Subject: IUFO: People Who Have Taken Rides In Alien Spaceships.

Subject: People Who Have Taken Rides In Alien Spaceships. 
Dec. 11, 2004.

  Here is some information about people who have taken trips in 
  They have all been persecuted for telling what they have done to 
the public.


 Subject: California Co-tactees
by William F. Hamilton  (JW  I consider William Hamilton to be a 
close internet friend.  He proved me wrong when I stated that Sharula
was from inside of Mt. Shasta.  It turned out that she was really a 
person from Earth.) 
  1996, 2000 
  "The Flying Saucers we see are very likely scouting craft sent 
from mother ships moored in orbit."
  --T.B. Pawlicki 
  Some say it is the California sun or the Santa Ana winds that 
created the weird culture of the west coast. The inhabitants think 
differently. Westerners are open to new ideas. Visitors from another
planet are welcome in California. 
  I was enthralled as a teenager to read the story of George Adamski
who rode out to Desert Center, California on November 20, 1952 to 
meet a visitor from the planet Venus, an event attested to by six 
witnesses who signed a notarized statement.  (JW  I have visited the
spot when Adamski had his experience and the story still seems 
true to me.)
  In 1956, I met Daniel W. Fry who had started an organization 
called UNDERSTANDING. I was elected vice-president of unit 1 in El
Monte. Dan Fry claimed he was taken for a ride in a flying disc at
White Sands Proving Grounds in New Mexico on July 4, 1950. He 
documented his story in a book called, THE WHITE SANDS INCIDENT. 
Dan was a brilliant man. He sounded truthful. He was fond of telling
how aliens broke dozens of laws just entering our atmosphere and 
landing their craft on earth. 
  Dan claimed he had taken a ride in a most unusual vehicle that 
he was invited to board at White Sands Proving Grounds in New 
Mexico on July 4, 1950. He was waiting in a small depot for a bus
to town in unbearable summer heat when he decided to take a walk 
in the desert. During his walk he noticed that three or four stars
blinked out. He quickly surmised that something dark obscured the
stars and was growing in size implying an object headed on a 
straight-on trajectory. The object came in for a soundless soft 
landing on the sand. Dan noticed that it had the shape of a oblate
spheroid. He had not seen any evidence of external propulsion. He
thought it the strangest aircraft he had ever seen. He went close to
touch the hull of the grounded craft when he was surprised by a 
voice thundering out in plain English idiom, "Don't touch the hull, 
pal, its hot!" The voice identified itself as A-Lan communicating 
to him from a mother ship in orbit through a speaker housed in the
remotely-piloted vehicle before him. On a later meeting with A-Lan,
Dan describes him as human, as a being born in space aboard an 
artificial planet that roamed the galaxy. 
  A-Lan revealed that his ancestors once lived on Earth and had 
traveled to Mars. 
  A-Lan informed Dan that they had been observing our society and 
that our lives were out-of-balance. Our material development had 
far outstripped our social and sp-ritual development, and that if 
we were to continue on such a course, it would lead to disaster. 
A-Lan emphasized that to achieve peace on Earth, we would have to
promote Understanding among all the peoples of Earth. 
  Biologists believe that human life is a product of the long 
evolutionary processes that are unique to Earth. They consider it 
extremely unlikely that we would someday encounter human forms from 
another planet. This popular view has prevailed to the degree that 
most scientists reject the stories of the co-tactees. They also 
point out that other planets in our own solar system do not have 
atmospheres conducive to human life as we know it. Venus has a 
hot-house atmosphere and it bears down on the Venusian surface at  
a pressure 90 times greater than earth's atmosphere at sea level. 
  As a teenager I was excited by the prospect of making contact 
with the visitors or, at the very least, catching a glimpse of 
their ships over these remote desert regions. This was not a 
formal investigation of cont-ctees. I had very few doubts then. I
felt that the conta-tees were not concocting stories. Little did
I know that an era was passing, that a future day would come 
when UFO researchers and investigators would dismiss and debunk
contac-ees as frauds who possessed motives of greed and a need 
for attention and adulation. Little did I know that the co-tactee
of the future would report a different kind of experience, that
of menacing abductions and examinations conducted by humanoid, 
but non-human entities. Little did I know that the future would
bring greater mystification rather than enlightenment. 
  A c-ntactee by the name of George Hunt "Rick" Williamson had 
written a book in which he had detailed his experiments in 
tele -athic and radio communication with the saucer pilots. He had
started these experiments using a board with letters and numbers
drawn out and using a glass tumbler as a "planchette" to allow 
the communicating intelligence to direct his hand to the correct
symbols and spell out a message. Like the Ouija Board, others 
