Richard J. Boylan, Ph.D.

This is a summary report on those elements of that
clandestine organizational network, (which we shall label
the Shadow Government), which serves as a kind of "parallel
government" to the official elected and appointed government
of this country. It includes those elements known to the
author with sufficient certainty that they can be positively
identified, and their known or reliably reported functions
described. It is distinctly possible that there are other
elements, (particularly in the realms of the "Black Budget"
and "Special Operations",) which have eluded our study, and
are not named here.

Just as with the official government, the Shadow Government
has functional branches. However, unlike the official
government, the purpose of the none-executive branches of
the Shadow Government is simply to distribute various
functions, but not to achieve a system of checks and
balances, as was supposed to happen constitutionally between
the executive, legislative and judicial branches of the U.S.
Government. That is because the Shadow Government is a
creature of a powerful elite, who need not fear being
dominated by an instrument of their own creation.

In the Shadow Government five branches may be identified.
These branches are: the Executive Branch, the Intelligence
Branch, the War Department, the Weapons Industry Branch, and
the Financial Department.

The reporting lines of the Intelligence Branch and the War
Department to the Executive Branch are straightforward and
obvious. Intelligence exists to provide the Executive Branch
with sufficient necessary information to make adequately
informed policy decisions. The War Department exists to
provide coercive force to carry out Executive policy
decisions which could meet with public resistance. The
Special Operations units within the Intelligence Branch and
War Department exist to carry out policy directives
requiring covert action and official deniability.

The Weapons Industry Branch reports to the Executive Branch
most often indirectly, through the War Department and/or the
Intelligence Branch (for Black Budget weapons systems).

The Financial Department theoretically reports to the
Executive Branch for fiscal policy implementation, but de
facto also reports directly to the international power
brokers who have created the Shadow Government. The
Financial Department serves at times directly as their
instrument of fiscal policy implementation.

An analysis of the overall purposes of these five branches
suggests that the overall purpose of the Shadow Government
is to exercise covert control by: 1) collecting
comprehensive institutional and personal information, 2) by
establishing national and international policy independently
of the established Government, 3) by developing high-tech
arms and equipment, and, with these, establishing small,
specialized, highly-mobile, elite military units to effect
these covert policies, when need arises, without having to
rely on the official (and "unreliable") Armed Services,
(whose subservience to the Shadow Government is reasonably
suspect), 4) by developing an armed capability to repel any
threat to the status quo, (including the uncertain
ontological, social, and economic impacts of any revelation
of the reality of UFO and extraterrestrial presence) through
the development of a Star Wars/BMDO ground and space-based
surveillance and SDI weapons network, 5) by denying
information compromising to the Shadow Government from all
those outside "need-to-know" policymaking levels, and 6) by
exercising control on the money supply, availability of
credit, and the worth of money, through policy decisions
made outside of the official Government.

All of these mechanisms of control serve to preserve or
advance the agenda of an international group of pivotal
power and influence brokers. That agenda is, according to
Senator Barry Goldwater, that "national boundaries should be
obliterated and one world rule established." [With No
Apologies, Berkley Books, New York [[date unknown]].]

These power brokers' most visible unifying instrumentality
is the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), (which promotes
the transition of Earth from a cluster of Nation-States to
one global government), [Chairman: Peter G. Peterson;
headquarters: 58 E. 68th Street, New York, NY 10021]. [Cf.
In Control, Kerrville, TX: Fund to Restore an Educated
Electorate, 1993.] However, one must not underestimate the
influence of the Trilateral Commission (TC), (which
coordinates economic initiatives of the Group of Seven with
other "developed countries" vis-a-vis the "underdeveloped
world",) [Chairman: Paul Volcker; headquarters: 345 E. 46th
Street, New York, NY 10017]. Neither should one misjudge the
power of the secretive Bilderberg Group (BG), (which
concentrates on the military and strategic considerations of
powerful West European and North American power brokers),
[chair rotates, former Chair: Prince Bernhard of Holland;
headquarters unknown: annual meetings rotate, but originally
were held at the Hotel de Bilderberg, Oosterbeck, Holland].

David Rockefeller is the Chairman Emeritus of both the CFR
and the TC, and certainly influences, through proxy
representatives (such as Lloyd Bentsen), the Bilderberg
Group. [Cf. Holly Sklar, ed., Trilateralism: The Trilateral
Commission and Elite Planning for World Management; Boston:
South End Press, 1981.]

What follows is a succinct identification and description of
the constituent agencies in each of the five branches of the
Shadow Government.


