An Interview With Clifford Stone: The EBE Guidebook

Aloha all, here is my latest Exopolitical Comment which is based on 
my continuing investigation of the whistleblower testimony of Sgt 
Clifford Stone. What Sgt Stone reveals is a wake up call to
how far behind we are in understanding the full extent of the ET
presence and government/military knowledge of this.

Michael Salla, PhD

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An Interview With Clifford Stone: The EBE Guidebook*

On July 20, 2005 I completed a phone interview with Sgt Clifford 
Stone (ret) who discussed at length his involvement in UFO crash 
retrieval teams during his 22 year military service from 1968-1990. 
Sgt Stone served in the U.S. Army and claims he was covertly 
recruited into an elite UFO retrieval team due to his natural 
ability to interface with extraterrestrial biological entities 
(EBEs). He claims that he was picked out during his childhood by the 
U.S. military and had an Air Force Captain regularly visit him on a 
weekly basis who encouraged Sgt Stone in pursuing his interest in 
UFOs, and eventually influenced his decision to join the military. 
Upon joining the military Sgt Stone found himself starting a very 
untypical military career. 

Sgt Stone says he was initially given training at a Nuclear, 
Biological and Chemical Warfare facility at Fort Lee, VA., and then 
given regular army assignments until called away to perform his 
crash retrieval duties when required. Sgt Stone claims that when 
required for UFO retrievals he was typically called out to serve for 
a week. He says that his army service record was distorted to 
exclude references to his actual training and assignments, and 
refers to him only performing clerical duties as a typist. Like many 
whistleblowers, there is controversy over inconsistencies between 
his testimony and lack of documentary evidence to verify his alleged 
training and actual service. 

The strongest objective support for his claims of having worked in 
covert UFO retrieval projects is the extensive documentation he has 
provided to support the existence of covert UFO crash retrieval 
teams. He was able to use very specific Freedom of Information Acts 
requests to uncover information disclosing the existence of 
classified projects such as Moon Dust and Blue Fly that were created 
to recover debris of UFOs. For example, in reviewing a Air Force 
Intelligence letter known as the Betz memo (1961), Sgt Stone was 
able to reveal to the general public evidence that Project Moon Dust 
involved a:potential for employment of qualified field
intelligence personnel on a quick reaction basis to recover or 
perform field exploitation of unidentified flying objects 
 Even strong  
critics such as Captain Kevin Randle (ret) acknowledge Stone's 
pioneering research in bringing to the public information concerning 
UFO crash retrieval teams
 In the preface to Stone's book, UFOs are Real (1997), another critic, Stanton
Friedman, acknowledges Stone's efforts in bringing into the public 
arena many documents never before published.

The fact that Sgt Stone was able to ferret out the existence of such 
classified projects despite previous denial of their existence by 
various military and government authorities, supports his testimony 
that he had first hand knowledge of these classified projects. 
Furthermore, these documents support his testimony that he had tried 
to make available for the public record sufficient information so he 
would not be punished for revealing the classified information he 
had personally acquired during his service on these projects.
many have pointed out, the disclosure of classified information 
involves severe penalties, especially for whistleblowers for the UFO 
phenomenon that appear to run the most risk of adverse penalties in 
disclosing such information  Sgt Stone catalogued in UFOs are Real numerous 
documents he had been able to retrieve by FOIA even during his years 
of military service. Consequently, Stone's pioneering documentary
research into UFO crash retrievals is strong support for his 
testimony of actually having served on such teams during his 
military service. 

Sgt Stone claimed in the interview that during his military service 
he was monitored by an individual whose rank he was never told but 
whom he called `Colonel'. The Colonel was present at UFO crash 
retrieval locations and led the debriefing sessions of Sgt Stone. 
Sgt Stone claims that the Colonel allowed him to read a three inch 
thick notebook manual that contained information on 57 types of 
extraterrestrial biological entities (EBEs) known to the military. 
Sgt Stone first saw the "EBE Guidebook" in 1979 and claims that it 
contained much information on each of group of EBEs in terms of 
their physiology, food requirements and medical information. He 
claims he could read the Guidebook when he was serving on the 
retrieval teams up until 1989. Sgt Stone says that the Guidebook was 
to be used in case First Aid had to be administered to any EBEs 
found at crash sites. In the interview, he gave the example of 
Iodine which can be administered for first aid purposes, but can be 
deadly for some EBEs. 

