Other Mysterious Deaths...
Lest We Forget*
By Prof. G. Cope Schellhorn
First Published 1997 By UFO Universe Magazine


Death by gunshot to the head. Death by probable poisoning. Death by
probable strangulation. Deaths possibly by implantation of deadly
viruses. No one lives former. Yet the recent suspicious deaths of UFO
investigators Phil Schneider, Ron Johnson, Con Routine, Ann Livingston
and Karln Turner, as well as the deaths of a host of researchers in the
past, only seem to add emphasis to a reality with which many of the more
aware UFOIogists are now quite familiar: not only is UFO research
potentially dangerous, but the life span of the average serious
investigator falls far short of the national average.
Mysterious and suspicious deaths among UFO investigators arc nothing
new. In 1971, the well-known author and researcher Otto Binder wrote an
article for Saga magazine's Special UFO Report titled "Liquidation of
the UFO Investigators:' Binder had researched the deaths of "no less
than 137 flying saucer researchers, writers, scientists, and witnesses'
who had died in the previous 10 years, "many under the most mysterious
The selected cases Binder offered were loaded with a plethora of alleged
heart attacks, suspicious cancers and what appears to be outright
examples of murder. We will have occasion to refer to many of these
cases, but first let us take a look at more recent evidence of highly
suspect deaths among present day researchers.
Phil Schneider
No one has shook up more those who have been following UFO fact and
rumor the past low years than Phil Schneider. Schneider died Januarv 17,
1996, reportedly strangled by a catheter found wrapped around his neck.
If the circumstances of his death seem highly controversial, thev are
matched by the controversy over his public statements uttered recently
before his death.
Phil Schneider was a self-taught geologist and explosive expert. Of the
129 deep underground facilities Schneider believed the U.S. government
had constructed since World War II, he claimed to have worked on 13. Two
of these bases were major, including the much rumored bioengineering
facility at Dulce, N.M. At Dulce. Schneider maintained, "grey" -
humanoid extraterrestrials worked side by side with American
technicians. In 1979, a misunderstanding arose. In the ensuing shootout,
66 Secret Service, FBI and Black Berets were killed along with an
unspecified nurnber of "greys. It was here he received a beam-weapon
blast to the chest which caused his later cancer.
(Note from editor Stephanie Relfe: I have seen the scar
from this weapon on one of Phil's videos. Contact Al Bielek, PO Box
50045 Fort Myers FL 33994 if you wish to purchase Phil Schneider videos).
If Schneider is telling the truth, he obviously broke the code of
imposed silence to which all major black-budget personnel are subjected.
The penalty for that misstep is presumably termination. Schneider in
fact maintained that numerous previous attempts had been made on his
life, including the removal of lug nuts from one of the front wheels of
his automobile. He had stated publicly he was a marked man and did not
expect to live long.
Some of Schneider's more major accusations are worthy of attention:
(1) The American government concluded a treaty with "grey" aliens in
1954. This mutual cooperation pack is called the Grenada Treaty.
(2) The space shuttle has been shuttling in special metals. A vacuum
atmosphere is needed for the rending of these special alloys, thus the
push for a large space station.
(3) Much of our stealth aircraft technology was developed by
back-engineering crashed ET craft.
(4) AIDS was a population control virus invented by the National
Ordinance Laboratory, Chicago, Illionois.
(5) Unbeknownst to just about everyone, our government has an earthquake
device: The Kobe quake had no pulse wave; the 1989 San Francisco quake
had no pulse wave.
(6) The World Trade Center bomb blast and the Oklahoma City blast were
achieved using small nuclear devices. The melting and pitting of the
concrete and the extrusion of metal supporting rods indicated this.
(Remember, Schneider's forte, he claimed, was explosives.)
Finally, Phil Schneider lamented that the democracy he loved no longer
existed. We had become instead a technocracy ruled by a shadow
government intent on imposing their own view of things on all of us,
whether we like it or not. He believed I l of his best friends had been
murdered in the last 22 years, eight of whom had been officially
disposed of as suicides.
Whatever we think of Phil Schneider's claims, there is no denying that
he was of peculiar interest to the FBI and CIA. According to his widow,
intelligence agents thoroughly searched the premises shortly after his
death and made off with at least a third of the family photographs.
Ron Rummel
Another recent disturbing case is the death of Ron Rummel, ex-air force
intelligence agent and publisher of the Alien Digest, on August 6, 1993.
Rummel allegedly shot himself in the mouth with a pistol. Friends say,
however, that no blood was found on the pistol barrel and the handle of
the weapon was free of fingerprints. Also, according to information now
circulating, the suicide note left by the deceased was written by a
left-handed person. Rummel was right-handed. Perspiration on the body
smelled like sodium pentothal, or so it is alleged.
