Subject: They Are Already Here.              Jan. 16, 2008.
  Here is a person who thinks the space people are already
  Mr. Brooks and the Alien Invasion from Underground - Part
  History teaches us everything but we always fail to
learn. When Lawrence of Arabia attacked Akkaba with his
arab 'army' it was only possible, as he well knew, because
the big guns the Turkish a-my had had all been fixed into
place to only fire in one direction, out to sea, and not to
be able to turn and face the burning 'uncrossable' desert
that stretched for hundreds of miles behind them.
  There's an invasion going on, and our 'big guns' are all
fixed in place facing in one direction outwards while the
invasion quietly goes on from behind us.
  This is the insidious nature of the control of alien/UFO
discussion in the world by those who are already in the
power of the reptilian and O-ion forces.
  Organizations such as M-FON and C-ETI and others, that
like a second p-litical party, only serve to make it appear
as if something is being done or discussed in true Hegelian
fashion when in truth nothing REAL is being discussed or
taken action on. Like the guns of Medina these type groups
have us all looking up for aliens and for invasion when in
truth it's already here and approaching rapidly from behind
us, or more in truth from underneath us.
  The invasion going on is not subtle, but it is very
  Hollywood even throws it up in our face all the time with
movies such as Fallen, Invasion of the Body Snatchers and
its latest i-carnation, Invasion. Stephen King hits closer
to the mark with his book, Dreamcatcher, and the wonderful
movie made from it. Alien, the movie series, broaches on
the same subject but to a lesser extent because it sets its
scene 'out there' instead of down here.
  Movies such as Independence Day only continue the
smokescreen being perpetrated on us all because again it
focuses on 'physical' aliens and spacecraft rather than on
the dimensional aliens who are already on the planet as
part of the Star W-rs Bar that we all are.
  And while alien forces invading from outer space seems
far-fetched to the heavily-implanted, heavily programmed
average-Joe on the street, alien invasion from underground
is beyond their conception all together, yet it's a thread
I've been following and that permeates my writings from
almost day one.
  If you haven't already read it may I suggest you read the
following before going on with the other parts of this
article/revelation. It will serve you in good stead in
having a foundation from which to understand the 'new'
  Initially, it is important to understand that we ARE just
holographic inserts into a 3rd dimensional 'reality. From
The True Nature of Planet Earth: "If you remember the
articles I have written mentioning the work I have been
doing over the past year with alien energy forms and all
the different forms of being in human form. I have had very
few people who I worked with and told them they were . . .
who it did not make automatic sense of their lives, the
things they like to do, their body type, the thing they did
or liked as children. We as humans, those of us who are,
think that our form is 'normal'and that the animals we see
are just 'animals' rather than lowered energetic forms of
more advanced civilizations where Star Wa-s and Star Trek
portray the normalcy of their physical forms.
  "Many of the aliens that we work with call humans
'squishy water' because that's all we are made of. Some
aliens are biological/metal hybrids, some are more like
energetic balls on their home planets, some are like ewoks
or wookies. I have dealt with fish people who drink three
gallons of water a day and breath through the water they
drink because they have energetic gills under their chins
etc., etc., I have worked with dinosaur-like aliens,
various forms and sizes of reptilians who were here on
positive helpful missions or who were here programmed for
not so nice things. I have worked with, androids,
artificial intelligences; androgynous types of beings,
squirrel-like aliens, and many turtle people of various
forms, lizard and salamander people. It is the nature of
this planet that it is as I have always said, like a Star
W-rs bar.
  "72 percent of this planet is 'not human'. It is that way
and has always been kind of that way. More so with what is
currently going on and there are so many people here from
so many varied places to help or hinder the planetary
ascension or the New W-rld Orders plans of total planetary
  That means that only about 28 percent of humans are truly
  "Since aliens of many higher dimensional levels need to
come here for whatever purpose, they must choose to be born
through the womb yet still bringing their dimensional form
with them, or they 'walk-in' to a human form and in doing
so the sense of who that person is seems to change like
they are no longer who they were, yet the basic ego-driven
core shell of the person remains the same yet does not
understand why it no-longer likes the same things. Often
dietary needs will change over night."
  by Peter Farley
  Mr. Brooks and the Alien Invasion from Underground - Part
  Barbara Clow confirms in some of her c-anneling sessions
that the temple at Machinga (La Venta, a pre-Columbian
archaeological site of the Olmec civilization located in
the present-day Mexican state of Tabasco) was created so
that, as she puts it, "alien energies could descend in
physical form in order to ground their multi-dimensional
essence into the e-olution of planet Earth."
  And insert it they have, and not simply in our lifetimes
either, or even as far back as ancient Atlantis, but more
as Zacharia S-tchin suggests, for the past hundreds of
thousands of years and possibly even more. Is there
precedence for dimensional existence coming from beneath
the ground? How about as close as looking at the Hopi
legends of the Southwestern United States.
