Secret Bases on the Moon and Mars

Secret Bases on the Moon and Mars
by Doug Yurchey, 2003
(Posted here by Wes Penre, June 18, 2005)



Doug Yurchey This article is not based on direct evidence or some new
discovery in space. Hopefully, it is based on some common sense. My
argument is we, the people, have been lied to by our leaders. This
concept is not a news flash for most of you who know the government and
its many agencies have been untruthful about UFOs. Not only about UFOs;
but when it comes to anything of a sensitive, controversial nature...our
world leaders do not volunteer the truth. The public, in the age of
computers and mass media, is kept in the dark. We are not meant to know
what the 'suits' do behind closed doors. The authories aka secret
societies; Freemasons; Illuminati; are the puppet-masters. THEY use their
influence over known world leaders; celebrities; the motion-picture
industry; news agencies and much more for one primary purpose: TO




We are controlled. We are manipulated. THEY are not going to tell you
that you are being controlled. But, we truly are. Where do people go to
get their information? Actually it comes to us. In fact...we are
bombarded, barraged and blitzkrieged by the holy media. Television,
movies, magazines, the Internet and newspapers rain down upon us info.
THEY own the media and the sad truth is THEY own us. This is not
information, it is MIND-CONTROL.


This writer had to begin an article called 'Secret Bases on the Moon and
Mars' with the above preface. The reason being: THEY have lied to us
about what has been going on in space; on the Moon and on Mars. There
is certainly evidence that the astronauts have observed strange and
unexpected anomalies on the Moon. Don Wilsons's book 'Our Mysterious
Spaceship Moon' and George Leonard's book 'Somebody Else Is On The Moon'
are excellent references. 




This writer wants to cut through the brainwashing. Try opening your mind
to new possibilities; on the possibility that you are not going to
receive the truth over the government-sponsored-corporate media. 

Here is the question: Why haven't we PUBLICLY gone back to the Moon?

The answer is NOT: 'Well, there's no space race anymore.' Also, the
answer is not that it is too expensive or too difficult. The computers
that sent the Apollos to our satellite were infantile compared to those
brilliant PCs that are in many millions of homes today. Of course, it
takes vast amounts of money and effort to pull off a successful lunar
mission. But our leaders do have huge resources and spend incredible sums
on various projects...such as Middle-East wars! Then, THEY have to spend
87 billion dollars to reconstruct what THEY have destroyed in Iraq. Of
course, it is not money from the rich that is spent on these needless
wars and reconstruction. It's money from us; the middle-class and the
poor.  WE have no choice in the matter and must pay the price for
anything our insane directors demand.  


THEY have kept technology from us. With the idea that the masses cannot
assimilate quantum leaps of '2001: A Space Oddyssey' knowledge and
innovation, they have suppressed things that could have greatly advanced
humankind. THEY could help the masses, but THEY don't. That is not THEIR
agenda. That is not THEIR job. The royalty/corporations/governments are
supposed to be for the benefit of the people. The truth is: THEY are only
out for themselves. THEIR real actions are only those where the rich get
richer and the poor get poorer. THEY are in the business of lies and


In the film '2001: A Space Odyssey,' there were lunar vacations. Those
were not secret trips to the Moon.  This was TWA, British Spacelines,

PUBLIC transports to the Moon should be a reality NOW!
The truth is: We are much farther than you think from that ever being
possible. How can the public go there and colonize the Moon when it would
be discovered that our leaders have been lying to us for decades? Yes,
2001 was only a film. But, it was not a fantasy. In 1968, this movie was
pure sci-fi and 'pure sci-fi' has always been a projection of future
events. We always hear that: 'Soon, there will be human exploration on
the Moon and Mars.' For many years, NASA has told us that this great
accomplishment is just around the corner. Forget it folks; it's never
going to happen. 


The Moon and Mars should have already been colonized. In fact, they are
already colonized!! They have not been colonized by us; the general
They have not been colonized by the rich. They have been colonized by
the super-rich and the super-powerful.  There have been secret
launches into space and believe it or not dear readers: People are
walking on the Moon right now! More unbelievable is the notion that
secret bases are already in place on Mars!

The super-rich can leave the Earth any time they choose. The Earth,
the Moon and Mars are for THEM, not us.

