IUFO: The Moon Files

THE MOON FILES SHOULD BE READ IN CONJUNCTION WITH NASA, ASTRONAUTS AND UFOS [moon_1.jpg] It has been alleged that during the Apollo 11 Lunar Mission in 1969, the astronauts actually observed aliens on the surface of the Moon. The evidence for this extraordinary claim is an alleged secret conversation between Apollo 11 astronauts, Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong, and Mission Control. This conversation was, in fact, monitored by a Russian Physicist and Professor of Mathematics, Dr. Vladimir Azhazha, who maintained that the encounter occurred shortly after the lunar module landed. He also s[aldrin1969_1.jpg] tated that the astronauts report was never heard by the public because NASA censored it. But is there any other evidence to substantiate the views of those who believe that there is or has been an "Alien presence" on the Moon? In 1965 a Russian Lunar probe sent back to Earth, images of a strange "structure" towering over the surface of the Moon. It is estimated that the anomalous "tower" is an extremely tall structure - possibly 12 Km. high. Whatever the object is - it remains "unexplained". Buzz Aldrin [ right ] with the Eagle -1969 [FAROUK_EL_BAZ3_2.jpg] Dr. Farouk El Baz [left] - a geologist and a senior scientist at NASA for 6 years. Dr. El Baz was responsible for training astronauts to complete intricate experiments on the surface of the Moon. Dr. El Baz was present in NASA Mission Control when Ken Mattingly (Apollo 16) saw unusual "flashes" on the surface of the Moon. Dr. El Baz remarked that despite using a seismometer to detect meteor impact - the most likely explanation - the flashes were never explained. [SEISMOMETER_2.jpg] A seismometer - used during the Apollo 16 Mission to detect meteor impacting on the Moon's surface. [moonkenmattingly_1.jpg] During the Apollo 16 Mission, astronaut Ken Mattingly [right] observed strange bright flashes on the surface of the Moon as he orbited the Moon in the Lunar Orbiter. The "flashes" emanated from the surface of the Moon not lit by the Sun but by "Earth-shine". Mattingly was heard to remark "I'll be damned" before he reported his observation to Mission Control. Mattingly was given instructions to report immediately any similar events as he passed through the next orbit and preparations were made to investigate and explain the phenomenon. Sure enough as he passed over the same area of the Moon he observed two bright flashes coming from the surface but despite the fact that scientific instruments had monitored the event, no explanation was forthcoming. However, NASA footage taken during the Apollo Missions does illustrate that "Unknown Objects" were not only seen but were captured on film. In one instance a bright flash is seen on the Moon's surface just as an unidentified object approaches from the left and passes over. In another instance a large, seemingly circular UFO positioned close to the Moon was caught on film. [moondrkasher_1.jpg] Doctor Jack Kasher, [left] of Nebraska University, who has previously worked on highly classified research for NASA and other government agencies, is prepared to risk his reputation by maintaining that there is real evidence of another presence on the Moon. "We really are being visited by Extraterrestrials, we probably have been for some time. I believe that at least some of these UFO reports are genuine. By UFO I mean extraterrestrial space craft. There are enough examples from enough reliable witnesses to suggest that this cries out for investigation". Images of an unknown object passing over the surface of the Moon [REEL.GIF] [ Click video icon ] [moonlunarorbiter_1.jpg] [apollo16ufo.jpg] Apollo 16 - Lunar Orbiter During the Apollo 16 Mission, a large object was photographed near the Moon.. [REEL.GIF] [ Click video icon ] [moonstructure_1.jpg] In another instance, an unidentified object (centre-lower left) is seen flying above the surface of the Moon This extremely tall "structure-like" object was photographed by a Russian Lunar Probe in 1965 It has been suggested that the excessive quarantine periods served by the crews of Apollo 11, 12 and 14 were due to the fact that the astronauts had to provide detailed reports about the evidence of an alien presence on the Moon and also provide NASA with the time to "vet" any photographs. Is it possible that NASA does not want to reveal to the World that UFOs were closely monitoring the Apollo astronauts? A "conspiracy theory "gone mad? Maybe, but why has NASA not sent astronauts to the Moon since the Apollo Missions and has no intentions of doing so in the foreseeable future? Remember, since the Apollo Missions no U.S. astronauts have travelled into deep space. http://www.thewhyfiles.co.uk/frame.html [left.jpg] FORMER NASA EMPLOYEE MAINTAINS UFO COVER-UP [right.jpg] The following statement is based on an interview with Donna Tietze Hare on WOL-AM radio Station (Washington DC) on 5/6/95. Donna, whilst employed by NASA, was a female slide technician and received numerous space awards including 1969 Apollo Achievement award from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, 1973 Skylab award, a medallion for success on the Skylab-Suez Test project. Other