Comments on Conspiracy Theories and the ET Presence


Aloha all, I thought I would post my response to a question 
concerning Conspiracy theories and the ET Presence. There has been a 
recent discussion of this topic on the prepare4contact forum.
In peace, 
Michael Salla, PhD


Aloha Tamara, there are a number of levels to this issue concerning 
global conflict and conspiracy theories. First, the need of the 
shadow government to fund its secret weapons and ET technology 
related projects. Second, the need to cover up the existence and 
funding for these projects from the prying eyes of the media and 
Congressional representatives. Third, the possible existence of some 
Extinction Level Event that is being hid from the general public, 
eg., 2012. And fourth, the role of ETs in directly fostering global 
conflict and social inequities in order to weaken and/or control 

I've written a paper about levels one and two in terms of the black 
budget which you can read here:
 Here you see the
reasons why the drug trade, front companies, corporate monopolies, 
etc., are linked to the funding for covert ET projects underway 
which I describe as Manhattan Two. Events such as 911, Madrid and
London bombings help foster a social climate of fear that can be 
easily manipulated to prevent societies from awakening to the truth. 

Also, the possibility of an Extinction Level Event in the near 
future drives the shadow government to impose Draconian security 
procedures and policies intended to ensure the continuity of 
government through secret survival policies for a human elite, and 
weapons procurement programs to ensure human sovereignty against 
manipulative ETs.  You can read more on the notion of an Extinction
Level Event and how this was secretly leaked in terms of the 
Alternative Three scenario

Finally, your answer is the key - distraction. In order to keep the 
wheels turning for all the above levels, we need to be kept 
distracted through various global conflicts. The War against 
Terrorism is a conflict engineered to achieve this purpose. If the 
mass of humanity in developed countries are distracted by the threat 
of terrorism, then the shadow government will not be revealed and it 
cannot be brought to account for its policies. 

Conspiracy theories only focus on one aspect of the global problems 
confronting us, the elites involved in the various illicit programs. 
For example, Michael Ruppert who runs the From The Wilderness 
website believes that Peak Oil considerations secretly drive global 
policies, and that the CIA-Drug connection is a result of a cabal of 
elites that profit. Unfortunately, he dismisses the ET connection 
which gets him to arrive at only partial solutions to the problem. 

Conspiracy theorists who dismiss the ET factor only peel back a few 
levels of the onion and never get to the core. There is a strong ET 
element in conspiracy theories yet it is only a few writers like Jim 
Marrs and David Icke who have figured it out. 


Michael S.