Of course, the skeptic requires proof. It is a shame that there is this
prerequisite. Skepticism (to me) often functions as blinders and an
excuse not to really think or dream or discover. No, this writer cannot
provide actual proof of the claims within this article. Sorry; I only
have circumstantial evidence. Such as: Why have the last 3 missions to
Mars (the Orbiter, the Explorer) been lost or malfunctioned? If the ideas
here are true, then it is logical for these missions to have failed or
have even been purposely destroyed. The Martian Explorer would have been
able to photograph details on the surface as small as 10 feet. THEY
cannot have such details be known to the general public.  If objects
like roads; buildings; pipelines and other artificial structures were
photographed on Mars, then the Big Lie would be known. Another good
question is: When will the Big Lie on the Moon and Mars be revealed? 




Some people believe that our secret Earth governments have been working
hand-in-hand with the Roswell aliens from the Zeta Reticuli star system.
Bob Lazar was briefed on this when he worked in Area 51. In William
Cooper's book 'Behold A Pale Horse' he wrote that 'human body parts' were
found in the crashed ships at Roswell. From this point on, a secret deal
was struck between the greys and our fearless leaders. Major Courson,
advisor to a number of American presidents, wrote a book on his deathbed
which essentially revealed that: Technology, that we take for granted
today (transistors, computer tech), actually orginated from these grey
aliens! My point is: Our leaders have been given advanced technology for
their silence.  THEY cover-up the abductions and alien evidence and are
given technology for their participation in the con job. Then, our
leaders dole out this knowledge in small doses to us. With assistance
from the Zeta Reticulans...going to the Moon or Mars is simply child's


The actual origin of the word 'trilateral' as in: The Trilateral
Commission...has to do with a union between the two Earthly super-powers
and the aliens; which goes back more than 50 years.


There could EASILY be a Moon channel on our public cable television.
Wouldn't that be cool? A robot rover with a camera going over one Moon
dune after another. It would be such art; such science and be a
fascinating thing to watch. We could have had this 20 years ago with no
problems. The reason we still do not have it is you might see something
you are not supposed to.


This writer does not have to see to believe. My only goal here is to make
you wonder: Why haven't we returned to the Moon? (Do you really believe
there has not been one federal mission to the Moon in the last 30
years?!) And: Why do our Martian probes keep screwing up? Maybe there is
something BIG going on out there in space that they do not want us to
know? Whatever it is; THEY are using our money to accomplish it. This is
the real reason why the DEFICIT is so huge. We have a right to know the
truth. We've paid for that right. How many people have died to keep the
Big Secret? 


It is not accurate that we will never know the truth. You can't really
erase all the unofficial tracks in the moondust or undo what has been
constructed on Mars. One day, the truth will come to light. When will the
public ever get a piece of the pie? As long as money does all the
talking; as long as everyone bows to the fascists that rule the world; as
long as no one has the courage to take on the evil empire; as long as
power corrupts...we will remain ignorant beings in ignorant times. 

Copyright 2003 by Doug Yurchey (with permission)


PS This article generated many critical comments from the visitors:





Here is Doug's reply to the critics.

Doug Yurchey here; thank you for the posting of the secret bases article;

I had no idea it would generate such criticism! Hey, I've been called a
'nutcase' before & ridiculed many times in my life. It just gets me cause
I'm a sensitive guy. I don't understand skeptics. They act like they have
PROOF that these things do not exist - and they DON'T. They just assume
that a wild idea CAN'T POSSIBLY be true & that's their proof! Wow. God,
if these people only read my other articles...I'd probably be burned at
the stake!

Someone saying there are no secret societies shows that they are ignorant
and haven't done their homework; the Illuminati; Freemasons; the evilness
of the Pope & the evilness of the throne of England are absolute
realities. They have all the power & rule the world. I used the word
'fascists' in the article and that was not an overstatement with our
high-tech media that THEY ruthlessly control. But, that's OK if people
don't know these things; they are not supposed to know these things.
They'll never get the truth over the media. I do appreciate the few
people out there who have seen through the programming and come to
realize the 'brainwashing.' Ignorant people are the result; look how they
voted frikken Arnold (a total puppet) into office so easily. One person
said: KEEP AN OPEN MIND...and that is what I appreciate and websites like
yours where you'll get glimpses of the truth.

I said 'maybe' - 'might be' - 'could possibly be' bases on the Moon &
Mars. But these skeptics are sure there's nothing going on as if they

What arrogance! Thanks again.