had reported success in using this device as a means of 
communication. Later, Rick met Lyman Streeter, a radio operator for
the Santa Fe Railroad. The board had instructed his party to attempt
to use radio. Often they would broadcast a message on one frequency 
and receive an answer in Morris Code on another frequency. 
  I decided I was going to try an experiment of my own. 
  I had made friends with a school chum, a French-Canadian, by the 
name of Yves Lauriault. Yves and I started a regular routine of 
skywatching and conducting experiments with ESP. During one of these
experiments I remember hearing my name being called out, yet Yves 
had not spoken. On another night we heard a strange tone permeating
the room, but coming from outside. Upon rushing outside to look at
the sky, we saw nothing, but the strange humming sound continued. 
  One night in May, 1957 our experiments paid off. We were laying 
on the grass outside of Yves' house in Alhambra when a small disk,
glowing red, traversed soundlessly overhead on a course from south
to north. Yves initiated a telepathic request, hoping to communicate
with the minds behind this disk when the disk maneuvered as he 
requested. We were under the impression that the disk was a small 
probe sent down to monitor our experimental activities. The instant 
the disk responded to our telepathic request, I had a sudden feeling
that we were dealing with something unearthly. Even if I could 
explain this object as an unusually lighted aircraft, I could not 
explain its response to our silent communication. The first disk 
was followed by others. At one time, two flew in tandem and executed
telepathically requested maneuvers. One of the maneuvers included 
the disk stopping its forward motion and retracing its flight path,
a maneuver impossible for an airplane. From that day on and for a 
a period of three years, I had frequent sightings and the UFO 
became a proven reality. 
  Later that month I had a brief sighting while observing a forest
fire in the mountains. It appeared to be a silvery, metallic disk.
Clouds of smoke later covered it from view. 
  All during the summer of 1957 I sighted many erratic moving 
lights, fireballs, disks, cigar-shaped and cone-shaped craft making
nocturnal appearances over the San Gabriel Valley. In most 
instances, I ruled out the possibility of conventional objects such
as stars, planets, airplanes, clouds, or meteors. I had a growing 
interest in amateur astronomy and purchased my first telescope, a 
50X refractor. I had become familiar with the planets along the 
ecliptic, various constellations, and the names and locations of 
some of the primary some of the primary stars in these 
constellations. One could view the sky as a clock with various 
hours and minutes of azimuth and degrees of elevation for the 
purpose of communicating the sighting of objects to friends. Many
of the unidentified objects I saw defied conventional aerodynamic 
behavior while exhibiting patterns of intelligently-controlled 
maneuvers. In some cases these objects would flash signals or 
return flashing signals. I felt like I was participating in a 
signal moment in history -- making contact with extraterrestrial 
  The first cont-ctee I ever met was a woman who lived alone in 
the desert. Her name was Doris LeVesque, but she went by the 
nickname Teska. Teska claimed to be in contact with fourth density
beings, one whom she called Deska. 
  Supposedly, Deska was her soul mate on another plane of existence
where he cruised our skies in a Master Craft. She told me that she
saw this master craft on many occasions and that it was 
crescent-shaped and glowed with a golden light. One night I 
witnessed Teska call down a craft that appeared to be a translucent
disk about the size of a dime held at arm's length. There was no 
doubt in my mind at that time that the co-tactees were in contact 
with someone from out there. 
  On June 3, 1958, I saw the master craft Teska talked about. It 
had a characteristic golden light. It glided silently over my 
driveway at 9:05 P.M. 
  Its course was from east to west and first appeared about ten 
degrees from  zenith. It came in response to my "tel-pathic call." 
  As it drifted overhead, I felt an electrical tingling travel down
my back. Then I heard a mental voice in my head. It said "This is
Nah-nine of the Solar Cross. You are in a deep sleep. 
  Awake!." As the golden light disappeared over the western horizon,
I wondered if I had just received my first voice communication from
an Extraterrestrial Source or if I had imagined it. And what was 
its meaning? 
  I am well aware that by revealing these early experiences I had 
with cont-ctee-type elements I am destroying any last vestiges of 
credibility that I have as a scientific investigator with other 
scientific researchers. I have witnessed the cavalier dismissal of
these events by others who would rather guffaw at them than have 
the courtesy to listen and have an open mind. I have my own degree
of skepticism. To superficially accept this type of contact 
experience and become a true believer does not satisfy my doubting
mind. But, we will never get off first base or start asking 
probing questions until we can accept the reality of such reports. 

Part 1.

