Subject: [DrRichBoylanReports] Report of downed starcraft in Caucusus
    Region of then-USSR
Location: Arik mountainous ridge,
~30 km SE of Prohladnyi,
Kabardino-Balkar Republic (KBR),
North Caucasus, Russia (USSR)
Date: August 12, 1989
Time: daytime (approximately about 11 AM- till ~01 PM (till
13-14 hours))

Unidentified clear radar mark was detected in the area of
town Prohladnyi' in Kabardino-Balkar Republic (KBR),
Russian North Caucasus, by Soviet military radio technical
units near North Caucasus Mountains. The object was
not responding to "I am yours" back-call sign on radar
screens, and labeled as "hostile". Air defense systems
were alarmed, including surface-to-air missile units, and
MiG-25 Foxbat interceptors from Rostov and Krymsk
bases and Su-15 from Sleptsovskaya were scrambled, with the
task to identify and land the object, but they
failed to intercept the UFO.
After the failed interception the order was given to arm and
use weapons. Also units on ground were ready.
The surface-to-air missile was launched by 481th Air Defense
anti-aircraft missile Regiment in Ardon
(Northern Osetiya republic), deadly to unhappy UFO and its
crew, which hit and downed the object by the energy
of explosion by lucky chance for Soviets. The radar mark
from it was lost on radar screens over Arik ridge
(eastern part of KBR) in about 30 kilometers southeast of
the town of Prohladnyi'. (Ardon, from where the missile
that downed this UFO was launched, is approximately 40
kilometers south of the crash site). When they shut it down,
they already new that is UFO, alien vehicle, and nothing

Search and rescue party on Mi-8 Hip helicopter was
dispatched, and found the disk in the not so high
area of Arik ridge, somewhere in the area of villages Novoye
Hamidiye and Nizhniy Kurp. That was the small disk
with high, almost bell-like dome, 6,2-6,9 (maximum-7-8)
meters in diameter and about 3,5 meters high. It was
found and recovered by military amid the bushes and rocks
near the mountainous ridge turned upside down, with
the cupola down and bottom on top. Color of the hull was dul
l-gray. The object had opened door in its hull
(doors were opening like in the elevator to the sides).
Three small landing props were on the bottom, damaged
The disk smashed into the rocky surface with big speed and
made a long distance after impact fast dragging,
getting damage from numerous impacts on rocks.  That,
together with the hard impact of missile's explosion,
had brought many dents into one side of the disk.

The crash site was cordoned, and special research team
equipped with protection suits and dosimeters dispatched
to the place. Radiation was detected from the crashed
vehicle, and precaution procedures were conducted, though
some military personnel got heightened radiation doses.

Upon examination of the object, the partially opened door
(like in the elevator, moving inside the hull, not
outside) was revealed, and the entry into the object was
gained when the door was opened by force further by
pressure to down. Inside the cabin, together with simple
smooth control panels and other equipment, 3 aliens
were found, fallen down on the cabin's floor; two dead and
the third was slightly moving giving obvious signs of
life. The damaged equipment pressed the other 2, and they
got numerous wounds. Obviously, the being that was alive
was trying to get out of the craft and opened the door from
inside, but could not succeed to do that because of
wounds and general state of intoxication. Unfortunately, the
medic attempts to save the entity's life failed,
and the being died in a short period of time (hour or half
an hour) after it was extracted out of the disk.

The beings were about 1,5 meters high, pot-bellied, their
skin looked like white-grayish. The entities had big
hairless craniums, almost round (nor slanted) big black eyes
(as was established during autopsy, covered by
eye-lids), long extremities had 6 (SIX) long fingers.
Two of the beings were killed by impact on board after the
disk was hit and downed (but not destroyed!) by
the missile's explosion. As well, as was established, some
liquid that evaporated inside because of the event
killed the beings.

Mi-8 Hip chopper was used to evacuate the object that was
delivered to Mozdok air base that housed nuclear
warheads and Tu-95 Bear strategic bombers at that time. On
the territory of Mozdok aerodrome, the team of
military specialists arrived by airplane from Moscow did
preliminary examination of the crashed vehicle;
specialists from Scientific-and-Technical Committee of the
Air Defense; experts from Lubertsy NII-13
scientific-research institute that usually take part in
study of air crashes, and from some other military
research institutes; KGB and GRU were alarmed "to examine
the downed foreign aircraft". Procedures, similar
to those used in previous UFO crashes (Tyuntugur-1978 and
Urdzhar-1981 in Kazakhstan; etc.) to cover up the
operation were activated.

