Physics of the Mysterious-Hackers from the
    future may be altering the present

I found this one on one of my favourite forums. The notes below this 
particular piece on time travel & hackers explains more about the 
author of the website, a theoretical/mathematical physicist.


Time travel & hackers from the future
Hackers from the future may be altering the present
We need now to return to our question: if communications from the 
future are possible, why don't we receive these broadcasts on a daily 

If our minds can serve as receivers, then why aren't we all aware of 
the transmissions?

I think that the answer has to do with multiple realities and 
branching universes, and perhaps any civilization which would receive 
messages from the future on a daily basis has ceased to exist because 
communication through time is a very dangerous game. 

You produce paradoxes and these paradoxes remove the paradoxical 
universes from the repository of possible universes; if you create a 
universe with paradoxes, it destroys itself either completely or 
partially. Perhaps just intelligence is removed from this universe 
because it is intelligence that creates paradox. Perhaps we are very 
fortunate that even if we can receive some of these messages from the 
future, we still continue to exist.

Suppose our civilization were to advance to the point where everyone 
can communicate with themselves in the past; they have a computer 
with a special program and peripheral device that does this. It 
becomes the latest fad: everyone is communicating with themselves in 
the past to warn of dangers or upcoming calamities or bad choices, or 
to give lottery numbers or winning horses. But, what is seen as 
a "bad choice" or "calamity" for one, could be seen to be a "good 
event" or "benefit" to someone else!

So, the next step would be that "hackers" would begin to break into 
the systems and send false communications into the past to 
deliberately create bad choices and calamities for some in order to 
produce benefits for themselves or others.

Then, the first individual would see that false information has been 
sent and would go into their system and go back even earlier to warn 
themselves that false information was going to be sent back by 
an "imposter" and how to tell that it was false.

Then the hacker would see this, and go back in time to an even 
earlier moment and give false information that someone was going to 
send false information (that was really true) that false information 
(that was really false) was going to be sent, thereby confusing the 

This process could go on endlessly with constant and repeated 
communications into the past, one contradicting the other, one signal 
cancelling out the other, with the result that it would be exactly 
the same as if there were NO communication into the past!

There is, also, the very interesting possiblity that the above 
scenario IS exactly what is taking place in our world.

Time travel and hackers from the future
Physics of the Mysterious

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I. Introduction 

I am going to talk about Time Travel. But, before I get to that most 
mysterious of subjects, there is some groundwork that must be dealt 
with first. This will be a series of notes that will appear at this 
place on the Web, one section at a time. I will add new stuff as 
often as I can, so that, little by little, there will be more and 
more until we get into the fun part, so please be patient. It is not 
a subject that can be rushed.

The point is that I have little time. I have my work, I have my 
research, and also I am looking for avenues that will enable me to 
change from research in "recognized areas" to the "leading edge new 
problems" - and this involves seeking out those who are willing to 
finance the work necessary to develop completely new science and 
technologies. Thus, I simply cannot devote to these pages as much 
time as I would otherwise like. Nevertheless I feel it as a kind of 
an imperative, or duty, to work on this project - even if the tempo 
of new material arriving on the net will be slow and unequal.... 

The purpose of writing these notes and making them available through 
the Web is twofold: 

1) I want to provide the non-expert Reader with first- hand 
information about the present state and possible future development 
of theoretical physics - mainly in relation to the material provided 
in the Cassiopaean sessions , but also to make comments on 
information from other "mysterious" sources - all through the ages. 
2) I want to get as much feed-back as possible concerning all kinds 
of problems and questions discussed in these notes. I will appreciate 
all kinds of information, sharing of ideas or just receiving 
questions concerning topics that are not sufficiently (or not at all) 
discussed here. 

A little about myself: I am a theoretical/mathematical physicist. For 
those interested in credentials - my data , curriculum vitae and list 
of publications are available through the Internet, at this website 
and others. 

This being said I owe you, dear Reader, a warning and an explanation. 
I am considered to be AN EXPERT, but many of my views are not shared 
by other experts. I believe that my mind is more open than the minds 
of many of my colleagues. On the other hand, some of these colleagues 
believe that my mind is TOO open. So I have to hide from them many of 
my beliefs and not speak to them about a lot of things that I know. 
In this way I can publish papers in mainstream journals, speak at 
conferences, organize conferences and have a pretty good reputation. 
But to preserve this reputation I need to be very careful - just 
making a hint here and there that what I do publish is not all that I 
would like to tell.... 

