Covert War for Earth's Sovereignty

©2008 Ted Twietmeyer
Although this will be yet another disturbing article for some, data is data. This report is not intended as fear-mongering, but intended to create a better awareness of the end game of ET. We have a serious problem on our hands and apparently Uncle Sam is doing very little to stop it, perhaps intentionally. Some of what you will read here will be graphic to those with a weak stomach, but this is required to present the evidence as it is.
It’s time we stopped kidding ourselves about those “lights in the sky.” If anyone even remotely thinks that all UFOs are just advanced Earth aircraft, from our future or that they are simply aliens on a sight-seeing tour, they need to have their head examined... perhaps by a veterinarian.
Recent events combined with new research illustrates that there is a very real and existing threat to Earth’s sovereignty. It may be the real reason why the UK is no longer hiding what is taking place. Perhaps the UK government already knows that out-right war is eminent.
There are those who proclaim that the Second Coming will save the “chosen ones” from a great conflict on Earth. Yet Bible thumpers have conveniently forgotten numerous Biblical statements that contradict the claims of being saved from the terror that’s coming. (Some have labeled it “The Rapture.”)< /div>
 There are also people who state that a fake second coming will be staged as a way to force everyone to bow down and worship globalism.
My response to those who have written me about all these theories and others as absolute fact is quite simple – forget about it and stay focused on what’s of the greatest importance – fighting for Earth’s sovereignty! Once Earth loses its sovereignty will never get it back.
Recent research has revealed that spacecraft need to be hovering over a home to teleport an abductee. Abductions are also taking place in broad daylight, both in homes and in vehicles. Even bad weather makes no difference - a recent abduction took place in the middle of a thunderstorm. It is quite possible that some of the space vehicles John Walson in the UK has videotaped above Earth may be related to the on-going abduction problem.
Teleporting of abductees to and from Earth requires high precision, advanced technology. But if other races have the technology to reach Earth they probably also have that technological capability as well.
Consider for a moment if one could actually “see” invisible teleport beams as shafts of light. What you would see would be briefly flashing beams of light continuously happening all around the Earth, 24/7 with each beam of light representing someone being taken or returned. Some people I’ve researched are now being taken several times a week. I’ve been researching one couple who have been taken twice in a twelve hour period, on more than one occasion.
 (The evidence which discovered this cannot be revealed as there is no desire to give any aid=2 0to the enemy.)
In the case of the couple frequently abducted (which I’ve written about before in two other articles) the underside of the roof (which is made of plywood) has become extremely darkened and discolored. There is a 24” layer of fiberglass insulation throughout the attic and above their bedroom. The couple’s home is a little over 20 years old, but there are no roof leaks to cause discoloration. Yet nowhere else in the 1200 sq. ft. attic is dark, discolored plywood present. Their attic is fully accessible and covers the entire living area of their one story home.
I personally inspected the underside of their entire roof in that attic space. This would strongly rule out a coincidence of naturally dark plywood only over the bedroom area.=2 0It appears that the teleport process appears to have an effect on some building materials over time. Perhaps others who suspect they are frequently abducted should also look at the underside of their roof over bedroom areas. It is not yet known how many teleports are required to discolor plywood, and whether or not the effect on wood is linear.
I’ve been emailed by many apparently rational people who formerly never believed much of anything regarding the seriousness of the abduction problem. I use the word formerly here, because that is how they believed until abduction touched their life. One common thread I’ve found with people is that once abduction happens to them or they witness it, their opinions about friendly alien life change forever.
Like it or not, every single human being is on the front line of the currently covert war – a war for the sovereignty of the entire planet. In traditional warfare there are front battle lines and pla ces to retreat periodically for R&R (rest and relaxation.) Iraq and Afghanistan have been described as wars where the entire country is a battle front. But if one travels far enough
(such as to another country) there will still be a place where soldiers can enjoy R&R to mentally recharge.
The real truth is that Iraq , Afghanistan and all other wars on Earth are just small conflicts taking place INSIDE a far bigger war. That war is to save Earth from a permanent takeover. It’s a big universe out there, with countless races far older than us and research shows that many of them are far more aggressive and ruthless than human beings may ever be. This is not to say all alien races are that way – but those that are that way are of prime concern to us, for they are the threat to deal with.