(This branch contains the effective policymaking and
controlling structures behind the veil of apparent,
democratic governmental structures):

a) Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) (includes George Bush,
Bill Clinton, all modern CIA Directors, most modern Joint
Chiefs of Staff, most modern Cabinet and top Executive
Branch appointed officeholders, etc.);

b) Tri-Lateral Commission (David Rockefeller, Henry
Kissinger, John D. Rockefeller, Alan Greenspan, Zbignew
Brzezinski, Anthony Lake, John Glenn, David Packard, David
Gergen, Diane Feinstein, Jimmy Carter, Adm. William Crowe,
etc.; c) The Bilderberg Group (Prince Hans-Adam of
Liechtenstein, Prince Bernhard of Netherlands, Bill Clinton,
Lloyd Bentsen, etc.);

d) National Security Council (NCS), (the military and
intelligence policymaking and control group for national and
international security, which reports directly to the
President), its secret 5412 Committee (which directs black
[covert] operations), and its PI-40 Subcommittee (aka MJ-12:
which exercises policy direction and control of the UFO

e) Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS)'s Special Operations
compartment, (the operations directorate which implements
the orders of the NSC's 5412 Committee, utilizing the U.S.
Special Forces Command);

f) National Program Office (NPO), (which operates the
Continuity of Government Project (COG), an ongoing secret
project to maintain command, control, communication and
intelligence executive centers during an extreme National
Emergency by operating clandestine, secure, underground
cities staffed by surrogates for above-ground national
leaders]); and,

h) Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)'s black
projects compartment, (which operates federal
preventive-detention camps [often located on military bases
or federal Bureau of Land Management lands], secure
underground shelters for the elite during cataclysms, etc.).


(Serves functions of domestic and international surveillance
and of secret police/enforcers):

a) National Security Agency (NSA), (monitors and screens all
telephone, telegraph, computer modem, radio, television,
cellular, microwave, and satellite communications, and
electromagnetic fields "of interest" around the world, and
orchestrates information-control and cover-up activities
related to UFO secrecy and surveillance of extraterrestrial
operations), Fort Meade, MD;

b) National Reconnaissance Office (NRO), (controls and
collects information from global spy satellites, monitors
UFO traffic entering and leaving Earth's atmosphere,
coordinates firing of energy-beam weapons from orbiting Star
Wars satellites at selected human ground and airborne
targets and selectively at extraterrestrial craft), Pentagon
basement and Dulles-Airport area, VA;

c) National Reconnaissance Organization (NRO) (aka MJ-TF),
(the military/intelligence operations arm of the PI-40
Subcommittee, conducts surveillance, interdiction, capture
and confiscation of UFOs and their extraterrestrial
occupants for intelligence and "International Security"
purposes; surveilles and "interacts" with close-encounter
experiencers, including occasional physically and sexually
assaultive mind-control kidnappings disguised as "Alien
abductions" for psychological warfare and disinformational
purposes), headquarters unknown, probably compartmented and
dispersed among various elite Delta Force Special Operations
units, such as the USAF Blue Light at Hurlburt Field, Mary
Esther, FL and Beale Air Force Base, Marysville, CA;

d) Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), (commands, often
controls, and sometimes coordinates, the gathering of secret
overseas information gathered by spies (HUMINT), electronic
surveillance (SIGINT), and other means; carries out covert
unconstitutional paramilitary counterinsurgency operations
and preemptive political pacification projects in violation
of international law, as well as counter-intelligence sting
operations against foreign agents; engages in domestic
surveillance, and manipulation of the U.S. political
process, "in the National interest" in direct violation of
its congressional charter; operates proprietary
"false-front" companies for profit; conducts a major share
of international transshipment of illegal drugs, using
National Security cover and immunity; and cooperates with
NSA's UFO cover-up operations), Langley, VA, and worldwide

e) Federal Bureau of Investigation, Counter-Intelligence
Division, (the branch which investigates, surveilles and
neutralizes foreign Intelligence agents operating within the
U.S., and cooperates with the National Reconnaissance
Organization in the surveillance of those involved in close
encounters with UFOs and extraterrestrials);

f) Department of Energy Intelligence (DOE-INTEL), (which
conducts internal security checks and external security
threat countermeasures, often through its contract civilian
instrumentality, the Wackenhut Corporation);

g) NSA's Central Security Service, and CIA's Special
Security Office, (which respectively spy on the spies, and
conduct special operations which cannot be entrusted to line
intelligence officers), Ft. Meade, MD and Langley, VA;

h) U.S. Army Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM)
(whose assignments include psychological and psychotronic
warfare (PSYOPS), parapsychological intelligence (PSYINT),
and electromagnetic intelligence (ELMINT), Ft. Meade, MD;

i) U.S. Navy Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI), which
gathers intelligence affecting naval operations, and has a
compartmented unit involved in UFO and USO [Unidentified
Submerged Objects] information gathering;

j) U.S. Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI),
(which gathers intelligence affecting aerospace operations,
and has a compartmented unit involved in investigating UFO
sightings, extraterrestrial contact reports, as well as IAC
[Identified Alien Craft] surveillance, and coordination with
NRO interdiction operations), Bolling Air Force Base, MD;

k) Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), (which coordinates the
intelligence data gathered from the various Armed Services
intelligence branches (Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Coast
Guard and Special Forces), and provides counter-threat