The Alien Digest ran to seven limited issues, all now almost impossible
to acquire. One thing is certain. Ron Rummel's magazine was touching on
sensitive issues such as the predator/prey aspect of the alien/human
relationship and the use of humans as food and recyclable body parts.
Did Rummel cross a forbidden line? It would seem so. But which line, and
where? Interestingly enough, one of Rummel's friends was Phil Schneider,
and the two had been collaborating.
Ron Johnson
An equally disturbing and more recent death is that of Ron (Jerrold)
Johnson, at the time MUFON's Deputy Director of Investigations. Johnson
was 43 years old and, it would seem, in excellent health. He had just
passed a recent physical examination with the proverbial flying colors.
However, on June 9, 1994, while attending a Society of Scientific
Exploration meeting in Austin, Texas, Johnson died quickly and amid very
strange circumstances. During a slide show, several people sitting close
to him heard a gasp. When the lights were turned back on, Johnson was
slumped over in his chair, his face purple, blood oozing from his nose.
A soda can, from which he had been sipping, was sitting on the chair
next to him.
Did Ron Johnson die of a stroke? Possibly. An allergic reaction? Another
Some of the more outstanding facts of Ron Johnson's life might easily
lead a more skeptical-minded person to a tentative conclusion that his
death was probably neither accidental nor natural. For instance, his
most recent job was with the Institute of Advanced Studies, purportedly
working on UFO propulsion systems. He had been formerly employed by
Earth Tech, Inc., a private Austin, Texas, think tank headed by Harold
Puthoff. It would appear he held high security clearances, traveled
frequently between San Antonio and White Sands, and had attended 2
secret NATO meetings in the last year or so. One of those meetings, it
is rumored dealt with ET communications. Although advanced in years,
there are some who believe that Dr. Hynek's death was because of
"strange circumstances," due to the high number of researchers who have
died of brain tumors or cancer. If all or most of the facts offered
above are accurate, one thing seems obvious: Johnson was walking both
sides of the street. This in itself was highly dangerous, and he may
have paid the ultimate price in an attempt to serve more than one master.
As for exactly what killed Ron Johnson, a number of possibilities beyond
natural ones present themselves. It is quite easy in this day and age to
induce strokes through chemicals or pulsed radiation. It is just as
easy, and has been for some time, to induce heart attacks and other
physical debilitations, such as fast-acting cancers. The best bet is
that Ron Johnson was eliminated by a quick-acting toxin, perhaps a nerve
agent. As for exactly why he was killed, we will probably never know.
The autopsy, somewhat ludicrously, has been officially classified as
Ann Livingston
As a side note, a nurse returning home from Austin shortly after
Johnson's death reported a similar death-situation aboard her plane.
When she tried to move rearward to offer her assistance, she was
forcefully restrained from doing so. Could it be, one wonders, that some
agent, through an accident, was the victim of his own machinations? The
idea strikes a nice note of poetic justice, if in fact that were the
Another death involving elements of high strangeness is that of Ann
Livingston, who died in early 1994 of a fast-form of ovarian cancer.
Livingston made her living as an accountant, but she was also a MUFON
investigator and had in fact, published an article entitled "Electronic
Harassment and Alien Abductions" in the November 1993 MUFON Journal. The
article was highly critical of Julianne McKinney, directorof the
Electronic Surveillance Project of the Association of National Security
Alumni. McKinney discounts U FO phenomena, believing that what passes
for such is most often one kind of governmental ploy or another, whether
in the form of experimental machinery or experimental psychology.
Some facts which seem relevant to the case stand out. At 7:15 AM,
December 29th 1992, Livingston's apartment close to O'Hare airport, in
Chicago, Illinois, was lit up brightly by a silverwhite flash. She was
accosted later in the day while in her apartment parking lot by 5 MIBs
(Men in Black) which she described as being almost faceless and carrying
long, flashlight-like black objects. She was rendered unconscious. What,
we must ask, assuming her story is true, was done to her at this time,
and wh'? And did it have anything to do with her later rapidly-advancing
ovarian cancer?
It is not a well-known fact that Ann Livingston had been previously
abducted. Her friend, Fran Heiser, has stated that Ann Livingston had
met two handsome people, a man and woman, on an earlier trip to Mexico.
To Livingston's surprise, the man told her that the attractive young
lady she was meeting was in fact her daughter.
Karla Turner
Could genital intrusions from past UFO abductions have poisoned in some
way Ann Livingston's system? That is exactly the suspicion Karla Turner
(author of Maquerade of Angels, Taken, and Into the Fringe) had about
the breast cancer that preceded her death during the summer of 1996.
