Subject: NUFOIA: UFO connection to Nuke Tests

While reading Carey Sublette's extremely comprehensive material on , the Physics and Engineering of Nuclear Weapons I came across an interesting tidbit. Although these "secrets" are known to all serious researchers with no active security clearances, it seems that there is a core set of "related" information that requires a Department-of-Energy "Q" clearance. It is puzzling as it appears that all of the designs have long been worked-out and it's just a matter of brute-force engineering to produce the needed materials (see to learn the history of nuclear weapons from Lawrence's Betatrons to Oppenheimer/Grove's Manhattan Project to Teller's radiation-implosion miniaturized fusion warheads). I will put myself out-on-a-limb here and speculate that this top- secret knowledge base has tie-ins with UFO activity&purpose. I've long suspected that much more happens during nuclear weapon tests than has been described in the common physics and thermodynamics. I think there is damage being done to other realms/dimensions/universal- consciousness ^ whatever you want to call it. Throughout decades UFO sightings rise with the number of tests and decline accordingly. Sort of like a (warning) sign of displeasure (perhaps "they" know revelation will upset the government's ability to govern). Today it's almost a major-league "No-No" for a country to conduct a nuclear test of any substantial yield. Our current mathematical models may be just subsets of a much greater theory. If you believe the rumors, the ET-government back- engineering program was to bring our scientists up-to-speed on these new advanced theories -- which were unlike anything in their conventional academic training -- as well as modifying available Earth substances to approximate the alien materials. If the above is true, then it is no surprise that the agency that controls all UFO- related projects is the Department of Energy ("Q" clearance and all its embedded "levels" above the basic-Q). And why rumored alien artifact are stored in nuclear weapons bunkers. (Granted, the NSC/PI- 40 group -- formerly MJ-12 -- may be overseeing this part of the DOE as follows ^ :) -or- : "^ RB: In the analysis of the Space Defense Initiative org chart posted on Skywatch, there is identified the "1010 Special Security Squadron" which bypasses the Air Force and reports directly to the National Reconnaissance [UFO Cover-Up] Organization and to MAJI [MJ- 12, UFO information policy group]. Is this specialized squadron composed of elite Delta Forces (Black Berets)? ^ 'Ultimate' as in classified Ultra Cosmic Top Secret, Q clearance, level 33? ^ SW: Note: Cosmic Q, level 33 is MAJI; level 32 is MJ-12; level 31 certain personnel in AC [aircraft] mfg.; Level 30, the first 4 of W[h] ackenhut Officials. etc., DOD, NSC. I was only a level far as I could go. ^" -or- Former NATO SHAPE attach Robert Dean frequently mentions 'Cosmic Top Secret' as the highest security clearance that was in NATO at the time he served. "^ 3. Lazar's Clearance Level: he says neither REECO (Reynolds Electrical and Engineering Co., Inc.) nor EG&G ^ each a well-known U.S. Dept. of Energy Test Site contractor ^ has their representatives at S-4 (unless they are in-turn subcontracted out to a Federal agency like he was). The typical REECO or EG&G worker can get a maximum clearance of "Q". Beyond "Q" it is highly compartmentalized on a need-to-know basis, with the highest level being around 34 levels above "Q". His own level was 28 levels above basic "Q". The closest to S-4 that a "Q"-clearance worker gets is Area-51. ^" -or- : "^ Wolf says that "President Clinton does not know much about Area 51. And he does not know about S-4", [the supersecret underground installation 13 miles south of Area 51 at Papoose Lake, where Dr. Wolf did some of his research.] He added, "The President has ABOVE TOP SECRET and Need To Know clearances, but does not have the UMBRA ULTRA TOP SECRET clearance to have access to upper-level MAJIC [MJ- 12] secrets, and KEYSTONE [ET research] documents." Like many federal bureaucracies, MJ-12 has tripled in size. Wolf reports, "It now numbers 36 members, including [former Secretary of State] Henry Kissinger and [father of the hydrogen bomb] Edward Teller. MJ-12 meets at various confidential locations, including the Battelle Memorial Institute [at Columbus, Ohio]." As an aside, Dr. Wolf confirmed that it was Dr. Edward Teller who recommended physicist Robert Lazar for his position at the secret S-4 government base south of Area 51, where Lazar helped on back-engineering the propulsion systems of extraterrestrial spacecraft. ^ " [On a personal note, in 1986 I was offered a job by Battelle as a programmer at a jet engine testing facility at Wright-Patterson AFB. The Air Force had problems with the F-100 engine producing too much smoke (among other things). The engine tests were managed in real- time by 6-or-so MODCOMP process-control computers which were themselves "supervised" by an IBM mid-size computer. Because of my earlier jobs as a scientific programmer at a large chemical corporation R&D center, I had experience with both machines. The job only required a standard-level "Security" clearance; and I had passed the preliminary background check to receive the offer (conditional upon my receiving the clearance in the future). I didn't take it at the time because I was 'single' and I didn't want to work the 4-to- midnight shift -- the Air Force had the lab during the day. (If I was 'married', I might have accepted to give me a good excuse to minimize contact with the wife!) But it was the first time I had ever heard about Battelle. They said it was against their charter to advertise in general commercial sector (I assumed that meant non- DoD). And among things, they told me they invented the photocopier which in turn they sold to the company that eventually became Xerox.) ]