Subject: [ctrl] Exopolitical Comment # 26 - Alternative 3 and 'Global
    Consciousness': Identifying a New Strategic Factor for Responding to

Exopolitical Comment # 26 - Alternative 3 and 'Global Consciousness':
Identifying a New Strategic Factor for Responding to Extraterrestrials


Alternative 3 began as a science documentary broadcast on British
television by Anglia Television in June, 1977 and beamed to several other
countries in Europe and to Australia, New Zealand but not to the US.
Alternative 3 was the last in series of documentaries called the Science
Report. Alternative 3 began with the investigators researching an alleged
'brain drain' in Britain (talented individuals emigrating to other
countries), and then discovering that these people had disappeared.
Further research focused on their allegedly being taken off to work in
undisclosed locations. More investigation revealed that the Earth's
environment is undergoing great change due to greenhouse gases and that a
top secret effort is underway to move small numbers of the human
population to safe locations.


According to an alleged British scientist, the authorities have long
known that the global environment was deteriorating so seriously, that
three radical solutions or 'alternatives' were contemplated. Alternative
1 was to put a stop to environmental degradation and use extreme measures
such as atomic blasts in the Earth's atmosphere to allow greenhouse gases
to escape. Alternative 2 was to move enough of the population to safe
underground sites to ensure continuity of government and national
survival. Alternative 3 was the most radical, establish bases on the Moon
and Mars and move as much of the population there to ensure the survival
of humanity. The documentary interviewed an alleged US astronaut 'Bob
Grodin' who claimed that when he went to the moon that others were
already there in words that echoed Neil Armstrong's alleged comments when
on the moon: "But we have found some visitors... They've been here for
quite a while judging by the installations.... I'm telling you there are
other spacecraft out there. They're lined up in ranks on the far side of
the crater's edge..." ( ). The
documentary finished with a film clip that was allegedly smuggled out by
a murdered British scientist that showed a US landing on Mars and an
astronaut announcing: "Boy, when they take the wraps off this, it'll be
the biggest day in history. 22 May 1962, we're on Mars and we have life."


Alternative 3 caused an immediate uproar since the Science Report was a
well respected series of science documentaries that had a track record
for informative stories that were credible and very well researched. In
1977 there was no such thing as the internet and cable TV so shows like
the Science Report were very influential and reached a wide audience.
Anglia television began telling worried telephone callers that the show
was fiction and that the investigators and people interviewed in the show
were actors. You can read a good summary of how Alternative 3 was hoaxed
here: . To actually
view Alternative 3 online, go here:

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After all the furor caused by what was now declared to be a fictitious
television documentary, one of the individuals involved in the production
of Alternative 3 wrote a book a year later that instantly became a
popular conspiracy theory. The book, Alternative 3, developed further
themes mentioned in the documentary with material that arguably could not
be included in the show. Watkins claimed that civilians were being
abducted and taken to colonies on Mars and the Moon (an online version
available here: ). The author Leslie
Watkins, emigrated to Australia, and then explained that the book was
'fiction based on fact,' and claimed that the original show was also a
fictionalized version of fact. For many, the Alternative 3 documentary
was just an elaborate hoax, involving actors, and that Watkin's was just
an example of the people involved trying to cash in on the documentary's


Even though Alternative 3 involved actors staging a documentary that was
a hoax featuring fictitious British scientists and a fictitious American
Astronaut, there are a number of things that makes one suspicious about
this whole saga. First, the Science Report was a well respected British
documentary produced by Anglia Television. Why would Anglia TV and the
produces of the Science Report risk their reputations to produce a hoax
that would spark protests by its loyal viewers? And second, why would the
Science Report use actors to impersonate a respected British scientist
and a US astronaut whose identities could easily be found to be
fictitious? Finally, what does all this have to do with us in 2004 and
the undisclosed extraterrestrial presence?


Let me now offer my reflections on what really happened with Alternative
3, and its exopolitical significance. I believe that Alternative 3 was
intended to disclose to the general public a truth that was too
disturbing to be announced through conventional political channels. The
'truth' was undisclosed scientific data that indicated that the Earth's
environment was rapidly collapsing as a result of various causes and that
events had reached a point where devastating Earth changes were around
the corner. The conclusion reached by government authorities was that
there were going to be devastating environmental changes that would
threaten the survival of humanity on the surface of the Earth. Hence
intensive efforts were underway to prepare for such a contingency through
the three alternatives discussed in the Alternative 3 documentary and


The alleged bases on the Moon and Mars were a possible place for
relocating significant numbers of civilians to escape whatever
environmental catastrophe were projected. As to how the US and other
countries had been able to establish bases on the Moon and Mars without
public knowledge, the answer lies in the technological assistance
provided by extraterrestrials that were providing such technology in
exchange for various earth resources. In Phillip Corso's book, The Day
After Roswell, he described an ambitious blueprint for a base on the moon
that was made possible by extraterrestrial technologies recovered from
the Roswell crash. While the book presents the Moon base as an unrealized
project, the implication that Corso is making with the inclusion of these
chapters is that the Moon base was indeed constructed but that he
couldn't officially disclose this in the book.