I think I really need to tell you these things so that you will NOT 
get an erroneous idea that all physicists are of the same opinion. 
They are not. University physics is pretty conservative - which is 
not a bad attitude at all. We do need to be conservative - this 
distinguishes science from poetry and daydreaming. But, being too 
conservative has, in the past, been a great barrier and hindrance to 
scientific revolutions. If being conservative and "scientific" was 
the only correct approach, then we would have solved all the 
mysteries of our existence in the past several hundred years of 
the "age of science!" The truth is: we are only at the beginning.

But, perhaps I AM too open minded.... Perhaps my colleagues are right 
in being skeptical about anything that is not "established science." 
I try to keep an open mind about THAT, as well!

What I want do on these pages is be open-minded and yet conservative. 
That is, all I write here will be presented in a moderate and 
conservative mode. Moreover, as you can see for yourself on my other 
web pages, I am of the opinion that physics must be always based on 
mathematics - the only reliable tool and a truly universal language. 
Without math we can talk about many things - but we are just TALKING. 
It is not yet science! And even if I believe that the domain of 
physics needs to be essentially extended, that it has to connect 
with - or even embrace - biology and psychology - that it has to 
become much less "physical" - it does not mean it needs to become 
less precise! 

But still, no amount of math can take the place of the right 
inspiration. The study of physics consists in peeling away the layers 
of the outside appearances of things to reveal their hidden nature 
and meaning, and very often this inner nature is so deep and hidden 
that only mathematics can describe it. But, if there is no 
inspiration as to what might be the objective of the search, the 
peeling away process might end up being rather like an onion - when 
the layers are all gone, there is no longer anything there!

The new physics needs to be based on math - to an even greater degree 
than the old physics. It will be a new math, sure, but it will a 
rigorous math - a math of equations and algorithms and probabilities -
a nonlinear math of complex structures and of transitions between 
these structures. The math of today is difficult and abstract, and 
the math of tomorrow might be yet more difficult to grasp, even if 
our computers will be able to do more and more of the abstract work 
for us. On the other hand, the new math may be incredibly simple and 
elegant - 

this could be the reason it has eluded the understanding of 
physicists today - that the most abstract of ideas are concealed 
behind a veil of utter, simple logic. This is why professional 
training is so important: it gives us tools, it teaches us the rigor 
of abstract thinking, it teaches us the logic of proving assertions, 
and it shows us the limits and uncertainties of mathematics itself. 
As we know from Bertrand Russell and Kurt Goedel: math has its 
paradoxes too! 

2. Physics today. 

Let me, first of all, share with you my views on the state of physics 
today. More on this subject can be found in my lecture Bioelectronics 
As Seen by a Theoretical Physicist. Even though this lecture was 
given at a bioelectronics symposium more than ten years ago, nothing 
really has changed since that time, and part of the predictions given 
there have already come true, so I am only repeating here much of 
what I said then. (I plan to post this entire lecture as soon as the 
translation is complete.) 

Physics is what physicists do. And physicists do what they are paid 
to do. This is one of the reasons why so many of the brightest minds 
work on a short-time-scale reward basis, doing what is fashionable at 
a given time. This is the main reason why there is no progress at all 
in the fundamental areas. The clash between Einstein's relativity 
theories - which describe classical gravity at macro-scales, and Bohr-
Dirac-Heisenberg-Schroedinger quantum theories, providing 
phenomenology of micro-phenomena, - this clash is today even more 
dark and scary than it was seventy years ago. 

There is no real progress.

Quantum Theory is supposed to be the greatest invention in science 
since the beginning of the study of deeper realities. The greatest 
success of Quantum Theory is considered to be Quantum Field Theory, 
such as the theory of a quantized electromagnetic field (photons) in 
interaction with quantized charged matter (electrons). The problem 
is, this theory is mathematically inconsistent. It involves wishful 
thinking rather than rigorous science!

