Subject: [TheEagle-L] Interview with Dr. Greer on Aliens,
     Coverups & Free Energy...


by Richard M. Dolan
Phenomena Magazine
September 10, 2004

Earlier in 2004, Phenomena Editor Richard Dolan interviewed Dr.
Steven Greer.

Greer is the founder of the Center for [the] Study of
Extraterrestrial intelligence (CSETI), which claimes to have
initiated communication and contact with extraterrestrials on Earth.

In addition, Greer has founded the Disclosure Project, dedicated to
ending official secrecy regarding UFOs.

Dolan (D): In 1990, you formed the Center for the Study of
Extraterrestrial Intelligence (CSETI),and within three years you're
getting an invitation to meet with Laurence Rockefeller. How did that
happen so quickly?

Greer (G): To be honest with you, I think it was the force of the
message. Not only had we put together an enormous amount of
documentation about the phenomenon, but we had also formulated teams
that were going all over the world, and had reproducible results with
hundreds of witnesses - who had been able to signal to these objects.
We had different teams in England, or Belgium, or Mexico, or places
in the United States. From a number of them we got videotapes,
photographs, or other witnesses who saw the event happening.

D: Some of the stories are extraordinary.

G: Yes, and they're all absolutely true. In fact they're way
understated. This is what caught the attention of people like
Laurence Rockefeller, Mrs. Buttros Ghali [wife of the former UN
General Secretary], former head of Army Intelligence General
Stubblebine, and eventually friends of the President [Clinton]. Some
very good friends of the President became cognizant of what we were
doing and urgently wanted us to get information to the President, to
his science advisor, as well as to some of the senior military
intelligence people in his administration after he got elected in

So we put together briefing materials and had meetings. The main
thing is that this is an inside game. I hate to use that term, but
this has mainly been a process of educating two classes of people who
are "insiders."

One are the people who are on the inside, who should know, but don't,
such as Presidents, CIA directors, and so on. The other part of it is
educating, from a new paradigm, the national and international
security control group - which some call MJ-12 - that deals with
these issues. That is a committee of about two or three hundred
people, and I know a number of them.

The issue here is to educate them to the need for disclosure, for
safe applications of technologies, and for this matter to be handled
wisely. We feel that it has been handled promiscuously and
dangerously. If you look at some of the things that have happened
over the last fifty years, aside from it eroding the rule of law and
democracy, the actual handling of the subject itself has been

It's a very dangerous thing for example, for the Commander in Chief
of Atlantic Command, Admiral Harry Trane, not to have had adequate
information on the subject and to scramble jets up and down the
eastern seaboard trying to force down one of these objects. [This
refers to an alleged military-UFO encounter from May 1981 - Ed.].
This kind of behavior, which has mainly taken place in a vacuum of
secrecy, is a danger to the national security.

You have people who have a need to know who can't find out anything.
And then you have other people who do know and are controlling it,
but they're in a cult of secrecy that becomes hermetically sealed.

D: You briefed CIA director Woolsey, and there's talk that you
briefed some other very high-level Clinton officials. I'm wondering
who those were. For example, the name Al Gore came up. Did you in
fact brief Al Gore on UFOs?

G: Well, there are a number of people in public life that I don't
want to comment on, who we are currently meeting with. They are and
extensive group of people. They include people who are currently
friends with every living president. There's not a living president
who doesn't have a close associate on our advisory team. So from
that, you can extrapolate.

D: Can you give a sense of when these briefings were happening, the
kinds of things what were said? What do you think of Bill Clinton
himself, and his sense of all this?

G: First of all, for the most part, very few people in most
administrations knew anything about the subject. They knew what they
saw on a badly-done documentary on the Discovery Channel. It's a sad
statement, but that is really true.

This is not just the executive branch. I met with a member of the
intelligence community back in the 1990's. That was Senator Richard
Bryan, and it was traumatic. I use that word because there's this
sense that [these officials] know this is the truth. But the problem
is that if you make the case this is real, and you're talking to
someone who is the head of the CIA, or is a high official in the
intelligence community, you find they have been denied access.
They've made an inquiry through channels and have been told no such
project exists.

This is frightening. Not in the sense that the phenomenon is is
frightening, but that people could be at those levels of
responsibility and operational divisions where they really do have a
need to know, and where they are completely left in the dark. I would
say that none of the reactions have been, "oh this is silly, it's
nonsense." This is important to hear: I haven't had a single meeting
with a high official, either scientific, political, or military, who
has had that reaction. Not in the least.

D: What were some of the other types of reactions?

G: Dismay, deep concern, and great interest.