awards for her skill as a technical Artist includes a 1994 recommendation by Texas Governor Ann Richards to the Advisory Committee of Psychology Associates. Donna has spent most of her professional life involved in the Space Program as a technical illustrator. She drew lunar maps, landing Slides and worked in the photo lab, Precision Slide Lab. Her job was to reduce art work to one inch by one inch drawings. She drew launch sites, landing sites and was employed as a sub-contractor to NASA for over 15 years. She worked on flight manuals for astronauts and has the wonderful ability to put words into images but uniquely, learn to do everything backwards, including mathematical computations, the writing of words, to put it simply, this woman has seen just about all the different kinds of images one could see that are used in Space Programs today. Donna stated: "During the Apollo mission I worked at NASA throughout those Apollo Missions and I did leave NASA at the time the space shuttles began. I worked in building eight in the photo lab. I had a secret clearance so I thought I could go anywhere in the building. And I did go into one area that was a restricted area. In this area they developed pictures taken from satellites and also all of the missions, the Apollo missions, flight missions. I went in and I was talking to one of the photographers and developers and he was putting together a mosaic which is a lot of photos, smaller photos into a larger photo pattern. And while I was in there I was trying to learn new methods and new things about the whole organization and I was looking at the pictures and he directed my attention to one area, he said, Look at that. I looked and there was a round oval shaped, well it was a very white circular shape of a dot and I, it was black & white photography, so I asked him if that was a spot on the emulsion and he said, "Well I can't tell you, but spots on the emulsion do not leave round circles of shadows." I noticed that there were pine trees, now I don't know where this area was or what, you, pretty close to the ground what I saw but I didn't see outline of the continent. But I did notice that there was shadow under this white dot and I also noticed that the trees were casting the shadows in the same direction as this shadow of the circle of this aerial phenomena because it was higher than the trees but not too much higher than the trees but it was close to the ground and it was spherical but slightly elongated, not very much but slightly. I then said, is it a UFO? And he said, "Well I can't tell you." And then I asked him, "What are you going to do with this piece of information?" And he said, "Well we have to airbrush these things out before we sell these photographs to the public." So I realized at that point that there is a procedure setup to take care of this type of information from the public. There is another incident with a guard that I would like to convey too that's very important. This man that I had dated was in quarantine with the astronauts when they had come back from the moon and I had talked to him about seeing this saucer (satellite photos) and asked him if he had heard anything about that and he told me that every astronaut, every moon trip had been followed by craft, by saucers, that every one of them, every astronaut that went to the moon, now I don't know about other sites but they all had seen it and all had been told to keep quite about it and they were threatened with jail and their whole retirement, everything taken away from them. They were also, this told me that if I ever told that he said it, that he would deny it, that he would never admit that he told me all of that. When I had quite work, I had an office, I was doing illustration work at another office, in another part of town. And a man that had been a guard at NASA during the time came into my office and he had a large gash scar on his forehead and he told me that he was a guard at NASA and that he was burning a lot of photographs of UFOs. That was his job. He said he stopped to look at one too long and one of the others, I gathered it was some type of military man, hit him in the head with a gun butt and knocked him out. He did describe the photograph to me which I tend to believe was an accurate photograph. He explained that it was a craft on the ground and it looked like, it was like a regular saucer with like little bumps all over and he said it was like it was burnt. He said cows in the field all had their tails stuck straight up. At the time he said he didn't know when cattle were frightened, that their tails would stick straight up. And he described this to me and since then, I did describe it to someone that I thought might have looked at some of these photos, possibly and they did look kind of frightened that I should know about that one". Donna maintained that every NASA mission to the Moon was monitored by an alien presence, she added: "They (aliens) also didn't want that craft to investigate the part of the moon that they were going to, we were told not to go but we ignored it. Now that's what I've heard. I guess they didn't want us to see something back there, I don't know, I don't know that part".