Subject: [exopolitics] James Gilliland on Censorship


Aloha all, here's a message from James Gilliland with many important
insights about the kinds of reports the UFO community is willing to
investigate. The extensive number of UFO sightings at his Mt Adams
ranch are routinely ignored by the UFO community regardless of the
documentary evidence he supplies for these. 

James will be speaking at the June 2006 ET Civilizations and
  World Peace conference

In peace, 

 Michael E. Salla, PhD


More On Censorship by James Gilliland

I have written a lot on censorship especially concerning the field 
of UFOs. What is sad is it is not coming from outside the UFO 
community it is coming from the inside. ABC, FOX News, The History 
and Discovery Channel have all aired the ongoing UFO activity here 
at the ranch. In fact next to Mexico it is probably the most well 
known UFO hotspot on the planet. There is a long history of UFO 
activity going back to the Native American Lore, Kenneth Arnold 
sightings where the UFOs descended on the western slopes of Mt Adams 
followed by the honorable Dr. J Alan Hynek with a myriad of 

There have been so many investigations in the area they are to 
numerous to mention. Now with over 3000 eyewitnesses and a boat load 
of physicists, air force design engineers, air traffic controllers. 
Pilots and professional people from all walks of life seeing the 
UFOs first hand one has to wonder why this is not getting any air 
time in the UFO community. The abduction, government cover-up as 
well as the black projects and long distant past events keep getting 
air time while what is happening now goes ignored. We have beaten 
Roswell into the ground.

Over 80% of the people now believe UFOs are real and there is a 
government cover-up but who and what are they covering up? It has 
gone far beyond whether UFOs are real it is time to take the next 
step and awaken to who they are and what are their intentions. 
Keeping it dark and in the past is the cover-up and the ones with 
the real knowledge usually get a one time shot to give their message 
and then the jealousy, the disinformation and the censorship takes 

If I were to say they are abducting people, sticking needles into 
their brains, inserting straws and sucking their brains out then 
making a human soup I would be speaking everywhere. If I were to 
write about the past cover-ups or tell everyone they are going to 
beam you up and take you to another planet where you will have all 
your desires met and don't worry about the mess you made of this 
planet they will clean it all up I would get top billing. People 
want to know the rest of the story. There are extremely spiritually 
and technologically advanced ETs out there better known as the 
greater family of man. They have watched us for thousands of years. 
They are living within the Earth, walking among us in some cases, 
some are interstellar while others are ultradimensional. 

The Earth was a colony. Atlantis and Lemuria or MU were colonies 
initiated from the Pleadies and added to as time went on joined by 
other Star Nations. There was a human developing naturally on Earth, 
a knuckle dragger while all this was going on. When the Earth went 
through its cataclysms some left and are now returning. It is the 
Earth's destiny to reunite with the greater family of man throughout 
the universe. In the beginning some of the contacts were with lesser 
evolved ETs yet that is coming to a close. Your government 
participated in this and is well aware of it. Many within your 
government are not aware of the more advanced races. Even many of 
the psychics and remote viewers fall short of connecting with these 
more advanced entities. 

The mind you use establishes the mind you connect with. Those with 
pure intent which are service oriented are the ones that do make 
contact. If you have ego desires, the need for acceptance and 
approval outside of self or desires of fame and recognition you will 
not be able to rise to the level it takes to contact the spiritually 
and technologically advanced ETs. In other words your knowledge will 
be limited yet there are those out there in their pompousness who 
want you to think their truth is the end all concerning UFOs. They 
will attack all other truths that go beyond their box. It takes an 
open mind, a loving heart and pure intent to maintain contact with 
the higher entities. Self aggrandizement and arrogance does not cut 
it in this arena nor does wallowing in ones own self importance. The 
me and I did this and that has to give way to we and service to 
others. Those who are for real and carry the knowledge are a threat 
to those that do not.

Those who keep the censorship and disinformation going love the 
fighting and competition. They love those willingly and in ignorance 
who are giving the misinformation. They want to keep it all in the 
past, dark and ominous and you will see those who play this game 
getting all the press. Why? Because they own the press and 
unfortunately have infiltrated almost every UFO group and reporting 
center on the planet. The one thing they forgot is your soul 
memories which are coming forward. Guess what? You know all this on 
a soul level. In fact you were once them. Yes, little old you once 
lived in the stars, other planes and dimensions. Many of you 
actually lived in the colonies and built the monuments that to this 
day modern man cannot duplicate. You once had very advanced 
technology the knowledge of which is also resurfacing. This is all 
coming forward in what we call the quickening or vibrational lifting 
process. Your books will open to you and you will remember that you 
are truly vast eternal beings and have a legacy that is outrageous. 
Enjoy the journey. It will come one way or another despite the petty 
attempts to censor it. Now you know why I have not been appearing at 
many of the conferences and have built my own conference center. It 
is for those who want to go forward, realize and become self aware 
and self empowered with out all the distractions. 

Be well James