proceeded to cordon off the area. The presence of U.S. personnel was
also observed, a common feature in all crashes involving UFOs.
It must be noted that the Seismography Unit registered movement at
the time of the unusual accident, a detail reminiscent of the
Roswell, New Mexico (USA) event of 1947. With regard to an alien
presence, no reports have been received at this time. Access to the
crash site has been highly complicated due to torrential rains at
the site during this time of year. However, accredited personnel
from Proyecto Orion is on site, collecting information that shall be
broadened in coming hours.
Translation (C) 2004. Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology.
Special thanks to Christian Quintero, PlanetaUFO.