D: Would you say they generally believe there's some kind of cover up
going on?

G: Oh yeah. I had with a member of congress who is on the House
National Security Committee who said to me, bluntly: "We of course
are window dressing."

I'll never forget the poignant moment when we were finishing the
nearly three-hour meeting with CIA Director [James] Woolsey and his
wife, Dr. Sue Woolsey (who at the time was the Chief Operating
Officer at the National Academy of Sciences). He was getting ready to
leave, Secret Service were out front, and I gave him a summary packet
with a set of recommendations for the Clinton Administration. This
was in the December of 1993. He looked at me and said, "Dr. Greer,
how can we disclose what we are being denied access to? What would
that say to the world?"

It's a very sobering thought, because part of the illusion here is
that people we elect are actually in control. They're not. This is
something that most people don't discuss. These [government
officials] are not stupid or naive. Clinton was a very bright man.
Cohen was a very brilliant man. Woolsey was a very smart man. They
know there's something going on.

When we did our first briefing for members of Congress in 1997, we
gathered about a dozen military witnesses of UFO events. Following
that, I had a meeting over at the Pentagon with a senior official, an
admiral at the Joint Chiefs of Staff level. My military advisor, a
man with great access to the senior flag officers, was a friend of
this gentleman. We went over there with a couple of these witnesses.

Prior to the meeting, I had given him some documents, code names, and
numbers. These were current code names and code numbers. He took them
and made inquiries at the Pentagon into these projects, and he hit
pay dirt. He actually located these projects. When he made an
inquiry, wanting to know what these projects were doing, he was flat
out told, "Sir, you don't have a need to know." This is an admiral
with the Intelligence Director. They told him he didn't have a need
to know. He was furious.

D: These are the code words for UFO related programs?

G: Yes. They're actually ETV, extraterrestrial vehicle, related. No
one uses the word UFO, by the way. UFO was coined after they knew
they weren't unidentified and they knew they didn't fly. (Laughs).

By the end of this briefing, this admiral said to me, "If this is
true, and I have no reason to doubt it, you're dealing with some of
the most powerful technologies. These are things that could do
circles around my B-2 stealth bombers." He also said, "Unless the
civilian authorities authorize me to push further, there's not much I
can do." I then told him what we were planning to do with the
Disclosure Project. To the extent that we could get people and
documents and other things, we were going to put them out there. He
looked at me and said, "If you can do it, do it."

I was in Britain meeting with the Ministry of Defence, and also the
former head of the Ministry of Defence, Lord Hill Norton. He's a Sea
Lord, a Five Star Admiral. At one point he asked, "Why the hell
wasn't I told about this when I was head of the Ministry of Defence?"

I said "Sir, what would you have done while you were head of the MoD,
and you found out that there was a clandestine group that was
transnational - e.g. transcended national borders - that had this
information. That had lied to the Presidents, Prime Ministers, and
high officials. that had used hundreds of billions of taxpayer
dollars to work on thies projects, and had sequestered them inside
private corporate structures. And had also, literally, engaged in
elimination - murder - in order to keep it secret?"

He looked at me and said, "I wouldn't have stood for it for one
bloody minute!" I said, "That's why they weren't going to tell you,
and that's why they will never tell you."

You see, the first thing these folks do is a soul biopsy. By that I
mean they're going to take a reading of you as a person. Your whole
person. If they don't think you'll go along with the game, they're
not going to tell you. Or they'll tell you disinformation, or set you
on the wrong track.

Whether or not you know has nothing to do with your position. This is
the big mistake that the UFO research community has made. Assumptions
have been make, [like] "oh, you're the head of the National Security
Agency, you know." Some NSA chiefs have known, some haven't. [Former
NSA Director] Bobby Ray Inman knew. Others haven't. Some CIA
directors had knowledge, others didn't. Bill Colby knew a great deal.

D: Is that why Bill Colby died?

G: Yeah, basically, I mean that's an untouched story.

D: He died in 1996, in what was described as an 'unfortunate boating


*[Phenomena Magazine SGInterview Sept.10/04]*

Real 'Star Wars'
Makes Movie Seem Tame
By Henry Makow, PhD

       The new "Star Wars" movie is fantasy. The true story could be much
                       stranger and a lot more exciting.

     Stephen Greer MD, 49, head of "The Disclosure Project" is the hero of
     the non-fiction version. He is an ER physician who gave up medicine to
    lift the massive cover-up of UFOs. His egghead appearance is deceptive.
     He is 6 ft. 1, lean, charismatic and bench-presses 140 pounds with one

    The Forces of Evil are the London-based central bankers. Like the fallen
      angel Lucifer (their idol) they have rebelled against the Creator's
      design and are determined to enslave mankind. They hold us prisoner
    mentally, spiritually, materially and technologically and plan a culling
                             through war and virus.

