Extraterrestrial Exposure Law - Petition for Open
    Contact Law


Aloha all, you may already be familiar with the Extraterrestrial 
Exposure Law that NASA implemented under the statutory power it has 
as a Federal Government Agency in 1969 (14 CFR 1211). The law enabled the NASA administrator to quarantine or punish anyone from the public who comes into contact with extraterrestrials or their 
vehicles. The most striking provision of the ET Exposure Law is the 

"The Administrator or his designee..shall in his discretion: 
Determine that a particular person, property, animal, or other form 
of life or matter, whatever is extra-terrestrially exposed and 
quarantine such person, property, animal, or other form of life or 
matter whatever. The quarantine may be based only on a 
determination, with or without the benefit of a hearing, that there 
is probable cause to believe that such person, property, animal or 
other form of life or matter whatever is extra-terrestrially 

Though this regulation was removed from the Code of Federal 
Regulations in 1991 since it had ostensibley served its primary function during the Apollo Space missions, it remains in a legal status of 'reserved' and can be invoked if a new need arises. 
The 'reserved' status of the ET Exposure Law means that Legal 
Counsel for any miitary department or government agency can secretly 
invoke the ET Exposure Law since it creates the legal precedent of 
how to deal with members of the public who have had extraterrestrial 

This means that the NASA Administrator or his designee has unlimited 
power to put under armed guard, without a hearing and indefinetly 
held in quarantine any individual with ET exposure. This power has very likely been secretly used against numerous individuals who have claimed to have been 'contacted' or 'abducted' by extraterrestrials. Such individuals are at the mercy of government agencies who have the power to quarantine such individuals in order to gain their compliance with whatever demands NASA and/or government agencies have.

Websites explaining the ET Exposure Law are: 

Dr Simeone Hein has organized a petition for those desiring an Open 
Extaterrestrial Contact Law which is fully debated within Congress. 
This is very important since the ET Exposure Law has very likely 
been secretly invoked to quarantine individuals with ET exposure, and remains a coercive instrument against any individual who has contact with extraterrestrials. To read his 
petition and 
for more information on the ET Exposure Law, CLICK HERE

Open Contact with extraterrestrials is an important issue for us all 
and its well worth supporting this initiative by Dr Hein and keeping 
the public aware of the legal implications of the ET exposure law which will in reserve, provides legal justification for it to be secretly invoked by legal counsel of government/military agencies and departments. 

In peace

Michael Salla, PhD