The Alien is under Construction: Breakout of the Fictions

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The Alien is Under Construction Part 3
Breakout of the Fictions

Dateline: Monday, May 16, 2005

By: Phenomena Website Contributor
The Alien is under Construction: Breakout of the Fictions

As the Alchemist said to his Apprentice, ^”the game may be rigged but it
is the only game in town.^‘

1. The Metaphysics of Noise in the System

In December 1984, a can of black-and-white 35mm film arrived at the home
of Los Angeles movie producer Jaime Shandera. When developed and printed,
the film revealed eight pages of a supposed briefing paper for
president-elect Eisenhower, dated November 18th, 1952. The pages
described the discovery, recovery, and preliminary analysis of the
remains of a strange airborne vehicle that had crashed apparently some
seventy-five miles northwest of Roswell, New Mexico . The briefing
document as received by Shandera plainly states that it was prepared for
President Eisenhower by a committee of 12 men, hence the title MJ-12
(Majestic Twelve). This committee (who were named) consisted of some of
the most powerful military and scientific men in America at that time,
and they are now commonly referred to as the Majestic-12, or MJ-12 group.

First-class UFO investigators, including Stanton T. Friedman, Bill Moore
and Jaime Shandera, and a great many others, have spent many years trying
to decide whether this document (and others like it) are genuine or
whether they represent a very clever fraud. Since 1984, many other such
documents with similar content have appeared from other sources, copied
by means of a wide variety of technological systems and imaging
techniques. Moreover these systems and techniques, concerning usually
most secret UFO matters, vary in themselves as era-applications changed
throughout the tenure of many different governments. Though glaring
inconsistencies have been detected on occasion, generally speaking,
codes, nomenclatures, and security classifications of these supposedly
^”leaked^‘ documents are reasonably consistent with seasoned expert
knowledge of career administrators and civil servants completely familiar
with high-level government administrations within the U.S. military
establishment. It follows that if the depiction of UFO and UFO-related
events described in these documents is to be taken at even a low
percentage of its face value, then there is indeed as Stanton Friedman
claims, a monstrous cover up concerning UFO matters regarding both
crashed extraterrestrial vehicles and preserved alien body-parts.

Researcher Kevin Randle wrote an excellent book claiming that Stanton
Friedman in particular had been grossly deceived, and that these said
papers were all forgeries. But though Randle^“s arguments are powerful,
they are somewhat intellectually singular; in relying too much on
interpretation of admitted inconsistencies, he fails to establish his
case primarily because of the human factor. As a serving Intelligence
officer in the U.S. Army (drafted from the National Guard to serve in
Iraq) Randle is in a good position to know how personal mistakes occur
through exhaustion, incompetence, and covert masking of such mistakes in
detail for a variety of reasons. Such things represent a certain
determined level of ^”noise^‘ generation within human reference
frameworks. With regard to Intelligence systems in particular, this kind
of noise, when fed back into the loop, can be highly significant. Ronald
Lewin in his book on Ultra, reports that much help was given to Turing^“s
teams at Bletchley Park during World War 2 by the practice of German
encoders and Morse operators nervously and quickly correcting mistakes
out of sight of hawk-eyed supervisors. When fed back to ^”Colossus,^‘
Turing^“s first crude digital computer, these corrected loops (often
doubly corrected or fudged by nervous operators aware of the draconian
consequences of the detection of a mistake in the first place) helped the
matching and assembly of significant fragments of plain-text grammar

Thus a certain natural level of mistakes and inconsistencies can often be
more an indicator of the ^”truth^‘ of a specific signal than its
^”falsehood.^‘ If such were not present, then the ^”forgery^‘ would be
far too perfect for a natural formulation. I am assured from sources
within the both the Bank of England and Scotland Yard (and other far less
public institutions) that a most disturbing perfection is the first thing
looked for in both interrogation and investigation. It means that the
frame has been adjusted, and has not been generated as a natural fuzzy
merge of mind, machine, and organization. The bank of England knows that
their hand-tooled machine plates and dies have predictable wear-marks and
(yes!) their own idiosyncratic ways of doing things on one day rather
than another. Mind, personality, and social structures are built like
this. They are all slightly unstable and changing approximations to
abstract Platonic ideals if only to exist in change and time, making
^”reality^‘ (Stanton^“s favorite word) always a noisy approximation.

Thus any forger of such documents as MJ-12 would face severe problems. He
would not only have to duplicate the changes within generations of office
procedures and evolving technologies, he would have to impose on this
imposture the natural wear and tear of no less than a half-century of
work-procedures, administration technology, and ever-changing (and in
this case most secret) Intelligence policy.

Therefore the problem of the so-called MJ-12 documents is still not
solved, despite the success of Stanton Friedman's book Top Secret Magic ,
and the convincing investigations carried out by many others . Do these
documents in the main come from Pentagon leaks, we ask? Or are they
disinformation produced by some powerful group with formidable resources?
Though we do not know the answers to these questions, what Stanton
Friedman and others have done certainly is to discover the modern
equivalent to the Voynich Manuscript , which alone is an achievement
second to none in Ufology.

This article does not intend to get involved in the detailed pros and
cons of the continuing 18-year-old debate involving the question of the
validity of the collection of many hundreds (perhaps thousands) of MJ-12
documents. Examination in depth and detail of such a great amount of
often quite complex paperwork is now a minor industry often quite driven
with personal and professional conflicts.

Rather, here I attempt to put the MJ-12 phenomenon in a fresh
cosmological context. Referring to the two parts of this article
published previously by Phenomena magazine, it follows that if the alien
is under construction, and so therefore are the propagandistic supporting
elements such as the MJ-12 papers.

But most Old Ufologists are reluctant to construct Ufological models on
anything other than the principles of practical science and mundane
engineering. It is the intention here to offer a Fortean view based on a
Post-modern information model synthesized from a story written by the
Argentinean writer Jorge Luis Borges. To my mind, what hangs up many
practical UFO field-investigators is that not being Forteans, they see no
conceivable alternative between fact and fiction. The trouble here is
that like the average man, mechanical ^”truth^‘ falls very much either
side of a theoretical line. As the author of a book on Charles Fort,
Politics of the Imagination , my object in that book and in this article
is to show that a Fort/Borges ^”fuzzy^‘ view is an alternative to the
real/unreal mental lock that more often than not occurs in Ufological
investigations carried out by those of a strictly mechanical bent.

They do not use literary models for analogues, models which are far more
powerful than ^”objective^‘ analogues of mechanical science in that they
contain moral, social, and components of the creative imagination.

Since all things without exception spring from the creative imagination,
it is rather important that we recognize its power and function within
all things.

2. TlŲn, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius

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