The only quantum field theories (in four dimensional space-time) that 
ARE free of contradictions, are so-called trivial ones; that is 
theories that describe particles that do not interact at all. These 
theories are mathematical exercises involving particles that 
are "dead," that will never form atoms. It seems to be that a 
universe that is governed by quantum field theories that are free of 
contradictions would be a dead universe, a universe of no interaction.

One can build a non-trivial quantum field theory, which may even 
describe something real or interesting, but then it would necessarily 
contradict Einstein's Special Theory of Relativity; it would be a non-
relativistic one. 

This is the dilemma. If you want to have both Quantum Field Theory 
AND Einstein's Theory of Relativity, then you've got a problem. 

Thus, nontrivial relativistic quantum field theories in four space-
time dimensions are divergent - they lead to infinities, and are 
mathematically inconsistent. Searching for the cure in fancy formal 
math (supersymmetry, superstrings, quantum groups) just does not 
work. New - fundamentally new - ideas are needed. Quantum theory is 
not understood at all - everyone is trying to "cook" by "changing" 
the recipes to suit the ingredients they have on hand, and this very 
often results in "Rock Soup."

Part of the present-day problem is that Niels Bohr succeeded in 
molding the minds of so many theoretical physicists into the "no need 
to understand" mode and this has done a great disservice to the 
science, the new generations of scientists, and most of all, to 
humanity. In this day and time, it could be said, that we more 
desperately need to understand the Order of the Universe than ever 

Yet there is hope. There are areas, even in the "recognized physics" 
where NEW is still possible. And, it is possible because more and 
more physicists understand how little they understand about quantum 
theory. Physicists are realizing, little by little, that even in such 
established areas as macroscopic electrodynamics there are problems 
that need major new rethinking: railguns, exploding wire arcs, 
sonoluminescence, present us with problems that are not easily 
answered within the standard paradigm and need, perhaps, a major re-
thinking of the foundations.

Some of the problems are that we do not really understand the physics 
of conductivity and superconductivity. We realize that macroscopic 
quantum effects are more common than we ever thought. Sure, it is 
evident to everyone who goes to Circuit City that technology is 
progressing pretty fast in these areas; but the same cannot be said 
about our understanding! 

What about gravitational physics?

Many of the important questions are still unanswered. The old Mach 
principle is still a subject of serious debate and we do not know 
what to do with singularities like black holes. They badly need 
quantum physics, but, once again, quantum physics becomes 
inconsistent when married with gravity. So we really do not know 
where we are. 

We do not know if gravity is a fundamental force or, perhaps, it is a 
collective and composite phenomenon. Some physicists want to explain 
electromagnetism in terms of gravity. Others want to derive gravity 
from electromagnetism.

There is a lot of talk about antigravity or gravity shielding at the 
most fundamental levels and perhaps "antigravity" or gravity 
shielding is a real effect? No one can agree, and little progress is 
being made except to disagree. You would be amazed at the battles 
that rage in the ivory towers of academia! 

We do not even know (at least not from textbooks or physics journals) 
if antimatter is attracted or repelled by matter. Perhaps tachyons - 
particles travelling faster than light - do exist? Perhaps space-time 
can have causal loops and telephoning into the past is possible? 
Perhaps quantum tunneling phenomena involves sending information 
faster than light? Perhaps magnetic monopoles exist and play an 
important role in biological systems? Or, perhaps, the fifth 
dimension is more than just a mathematical device of providing a 
unified description of gravity and electromagnetism? 

Who knows? 

All these topics ARE discussed in professional journals, but with no 
conclusion, no agreement, no cigar. 

Too much research is in "safe" areas - producing nothing 
but "papers." The truth is that, Physicists, to make their living, 
must produce papers, must be "quoted;" and so they quote each other; 
colleagues quote colleagues and produce graduate students who quote 
their masters, after which they become masters, quoting each other, 
and producing graduate students who quote them, in an endless cycle 
of life in the aforementioned ivory towers. 

And this is not something unique in physics. Not at all! It is true 
in other fields of study, too. But in physics the results are really 
bad: there has been no apparent progress in our understanding of 
Nature for seventy long years.... And nature REALLY needs to be 
understood, because things are getting a little out of hand out there 
in the "real" world. 

Well, perhaps it is not THAT bad!