John Winston.

ve Been Taken On Rides In Alien Spaceships. 
    Part 2.

Subject: People Who Have Taken Rides In Alien Spacecrafts.    Part 2.
Dec. 16, 2004.

  This part talks about George Van Tassel.  William Hamilton, 
a UFO researcher is doing the talking.  

  On June 10, 1958, I was observing the four moons of Jupiter 
through my telescope. My neighbor, Dwayne, came over to take a peek
through my new telescope. He trained it on a bright star and 
remarked that he could see a tiny light orbiting the position of the
star in the scope. I was standing back in the drive scanning the sky
to the north. Suddenly, and more swiftly than a jet, a large 
luminous object descended on our position coming from the north and 
moving south. It stopped on a dime directly overhead. Its movement 
halted so swiftly that my eyes tracked ahead of its hovering 
position. It was huge! It was totally silent! This craft was shaped
like two giant cones joined at the base. The entire craft was 
glowing milky white through a translucent skin. 
  Bright white lights shone from the opposite tips of the cones. I
wondered how such a huge object could hover in the air. As I watched
it did an incredible thing. It flipped end-over-end along its 
longitudinal axis, but due to its symmetry, appeared the same as 
before. It then instantly accelerated and climbed swiftly into the
clouds south of us. Dwayne glanced up as it started to move and 
exclaimed: "What is that?" Its awesome, silent power climb left me 
with chills. 
  Later that summer I experimented again. I went out alone to the 
patio and turned the radio on, then went onto the driveway where I 
could view the sky. I started projecting my thoughts asking the 
saucers to come. I heard something like code coming over the radio.
I had the urge to look southeast. Appearing out of nowhere a white 
glowing disk, surrounded by a glowing red corona and leaving a 
sparkling trail, dashed over my backyard only a few hundred feet 
above the ground. The disk appeared in a section of the sky and 
disappeared as suddenly as it had appeared. As low as it was, I 
heard no sound. I wondered about the ramifications of this 
experience. I felt that it had come in direct response to my 
tele-athic call. I never gave a thought to the logistics of 
providing me with such a show. 
  I had one daylight sighting that year. I saw six silvery disks
performing intricate maneuvers in the eastern sky. In 1959, I 
had more frequent daylight sightings and even photographed two 
disks playing in the sky above Yucca Valley in the California 
desert. The developed photo was disappointing. It showed two 
indistinct pinpoints in the noon sky. Poor evidence. 
  A significant experiment was conducted on February 15, 1958 in the
high desert off Old Woman Springs Road about 15 miles north of Yucca
Valley. An electronics technician, Carol Honey, had installed a 
light-beam transmitter in his car.  This was basically a further 
development of an invention conceived by Alexander Graham Bell he 
called a photophone. It acted like a radio, except instead of 
transmitting modulation over a low-frequency radio wave, it utilized
a beam of light and was only effective for line-of-sight 
communication. This makes it virtually impossible for the signal to
be tapped by a remote listener unless he could set-up a receiver 
in the path of the beam. The spotlight on the car provided the 
light beam. This project gave me the feeling that we were conducting
a citizen's SETI project. About a dozen of us gathered at this 
remote spot in the desert to conduct the experiment. Some 
con-actees were present. We took turns at the mike saying somewhat 
silly things like, "Earth calling outer space. Come in outer space."
And we waited. After a half-hour of this, I received a mental 
communication that said essentially, "Look for our bright blue flare
in the west." That was strange. We had the receiver on and all we 
could hear was static. Why didn't they return our communication? 
Why did someone decide to respond on a tel-pathic channel? I was 
hesitant and doubtful, but nevertheless whispered to my trusted 
friend, John McCoy, that which I heard repeated three times. Within
minutes, as if on cue, we all turned to face the west. The last 
glow of twilight was fading over the distant hills when, out of 
nowhere, a bright blue bolide appeared and traveled over the 
horizon. It appeared to be shaped like a dumbell and left a 
sparkling trail. Not only could I communicate my wishes to those
magnificent men in their flying machines, but they could somehow
communicate with me. It was almost unbelievable. 
  The next day I went to Giant Rock (JW  I went to that place
just after George Van Tassel died and his wife was still living
in a house trailer inside a fenced in area at Giant Rock Airport.
She was not home at the time.) with John McCoy and Rick 
Williamson to meet with George Van Tassel. Rick and John were 
embarking for Phoenix on the lecture circuit and it gave me an 
opportunity, before they left, to converse with the co-tactees. Van,
as his friends called him, was an impressive man with a strong 
personal presence. I found him exceedingly intelligent with a 
