Subject: IUFO: Dr. Steven Greer's Interview on C 2 C AM  w/ Art Bel l- Dr.
    Greer has been at the front of the parade with regard to disclosure.

Transcript of Dr. Steven Greer's Interview
on Coast to Coast AM Radio with Art Bell
August 8/9, 2004

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Art Bell (AB): Dr. Greer has been at the front of the parade with regard
to disclosure. Dr. Steven Greer has been the man putting his life on the
line and trying to pull or drag from the government, or civilians, or
pilots, or anybody he can, the information about what we're going through
here on Earth with unidentified flying objects and one of the reasons - I
think, one of the main motivations - though, he can speak with his own
tongue on this issue is that, if they are there, that means they have a
propulsion system that would free the world from the war for oil. I mean,
you know, basically folks, you can look at many reasons why we might be
at war right now, but oil's got to be somewhere near the top of the list,
equals energy equals if they've got it, we need it. And I think that's
what he's chasing, but I don't know. I'd like to let Dr. Greer speak for
himself. Dr. Greer, you're an emergency room physician, for goodness


Steve Greer (SG): Right.

AB: Why are you doing what you're doing?


SG: Well, because we know that the information contained within this
whole subject has the potential for transforming the direction of the
human race right now at this critical time, that the covert programs
running these sort of projects are not only illegal and rogue, but
they're sitting on the solution to much of the world's problems and I
think that we have to realize that until we demand, and not only demand
but also organize ourselves to bring this information out, we're going to
continue on the path we're on of increasing shortages of oil, oil wars,
pollution, economic chaos, as well as environmental chaos and this is not
necessary. A lot of people see this as an inevitability when in reality
it's a completely artificial situation which we have created and only we
can fix.


So, this is really key to this. But the other part of it of course is
that if we are being visited by advanced civilizations from other realms
and other worlds, which I'm quite certain we are, then we have to ask
this very important almost existential question - who speaks for 'Planet
Earth'? Who is running the show on our behalf, and what are they doing?
As the Brigadier General Lovekin who is one of our Disclosure Project
witnesses said, Eisenhower was very concerned about this in the late
fifties and said, "You know? This whole matter is not going to be in the
best of hands, and so it has turned out to be" - and I'm quoting. So it's
a very important question at this time in our history that humanity step
up to the plate and begin to understand that not only are we not alone,
but that there are clandestine programs that have spent literally
hundreds of billions of our tax dollars to develop advanced energy and
propulsion systems and to study this whole area and yet we are not
benefiting from it and this simply something that can't go on.


AB: All right, Doctor, let me be clear. Are you suggesting that these
energy systems, whether we have back-engineered them from craft that have
crashed, or we have engineered them on our own, either way, you're
convinced that these energy systems, these propulsion systems - they're

SG: Yes.

AB: One way or the other.


SG: Yes, I have no doubt that they are real. We have people who have
actually worked on these programs, we have people who have worked within
the corporate aspect of the covert group dealing with this and have
developed these energy and propulsion systems. We know that by -- you
know that my mother's brother, my maternal uncle, was a senior project
engineer at Grumman that designed the lunar module and by the time that
thing landed on the moon, we were already test-flying electrogravitic and
magnetogravitic, so-called "antigravity", propulsion systems that were up
flying around. I have a photograph of one of these things maneuvering in
1964 over Provo, Utah, so - and this was not an extraterrestrial vehicle.
This was one made by the good old U.S. of A.


So here we are still using fossil fuels when we don't need them. We're in
Iraq, we're in the Middle East in places where we're not wanted. We have
our sons and daughters dying on the battlefield and this is preventable.
We need to realize how important this issue is. This is not just about
"little green men" or something. This is about the way we're living on
Earth and what the future of the human race will be.


AB: That's right, that's exactly right. Now, over the years, you have
encouraged by hook or crook one way or the other, a lot of people to come
forward -- military people, pilots, you know, credible witnesses, very
credible witnesses, and you've been prepared to meet with Congress and
have a gigantic disclosure. In other words, in essence, the smoking gun
accumulation of evidence that would prove in court all of this is real.
That's - in my view - that's always been, and I've discussed this with
you many times, a somewhat dangerous occupation.


SG: Yes, it's interesting. You know, in 2001, we had the Disclosure Event
at the National Press Club and that was the most watched press event in
the history of the internet, by the way, and that summer a three-star
general told one of our military witnesses that - he said, "You know,
this is going to upset some people. Dr. Greer should be checking under
his car for bombs."


AB: That's right.

SG: And I laughed. I said, "Well, I'm not too worried about that."
Because we have other systems in place, which I won't go into right now.

AB: Are you still laughing?


SG: Uh, yes - I'm not - only in the sense that we are not the kind of
people who get intimidated by threats, and if I was I would have pulled
out of this in 1992 when the former head of Army Intelligence and other
people were trying to push me in that direction.

AB: Right.

SG: So, my view of it is that we have a responsibility to step up and do
the right thing to get this information out and I have to remind people
that, as recently as a couple of months ago, I was meeting with a member
of Congress who is very good friends with John Kerry and discussing this
whole matter, and in particular the energy issue as it relates to it, and
they were ... There was enormous interest within Congress. There was
enormous interest in the Clinton Administration. As you know, I met with
very senior people in the Clinton Administration.


AB: I'm well aware, yes.

SG: And yet, the problem is that nobody wants to act. They're not acting
because they're afraid. And we cannot give in to fear. And I have never
given in to fear, and I will never give in to fear.

AB: Well...


SG: Although, those things have been attempted, and I think that - what I
tell people is, that if you understand what's at stake -- look, I'm an
emergency doctor. I've taken care of people killed over 50 cent beers.
This is more important than a 50 cent beer.

AB: It sure is.

SG: You can't worry about that. You take adequate precautions. I'm on the
radio tonight with you as a precautionary move, quite frankly, and I
think that the people listening, the millions of people listening to this
right now, need to understand that they will not stand for this kind of
intimidation, that the world deserves to know the truth and needs to know
the truth, and we cannot let anyone intimidate us otherwise.


AB: All right, well here was an attempt at intimidation. This phone call
came in when, Doctor?

SG: This came in about two or three weeks ago to the CSETI line outside

AB: Here it is, Listen carefully:

[Playing tape] Recording of voice mail for CSETI number 301-249-3915
recorded message dated July 19, 2004. The time is 12:35 A.M.

"Stop prying into government matters or dire consequences will result"

[Voice Mail time] July 19, 12:35 A.M.

(recorded message was repeated a few times)

The number on the Caller I.D. for this call was 649-486-3151 and,
according to the Internet, a 649 number is in the Turks and Caicos
Islands in the Caribbean. And when calling this number back, you get the
message "Call cannot be completed as dialed, please check the number and
dial again - WA001".


AB: That's it -- Dr. Greer?

SG: Yes.