Newly Declassified Documents Confirm MOON DUST Involvement in Bolivia UFO Crash of a Pair of Weird Spheres

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     New information has been released from the Air Intelligence Agency, part of the US Air Force through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) that further confirms the August 1979 crashes of a pair of weird spheres near Santa Cruz, Bolivia. The documents not only verify what Ryan S. Wood has already revealed in Majic Eyes Only, but also provides additional intriguing details and references to "MOON DUST," the prominent governmental space debris and UFO retrieval program designed to locate, recover, and deliver descended foreign space vehicles back to Wright Patterson Foreign Technology Division headquarters for analysis and exploitation.

     According to several eye-witnesses, two "balls of fire" fell from the sky and softly landed in the cities of Santa Cruz and Cotoca on August 8th, 1979.  The story behind these fallen objects is continuously growing with intensity and credibility.  The spheres-almost identical in nature-were about "80 centimeters in diameter and ~2 meters in circumference with a hole in one side and a metal skin covering approximately one-half inch thickness. The spheres weighed about six kilograms with half-inch thick skin and the outside metal was similar to copper with dark and light spots, the plants near the objects were burned."  First hand witnesses mentioned in the official documentation of this incident include Colonel Ariel Coca, Campesino Gonzalo Menacho Viveras, and Nathaniel Mendez Hurtado.  Most of the mystery associated with these incidents is in the practically impossible landing of these objects.  The two objects were reported to be on fire, made a loud whistling sound and then exploded.  However, "in the area where they've been found, there were no signs of the impact and it looks as though the spheres landed smoothly."  How did the spheres negotiate a smooth landing? Certainly they are not terrestrial space debris. More mysterious yet, is the presence of a "silent aircraft" with three lights that appeared later the same evening, hovering above the explosion area. What was the craft doing? Who contracted it to be there and why? Was it an extraterrestrial craft or man-made?

     The incidents' association with project MOON DUST intensifies these questions; what was the level of involvement of MOON DUST personnel and what did they hope to gain or hide in Bolivia? Where are the spheres today?

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Moon Dust Santa Cruz Boliva 1979Look at the evidence directly in pdf format both from the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) and the Air Intelligence Agency (AIA). Twelve pages of material, including the declassification letter.

Every student of UFOlogy needs to be familiar with these famous and compelling events of UFO crashes and subsequent military retrievals. It is the hard physical evidence that the media, scientists and politicians need and crave.

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Ryan S. Wood
Author, UFO Conference Chairman, Executive Producer, Document Researcher