(which include providing security at ultra-classified
installations by the deployment of U.S. "Thought Police",
who conduct surveillance, by remote-viewing and other
parapsychological measures, against penetrations and
scanning by foreign or civilian remote-viewers
[clairvoyants/out-of-body seers]), Pentagon, VA, Fort Meade,
MD, and the entire astral plane;

l) NASA Intelligence, (which gathers intelligence data
relating to space flights, sabotage threats, astronaut and
reconnaissance satellite encounters with UFOs and ETs, and
coordinates the transfer of alien technology to U.S. and
allies' aerospace operations);

m) Air Force Special Security Service (which is an NSA/USAF
joint intelligence operations unit dealing with possible
threats to aerospace operations from foreign powers,
terrestrial or otherwise);

n) Defense Industry Security Command (DISCO), (which
conducts intelligence operations within and on behalf of the
civilian defense contractor corporations engaged in
classified research, development, and production);

o) Defense Investigative Service (DIS), (which conducts
investigations into people and situations deemed a possible
threat to any operation of the Department of Defense);

p) Naval Investigative Service (NIS), (which conducts
investigations against threats to Naval operations);

q) Air Force Electronic Security Command, (which conducts
surveillance and interdiction of threats to the security of
Air Force electronic transmissions and telemetry, and to the
integrity of electronic counter-measure (ECM) warfare
equipment; r) Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) Intelligence,
(which conducts surveillance and interdiction of drug
smuggling operations, unless exempted under "National
Security" waivers);

s) Federal Police Agency Intelligence, (which coordinates
intelligence relating to threats against federal property
and personnel);

t) Defense Electronic Security Command, (which coordinates
intelligence surveillance and countermeasures against
threats to the integrity of military electronic equipment
and electronic battlefield operations), Fort Worth, TX.

u) Project Deep Water (the ongoing effects of the
compromised personnel, sources and methods resulting from
the secret importation of Hitler's own Nazi Intelligence
chief, Gen. Reinhard Gehlen, to redesign the U.S.'s
Intelligence apparatus);

v) Project Paperclip (the ongoing results of the secret
importation of Nazi weapons and aerospace/UFO scientists
into U.S. secret military research and development bases);

w) (Undoubtedly, more clandestine units exist, not
identified at this time.)


(High-Technology Weapons Development and Covert Special
Forces/Special Operations Units Deployment):

a) CIA's Directorate for Science and Technology, (which
gathers information with promise for scientific and
technological developments which present a superiority
advantage for, or a threat against, the National Security,

[also contains the "Weird Desk", which centrally processes
intelligence about UFOs and ETs and their interaction with
Earth], current Deputy Director of Central Intelligence for
Science and Technology is Ron Pandolfi);

b) Strategic Defense Initiative Office (SDIO)/ Ballistic
Missile [sic] Defense Organization (BMDO), (which
coordinates research, development and deployment of Star
Wars electromagnetic-pulse, killer-laser, particle-beam,
plasmoid, and other advanced-technology aerospace weapons;

c) Department of Energy (DOE) (which, besides its
cover-story of researching cleaner-burning coal and gasoline
and more solar power, is principally involved in research
and development of: more specialized nuclear weapons;
compact, self-sustaining, fusion-powered, particle and wave
weapons, including electromagnetic pulse,
gravitational/antigravitational, laser, particle-beam and
plasmoid applied weapons research; high-energy invisibility
"cloaking" technology, etc.);

d) Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories (LLNL)/Sandia
National Laboratories-West (SNL-W), (which are involved in
nuclear warhead "refinements", development of new
trans-uranic elements for weapons and energy applications,
development of anti-matter weapons (the Teller Bomb: 10,000
times the force of a hydrogen bomb), laser/maser technology
applications, and, reportedly, successful teleportation
experiments, among other projects, at this Russian-nicknamed
"City of Death"), Livermore, CA;