Both publicly and privately, Karla Turner held up the specter of alien
retaliation for statements she made in print, especially in Masquerade
of Angels. How much her suspicions were founded in reality we will
probably never know. (A good site on Karla Turner is
Click here!
Who or what is killing UFO investigators now and in the past? Probably
some of the deaths presented here-that look at first glance so
suspicious---are in fact natural or accidental or self-inflicted because
of stress or mental imbalances. But, as Otto Binder noted more than 25
years ago, there are so many. Pure common sense, and good logic, should
lead us to believe that the high incidence of premature death in a field
which has a limited number of investigators is very disproportionate
compared to the population at large.
Spider Web of Causes
What we may have IS a concatenation, a spider web, of interweaving
threads which are causal and often, in fact, deadly. One thread is the
activities of the US (and other) intelligence agencies. Another thread
is possible ET involvement. A third thread is the involvement of certain
PSI-tech think tanks and private PSI/PK practitioners, including
negative occultists. A possible fourth thread is highly reactionary
religious cults which feel they are carrying out the will of God. It is
more than likely that one or more or all of the above agencies are
responsible in whole or in part for many of the deaths from the recent
past, which have already been mentioned and many of those remaining
cases from the present to the more distant past, some of which we will
now explore.
Danny Casolaro
Danny Casolaro, an investigative reporter looking into the theft of
Project Promise software, a program capable of tracking down anyone
anywhere in the world, died in 1991, a reported suicide.
Casolaro was also investigating several UFO "NO-Nos" Pine Gap, Area 51
and governmental bioengineering.
Mae Bussell
Not long ago, Mae Bussell, a gutsy, no-holds-barred, investigative radio
host died of a fast-acting cancer just like Ann Livingston and Karla
Turner. Bussell was acutely interested in UFOlogy.
The directors of APRO, Coral and Jim Lorenzen, a Tucson-based UFO group,
both died of Cancer. Deck Slayton
Deke Slayton, the astronaut, was purportedly ready to talk about his UFO
experiences, but cancer also intervened.
Brian Lynch
Brian Lynch, young psychic and contactee, died in 1985, purportedly of a
drug overdose. According to Lynch's sister, Geraldine, Brian was
approached approximately a year before his death by an intelligence
operative working for an Austin, Texas, PSI-tech company. Geraldine said
they told Brian they were experimenting on psychic warfare techniques.
After his death, a note in his personal effects was found with the words
"Five million from Pentagon for Project Scanate."
Capt. Don Elkin
In the '80s Eastern Airlines pilot Capt. Don Elkin committed suicide. He
had been investigating the UFO coverup for over 10 years and, at the
time, was deep into the study of the Ra material with ('aria Rucker.
There are reports of negative psychological interferences having
developed during this latter investigation.
Bizarre Death of Scientists
Certainly nothing is stranger, and breeds speculation more quickly, than
the 30-some-odd deaths associated with SDI (Star Wars) research at
Marconi Ltd. in England between approximately 1985-1988. Here in
capsulated form is a list of a few of the more bizarre deaths:
Roger Hill, a designer at Marconi Defense Systems, allegedly commits
suicide with a shotgun, March 1985.
Jonathan Walsh, a digital communications expert employed by GEC,
Marconi's parent firm, falls from his hotel room, November 1985, after
expressing fear for his life.
Ashad Sharif, another Marconi scientist, reportedly tied a rope around
his neck, and then to a tree, in October 1986, got behind the wheel of
his car and stepped on the gas with predictable results.
In March of 1988, Trevor Knight, also associated with Marconi, died of
carbon monoxide poisoning in his car.
Peter Ferry, marketing director of the firm, was found shocked to death
with electrical leads in his mouth (August 1988).
Also during the same month of the same year, Alistair Beckham was found
shocked to death with electric leads attached to his body and his mouth
stuffed with a handkerchief. He was an engineer with the allied firm of
Plessey Defense Systems.
And, finally, but by no means the sole remaining death in this unique
cluster, Andrew Hall was found dead in September of 1988 of carbon
monoxide poisoning.
What, you may be asking, does SDI research have to do with the deaths of
UFO investigators? Theoretically, quite a lot. If, as many investigators
have hypothesized, Star Wars research was initiated with the dual
purpose of protecting "us" against Soviet aggression and/or the presence
of UFO craft in our atmosphere, then several possibilities arise. Most
compelling is the idea that the soviet KGB, realizing that the Western
powers were on the verge of perfecting a high-powered beam-weapon that
could be used from outer space or atmospheric space against them,
marshaled a last-gasp, all-out espionage offensive to slow or destroy
the project. If this scenario is true, and the weapon was indeed
successfully developed, we have an explanation for the collapse of the
Soviet Union ("Surrender or you might be incinerated").
