Subject: [exopolitics] More on Project Serpo and ET Exchange Program

 Project serpo web site

  Source: American Chronicle - Beverly Hills, California, USA

December 13, 2005

Alleged 'Project SERPO' Sent U.S. Military Team To Another Planet?
By Steve Hammons

In recent weeks, information has surfaced on the Web about an 
alleged U.S. Government military project called "Project SERPO".

We've all heard about reports of unusual and unconventional 
secret government projects. Some of them seem so far out that 
you wonder if they are real or an "urban legend" floating 

Yet, many of us understand that people within our government and 
our military sometimes face unusual and strange phenomena in the 
course of their duties.

According to a mysterious source's comments on a recently-
developed Web site, , Project SERPO was an effort
developed between the late 1940s and the mid-1960s. It was a 
joint project between the U.S. Government and a race of friendly 
beings from a planet in the Zeta Reticuli star system. The 
source claims that diplomatic relations were established between 
the U.S. Government and these beings after their spacecraft 
crashed in New Mexico in 1947.

Aw, give me a break, you may say. What have these people been 
smoking - medical cannabis or something?

We've heard and read about unconventional government projects 
before such as "remote viewing" intelligence-gathering methods, 
time-travel physics research, psychological studies on "magic 
mushrooms," unusual non-lethal weapons and similar efforts. But 
relations with visitors from another planet?

That's not all. Information on the SERPO Web site describes a 
project that selected and trained a joint-service U.S. military 
team to board a spacecraft of these visitors and go to their 
home planet for a planned ten-year stay. And, that in the mid-
60s, this was successfully accomplished. Most of the team 
members returned and were debriefed.

Remember the movie "Close Encounters of the Third Kind?" 
Remember when the government teams set up a landing zone for the 
"visitors" and how Army Special Forces personnel assisted with 
covert logistics? Remember how 12 people in red jumpsuits were 
transported to the LZ for boarding? The entries on 
allege that this is based on fact.

In addition, the information posted there and elsewhere 
indicates that the government has been struggling since the 
1940s to figure out how to break this kind of information to the 
general public without creating anxiety and negative disruption. 
According to the information, various efforts have been underway 
over the decades to gradually prepare us for this reality.

Well, do you buy it? It would make a good novel or movie, that's 
for sure. Is it possibly true or is it just someone's 
imagination and a bunch of warmed-over stories from movies, 
writings and UFO lore?

If there was some truth to it, how would Americans and the rest 
of humankind react? Would we have open minds and hearts toward 
friendly visitors? Would we be afraid? Would we feel intimidated 
if they had more advanced technology and knowledge? Would we 
hate them because they look different and have different 

Undoubtedly, it would add more complexity to our view of things. 
Not only do we have trouble getting along with other countries 
and other people who are different, now we would really need to 
be tolerant and open-minded. And, are their other kinds of 
"visitors" who are not quite so friendly, or even dangerous in 
some way?

This could explain why our government officials might have 
thought it wise to keep information like this from the general 

According to information on the site, there are 
responsible people in and out of government who may now believe 
that the time is right for more gradual disclosure of 
information about this situation. These people, people with 
compassion and vision, could feel that we might now be ready to 
obtain some understanding of the situation and react responsibly 
and with intelligence.

Of course, it could all be bunk. There may be no truth to it at 
all. Probably not. Right?