Autopsy of the aliens was conducted in the bunker in Moscow
region and their further preservation was secured
in glassy containers in top-secret underground bunker,
isolated amid the forests, under building on the
territory of military space forces biomedical research
center east of Solnechnorogsk (region of Moscow).
Later, the bodies were moved to the underground base on
Novaya Zemlya island (nuclear State Central test
Range Nr.6) behind the polar circle. (As well as the disk).

From Mozdok, the damaged disk was delivered to the territory
of "Kapustin Yar" State Central Range (SCR)
Nr.4 and placed into the underground bunker west of
In 1990-1991 (1992 at least) the disk was removed to Novaya
Zemlya undersurface base beyond the polar circle
in Arctic, like the other previously seized UFOs.

The basic core of this story was promulgated in Ukrainian
press ("Zerkalo Nedeli" - "Weekly Mirror") newspaper
(December 30, 1995), in the interview given by respected
colonel Uriy Vasilievich Lunev residing in Kiev,
who was the Chairman of Main Hydro-Meteorological Department
of Ukrainian Ministry of Defense. Colonel Lunev
emphasized that he remembered this case quite well and was
told about it in autumn of 1989 while he was
visiting officer assembly in air defense local headquarters
in Odessa. The source of Lunev's information was
one colonel from scientific-research institute in the
Russian city of Voronezh, whose name he did not open
because of the "well understood reasons" (I have personally
talked with colonel Lunev on that occasion by
telephone for several times).  The other individual, one
aviation engineer from Voronezh air production
plant who spoke with Voronezh-based researcher Alexandr
Mosolov, also divulged the story, though with some
elements of misinformation. The witness told that he
personally took part in recovery operation and was
delivered to the crash site (obviously from Rostov
aerodrome) by helicopter.
Besides, there is another witness, adult grey-haired man,
major retired of the Soviet Air Defence, Mr. Boris
Arharov, resident of Sankt-Petersburg, who claimed to take
part in this operation and named the date of
this crash as August 12, 1989 (it is now apparent that this
was one and the same crash). Arharov stated
that the craft was moved to Kapustin Yar range (SCR#4), and
that is exactly right.

It is most important in this case that the time Lunev heard
about this story (autumn 1989) fits very well
with the date mentioned by Arharov: August 12, 1989.
Seems, Lunev was told about that story in fresh!
Well, I was trying to comprehend all that for many years,
and finally, I think, the whole picture
is clear.

Another witness, Mr. Pavel Laptinov from Sankt-Petersburg,
had confessed to me that he personally saw
the document of Russian Space Military Forces dealing with
details of transporting the seized UFO at
Kapustin Yar range (space vehicle launching range). The
document was held by Russian lieutenant-colonel
who never allowed Laptinov to held it in his hands, but
Laptinov could read the content quite well.

Basing on all above-mentioned details, I must admit that the
story is true (I have the very distinct
feeling that is true story), and all details are finally
given accurate and fit all well.
Sorry for misinterpretations in previous versions of this
same story.

Anton A. Anfalov;
Larissa V. Chora confirms that (clairvoyant, psychic).
Another psychic, Lenura Azizova, also confirms
P.S. I am sure, and I will be sure for the rest of my very
life: Russian military department is involved
in shocking concealment of alien artifacts and hides several
crashed UFOs and alien bodies for sure.