Other explanations have been offered. For example, scientists working on
the project discovered the true nature of the research they were
involved with and the overwhelming stress led them to suicide. Or they
discovered that their real collaborators were "greys," or Western
politicians working with/for grey aliens. One thing seems obvious.
Something went terribly wrong at Marconi. Scientists usually don't
commit the kinds of bizarre, "unscientific" suicides we find here.
One other possibility is that a contingent of unfriendly ETs got wind of
what GEC and Marconi and its affiliates were up to and, to protect
themselves, created enough psychic trauma within the minds of many of
the scientists to drive them to suicide. But if this is so, why have the
deaths stopped? Has the project been shelved? Highly unlikely. The best
bet is that the project was completed, roughly about 1988, and whatever
it is, beam-weapon or otherwise, it is now operational.
Certainly neither the public at large, and not even UFOlogists
generally, seem thoroughly aware of the real risks UFO investigators
run. In fact those UFOlogists who are aware of the suspicious deaths of
some of their colleagues in the 50s and 60s, seem to believe that
whatever forces and agencies that were then responsible have softened
their tactics in the `80s and `90s. The evidence, as we have indicated,
does not seem to support such a conclusion. There is no doubt, however,
that the `50s and `60s produced some strange goings-on.
Jessup and McDonald
Undoubtedly the most intriguing (and perhaps appalling) deaths in
UFOlogy were those of Dorothy Kilgallen, M.K. Jessup and Dr. James
McDonald - the former an alleged accident, the latter two purported
suicides. The details of these deaths, despite official pronouncements
to the contrary, are disturbing to say the least. Each of the three
individuals seemed to have much to live for, all were successful, and
everyone of them was deeply immersed in the relatively new UFO-phenomena
Dorothy Kilgallen
Dorothy Kilgallen was the most famous syndicated woman journalist of her
day. Stationed in England in 1954 - 55, and privy to the highest levels
of English society and its secrets, she wired two unusual dispatches
which may have contributed to her death. The first, sent in February
1954, mentioned a "special hush-hush meeting of the world's military
heads" scheduled to take place the following summer. The 1955 dispatch,
which barely preceded her death from an alleged overdose of sleeping
pills and alcohol (a la Marilyn Monroe), quoted an unnamed British
official of cabinet rank, `We believe, on the basis of our inquiry thus
far, that saucers were staffed by small men-probably under four feet
tall. It's frightening, but there is no denying the flying saucers come
from another planet.'
Whatever the source (rumored to be the Earl of Mountbatten), this kind
of leak in the atmosphere of the mid- 50s was an unacceptable leak. It
is well to recall that the secret CIA-orchestrated Robertson Panel had
met in 1953 and issued the Robertson Report. Briefly summarized, this
document-and the attitudes reflected there - represented a new hard-line
attitude to covering up all significant UFO phenomena. The year 1953 and
the meeting of the Robertson Panel truly initiated the UFO coverup as we
know it today, with a few extra dollops having been added.
Did Dorothy Kilgallen actually commit accidental suicide? There appears
to be an excellent chance she had help.
Dr. James McDonald, senior physicast, Institute of Atmospheric Physics
and also professor in the Department of Meteorology at the University of
Arizona, died in 1971 purportedly of a gunshot wound to the head. There
is no one who had worked harder in the 60s than McDonald to convince
Congress to hold serious, substantial subcommittee meetings to explore
the UFO reality of which he was thoroughly convinced. He was definitely
a thorn in the side of those who maintained the official coverup and,
needless to say, his passing to them would be a blessing.
McDonald, allegedly depressed, shot himself in the head. But, alas, he
didn't die. He was wheelchair-ridden but somehow, several months after
his first attempt, he allegedly got in an automobile, drove to a
pawnshop, purchased another pistol from his wheelchair, drove to the
desert and did himself in. How convenient, one might say, for his
adversaries. And McDonald, there can be no doubt, had made enemies. The
question is: How much did these enemies aid and abet the demise of this
most worthy and influential campaigner?
Astronomer MIL Jessup
When astronomer and archaeologist M. K. Jessup allegedly committed
suicide in Dade County Park, FL., in 1959 certain alarm bells should
have gone off. There is no doubt the well-known author of such
influential works as The Case for the UFO and The Expanding Case for the
UFO had been depressed. Things had not been going well for him, and he
had, it must be admitted, indicated his gloom to close friends, Ivan
Sanderson, the biologist, and Long John Nebel, the well-known New York
City radio host. Sanderson reported him disturbed by "a series of
strange events" which put him "into a completely insane world of
Was the reality Jessup was faced with at the time "completely insane" or
were there, perhaps, forces driving Jessup to the edge, forces with a
plan? Anna Genzlinger thoroughly investigated his death. Her conclusion:
"He was under some sort of control." Remember, these were the days of
secret governmental mind-control experiments which have only recently
been uncovered.
