Subject: [exopolitics] Pravda Article on ETs and Genetic Experiments

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Greetings All, here is an interesting article from Pravda raising 
the connection betwen genetics and the ET presence. They have
chosen examples that appear to be very dubious and easy to dismiss 
by the general public (ridicule factor), yet the effect is to raise 
in the public mind the existence of ETs interested in human 
genetics. Interesting that the Russians are wanting to establish 
this kind of mental association. I suspect this is part of the 
Russian acclimation program which is now more in alignment with US 
controllers. Definitely worth watching how Pravda puts a Russian 
spin on the ET presence. 

In peace, 

Michael Salla, PhD

Sexual contacts with aliens occur frequently 
08/04/2004 18:15 
Aliens take samples of semen and ovule from human abductees for 
their genetic experiments

When the science of ufology appeared, the phenomenon of UFO was 
associated with green aliens from the deep black space, studying 
planet Earth with scientific or military purposes. At the end of the 
20th century, ufologists started talking about the intention of 
extraterrestrial beings to obtain the human genetic material. 

On October 16th 1957 a 23-year-old Brazilian farmer Antonio Vilas 
Boas was working on his field, when the engine of his tractor 
suddenly stopped. In just several minutes the farmer saw a "flying 
disk" above his head. The spacecraft landed on the field, and 
Antonio saw three humanoids stepping out. The aliens were 
approaching the young man. Antonio panicked, he had no idea about 
the aliens' intention. So made up his mind to fight. The aliens were 
stronger in number, they dragged the terrified man into their 
spaceship. They took the farmer's clothes off, tied him up to a 
metal table and conducted a meticulous medical examination. They 
apparently found their captive healthy, injected him an unknown 
substance and left the room. In quite a long time, Antonio 
recollects, the door opened and he saw a beautiful naked blond. The 
girl turned the young man on - the farmer was making love to the 
extraterrestrial female for several hours without saying a word. In 
one of his interviews to reporters Antonio said: "When she was 
walking away, she turn around, pointed at her stomach, smiled and 
pointed up to the sky." 

After such a remarkable encounter, Antonio started craving for 
knowledge. A year later he entered the department of law of the 
local university, successfully graduated from it and became a 
brilliant lawyer. 

It became known in the 1950s, aliens often visited Earth with 
matrimonial purposes. Well-known American contactee Howard Menger 
was one of the few humans, who had a chance to meet an alien female. 
The 'woman's' name was Marla. She said she was born 500 years ago in 
the Constellation of Leo. Menger fell deeply in love with the woman 
from space. He divorced his wife and married Marla. The latter 
obtained the American citizenship and preferred the comfort of 
Menger's house to intergalactic flights. 

Elizabeth Klarer was one of the first women, who allegedly had a 
love affair with an extraterrestrial man. In 1956 she fell in love 
with a 'man' named Akon. The alien took her to his home planet 
Metok. He seduced the woman there and Elizabeth delivered a boy. 
After that the alien did not need the woman anymore and he sent her 
back to Earth. Elizabeth Klarer died in solitude in 1994 in South 
Africa. She strongly believed her son Ayling remained somewhere in 
Alpha Centauri. 

There are a lot of other examples of intimate relations between 
terrestrial and extraterrestrial beings. Several years ago the 
Harward medical school proposed professor John Mack to explore the 
phenomenon of sexual contacts with aliens. The experienced 
psychologist was initially rather sceptic about his research, 
although he came to unbelievable conclusions. The professor studied 
and analyzed a lot of stories about abductions. He concluded aliens 
conduct genetic experiments on people. Aliens examine human beings 
in special labs, take samples of semen from men and samples of 
ovules from women. Sometimes they put a fertilized ovule in the 
uterus, and the woman bears the child during the first weeks of its 
development. Then they take the embryo out and continue maintaining 
its life. Professor Mack said, aliens showed hybrid babies to their 
mothers at times. One woman was abducted repeatedly two years after 
the first abduction. Humanoids showed the abductee her son playing 
in a special room. The boy did not look like a normal child, but the 
woman could not help taking care of him. Aliens welcomed the 
maternal instinct and let the woman stay with her baby for several 

Modern science does not have any convincing evidence to prove sexual 
contacts with aliens. Nevertheless, such contacts have been 
happening for several ages already. Descriptions of them can be 
found in numerous tales, where people are abducted by fairies, 
dwarfs, sea monsters, in legends about demonic creatures succubus 
and incubus and so on and so forth. Nowadays some women say they had 
been subjected to sexual violence by extraterrestrial beings. A 19-
year-old Californian girl gave birth to a blue-skinned and web-
footed baby. The girl said she had been gang-raped by web-footed 
aliens. She claimed nobody believed her story and she had to keep 
the extraterrestrial child to prove her rightfulness. 

Yevgeny Dmitriyev