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By Thomas Horn
Senior RNU News Reporter 

In part-one of our editorial on zero-gravity propulsion systems (with 
input from Stanton Friedman and Stan Deyo), we made the connection 
between anti-gravity advancements, Element 115, and the decade old 
claims by Bob Lazar. In part two of this feature we check in to see 
if Lazar is still sticking to his claims. ^ (Raiders News Update) - In part-one of this article we 
referenced The Guardian's science correspondent, David Adam's 
article "How to float like a stone" in which he quoted researchers in 
the New Journal of Physics concerning the development of an 
antigravity machine that can float heavy stones, coins and lumps of 
metal in mid-air.

Space Daily also elaborated on the experiment by scientists at the 
University of Nottingham, saying they had successfully levitated some 
of the heaviest elements, including lead and platinum.

The research under discussion comes from the only facility in the UK 
specializing in zero-gravity experiments, currently being joined by 
various other groups in this field, including NASA. 

NASA's interest could be, according to some, because zero, anti-
gravity, or anti-matter engines (like those described by Bob Lazar as 
already being available from reversed-engineered UFOs) would, among 
other things, revolutionize space travel.

Theoretical anti-matter engines could form a source of energy capable 
of moving large masses, even the size of asteroids and planetoids 
over billions of miles. Additionally, by distorting gravity, time and 
space would likewise be distorted. 

"By doing that," Lazar says, "now you're into a different mode of 
travel, where instead of traveling in a linear method going from 
Point A to B, now you can distort time and space to where you 
essentially bring the mountain to Mohammad, you almost bring your 
destination to you without moving. And since you're distorting time, 
all this takes place in between moments of time."

Following part-one of this special report, in which we tied Lazar's 
Element 115 claims to the research at Nottingham with feedback from 
nuclear physicist Stanton Friedman and scientist Stan Deyo, the 
Guardian wrote a second-parter of their own, pointing out that in 
2004, Element 115 was verified along with Element 113 by a team of 
Russian and American physicists at the Joint Institute of Nuclear 
Research in Dubna, Russia, and the Lawrence Livermore National 
Laboratory in California.

But it was the Element 115 of Lazar's claims that proposed to become 
the holy grail of space flight, which, according to Lazar, created 
anti-matter when bombarded with protons.  

"This anti-matter particle will react with any matter whatsoever," he 
said. "This, in turn, releases heat, and somewhere within that system 
there is a one-hundred-percent-efficient thermionic generator, 
essentially a heat-to-electrical generator....The gravitational wave 
gets formed at the sphere, and that's through some action of the 115, 
and the.... wave guide siphons off that gravity wave, and that's 
channeled above the top of the disk to the lower part where there are 
three gravity amplifiers, which amplify and direct that gravity 

The "superheavy" elements, 113 and 115, named ununtrium and 
ununpentium by physicists, were believed to have been generated by 
exploding stars. According to Lazar they were created or at least 
manipulated by advanced extraterrestrials for space flight. Perhaps 
not coincidently, Scientific American had discussed "Element 115" and 
its peculiar periodic neighbors just before Lazar referred to 115 as 
an ET fuel source. 

"Lazar," the Guardian article says, "who claims to have studied at 
the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and worked at Los Alamos 
National Laboratory [claims that Friedman refutes], states that his 
job at S-4 was to 'back-engineer' the reactor of one of the flying 
discs and find out how it worked. While there, he was briefed on the 
history of ET interaction with humankind, and watched a short test 
flight of the single operational craft." 

Later Lazar described the interior of this disc as being divided into 
three levels. The three "gravity amplifiers" and their wave guides 
were located on the lower level with the reactor located directly 
above them. Inside the reactor, Element 115 would be transmuted to 
unstable Element 116, decay, and release antimatter, which in turn 
reacted with gaseous matter, creating an annihilation reaction of 100 
percent conversion of matter to energy, or fuel, enabling the 
extraterrestrial craft to travel interstellar distances. In this 
case, the amplification process generated a variant of gravity - 
called gravity "B", which shaped the craft's relation to gravitized 
space around it.

Charts and disc diagrams of the craft and how all of this operated 
abounds on the web today, and Bob continues to stand behind his 
assertions regarding the purported UFOs. But these days he has no 
interest in being interviewed by the UFO crowd. He's apparently happy 
just operating his equipment repair company... 

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