Certain facts about the case raise redflags. For example, no autopsy was
performed, contrary to the state law. Sergeant Obenclain, who was on the
scene shortly after Jessup's body was discovered, has said for the
record, "Everything seemed too professional." The hose from the car
exhaust was wired on; and it was, strangely, washing machine hose.
Jessup died at rush hour, with more than the usual amount of traffic
passing by. He had been visited by Carlos Allende three days before his
death and according to his wife, had been receiving strange phone calls.
We know the navy was very much interested in what he was doing; and we
all know, or should know, it is the ONI (Office of Naval Investigations)
that has been in the forefront, from the very beginning, of the UFO
And what of particular interest was Jessup investigating at the time?
Something that was top secret and would remain so for some time: the
Philadelphia Experiment. Dr. James McDonald tried to convince Congress
to look into the UFO situation. He died after shooting himself a short
while later.The late astronomer Dr. M.K. Jessup was the first to reveal
details of the Philadelphia Experiment-he died a few months later. Frank
Frank Edwards, the noted news commentator, died of an alleged heart
attack on June 24, 1967, on the 20th anniversary of the Kenneth Arnold
sighting. Was that coincidence?
Probably not. Several other prominent UFOlogists died the same day,
Arthur Bryant, the contactee, Richard Church, chairman of CIGIUFO and
the space writer, Willie Ley. The circumstances surrounding the death of
Edwards, who like James McDonald was pushing for meaningful
Congressional subcommittee meetings, raise huge questions. It so happens
that a "World UFO Conference" was being held in New York City at the
Commodore hotel on that very day in June, chaired by UFO publisher and
author Gray Barker. Barker stated publicly that he had received two
letters and a telephone call threatening that Frank Edwards, who was not
in attendance, would not be alive by the conference's end.
It definitely looks like someone was sending a message. As an unhappy
sequel to this account, Rep. Rouse, who had been supporting Edwards in
his campaign for Congressional attention to the UFO issue, died of a
similar heart attack shortly afterwards.
The annals of UFOlogy are frighteningly filled with the deaths of
UFOlogists from unusual cancers, heart attacks, questionable suicides
and all manner of strange happenings. Did former Secretary of Defense
James Forrestal really commit suicide as purported by jumping out a
hotel window at about the time saucers may have been crashing down in
the southwestern desert? Was UFO writer Damon Runyon, Jr.'s suicidal
plunge off a Washington D.C. bridge in 1988 really an act of will? What
really happened to Dr. B. Noel Opan who, in 1959, after an alleged visit
by MIBs, disappeared, as did Edgar Jarrold, the Australian UFOlogist, in
How do we explain the rash of heart attacks that took so many: Frank
Edwards, Rep. Rouse, author H. T. Wilkins, Henry E Kock, publicity
director of the Universal Research Society of America, author Frank
Scully and contactee George Adamski? How do we correlate accurately the
large number of purported suicides, including: Rev. Della Larson,
contactee, author Gloria Lee (Byrd), Marie Ford, UFO enthusiast who
discovered Larson's body, researcher Doug Hancock, and, more recently,
researcher Feron Hicks? What do we do with the inordinately large number
of cancer deaths which pepper the UFO field and burn doubtful holes in
our credulity: Canadian researcher Wilbert B. Smith, Brazilian
researcher Dr. Olavo Fontes, Jim and Coral Lorenzen (photos are earlier
in this article), and the deaths of biologist Ivan Sanderson and CUFOS
founder James A. Hynek (photo at the start of this article) (both from
rare brain cancer)?
Certainly not all of these individuals, as well as many other less
prominent researchers that space limitations do not allow us to mention,
were marked for termination. Many, perhaps most, died natural deaths.
But so many of the cases leave doubt; some seem to be branded by the
mark of Cain. We know now how easy it is to induce strokes and heart
attacks through chemicals, pulsed beams and microbes. We have learned
that the federal government was (and still is) involved in PSI-tech
research. An individual's mind is rather easily manipulated, and minds
can be subtly beaten like putty into despair and madness.
The late Ivan T. Sanderson passed away unexpectedly. He was head of a
major UFO/paranormal group! UFOlogy is not the safe, hobbyistic pastime
some would like it to be. There is danger, real danger in sticking your
nose in places where the powers that be don't want you to be. Many of
the deaths related above are highly suspicious. Some appear to be
outright murder.