  In his article, "We Are All Related", Dr. Allen R-ss
speaks of a sandstone cliff near second mesa on the Hopi
Reservation in Arizona. On this cliff is etched a picture
of the past, present, and the future. This site is more
commonly known as Hopi Prophecy Rock. The petroglyph
depicts the Hopi as emerging from the underground to the
surface of the Earth. The actual place for this event is a
re-igious site located in the Grand Canyon.
  The Sioux also say they emerged from underground at a
place in the Black Hills known today as Wind Cave. The
story depicted on the prophecy rock continues on by showing
how the leading clans of the Hopi migrated in the 4
directions, then turned left---forming a S-astika symbol.
The clans that followed migrated in the 4 directions--
then turned left---forming a reverse Sw-stika symbol. After
journeying in the 4 directions, they were to return to the
center. When they reach the center it will be the end of
the fourth age.
  From part 4 of their series of articles, Ancient Egyptian
Treasure in the Grand Canyon? Barry McEwen  and Michael
Lawrence Morton bring up the same suggestion that it has
now been our experience to verify, namely that there is a
vast reptilian subterranean culture that is not exactly
  ". . . This brings to mind the very thoughts I have been
tossing around since the "reptilian-subterranean" aspect
came into the picture. It has been my contention that the
electro-magnetic parameters beneath the surface of the
earth are not the same as those on the surface. It is also
known that altered states begin to occur when one is not
within the geo-magnetic fields of earth, and that early
experience in space flight proved this to the point where
artificial magnetic fields need to be implemented for the
safety and mental stability of the astronauts when outside
the earth's magnetic field.
  "The astronauts had no `known' morphogenetic field in
which their holographic brains and holographic biological
forms could operate, no points of reference so to speak.
They were `off the grid' and outside the predominant
controlling paradigm, and so many astronauts and others who
have been `into space' come back as changed human beings.
Why? Because they've seen and been outside this lie we call
the Matrix!
  "It is also known that the geo-magnetic fields shift
around the earth, the patterns continually moving and
fluxing over a period of about 2000 years ( see pages 44 -
58, Awakening to Zero Point, Gregg Braden, 1994 ) It is not
too much a leap to speculate on the role geomagnetics may
have on altering human consciousness beneath the surface.
The resonant chambers and passageways of a vast
subterranean system may also act as sub-sonic wave-guides
etc, in a similar fashion as the initiation temples,
pyramids, kivas and anomalous energy areas around the
globe. Could this account for the strange and exotic tales
encountered in the underground world. Could the
geo-magnetic, electric, gravity and sonic parameters be
such that other dimensional translations of reality become
accessible? "
Part 1.
John Winston.
Subject: They Are Alredy Here.  Part 2 of 2. Jan. 16, 2008.
  This shows how aliens can appear to be humans.
  McEwen and Morton's suppositions may help explain the
various `dimensional' shifts which have taken place upon
the planet as the earth changes occurred, i.e., that the
planet only descended from a higher dimensional state into
the 3rd or physical dimension as recently as the time of
the `Great Flood' only 12, 000 years ago. Being aware of
the upcoming events they helped to create, the reptilians
and other `alien' overlords present on the planet prior to
the Great Flood may then not have left the planet as
Sitchin and others suggest, but instead have taken shelter
in their own holographically created `underworld' which
could simultaneously contain both 4th and 5th dimensional
existences. The reptilians and other alien Beings who
inhabit the massive d-rk cavernous gas pockets which
surround the Earth underneath the crust would then be
living in one of these altered states spoken of, yet still
desirous of interacting with and controlling the slave r-ce
they had created on the new 3rd dimensional level as called
to do so.
  As my partner Sue Ann ch-nneled a number of months ago
from Aristenna of the Council of Light upon completing some
dimensional grid work in Virginia, there are only certain
reptilians and `underground' aliens who are capable of
moving above ground for any length of time.
  Q: Why can only some come above ground?
  Aristenna: Only some are equipped with a cloaking device,
and some are not. It takes special Beings and special DNA
that can cloak them to look like human beings. Also it
takes a lot of energy to cloak and they have less and less
energy available to them since so much of the grid work and
portal closing work has been done. They cannot waste what
they have on 'trivial' things.
  Cloaking devices sound very Star Trekky, but as any avid
fan knows, Star Trek's creator, Gene Roddenberry, sat in on
cha-nelings of a galactic group calling themselves The
Nine. What he heard in those channe-ing sessions is what
led him to create and expand upon people's ideas about the
Universes and the future and past history of the planet
through such series as Star Trek and Earth: Final Conflict.
As Dr. Michael Newton's works describe, and as so
eloquently displayed in John Carpenter's movie, This `They
Live', the physical forms we see as 3rd dimensional are
actually holographic projections on planet Earth. By
altering the Light frequency and patterns of the beams
projected one can then disguise their true form into
anything they want it to be, including making it look human
– or any other form desired. Not coincidentally, the
original short story from which the idea for They Live was
taken, Ray Nelson's 1963 short story Eight O'Clock in the
Morning, describes specifically `reptilian aliens' and not
the oddly appearing aliens the movie instead portrays.
Part 2 of 2.
John Winston.