With day to day problems and misery caused by government leaders crazed with quick power based on synthesized fear, it’s quite easy to forget about the real issue of basic freedom at hand. If we lose our freedom here on Earth what’s left in life to live for?
Here are a few of the possibilities of trying to live without freedom:
* No ability to travel anywhere whenever you want
* No freedom of worship
* No way to feel secure ever again from invasion, even with doors locked and bolted
* No freedom for your children to chose their destiny in life
* No freedom of speech or even freedom of thought for fear of imprisonment
* Fear of being picked up at any time, anywhere and never seeing anyone ever again
* Suddenly you cannot feed your family ever again when currency completely goes electronic and you are on uncle’s red list
* Fear of losing your job unexpectedly without any warning or recourse
* Fear of losing your home in the dead of winter and being tossed out on the street
* Being defenseless when all your firearms are taken away and you cannot replace them
* Having your children permanently confiscated and become government property, and never see them again
*20Being unable to stop the government from breaking up your family
* Unable to obtain needed medications to save your life or someone else’s life
* Unable to have utilities when the government forbids you to have them
* Spend the remainder of your life in a prison camp being tortured to death
* Being shot on sight simply because you’re out on the street or in your own yard
Any one of these items is bad enough. Now imagine all of them thrown at you at nearly the same time.
This only scratches the surface20of how bad it can get. Now add to all this stress what happens if an alien force suddenly takes over Earth. It’s quite possible they could do it with technology so advanced that weapons systems simply become inoperative. The overt war would be over without a single shot being fired.
So why hasn’t this happened yet? We tend to look at war from the one standpoint we know, but an extraterrestrial enemy may view it completely differently. On Earth, an invading nation takes over and then rebuilds the invaded country. Japan and Iraq are two such examples. But what if the goal of ET is to keep the planet and infrastructure intact?
Some form of infrastructure is required to maintain billions of human lives – especially if the humans on a planet are to be used as a resource. In a laboratory run by humans, scientists use the name “Vivarium” for the live animal storage area. ET covertly abducts people and uses them for various=2 0purposes and returns them. This actually makes far more sense than executing outright warfare on Earth. In effect, the entire planet IS a Vivarium to ET. It’s almost a certainty that replacements for humans would also be created and covertly inserted into key government positions to help ET gain control. In a scenario like this, their covert war could be won without a single shot fired.
To win a war with firing a single shot is similar to the old expression, “Don’t damage the merchandise.”
We are way past the point of Earth being a “Grand Experiment” as some have called it. Perhaps for some ET races they are in the early stages of exploration. But they are not the most serious threat we face. For other ET races, we are now in a covert state of warfare. Events of 2001 may have been executed as an overt cover for this war, and a public excuse to form the Department of Homeland Security (DHS.). DHS may be the only visible organization we will see to fight a war against ET for some time. It could also explain why the head of DHS is Russian and no one in government cares, even though the cold war is heating up again. A secret DHS agenda may be about fighting ET than other countries on Earth – the outside threat which Ronald Reagan openly described in several speeches.
I’ve had endless, well-meaning people email me stating that abductees can simply say “no” to their abductors. Or invoke God to stop it. I’m here to tell you that these techniques have been tried before many times by many people, including God-fearing Christian people and they simply do not work for people in the vast majority of cases. I’d like to slap that person silly who started this rumor that God will stop all abductions if we just ask him to. Nothing could be further from the truth.
Let’s be honest here - God hasn’t interfered and stopped this problem any more than he stopped Stalin, Hitler, Japan, Saddam and numerous other evil people and countries from killing many millions of innocent people. Are we supposed to think that all those millions of innocents didn’t pray for help? This doesn’t mean that God doesn’t exist – it simply means that on this problem he’s not stopping it just because we want him to.
There are also those who claim “it’s all fiction and merely the result of advanced mind control.” These same people are speechless when physical evidence is left behind, much of it impossible to fake. And there has been plenty of that as well.
An army colonel once told me years ago, “Every war is won befor e it’s ever fought.” Does this also apply to a war with an outside force? I’m not so sure it does. I do know this much – those who think this should consider the list I provided above that shows just some of the consequences of NOT fighting this takeover. Things are only bound to get worse, not better for the foreseeable future if we do nothing. There is nothing left to lose.