What is the cause, who the villain? Again, it must be emphasized that
the "problem" is complex. Rogue intelligence agencies, negative ET
groups, freelancing PSI-tech firms, and reactionary cultist groups all
seem to play, or to have played, a part in the more nefarious
UFO-related events described here including the possible homicides of
UFO researchers in past decades as well as more recently. It seems
highly likely that sometimes one or more of these agencies may be
working together, either with or without the knowledge of the other's
What can we do about such a state of affairs? Several things. We can
inform ourselves like good democratic citizens. And we can inform
others. We can and must raise a hue and cry when we suspect foul play.
If we are to protect our very lives and the democratic hopes we say we
cherish, then we must not go, silent and ignorant, into the night,
pretending an innocence we have not earned.
Copyright © 1997: GCR Publishing Group Inc., 1700 Broadway, New York NY
10019. All rights reserved.
By Stephanie Relfe:
Since the above article was written there have been other notable deaths
in the field, including:
William Cooper Author of the classic book: "Behold a Pale Horse" 8 - 9 PM EST Monday Nights on WBCQ 7.415 MHz &
SHOW HOST WILLIAM "BILL" COOPER Eager, AZ -- Short-wave radio talk show
host William "Bill" Cooper was shot dead last night during a gun battle
with Sheriff's Deputies. According to Detective Frank Valenzuela of the
Arizona Department of Public Safety, the shooting took place at 11:40 PM
outside of Cooper's home at 96 North Clearview Circle, Eager, AZ.
Det. Valenzuela stated that Deputies from the Apache County Sheriff's
Department were attempting to serve an arrest warrant upon Mr. Cooper.
The Warrant, issued by the Round Valley Judicial Precinct in
Springerville, AZ charged Cooper with one Count of Aggravated Assault
With A Deadly Weapon, and two Counts of "Endangerment." The Warrant was
issued on August 29, 2001 for an incident which allegedly took place on
July 11, 2001. The Court Case Number on the Warrant is CR-01-0310.
Neither Valenzuela, nor the Apache County Attorney's Office would reveal
the name of the alleged victim(s). They did say the complaint was signed
by Detective Paul Kirkum of the Eager, AZ Sheriff's Dept.
According to Valenzuela, Police had intelligence that Cooper had a large
quantity of weapons in his home, and possibly explosives. Valenzuela
also said the police knew that during his radio show on WBCQ, Cooper
repeatedly stated that he "would kill any law enforcement officers that
tried to take him." As such, the Sheriff's Department wanted to arrest
Cooper away from his home, so as to minimize the possibility of armed
According to Police, Cooper lived on a hilltop over looking several
undeveloped areas and other homes below. Despite not owning the land
below his home, Cooper was known to chase teenagers or young lovers off
the land and Police decided to use this to lure Cooper away from his
home. Det. Valenzuela stated that two undercover Sheriff's Deputies were
sent in a pick-up truck to the area below Cooper's home. There were also
two uniformed Deputies in the bed of the pick-up. As expected, Cooper
drove down to that area from his home and told the two undercover
Deputies to leave.
But Cooper left and drove away toward his home before the undercover
deputies could do anything. While on his way back up the hill, a fully
marked Sheriff's patrol vehicle blocked the road(1) in front of Cooper.
Uniformed members of the Sheriff's Department SWAT Team (2) exited that
marked vehicle and told Cooper to stop, keep his hands where they could
see them and exit the vehicle. They say Cooper placed one hand outside
his window, then accelerated around the police car, trying to run over a
Sheriff Sergeant. Police gave brief chase to Cooper's home.
Police say Cooper exited his vehicle, drew a handgun and began firing at
Deputies as he ran toward his house. One Deputy Sheriff was struck at
least once and possibly twice in the head.(3) Another Deputy returned
fire, hitting Cooper several times.
The wounded Deputy was evacuated by Helicopter to a hospital in Phoenix.
Cooper was pronounced dead at the scene by Paramedics who were at the
scene standing-by (4).
The following questions arise from this incident:
(1) Cooper would have had to pass the marked Police patrol Vehicle while
going down the hill. Why would he do so without seeing it and fleeing?
Further, how could he drive around it once it came onto the road while
Cooper was enroute back to his home?
(2) If Police intended a peaceful, non-violent arrest, why send a SWAT
(3) If Cooper drew a gun and fired "while running back toward his home"
as police say, how could he hit a Deputy once and possibly twice in the
head? A head-shot is a difficult thing to accomplish with a hand gun,
never mind two head shots while the shooter is running!
(4) Why were Paramedics "on the scene standing-by" if Sheriffs intended
this to be a peaceful arrest?
These questions make The Hal Turner Show wonder if Bill Cooper was
set-up (Editor's note: & mind controlled?) to be gunned down, or just a
victim of his own big mouth and prudent police planning? We pray for the
soul of Mr. Cooper, and for the life of the Deputy shot in the head.