down-to-earth de-il-may-care attitude. Van was born in Jefferson, 
Ohio in 1910. After leaving high school, he worked 4 years as a 
flight mechanic for airlines at Chicago and Cleveland. In 1930, 
he came to California and was employed by Douglas Aircraft at Santa
Monica for eight and half years. He left Douglas and went to work 
with Howard Hughes in 1941. Connected with flight testing for Mr.
Hughes in the desert near Barstow, he acquired a desire for the 
peace and quiet of the great open spaces. After two and half years
with Mr. Hughes, he went to Lockheed Aircraft in Burbank for four
and half years flight test work. While there he came to a decision
to live in the peace of the desert, after almost 20 years of 
aircraft experience. 
  Van leased an abandoned airport at Giant Rock in 1947 and by 1951 
had gathered together a small group who had a sincere interest in 
the greater se-rets of life and the desire to understand phenomena 
that could not be explained by mundane science. Van found that he 
could go into a tr-nce and contact beings from other life levels. A
group of these beings were using a technological means of 
communication, a Tensor Beam of high frequency that produced audio 
and visual output in the brain. If this beam were not carefully 
focused, it would cause a burning sensation in different parts of 
his body. Van called this method of communication "cha-neling" as 
he said it was like tuning in a television channel to decode the 
electromagnetic signal. This was somewhat unlike what people call 
ch-nneling today. Entities with names like Ashtar or Deska 
announced that they were operators of the spacecraft we saw in our
skies that we called by the ridiculous appellation "flying saucers."
  In 1952, it was beyond belief that someone could actually be 
communicating with the operators of the flying disks. Witnesses who
even reported seeing one were suspect. Even today many would 
consider Van Tassel a little loony. 
  Van reports that on August 24th, 1953, during the night of a full
moon, a scout ship with the same configuration as that photographed
by George Adamski came to a halt eight feet off the ground out on 
the landing strip at around 2 AM while he was sleeping outdoors in 
a sleeping bag. He awoke in an instant and lit a cigarette. When 
he sat up, he could see a man standing about six feet away from 
the foot of his bed. This was not uncommon in the desert as people
had car trouble frequently on the dusty desert roads. The glowing 
scout ship hovered about one hundred yards beyond the man. 
  The man addressed Van Tassel saying, "My name is Solgonda. I 
would be pleased to show you our craft." Van tried to wake his 
wife, but the man seemed to have her under some kind of mental 
control, a situation commonly reported years later by abductees.
Solgonda escorted Van to the ship. Van stepped on a glowing spot
on the sand and rose slowly into the air through an entry hatch on 
the bottom of the 36-foot scout craft. This lifting beam has been 
noted by many conta-tees and abductees. The lighting inside the 
scout had no source such as a light bulb, yet everything in the cab
of the craft was evenly illuminated. Van saw three other men 
standing by controls and all were about five feet seven inches in 
height. Solgonda conducted Van on a tour of the small craft. One 
apparatus had transparent tubes filled with colored liquids that 
would continuously change levels. Van was also shown the magnetic
motor and counter-revolving rotors that produced propulsion for 
the scout. The scout evidently carried a battery because it had 
to be charged periodically for its brief mission on Earth. Twenty
minutes later, Van was back at his bedside. 
  During the time Van was with Solgonda, Solgonda demonstrated the
amazing ability to tune-in to his thoughts and voice replies to 
his mental questions. 
  Van had a queasy sensation in his stomach after this tour and 
asked Solgonda if he would be okay. Solgonda replied that he would,
then tapped a crystalline device around his neck and promptly 
vanished. A moment later the craft rose into the air and took off 
in a northerly direction. 
  Two days later Van checked the spot with a compass where the ship
had hovered. 
  When walking into the spot, the compass needle deflected 10 
degrees to the east, and when walking out of the spot, it deflected
5 degrees to the west. 
  Van's son-in-law, Dan Boone, lived on the Giant Rock property. 
He was awakened at 1:55 AM that same morning by the pulsing hum 
of a generator, but found that he could not rise from the sleeping
bag as some force seemed to prevent him  from moving. 
  Dan Boone had many contacts of his own, but would not tell the 
public. He confided a few of his experiences to me, but the one I
remember the most was the one where he met two men and two women 
at a Yucca Valley liquor store. They were asking directions to Giant
Rock. Dan overheard them and offered to lead them out there. When 
the four arrived, Van was preparing to start one of his Saturday 
night meetings in the hollowed-out room under Giant Rock. The leader
of the group of four was a tall, dark handsome man who called 
himself Venudo. 

Part 2.

John Winston.