e) Idaho National Engineering Laboratories (INEL), (which
houses numerous underground facilities in an immense desert
installations complex larger than Rhode Island, has security
provided by its own secret Navy Base, is involved in
nuclear, high-energy electromagnetic, and other research,
and includes Argonne National Laboratory, West), Arco, ID;

f) Sandia National Laboratories (SNL)/Phillips Air Force
Laboratory, (which are sequestered on Kirtland Air Force
Base/Sandia Military Reservation, and conduct the
translation of theoretical and experimental nuclear and Star
Wars weapons research done at Los Alamos and Lawrence
Livermore National Laboratories into practical, working
weapons), Albuquerque, NM;

g) Tonopah Test Range (SNL's DOE weapons-testing facility
for operationally testing Star Wars weapons in realistic
target situations, and is adjacent to classified stealth and
cloaked aerospace craft and U.S.-UFO bases at the Groom Lake
[USAF/DOE/CIA] Base [Area 51] and Papoose Lake Base [S-4]),
Nevada Test Site/Nellis AFB Range, Tonopah, NV;

h) Haystack (Buttes) USAF Laboratory, Edwards AFB, CA, (a
30-levels deep, extreme-security facility reportedly engaged
in alien technology retro-engineering;

i) Los Alamos National Laboratories (LANL), (which is the
premiere research lab for nuclear, subatomic particle, high
magnetic field, exo-metallurgical, exo-biological and other
exotic technologies research), Los Alamos County, NM;

j) Area 51 (Groom Lake [USAF/DOE/CIA] Base), and S[Site]-4
(Papoose Lake Base), ultra-secure "nonexistent" deployment
bases where extremely classified aerospace vehicles are
tested and operationally flown, including the Aurora
[Mach-8] spyplane, the Black Manta [TR-3A] stealthy fighter
follow-on to the F-117A, the Pumpkinseed hyperspeed unmanned
aerospace reconnaissance vehicle, and several variants of
antigravitational craft (U.S.-UFOs), including the Christmas
Ornament (glowing orange orb) and the Firefly (strobing,
flitting, bluish-white lit airframe);

k) U.S. Special Forces Command, Hurlburt Field, Mary Esther,
Fl, along with its Western U.S. Headquarters, Special Forces
Command, Beale AFB, Marysville, CA, coordinating: 1) U.S.
Army Delta Forces (Green Berets); 2) U.S. Navy SEALS (Black
Berets), Coronado, CA; and 3) USAF Blue Light (Red Berets)
Strike Force;

l) Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), (which
coordinates the application of latest scientific findings to
the development of new generations of weapons); (now called

m) the Jason Group (elite weapons-application scientists,
developing cutting-edge-science weapons for DARPA/ARPA, and
operating under the cover of the Mitre Corporation);

o) Aquarius Group (UFO technology-application scientists,
reportedly working under the guidance of the Dolphin
Society, an elite group of scientists privy to extremely
classified science and technology findings);

p) Defense Science Board, (which serves as the Defense
Department's intermediary between weapons needs and the
physical sciences);

q) Defense Nuclear Agency (DNA) (currently concentrating on
fusion-powered, high-energy particle-beam, X-ray laser, and
EM forcefield weapons development and deployment);

r) U.S. Space Command, (Space War Headquarters for operating
"the next war, which will be fought and won in space"),
Falcon AFB, CO;

s) North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD),
(operating the nuclear-survivable space surveillance and war
command center deep inside Cheyenne Mountain), Colorado
Springs, CO;

t) Air Force Office of Space Systems, (which coordinates the
development of future technology for operating and fighting
in space);

u) National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)
(which operates covert space-defense, ET research, and
space-weapons compartments, in addition to manned Shuttle
and unmanned scientific satellite launches);

v) NASA's Ames Research Center, (which conducts the SETI
(Search for

Extraterrestrial Intelligence) Project, Exobiology (alien
life forms) Division, and "Human

Factors" (PSY-Warfare) Division), Sunnyvale, CA;

w) Project Cold Empire (SDI weapons research-classified);

x) Project Snowbird (pseudo-UFO's used as disinformation);

y) Project Aquarius (UFO research-classified);

x) Project MILSTAR (development and deployment of WW III
[space war]

command, control, communication and intelligence

z) Project Tacit Rainbow (stealth drones/pseudo-UFO's);

aa) Project Timberwind (nuclear-powered spacecraft);

bb) Project Code EVA (space-walk-based technology);

cc) Project Cobra Mist (SDI energy-beam (plasmoid?) weapon
research); and

dd) Project Cold Witness (SDI weapons-classified), etc.


