Subject: IUFO: X-PPAC/PRG Update - June 26 , 2006


Paradigm Research Group
Extraterrestrial Phenomena Political Action Committee

Update - June 26, 2006

 Exopolitics World Hub

PRG has formally set up a new website, Exopolitics World Hub.   The
ambitious goal of this project is to link together one website from each
of 32 key countries - all with the same URL formats, i.e.,,,,  etc .    Each site would provide links and
information regarding exopolitical developments within that country.  
Ideally all sites would be published in the principal language of the
country and in English.    Sites for the United States (by PRG) and Italy
have been published.   Canada and Turkey are pending.   Each country may
design their site as they wish, but all are welcome to draw upon the
design format for   The consistency in
URL and design formats will enhance the perception of an organized

It is expected that once these sites are operational and receiving
traffic, they will quickly rise to the top listings on Google and other
search engines creating a powerful sense of a global exopolitical

Anyone who believes they are positioned to create and maintain a
participating site for one of these countries, please contact PRG at your
earliest convenience.  Individuals living in the respective country are
much preferred.

X-conference #3

The new target date for the 3rd X-Conference is now April 2007 in the
Washington, DC area.   Let's face it, 2006 is proving to be an awful
year, another annus horribilis, best forgotten.  After December 31 let's
not speak of it again.  PRG will have to raise $50,000 to rectify the
event franchise and commit to the third conference.  The effort

X-PPAC Congressional Alert

Few things are more disconcerting in these troubling times than for a
politically minded and observant person to watch the Congress of the
United States of America stumbling around in the hallowed halls and
chambers of the Capitol Building looking for a spine.  While the hunt
proceeds X-PPAC will continue to point out the obvious to the esteemed
Members: 1) there is an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human
race, 2) many people in the government and the military are well aware of
this, 3) many of same have begun to speak out publicly, 4) nevertheless,
the United States Government continues to maintain a truth embargo and
deny the issue, 5) this truth embargo is no longer acceptable and must be
resolved in favor of the public's right to know, and most importantly 6)
extraordinary technology which could save countless lives and solve major
problem faced by all nations remains hostage to this truth embargo and to
those leaders who do not trust their own citizens and place the
development of weaponry above all else.

This most recent Congressional Alert brings to the attention of Congress
the availability of a new book, Majic Eyes Only: Earth's Encounters with
Extraterrestrial Technology by Ryan S. White and a new project by PRG
(see below).

PRG Quotes Page

PRG has assembled from multiple sources a powerful compilation of
selected written and spoken quotes from persons of rank and
accomplishment.  The near term goal is to expand this section to 100
listings.  Quotes were selected on the basis of an unambiguous
relationship to the validity of an extraterrestrial presence and the
history of government posture toward this presence.  Such a compilation
can be very useful to advocacy, but its usefulness is directly dependent
upon full sourcing: date, event, location, book, interview, etc.

Please email PRG if you can provide information pertaining to:  1) the
validity of a quote,  2) the accuracy of a quote, 3) the provenance of a
quote, or 4)  have a suggested quote for inclusion in the PRG Quotes
Page.    Thanks.


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