     In 1945, the explosion of Atom bombs on earth caught the attention of
       advanced alien civilizations that feared we could become a menace.

       They have since made thousands of visits to earth, many focused on
      disarming atomic weapons. For example, Roswell New Mexico, where two
     UFOs were shot down and five alien corpses recovered in 1947, was the
           home of the only US nuclear weapons squadron at the time.

        There have been about two-dozen cases where spacecraft have been
    recovered including a few where aliens have been captured dead or alive.
     The bankers have suppressed this information and even kept Presidents
                       and CIA Directors out of the loop.

       Both Carter and Clinton were threatened with assassination if they
       insisted on releasing this information. Dr. Greer has been offered
      bribes and threatened. In 1997, he and two close associates all came
       down with a mysterious strain of cancer at the same time. The two
                                associates died.

       The bankers use Intelligence Agencies and Defense Corporations to
     control UFO information and pursue secret "black budget" research. The
     aliens have a "free energy" technology, which would make fossil fuels
     obsolete. The bankers have copied and suppressed it because they also
      control the oil cartel. This pollution-free technology would make a
       Third World War fought over dwindling energy reserves unnecessary.

      Finally, the "aliens" represent a level of spiritual evolution that
         would release humanity from its current arrested development.

    I realize this all sounds pretty far-fetched. Before you dismiss it, go
     to the Disclosure Project website and look at the National Press Club
     News Conference. Order the four-hour video in which dozens of retired
    officials of the US military industrial and intelligence establishment,
    including astronaut Gordon Cooper, confirm that this bizarre scenario is
            indeed true.


      Apparently "aliens" will be used to justify massive expenditures for
    space weaponry. When the "terrorist" threat runs its course, the bankers
        intend to fake an alien attack to force humanity to adopt their
    one-world dictatorship. They already have "alien reproduction vehicles"
                        and alien clones for this hoax.

     Seen the movie "Independence Day"? We're going to "kick alien butt" in
    spite of the fact that in more than fifty years, the aliens have evinced
                no hostile intent, but rather a benign concern.

      The Luciferian bankers will use the space weaponry to ward off alien
       attempts to liberate plantation earth and maybe even export their
    special brand of Satanism, taking Lucifer's rebellion to the next level.

    Before I continue, let me remind you that most of our cherished beliefs
    have been spoon-fed to us by the banker-controlled media and educational
    systems. We have been given mental paradigms that act as filters and we
    cannot process this information. You don't have to accept or reject it.
                           You can reserve judgment.

                                 GREER UP-CLOSE

    I attended a four-hour workshop with Stephen Greer in Toronto May 21. He
     strikes me as a courageous and sincere person who is risking his life
      and the security of his family (he is married with four children) to
       challenge the pernicious cabal that currently controls the world.

     I am troubled however by the storybook quality of some of his personal
     history. He claims his father was of Cherokee Indian descent and that
    his family was dysfunctional. His parents were "devout atheists," which
            makes me wonder if they might also have been Communists.

     He claims he toiled at odd jobs to support his sisters and put himself
      though college. Exhausted, he came down with an unusual disease that
     resulted in a near-death experience during which he communicated with
                                 spirit beings.

      Ever since he has had the ability to access cosmic consciousness and
        communicate with extraterrestrials. He claims there are physical
       sightings of UFOs after he has psychically "vectored" them in. He
      describes one species of extraterrestrials as about 38-inches tall,
          bronze skinned, no ears and exuding a spirit of "kindness."

    Before becoming an MD, Greer was one of (Transcendental Meditation) Yogi
     Maharishi Mahesh's star trainers. Greer continues to offer instruction
        in achieving cosmic consciousness as part his Disclosure Project

    I am also troubled by Greer's apparent naivety in approaching members of
      what he calls the "Kleptocracy" for support in developing zero-point
       (free) energy. He claims Laurence Rockefeller wanted to endow the
               project but his family was "jumping on his balls."

    "How can you be so naive?" I challenged Greer. "Rockefeller is Standard

       But Greer maintains that individual members of the Kleptocracy are
     troubled by the direction of human affairs and may be willing to help.
        He says 40% of the "control group" is in favor of making the UFO
                               phenomena public.

    He says people want to know about UFOs but few are willing to help him.
     "The trouble with nice people is that they are 'nice.' We need people
            who are willing to take risks. We need spirit warriors."