("private" [black project] weapons and covert operations

a) AT&T (Sandia Labs, Bell Labs, etc. - Star Wars weapons
research and NSA telephone/satellite communications
interception facilitation); (Sandia Weapons Lab has now
reportedly being taken over by Batelle Memorial Institute, a
proprietary with reported Intelligence connections);

b) Stanford Research Institute, Inc. (SRI), (an Intelligence
contractor involved in psychotronic, parapsychological and
PSY-WAR research);

c) RAND Corporation (CIA-front involved in Intelligence
projects, weapons development, and underground bases

d) Edgerton, Germhausen & Greer Corporation (EG&G),
(NSA/DOE-contractor involved in Star Wars weapons
development, fusion applications, and security for Area 51
(U.S. UFO-technology aerospace vehicles base) and nuclear
installations, etc.);

e) Wackenhut Corporation (NSA/CIA/DOE cut-out contractor)
involved in contract security operations for Top Secret
Ultra and Black Budget surface and underground military
reservations, such as Area S-4 (U.S. UFO base), NV and
Sandia National Labs, (Star Wars weapons base), NM), and,
reportedly, "dirty jobs" for CIA and Defense Intelligence

f) Bechtel Corporation (CIA's "ditch-digger" for covert
projects and off-the-books underground bases);

g) United Nuclear Corporation (military nuclear

h) Walsh Construction Company (on the CIA projects dole);

i) Aerojet (Genstar Corp.):( makes DSP-1 Star Wars battle
satellites for the NRO);

j) Reynolds Electronics Engineering (on CIA/DoD dole);

k) Lear Aircraft Company (Black Budget technology);

l) Northrop Corporation (makes U.S. antigravity craft,
back-engineered from alien technology, near Lancaster, CA);

m) Hughes Aircraft (classified projects compartment);

n) Lockheed-Martin Corporation (Black Budget aerospace

o) McDonnell-Douglas Corporation (Black Budget aerospace

p) BDM Corporation (CIA contractor, involved in UFO
back-engineering and psychotronic projects, etc.);

q) General Electric Corporation (electronic warfare and
weapons systems); and

r) PSI-TECH Corporation (involved in
military/Intelligence-applications of research into
psychotronics, parapsychology, remote viewing, and
contacting extraterrestrial consciousness);

s) Science Applications International Corp. (SAIC); "black
projects" contractor, reportedly including psychic warfare.


(Extra-Constitutional funding):

a) Federal Reserve System (cartel of private banks overseen
by elite superwealthy financiers, such as the Rockefellers,
Mellons, DuPonts, Rothschilds, etc., which dictates to the
Government the flow of money, worth of money, and the
interests rates);

b) CIA self-financing (the operation and/or control of much
of the international drug trade in heroin, cocaine and
marijuana, as well as "front" business enterprises, as a
source of cash for off-the-books covert operations, and the
purchase of exotic munitions and strategic bribe funds);

c) Department of Justice self-financing (the use of
confiscated cash and valuables from "targets of
investigation" to finance "special projects");

d) Special Forces self-financing (the self-use of
confiscated "booty" from covert military operations to fund
other clandestine operations).

What conclusions can be drawn from this preliminary analysis
of the structure, functions and operations of the Shadow
Government? First, the Shadow Government is a very large,
well-organized, skillfully camouflaged, parallel power
structure. History suggests that it has served its masters
well, and that its predilection for operating out of sight
and notoriety, if not in an outright clandestine fashion, is
exactly how its masters want it to function -- not drawing
attention to itself, manipulating power behind the scenes,
and accomplishing by covert operations what cannot lawfully
or politically be accomplished out in the open.

What should be the attitude of the informed citizen to the
Shadow Government? Since it thrives in the dark, we should
shine the light of full disclosure on it. Citizens can
demand: the end of the Congressional practice of allowing
"Black Budget" items; the end of unpublished secret
Executive Orders and National Security Directives; the end
of the practice of indefinitely- sustained Presidential
Declarations of National Emergency (as is currently in
place); the end of Federal Reserve Notes and the return to
the gold standard to back the dollar; the end to
governmental domestic spying on its own citizens; and
extremely severe reduction (on the order of 90%) in the
number, staffing and scope of the endlessly proliferating
Intelligence agencies, which are an anachronism since the
Cold War ended; and an end to CIA and DEA collusion in
allowing a continuing stream of drugs to pour into this
country. We founded this Country; it's time to take it back.

- Richard J. Boylan, Ph.D.

Dr. Richard Boylan is a behavioral scientist, university
instructor, certified
clinical hypnotherapist, and researcher into
extraterrestrial-human encounters.
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