My research has also definitively found that a human element on the ground is involved on the side of ET, military or otherwise. Although I do not know all the details regarding the depth of involvement or exactly who they are, it’s clear they exist and are a part of the problem with regard to at least some of the abductions which are taking place. [3]
It’s important to put into perspective the incredibly detrimental effects that frequent abductions have in people’s lives.
Imagine coming home from work exhausted from a difficult day. You eat dinner and go to bed around midnight . About an hour after you go to bed, someone awakens you and keeps you up all night. About 5AM you get to go to bed but cannot sleep. At 6AM when the alarm clock goes off, you must arise to start your day and leave for an 8 hour shift. Off to work you go with only about 2 hours of sleep.
Then evening comes again, you eat and go back to bed. This same process that keeps you awake through most of the night happens again and again. Over and over, day after day, week after week, month after month you are awake all night. Now imagine this taking place almost every day of the week, while trying to keep a full-time job. Now imagine this misery going on into years. Get the idea? Could you stay awake on the road or all day at work? It’s not unlike sleep deprivation torture which is designed to wear someone down to nothing.
The only real difference between the above description and abductees is that in most cases, those taken at night have no idea they have been up and around all night. And it isn’t just about being awake “up there” – it’s also a night filled with terror. Billy Meier’s alien visitation stories describe his ET contact as caring, warm and friendly. But this is a very small percentage of what abductees experience and far from the typical experiences abductees are reporting.
Now we add to all this exhaustion, misery and complexity the very real fact that these abductions MAY NEVER END for these people. Research also shows that in almost every case, there is no such thing as only one abduction. The nightly nightmare will probably continue to wreck the lives of tho se taken until the day they die. When implants have been removed, new implants are inserted again during the next abduction. Witnesses have stated that even moving across country didn’t stop it, perhaps because they already have implants so their abductors (ET or human) can find them.
Many abductees are treated far worse than the way any human scientists treat lab animals. Why? Here are more facts: Scientists often work on grants of several hundred thousand dollars or even less, but must still pay about $30k for each adult Rhesus monkey used in research. Each experiment requires several animals to insure accuracy of experimental results. It can require months to put any new monkey through the quarantine waiting period and several more months to train an animal for cognitive research science.
For any race (ET or human) performing abductions of human beings pay nothing for their test subjects, and they never have to wait for a quarantine period. Research has found th at some races feed off of strong induced human emotions of fear, depression and terror and collect the resulting spiritual energy. It’s like a form of vampirism.
There are also cases of medical mystery, such as elderly people that suddenly acquire a fatal disease like HIV without blood transfusions or intercourse. Technically, it is impossible to contract HIV without some form of physical contact. There are also cases of strange and rare cancers appearing in some abduction victims. On Earth, researchers induce diseases in lab animals to test various drugs, vaccines and treatments before progressing to humans. Further details on alien-induced diseases in humans are outside the scope of this report although strong evidence does exist for this.
So Now We Know What Makes The News

By Greg Boone
As UFO researchers and realists are aware, over the past week the mo st startling of disclosures occurred when Apollo 14 astronaut and sixth man to walk on the surface of the Moon, Dr. Edgar Mitchell, confirmed the UFO phenomenon is a reality and that extraterrestrials have indeed been visiting Earth and interacting with our governments.
Dr. Mitchell is a well respected scientist of the highest calibre and one of the bravest men in human history. To have the wherewithal to travel to another planet, or moon, our Moon in this respect took more than just guts. Only few men, all Americans have achieved this feat with equipment that by today's standards was hazardous to say the least. Therefore if one were to question Dr. Mitchell's character one would best in my book be ready to step outside to the alleyway. I'd be the first one waiting for you.
Dr. Mitchell's disclosure travelled around the news circles worldwide.
Yet one would think with his celebrity and irrefutable scientific achievements and stature that his story would have been at the top of the headlines for weeks on end. Daily and nightly news coverage, a cascade of talk shows, heads-of-state in shoulder to shoulder briefings, but you know what? Dr. Mitchell's disclosure took a back seat to such important headlines regarding Miley Cyrus, Angelina Jolie, Barack Obama's trip overseas, several o ther celebrities and their reputed matrimonial dilemmas, and of course that ever present newsworthy item regarding actress Kirstie Alley's weight problems.
( I personally don't think she has a weight problem, she's a hottie. ).