Stanley Kubrick
While not a UFO researcher, I feel that Stanley Kubrick deserves a
mention here. I believe that Stanley Kubrick, who died shortly after the
release of his movie "Eyes wide shut" was killed by advanced technology.
I believe that his earlier movie "2001 a space odyssey" indicated that
he was in alignment with the secret powers that be. For example, it
showed "The Black Block" which is worshipped by masonry and is in the
headquarters of the United Nations in New York.
However, people change. He didn't produce a movie for twenty years
before he produced "Eyes wide shut". This movie was kept in super
secrecy until it came out. Even reviewers did not see it until the day
it was released. Most people did not know what to make of it. They
didn't recognize it for what I believe it was, namely a documentary, of
the kind of religious rituals that the powers that be are involved in.
In the movie Tom Cruise is told towards the end something like "If you
knew who those people were, you wouldn't sleep at night". I believe that
Kubrick towards the end turned towards the good side, and wanted to get
information out to the people. I believe that Kubrick was killed by
advanced technology by people who he was once aligned with.
OR, was Kubrick's death more closely related to 9-11 and the World Trade
Center. This farout-idea is supported by an article at
Click here
While on the subject of "Eyes Wide Shut" I have wondered if Tom Cruise
and Nicole Kidman were also punished for acting in this movie, by
breaking up their marriage. After all, the movie would have been nowhere
near as famous if they hadn't acted in it. The secret government has
technology they can beam at people to help break up marriages. I am not
alone in this thought. I have read elsewhere on the net: I'm sure most
readers will also be aware that it was the film which many considered
one catalyst for Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman's marriage break-up.
For more about "Eyes wide shut" see
Click here
Dean Stonier
Dean was the organizer and promoter of the Global Sciences Congress,
that over the years hosted many top researchers including Phil Schneider
and Al Bielek, the sole survivor of the Philadelphia Experiment. Dean
died of a heart attack in August 2001, just a few months after a Denver
Global Sciences Congress.
Jim Keith
Jim Keith died in 1999. Author of many books including Mind Control,
World Control. Jim died in hospital during surgery to repair a broken
leg he achieved while attending the infamous Burning Man Festival in
Nevada. It seems a blood clot was released during the surgery and
travelled to the heart causing a pulmonary edema.
Ron Bonds
Ron Bonds sold conspiracies. The Atlantan published books on unsolved
mysteries and unexplained phenomena, from the Kennedy assassination to
the ominous black helicopters of the New World Order. In the subculture
of the paranormal, his reputation was such that writers for "The
X-Files" used to call him for ideas.
In April 2001, fifteen hours after eating a meal with warm beef from a
Mexican restaurant in Atlanta, after an agonizing evening of vomiting
and diarrhea, Bonds was taken by ambulance from their home to Grady
Memorial Hospital. During an autopsy, the medical examiner found copious
amounts of blood in the bowels, so he sent a stool sample to the Georgia
Public Health Laboratory in Decatur. The lab discovered high levels of
Clostridium perfringens Type A, a bacterium often seen in small
quantities in beef and poultry. When it occurs in larger quantities --
anything above 100,000 organisms per gram is considered unsafe -- it can
release toxins that cause diarrhea, vomiting and, rarely, hemorrhaging.
The bacterium figures in 250,000 cases of food poisoning a year, the CDC
estimates, only seven of which result in death.
Four days after Bonds ate there, epidemiologists visited El Azteca to
collect samples of ground beef from the steam table. When C. perfringens
becomes dangerous, it usually has to do with cooked meat being held at
too low a temperature. The lab found 6 million organisms per gram -- 60
times the safety threshold.
One obvious question is: Why didn't other people get sick too? More info
Philip K. Dick. (this came to me from a reader): Science fiction author
of Bladerunner and Minority Report. Had continuing contact for several
years, then died of a stroke under somewhat mysterious circumstances on
March 2 1982. He was writing a non-fiction book about his experiences
with alien contact. It was never published, and the manuscript has
Final Word from editor Stephanie Relfe: Since the field of UFO & secret
government research seems to have a lot of danger attached to it, it is
highly recommended that people involved in this do so only when they
feel guided to do so by God and their intuition and higher self, NOT
because it is exciting or profitable, or because "the world needs it".
If you do what God wants you to do, I believe you will be given
protection. Joan of Arc was given protection and success in the early
stages when God was speaking to her. But later she continued on under
her own steam, not noticing that God did not tell her to do more than he
originally asked her to do, and she paid the price.
