Dr Richard Boyland


Introduction: Dr Boylan has dedicated his life to find out the truth
about the Extraterrestrials or as he prefers to call them, the Star
Visitors. They are already here and have been orbiting Earth in their
crafts for hundreds of years, he says. This information is based on
interviews with so-called experiencers or contactees often by the help of
hypnotic regression. But the lack of physical evidence is of amusement to
the sceptics.


Still the subject intrigues and fascinates millions of people around the
world. Many people including scientists, astronauts, pilots,
psychologists and government leaders suspect or claim they do know there
is much more to it than what we may dare to think. Altogether this makes
the research on Star Visitor encounters to be one of the most spectacular
research fields that exist.


Photo of Dr Boylan and his wife Lee Boylan
Interview and intro by Torbjorn Sassersson
[First published: Oct 12, 2004]

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Please begin describing yourself and your academic background

I am Dr. Richard Boylan, Ph.D., MSW, M.S. Ed., B.A. and an
Internationally-noted Researcher of UFOs and Star Visitors, human Star
Kids and Star Seed adults. I'm a Behavioral Scientist,
Exo-Anthropologist, emeritus University Associate Professor of
Psychology, Registered Social Worker, and Certified Clinical
Hypnotherapist. I am Director of the Star Kids Project. Ltd., an
organization devoted to reaching out to Star Kids and their parents, and
to raising consciousness about the upgrading of many of today's children
through either pre-conception gene-splicing by the Star Visitors or the
directed reincarnation of a Star Visitor as a human child.


What made you first believe in Extraterrestrial life and Star Visitors
already among us?

I was seven years old in June, 1947, and remember my parents discussing
the headlines about a pilot spotting ships from outer space cruising
above Mount Ranier, Washington State. A month later my folks talked about
the Army recovering a flying saucer near Roswell, New Mexico.



In the summer of 1952 I was old enough to read for myself the headlines
about UFOs flying over the nation's capitol, Washington, DC night after
night that summer. The next year the government began the UFO Cover-Up,
but it was too late for those of us who know better. Then in 1972, I had
my own UFO sighting in the hills above my house in Marin County,


How do you define the term Star Visitor?

When I use the term Star Visitors, it includes beings
from other planets, star systems, colonies resident aboard motherships,
beings resident in other dimensions, beings in time travel from other
times, noncorporeal beings, energy consciousnesses, light
consciousnesses, and beings evolved to the level of pure thought.


You belive there are Star Visitors already here. Most scientists don't
even believe in intelligent life in the cosmos. What do you say about

Prominent scientists have calculated that, given the proliferation of the
elements of life across the universe, and in so many star systems, and
given life's self-organizing principle admidst such abundant building
blocks, and given the billions of years available for intelligent life to
evolve, that it is statistically certain that abundant intelligent life
exists across the cosmos.


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If Earth is visited why do you think Star People haven't taken physical
contact with humans on a larger scale? If they been around for millenia
wouldn't they have made themselves much more known by now?

The Star Visitors have not "landed on the White House lawn" for reasons
made all too clear in the wise and prescient old sci-fi movie, "The Day
The Earth Stood Still", (still available in video stores). But, the Star
Visitors have madeformal contact with the leadership of Earth, (discussed
at the original Bilderberg Council meeting in 1954), and the Visitors
encouraged these leaders to get their populations prepared for open
contact with the visiting star civilizations.

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