A Guide for Initiating Contact with Extraterrestrials

Aloha all, here is a recent article by the co-founder of Galactic 
Diplomacy on initiating contact. This is an important guide for 
those wanting the tools to initiate contact with extraterrestrials. 
As you will observe in the article, extraterrestrial contact is a 
multifaceted phenomenon that requires preparation. 

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A Guide for Initiating Contact with Extraterrestrials
by Angelika Whitecliff

Initiating Contact with benevolent extraterrestrial beings is for
many a step in the positive direction of taking greater
responsibility for your life's choices and actions. You have
removed yourself from the ranks of those who remain passive,
those who wait instead of using enterprise to create the new
reality, and you become a catalyst for the vision of empowered
and harmonious interactions that hails the advent of an
'Awakened Humanity'. Here is held the enlightened idea that all
consciousness, all beings, are connected back to our originating
source via love and that the creator is within all the created.
Nothing separates us but our own self-awareness and this need
not be an isolationist state, but a world with open borders to the
galaxy and beyond.

Initiating Contact also implies that you have or are ready to
embrace a framework of reality in which we are not alone or
isolated, nor are we the only evolved being with the capacity for
abstract thought, a desire to improve ourselves and a spirit for
adventure and goodwill that impels us outward to meet our

Spiritual study (and now the study of string theory in quantum
physics), as well as telepathic and physical contact with ET
friends, provides us with the tools and capacity to conceptualize
the idea of life existing - not only in our dimension at a specific
frequency (or life wave) that we identify by our five senses - but
that life can and does exist at other frequencies and dimensions.
It is possible to create a bridge of communication to such
civilizations and beings through the inner senses alone. This is
what the first phase of Initiating Contact is all about, expanding
beyond the five senses to embrace and develop your
extrasensory abilities and spiritual will power.

Physical contact is for many the ultimate goal. Such events are
happening right now around the planet. Many humanoid and
other types of respectful and highly developed beings are going
to the greatest lengths to avoid distressing or frightening people
as they reach out to those who are ready and those who
sincerely hold a long term goal for such contact experience. Yet
physical contact is NOT the final goal or one of the highest
importance, this pedestal is held for our spiritual development
alone as the highest achievement and the main reason why we
are here in the first place.

Contact is only relevant if it in some way promotes a greater
personal and transcendental understanding of your true eternal
self. Contact is only desirable if it in some way can inspire you to
live your life more fully and to hold firmer your own vision for the
planet transformed into the world of your dreams. ET ships in the
sky are a sign of the support and encouragement of other races.
Yet a sighting in and of itself is not what is important, it is what
you allow this confirmation of the vaster universe to do for your
own state of mind and heart.

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