The recent book series, Millennial Hospitality (2002), released by a
former USAF weather observer, Charles Hall, demonstrates the extent that
the government exchanged technology with a group of extraterrestrials
called the 'tall whites' (see )
. The tall whites provided the technological information for constructing
nuclear powered scout craft that could travel in nearby regions of the
solar system, and even provided tours of the Moon and possibly Mars to
USAF generals on their more advanced anti-gravity propelled scout craft.
Thus the Hall book series lends support to alleged whistleblowers such as
Michael Relfe who claim to have traveled to Mars and served in a secret
human colony there (see ). Hall also
supports the testimony of a former member of US Naval Intelligence,
William Cooper, who claimed to have seen documents describing secret
bases on the Moon and Mars

( ). It can be assumed that
extraterrestrials such as the tall whites provided intelligence on the
impending environmental catastrophe, and probably struck deals with the
shadow government where both would benefit in the event of such a global


As to what were the undisclosed causes driving a dramatic environmental
collapse, one can take their pick: runaway greenhouse and ozone depleting
gasses, an impending pole shift, the approach of a large comet/planet
such as Planet X, the sun experiencing immense mega solar activity, an
impending nuclear war, and/or the use of exotic technologies provided by
visiting extraterrestrial races. There is much evidence to support each
of these factors as possible causes of devastating environmental change
on Earth that were thought to be inevitable so I leave it to the reader
to research each of these and their plausibility.


My conclusion is that the shadow government that controlled
extraterrestrial affairs were convinced that a planet wide environmental
collapse was imminent, so for the sake of preparing those who might stand
a chance of surviving on Earth's surface, they covertly arranged for the
production and release of Alternative 3. The idea was to put enough
factual material in the documentary so that those that were alert enough,
could take whatever measures they could to survive what was about to
happen. At the same time, the documentary had to be obviously a hoax
using actors playing fictitious personalities so that it could be easily
dismissed by those who might panic if indeed there was truth to it. That
way the shadow government could get the word out while maintaining
plausible deniability over the truth of what was claimed in the show. I
think this best explains why the Science Report went to all the effort to
produce Alternative 3, and ride out the predictable public backlash once
viewers were told the show was a hoax. To me, this explanation is the
most plausible as to why Anglia TV and the Science Report went ahead with
the production and airing of Alternative 3.


So if the Science Show was televising Alternative 3 to warn those who
were alert enough as to what was really happening, and if the that shadow
government was secretly behind the production of Alternative 3 to both
test public reaction and prepare those who might stand a chance of
surviving a predicted environmental catastrophe, then why haven't the
Earth changes happened? After all it's been 27 years since Alternative 3
aired so if the shadow government were really behind it to promote some
public awareness of what they believed the evidence conclusively
suggested lay just ahead, how could their bleak assessments have been so


I think this is where we reach some interesting conclusions since the
shadow government would have had impressive scientific resources and
technological data needed to reach their assessment of what lay ahead for
the planet. When you combine the bleak assessment that the shadow
government reached, with predictions of impending environmental collapse
by extraterrestrials who have communicated with contactees/abductees, and
predictions of global calamity by a host of psychics throughout the 1980s
and 1990s, then it becomes clear that the shadow government, visiting
extraterrestrial races and psychics missed something vital in their
predictions of an impending environmental catastrophe. What factor or
variable did the shadow government, extraterrestrials and psychics miss
in making their bleak assessments about the future of humanity on the
surface of Earth?


The answer I believe is that all failed to factor in the relevance of
'global consciousness' into their predictive models and analyses of the
forces behind an environmental collapse. The best source for
understanding the concept of 'global consciousness' and how it affects
the evolution of life on Earth is Tielhard de Chardin and his concept of
the 'noosphere' (see ). The noosphere
was an evolving composite of humanity's thoughts, feelings and social
relationships that evolved steadily upward towards a fuller manifestation
of human potential. De Chardin's thoughts on a 'global consciousness' was
independently supported by theorists such as Carl Jung who discovered
archetypes of the 'collective unconscious' of humanity. Rather than
solely an abstraction dreamed up by progressive thinkers, the concept of
a global consciousness is physically represented through the
communications infrastructure of the internet. The internet probably more
than anything else physically symbolizes the noosphere or 'global
consciousness' that Chardin was arguing to be a critical factor in the
evolution of humanity.