UFOs and NASA by Rob Simone FATE Magazine Aug 2005


By Rob Simone
FATE Magazine - August 2005

One of the primary goals of the National Aeronautics and Space 
Administration (NASA) is to discover new life in the universe. From 
the many images captured by their cameras and the growing testimony 
of their astronauts, it seems intelligent life has been discovered 
and is trying to discover us.

Mitchell's Testimony

Dr. Edgar Mitchell, Apollo 14 astronaut, was the sixth man to walk 
on the Moon. He has spoken out on the subject of UFOs and how the 
extraterrestrial issue is handled in some circles of the military 
and government:

I have met with credible professionals within two governments who 
have testified to their own firsthand experiences with close 
encounters. They include members of military intelligence and 
government whose official duties involved the extraterrestrial 
presence. As is expected, they were all bound by strict security 
oath agreements which prevented them from disclosing any of this.

Mitchell has also stated that military personnel with whom he has 
spoken have seen actual alien bodies in the the course of their 

Dr. Mitchell appeared as a guest on my talk show recently and I 
asked him about the continuing coverup, conspiracy, and truth 
embargo related to the UFO phenomenon. He had this to say: There has 
been, as we both know, considerable effort within most governments 
to suppress this information and to limit what is being said about 
it. Let's hope that it's coming to an end.

Cooper Sees UFO Landing

In 1965 Gordon Cooper orbited the planet 22 times on the last single-
manned space mission.

In 1955 Cooper was stationed at Edwards Air Force Base. While 
supervising the filming of a new landing facility for F-86 fighter 
jets, he and his crew observed a disc-shaped craft that hovered 
close to the ground, extended three retractable landing gear, and 
set down near the runway. The film crew approached and continued 
filming. Cooper states that the craft then lifted off the ground, 
retracted its gear, and soared off into the sky. When he developed 
the film it clearly showed the event he had witnessed. The film was 
then sent to Washington where it was classified and remains so to 
this day.

When asked about the current location of this film and other 
evidence of UFOs captured by the Air Force, Cooper said that within 
the government and the military, it was impossible to learn where 
such documents were sent unless you were directly involved, and he 
was not.

I was speaking recently at a conference on the subject of 
comparative UFO mythology of Asian and Middle Eastern traditions. 
After the talk an older gentleman approached me and told of his 
involvement with the Apollo missions as a communications engineer. 
His duties were to repair and maintain the two-way radios in the 
spacesuits used by the astronauts on the lunar surface. During a 
training exercise at NASA he overheard a conversation between two 
astronauts on their in-helmet transmitters. They were talking about 
a briefing they had the day before about the reality of UFOs.

NASA told all the Apollo astronauts about unknown craft that had 
been seen in space on previous missions and that they were not ours. 
This briefing was done about two weeks before blast-off so they 
would have time to adjust to this new reality and prevent any panic 
if and when they saw alien spacecraft during their mission. NASA 
most likely gave them instructions on how to handle their radio 
communications and photography in the event of a sighting.

It would seem NASA secretly briefed most if not all of the Apollo 
astronauts. To this day some will only talk about it off the record.

The Evidence

The photographic evidence NASA has released is even more compelling. 
For instance, in this photograph taken on Apollo 15 (above), the 
view of lunar module at the Hadley Apennine landing site is unusual, 
not because of what is there, but because of what's missing.

While poring over the thousands of photos at Johnson Space Center in 
Houston, I came across this image and it caught my eye. The entire 
top portion of the photo has been cut off, obscuring the upper 
portion of the spacecraft and the hill and sky behind it.

What could have been so secret to require crudely doctoring this 
particular image? Perhaps the reports of multiple UFOs hovering near 
the Apollo landing sites are true.

In the next photo, we see evidence of what could be ancient alien 
ruins on the surface of the Moon. In this rarely seen NASA image we 
see the lunar surface with very clear, sharply pointed shadows 
extending from what appear to be high mountains. On closer 
inspection I have noticed that whatever is making these extremely 
symmetrical shadows is in contrast to the rough and jagged shadows 
that appear everywhere else. It must be a mountain of unusual height 
and shape. Moreover, three together suggests an artificial quality 
similar to the three pyramids at Giza.

If these shadows appeared on Earth, it would be easier to believe 
they were man-made, but on the Moon, our conditioned response 
prevents us from considering a broader explanation.

Possible artificial structures have been photographed on the surface 
of Mars as well. At right, bottom, is the official NASA photograph 
file # 80-35077 taken by Viking 1 orbiter on July 25, 1976, from a 
distance of 1,162 miles. Viking 1 was photographing areas in the 
northern hemisphere looking for possible landing sites for Viking 2.

The official explanation for the face-like appearance of this mile-
wide rock formation is simply a shadow effect. The varying degrees 
of darkness are not uncommon when the sun is at an angle of 20 
degrees, as it is in this photograph. The most compelling aspect of 
this face from the shadows is that also clearly detectable are the 
mouth, nose, teeth, and a symmetrical head gear feature that runs 
vertically along the right side of the face.

There is much more to the evidence of artificial structures on the 
Martian surface. These photos are merely a highlight. Faced with 
this data it would stand to reason that NASA and the Jet Propulsion 
Laboratory (the organization responsible for unmanned missions) 
would turn their attention to these remarkable outcroppings. 
Instead, only a few more images have been released, and only after 
relentless public pressure. Some of these were put through a filter 
that makes the details more difficult to see.

A very rare newspaper clipping (see opposite page) shows a 1965 
photograph from the Soviet Zond-3 spacecraft. It seems to show a 
disc-shaped craft orbiting the Moon. What struck me about this photo 
were the shape and features of the UFO. I knew I had seen this one 
before, but where? I searched through my collection of UFO pictures 
from around the world until I found the picture with the craft that 
looked exactly the same.

This picture (at bottom right) shows a striking similarity to the 
UFO in the Russian shot. It was taken by an official mapping 
aircraft of the Costa Rican government on September 4, 1971, while 
flying at 10,000 feet altitude over a body of water known as Lago de 

The Costa Rican image appears on the cover of the Cometa report, a 
briefing document by the French space agency and military advisors 
stating that some UFOs have to be extraterrestrial in origin. They 
chose this picture because it is virtually indisputable.

In the back of my mind I seemed to recall yet another photograph 
with the same UFO. It appears on the first page of this article. 
This photograph, from Apollo 16 in 1972, on the approach to the 
Moon, seems to show a UFO with the same characteristics. Could this 
be evidence of a craft intent on being pictured multiple times?

Perhaps it is part of a fleet of spacecraft that circled the Earth 
and Moon 30 years ago.

Time for Disclosure

The few pieces of evidence that have filtered down into the public 
domain are most likely a small fraction of photos kept in classified 
files within the governments of the world. I have been collecting 
these pictures in the hopes of presenting them in this and future 
articles to offer some perspective and understanding to this 
perplexing field of study.

It is my hope that the area of ET contact, both now and in ancient 
times, might become part of a normal course of study at colleges and 
universities. The emerging science of ufology may hold solutions to 
ongoing religious and political unrest that serves only to polarize 
humanity. It could be that the widespread disclosure of ET reality 
could unify the world in a way that nothing else could. The 
importance of this subject is among the highest as it impacts our 
society, our faith, and our fundamental understanding of the 
universe in which we live. 

Rob Simone is host of The Headroom talk show on 104.4 fm in London.
His website is Rob Simone's website