This is an article I got published all over the net back in 2000. The
main point I'd like to make about it is the one statement I made
regarding the reason for the government not to disclose UFO informantion,
and I will repeat again and again. There are too many fingers to point in
too many directions for disclosure to ever occure. Too many people will
be guilty of crimes commited against the people, including murder.
Therefore, it would be to the government benifit after all these years,
and all the crimes they've commited in secrecy, not to disclose anything.
Criminal actions, and crimes against humanity over the years will prevent
them from every fully disclosing anything.
Here is the article in it's entirety if your interested.
                                   A Year Of
                         Disinformation? By Joseph Held

     Since the turn of the New Year there has been a buzz of sorts amongst
    those in the UFO Research Field that somehow, this was to be the year of
    disclosure. The year that all the beans will begin to spill, in a manner
      of speaking. Where this hopeful and enthusiastic idea originated, I
     really can't say, for in my own research, I am finding, unfortunately,
                   the exact opposite seems to be occurring.

    One of the first signs that this year might be different came when Malin
     Space Sciences dumped an unprecedented 25,000 raw images onto the net
    from the MGS. Of course, this was only done after years of protest from
     concerned citizens to re-image Cydonia, and to release more photos. At
     first, this seemed like a beginning of the disclosure. But in no time,
        the same old routine showed itself again, as researchers started
    pointing out new anomalies from the Martian surface, debunkers wasted no
      time in slamming the new information. Nasa, and Malin both stand by
         their previous position, which seems to be, we can discuss the
        possibility of life on other planets, just not intelligent life.

        Then the next big buzz occurred with hints of NASA releasing new
      information about the planet Mars. Many people held their breath in
    expectation, thinking maybe NASA would finally admit the possibility of
    artificiality on Mars. While many more of us, just sighed, knowing that
    the upcoming announcement would more likely be a disappointment. And we
       were right. NASA's big announcement, "there MAY be liquid water on
       Mars." An announcement that stupefied many who have been following
        developments on Mars. Liquid water? Didn't a couple of scientist
     discover liquid water 20 years ago from the Viking Photos? And weren't
      they ridiculed for their theories? Now, with no credit to them, Nasa
    announces the POSSIBILITY of water. As usual, Nasa releases only enough
    info to get their funding going again. So, as far as NASA being part of
      the disclosure movement, forget it. It's business as usual for them.
     Even though NASA is supposed to be a civilian operation, it is obvious
        that over the years they have been swallowed up in the Military
        Industrial Complex that President Eisenhower warned about in his
                                farewell speech.

       Now, just in the last week or so, we have back to back reports of

       First, Colin Andrews, funded through a grant from the Rockefeller
        institute, reports that 80% of crop circles are hoaxes, and the
      remaining 20% are caused from Earths own magnetic field. This story
     appears everywhere. From the Internet, to Network television. With no
     evidence to support these findings published thus far. Yet, his story
    makes it to network TV? Big news! If a UFO researcher came forth with so
       little evidence, he or she would be laughed right out of business.
    Another point worth mentioning, is the fact that the grant came from the
     Rockefeller institute. Investigators already know that the Rockefeller
    name is tied into the UFO cover up, and the Secret World Government from
                            as early as the 1950's.

        The next item to be released comes from the ex-Soviet Union. The
    investigators, Dr. Yuliy Platov of the Academy of Sciences, and Colonel
     Boris Sokolov of the Ministry of Defense has summarized the results of
        the Soviet Union's official 13 year study of UFO reports. Their
     conclusion. "Many people are the eyewitnesses of strange things," the
       writer's report, "which cannot always be precisely identified with
    natural or man-made effects. However, this amount is very insignificant,
       and from this there does not follow even a 'hint' of the probable
     interference of extraterrestrial forces into our lives." According to
     these guys, There are no UFOs in Russia. Stories from Russia are just
     that. Fabricated and sold to people by desperate Russian citizens, who
    give the researcher just what they are looking for, all the reports from
    Russia are phony, and no secret operation involving Soviet Military, and
       UFOs ever happened. Even though many witness's claim otherwise. As
    usual, these witness's are just not a reliable source of information, no
     matter who they might be. This story also managed to make the news on
    the Internet, print media, and television. Wow! Try to get a story from
    the opposite point of view recognized. You will be lucky if anyone even
                        notices, no matter who you are.

        Next big story. The NSA releases previously classified documents
      regarding UFOs. Thinking this will passify the public at large, the
    opposite has occurred. The NSA website has been swamped by people trying
        to dig into these files. What are they finding? Huge portions of
     documents blacked out. If there is nothing to hide, why all the black
     outs. Kent Steadman of Cyberspace Orbit advises," use the NSA web site
    at your own risk. Reports indicate that the NSA is tracking all users."
      Why again? If there is nothing to hide? This tracking may just be a
                                 rumor, but...?

      Next tidbit: Bush promises UFO disclosure. Give me a break! How many
     times have we heard promises during campaign time? Bush comes from the
    wrong side of the tracks when it comes to UFO disclosure. Father, and ex
     president was head of the CIA, and the family is from big oil. Two of
    the biggest perpetrators of the whole cover up. There would be no reason
     for George W. Bush to come forward if he is elected. In fact, he would
    be cutting his own throat. My advice, vote for the one who you think is
                                   LESS evil.

     With just these few stories it is fairly easy to see that things have
    not changed a bit over the last year. Anyone who professes to believe in
     the existence of UFOs and Aliens is still marked as a whacko. Serious
     researchers of the UFO phenomenon are still not being recognized. Even
    though there is at this time, overwhelming evidence to support the fact
    that this phenomenon is real, it is ignored vigorously by the mainstream
                          scientist's, and news media.

    Conclusion. All of us researcher's are here either because we have seen
    something that has changed our lives forever, or been exposed to someone
    who has. We already know, as do many more intelligent folks, that these
    things are indeed for real. That our Government, along with others, has
            worked very hard to keep this from the public at large.

    What can we do? The same thing we always have. Keep our eyes, ears, and
    mind open, and bring forth whatever evidence we can dig up. If I said it
    once, I'll say it a million times. "There are too many fingers to point
     in too many directions for true disclosure to ever occur." There is no
    benefit for those involved to release this information. Therefore, it is
      my humble opinion that the Government will continue to undermine the
     public at large, and that it is up to all of us to dig a little deeper
    and harder, to uncover not only the UFO phenomenon, but also to uncover
         the atrocities committed against the citizens of this country,
                perpetrated by these covert operators. Joe Held

     "If suddenly there was a threat to this world from some other species
     from another planet, we'd forget all the little local differences that
    we have between our two countries and we would find out once and for all
     that we really are all human beings on this Earth. - "Ronald Reagan to
                              Mikhail Gorbachev"-

     "In our obsession with antagonisms of the moment, we often forget how
     much unites all the members of humanity. Perhaps we need some outside,
     universal threat to make us recognize this common bond. I occasionally
      think, how quickly our differences worldwide would vanish if we were
    facing an alien threat from outside this world. And yet, I ask is not an
     alien force ALREADY among us?" "There are only a handful of people who
      know the truth about this." -"Ronald Reagan to a full session of the
                      United Nations- September 21, 1987"-