Press Release:  Announcement of the Exopolitics
    Institute - July 4, 2005


Press Release:  Announcement of the Exopolitics Institute - July 4, 

Aloha all, I am delighted to announce the creation of the 
Exopolitics Institute.  Dedicated to the most paradigm shifting 
field of research today, the political implications of the 
extraterrestrial presence, this Institute will support exopolitical 
activism and the study of exopolitics. 

We are launching the Exopolitics Institute on this illustrious day 
of the 4th of July. Over 200 years ago a founding vision of a new 
representational system for the people, created by the people, was 
implemented.  Today, the Exopolitics Institute sets forth its own 
vision of citizen based representation, and transparent government 
accountability concerning extraterrestrial affairs - for the people, 
created by the people. It is time to end the secrecy and examine 
openly the extraterrestrial presence which is supported by credible, 
extensive and thoroughly compelling evidence.  And further, to 
understand its impact upon our lives.

The Institute aims to provide resources for scholars researching 
exopolitics so that these capable men and women can share their 
pioneering work and information with a public ready to know the 
truth.  Also promoted by the Exopolitics Institute are the topics of 
full disclosure of extraterrestrial information; the idea of 
transparency in all government activities related to 
extraterrestrial issues;  assistance to those 
performing `exopolitical activism'; and to promote those individuals 
who have credible evidence of contact with extraterrestrials. 

 You can learn more about the Institute in terms of its goals and
activities The Institute will also be the home of the "Journal of Exopolitics" which is being
simultaneously launched with the Exopolitics Institute. 
 The Journal
of Exopolitics will provide an outlet for scholars and activists to
publish their analyses of various issues and activities related to
the study of exopolitics and exopolitical activism

The biggest hurdle confronting those promoting expolitical study and 
activism is a lack of resources. The Exopolitics Institute will be a 
means to provide needed resources to those out in the field doing 
the rigorous work of studying exopolitics issues, promoting 
exopolitical awareness, and disseminating information about 
extraterrestrial contacts. 

Among the notable scholars, journalists and activists serving on the
various boards of the Exopolitics Institute are: Dr James Deardorff 
(scholar/scientist); Dr Thomas Hansen (scholar/educator); Paola 
Harris, M.Ed. (journalist/educator); Ed Komarek (political 
activist); Dr Simeon Hein (scholar/educator); and Alfred Webre, J.D. 

Success of the Exopolitics Institute will rely upon the collective 
voice of public interest, membership support, and the diligent 
research of dedicated people disseminating clear information about 
extraterrestrial affairs.  Everyone can play a direct role in 
promoting exopolitical awareness, and the first step is sharing the 
information at hand.  All are invited to forward this press release, 
visit our web site and to become a member of the Exopolitics 

Thank you for your continued interest in and support of 

Michael E. Salla, Ph.D. 
Founder, Exopolitics Institute 

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