                        UFO researchers - Dying to know


ATS Weekly, Edition 019, November 22, 2005

Since a 1947 report in which the US Air Force described the crash of an
Unidentified Flying Object in Roswell NM, the public has begged for
answers from a government they feel is less than forthcoming. From these
questions have sprung researchers who dedicated their lives to a search
for the truth. In many cases the premature deaths of these determined
researchers may be considered a case of "dying to know."
In a 1997 UFO Universe Magazine story, Is Someone Killing Our UFO
Investigators?, Prof. G. Cope Schellhorn plumbed the disproportionate
deaths of UFO investigators concluding that, as a group, their high rate
of mortality ran contrary to the national average. Prof. Schellhorn was
not alone in his suspicions.
Otto Binder, a well-known author and researcher, penned a 1971 Special
UFO report for Saga Magazine titled, "Liquidation of the UFO
Investigators. Binder's investigation focused on 137 flying saucer
researchers, writers, scientists, and witnesses' who had died in the
previous 10 years. Many were considered to have died under the most
mysterious circumstances.
In Binder's 1971 Special Report his inclusion of scientists may have
seemed enthusiastically eccentric, however, the recent deaths (many
recorded as suicides) of 30 scientists associated with SDI (Star Wars)
research at Marconi Ltd. in England, between approximately 1985-1988, can
only leave the staunchest nay-sayers' scratching their collective heads.
While prosaic explanations may account for some of the deaths the most
bizarre death goes to Alistair Beckham, an engineer with the allied firm
of Plessey Defense Systems who was found shocked to death with electric
leads attached to his body and his mouth stuffed with a handkerchief.
Beckham's method of death was not unique. Peter Ferry, marketing director
for Marconi, was found shocked to death with electrical leads in his
mouth. Authorities have not ruled out foul play in either case.
"The government will go to any length to keep others from gaining the
military high-ground by means of technology gleaned from the collection
of alien artifacts," says Clifford E. Stone, a Roswell resident and
retired Army Sargent who alleged he was part of a special military team
committed to collection and field exploitation of downed alien artifacts
under two projects titled, Blue Fly and Moon Dust. When asked about his
comment Stone answered, "Well, let's just say there are a lot of unsolved
murders. That's all I'm going to say about that."
The most public display of the government's willingness to use terminal
force lays at the edge of Area-51, a secret facility the government at
one time denied existed. Signs lining the facility periphery have been
photographed displaying the ominous warning: "Use of terminal force
authorized." While most will grant that the government has a right to
guard the contents of Area-51, others contend the government is housing
alien technology and keeping the knowledge of their research hidden from
public view through black-budget slight of hand.
"They came to my house and threatened my dad twice; the second time my
mom saw and heard them," complains Charles (Chuck) Smith of Kingston
Ontario, Canada. "I had files pointing to government duplicity regarding
UFOs. I handed them off to a local TV station and they turned them over
to the RCMP. They didn't even protect their source! In a few days they
were at my door threatening my dad who didn't even know I'd passed off
the files. He didn¡¯t even know I was doing research."
Mr. Smith went on to say the RCMP had another man with them, that the
other man had been introduced to his father as an observer from the US
government who had an interest in what he was trying to do. "They told my
dad that if I kept trying to get higher levels of disclosure for the
files that I'd be in prison so fast no one would be able to find me for
the trial.
The last thing they left my dad with was that if I didn't stop, it would
be considered an act of terrorism against the United States. I quit my
research. It's all fun and games; little green men and the moon is made
of cheese, that is, until they are at your door and in your face. These
guys play for keeps, you can't stand up to them. They roam the halls of
accountability with impunity."
Mr. Smith fared better than other researchers, he lived to tell his tale.
Ron (Jerrold) Johnson, was MUFON's Deputy Director of Investigations.
The 43-year-old Johnson was in excellent health when he attended a
Society of Scientific Exploration meeting in Austin, Texas, June 9, 1994.
 Johnson died quickly amid very strange circumstances during a slide
show. Several people sitting close to Johnson heard a gasp and when the
lights were turned back on, Johnson was slumped-over in his chair, his
face purple, blood oozing from his nose. A can of soda he'd been sipping
was sitting on the chair next to him.
Another perplexing death was that of Jonathan Walsh, a digital
communications expert employed by GEC, Marconi's parent firm. Mr. Walsh
had expressed grave concerns for his life before he allegedly fell from
his Abidjan hotel room while working on a British Telecom project on the
Ivory Coast (Africa) in November of 1985. Whom or whatever the
circumstances were that raised Walsh's concerns may never be known.
 So it remains for the death cases of researchers considered to have
passed by foul means.
Since 1947 over two-hundred UFO researchers have died under circumstances
considered suspicious by their investigative counterparts; many
contending that getting too close to the truth is terminal.