 As a whistleblower, there continues to be intense debate over Sgt
Stone's testimony and the veracity of his claims. Some of these 
debates have occurred with critics such as Capt Kevin Randle who has 
also personally interviewed Sgt Stone and did not believe him to be 
 Capt Randle's main criticism is that Stone's military 
record only refers to him being trained as a clerk typist. Capt 
Randle doesn't accept Stone's argument that the clerical training on 
his military record was only a cover for his specialized training in 
specialized units such as the Nuclear, Chemical and Biological 
Warfare training facility. If Stone was only ever a typist, as Capt 
Randle suggests, then it would be hard to explain how a clerk typist 
would have knowledge of classified projects such as Moon Dust and 
Bluefly that prior to Stone's successful FOIA requests, were 
officially denied to exist. Stone's successful FOIA requests of 
documents describing classified projects, gives credence to his 
claims that he had first hand knowledge of these classified 
projects, and was very likely involved with Projects Moon Dust and 
Bluefly as a crash retrieval specialist. 

In my interview Sgt Stone comes across as very meticulous in his
statements, very clear about the information he is revealing, and 
refuses to speculate on subjects he did not directly experience. The 
information he provided in the interview was very consistent with 
earlier interviews conducted by other investigators such as Paola 
Harris . Furthermore, Sgt Stone had no desire to gain
financial profit for his evidence or appeared in any way to be a 
publicity seeker. He came across as an individual of great integrity 
desiring to let the American public learn the truth about UFOs and 
the ETH. My overall conclusion is that Stone is very credible due to 
the meticulous nature of his testimony, the consistency in his 
story, his obvious integrity, and because of the documents he has 
been able to provide demonstrating the existence of elite UFO crash 
retrieval teams under the classified Moon Dust and BlueFly projects. 
In terms of a range of `soft' and `hard' criteria to analyze the 
veracity of whistleblower testimony, Sgt Stone ranks very highly 
both because of his personal integrity and the documents he was able 
to provide in support of his testimony. The documentary evidence 
Stone provided of classified projects he allegedly served on, also 
supports perhaps the most controversial aspect of his testimony that 
his own military records were altered so as to not reflect his 
actual training and duties.  

The most remarkable aspect of my July 19 interview is the 
information Sgt Stone claimed existed in the EBE Guidebook. This has 
very important exopolitical significance that I wish to now 
elaborate upon. The alleged EBE Guidebook describes the 
physiological characteristics of 57 types of EBEs. This suggests 
extensive knowledge was likely gained through a number of sources: 
UFO crash retrievals; EBE visitations; and/or cooperation with some 
EBEs who were aware of other EBEs visiting the Earth. The 
compilation of such a guidebook suggests a very well coordinated and 
funded research program exists in the classified projects involving 
EBEs and ETVs. Such a detailed study gives support to the existence
of an Interplanetary Phenomenon Unit that was allegedly created in 
1942 to study the UFO phenomenon. The Majestic Documents website 
includes references and reports by such a unit on EBEs and UFOs 


The implications of the existence of an `EBE Guidebook' is startling 
since it suggests that the covert government agencies and military 
departments dealing with UFOs have long since resolved the truth of 
the extraterrestrial hypothesis (ETH).  The ETH has been demonstrated
to be very real, and covert military departments and government 
agencies have progressed far in cataloguing and analyzing different 
EBEs. It is also likely that such agencies have developed a very 
sophisticated analysis of the motivations and activities of EBEs 
that go far beyond any analysis available in the public arena (see 
. In terms of
a coordinated national security response by the U.S. authorities, it 
is very likely that a very detailed strategic analysis of many EBE 
groups in terms of their motivations, technologies and strategic 
capacities has already been conducted. The strategic response is 
likely to be based on a multiple actor analysis of geo-politics and 
the involvement of different EBE groups with multiple agendas and 
capacities. This geo-political analysis is therefore very likely to 
lead to a `balance of power' analysis of the multiple EBE groups and 
how various nation states may achieve their strategic goals in 
response to visiting EBE groups.  My own earlier analysis of a
hypothetical power politics approach to dealing with EBEs and the 
ETH is therefore more likely have merit due to the extensive number 
of EBE groups known to be interacting with humanity (see 

My own conclusion as an exopolitical researcher is that we have only 
scratched the surface of what is known by government agencies and 
military departments about EBEs, their motivations and associated 
technologies. This suggests that if exopolitical researchers are to 
influence government policy in how information on EBE groups and ETH 
is to be disseminated into the public arena, that there needs to be 
more appreciation of the extensive knowledge gained over five 
decades of covert research on EBEs and the government response. This 
knowledge has been used to develop a strategic response to the 
multiple EBE groups visiting Earth which implies disclosure of the 
truth of the ETH would somehow damage the strategic goals of 
military departments and government agencies responsible for a 
coordinated national security response. It is therefore up to 
exopolitical researchers to come up with a persuasive strategic 
reason for why disclosure not only benefits the public interest, but 
also appreciably strengthens the national interest of the U.S. and 
other major nations aware of the truth of the ETH.