Best regards,

Location: Krivoshzekovo, western suburb of Novosibirsk (now part of the city Novosibirsk), USSR (Russia) Date: summer, 1942 Time: night Local 15-year old girl Nelya, who was working during World War II on military plant (while many industrial plants were evacuated to Siberia), was curious to know what is located at nearby aerodrome that was prohibited to entry for the ordinary workers. They only knew that some advanced weapons are creating in there. One night, seized by curiosity, she succeeded to penetrate into the guarded territory of aerodrome. What she saw amazed her: instead of ordinary airplanes, she noticed beautiful huge disk-shaped objects sitting on the ground, spraying bluish light around them. The girl was overlooking this unusual "airplanes" for the quite long time, and suddenly a strange "man" approached her. He was looking like Lilliputian: his height was no more than 1,2 - 1,3 meters. The entity had big head, huge black eyes. His skin was grayish and wrinkled, like the old men have. He was dressed in black tight fitting overall. Nelya was brave girl; she was not bewildered and asked him: - Are you Lilliputian? - No, - he answered, - I am not Lilliputian. We all are the same. - How old are you? - A lot. On Earth I am very aged. - And where are you from? - It is quite early for you to know that. You are very young, and you will not understand that! At next, the girl caught unexpected thought that he is from another planet; she could not explain how she has got this idea. And when she asked him, he answered: -Tell to me, how did you guess that I am not from this world? Nelly did not answer to him, and the "Grey" dwarf continued: - You bear in mind that your country will win this war. We will share our technologies with your Government. And as far as about you, bear in mind that your brain is very developed. If you want, fly with us. - No, - Nelya answered, - I have mother, brothers. - We will take your brothers. I know that 5 of your brothers are fighting on front. Really, in fact, 5 of her brothers went to war, and all 5 disappeared traceless. At the end, the alien gave her some crystal and said that it is gift for memory, and whenever she is, they will know about her location by this crystal. He also warned her to never tell anybody about this meeting. After the years have passed and the Great Patriotic War was over, Nelya became member of KGB, and she kept silence for dozens of years. At present, Nelya Ivanovna lives and works in town Aksay of Rostov region. Source: Igor V. Kolomiets, Rostov-on-Don, Russia. Published in: Aliens Were Helping USSR? //in: "Taynaya Doktrina" ("The Secret Doctrine", Simferopol', Ukraine), Nr. 13(107), July 2003. - P. 16.
Location. Between Urdzhar & Alekseevka, Semipalatinsk region, Kazakhstan Date: 1981, September or October (possibly) Time: night It was reported that a low flying UFO (at an altitude of about 3-5 kilometers) was downed from ground due to a direct close hit by S-75 surface-to-air missile from a nearby AA-class missile base, located in the area of Urdzhar, about 400 km south-east of Semipalatinsk (regional center) and only 100 km west of Chinese border. The disk had been circling the military base when it was shot down. A special helicopter and ground search party was organized; they carried 12-men contingents carrying special equipment. The men wore special OZK-suits and gas masks. Early in the morning, dug into the slope of mountains hill, the recovery team found a silver disc - lenticular shaped object, lens or oval shaped, 11 meters in diameter, and about 5 meters high, with gradual raised top without dome, one side of it (the upper part of the hull and part of the dome) was damaged apparently caused by the direct hit from the missiles and hard impact. On the lower part, the disk had 6 oval structures melted inside the hull around the base. The disk had flat cylinder-shaped base separated by vertical lines to several segments. Apparently a high amount of radiation was found at the crash site. Some of military personnel suffered and died from radiation later. Inside, two small dwarf-like bodies were found. Two dead aliens were dwarf-kind typical "Grey" (Zeta Reticulian) type, about 1.2-1.3 meters in height, tiny bodies, with large baldheads and hairless craniums, big slanted eyes, with four fingered extremities. Their skin was gray-yellow. One entity was giving slight signs of life, being in a coma-like state, but all attempts to support life functions of the entity with special equipment, conducted in Urdzhar, turned out to be futile, and the entity died in several weeks and never turned back to conscious. The preliminary autopsy of the bodies was done on location in Urdzhar. The bodies were transported from the area in special containers and taken to a military airfield (with helicopter-based unit) in Ayaguz. From there, the bodies were taken by military airplane that specially arrived for them from Chkalovskiy air base near Moscow. After arriving, from military aerodrome near Moscow the bodies were transported to in an underground area north of Moscow - located under building on the territory of military space forces biomedical research center east of Solnechnorogsk (region of Moscow). According to General Valeriy F.Knorr from Kaliningrad (now-Korolyov) based NPO "Energia" space military industrial production unit, fragments of devices were found without the least sign of anything resembling wire, printed circuitry or bracing struts. An opaque glass like material was found. Some type of ornamental inscription was also found inside the craft. Origin of the crashed disk was reportedly established as Zeta Reticuli. The disk was transported to the Semipalatinsk State Nuclear Test Range, there the disk was studied for 15 days. From that it was moved to an underground bunker near town Stephogorsk (Kazakhstan), where previously the nuclear warheads were stored, and finally, the same year it was moved to Kapustin Yar State Central Test Range Nr.4 (region of Astrakhan'), where it was being stored for the long time (till 1990) in underground bunker. Kapustin Yar is the first Soviet missile and space launch site. In 1990, in order to preserve the further secrecy, the craft was transported to the island of Novaya Zemlya, a top-secret military installation build inside mountain, code-named "Lednik" ("Glacier"), former nuclear Central Test Site Nr.6 of the Russian Ministry of Defense beyond the polar circle, where they hide it at present. There was the witness (Mr. Pavel Laptinov from Sankt-Petersburg) who personally did see document with the order of Military Space Force of the USSR to military unit of Kapustin Yar, to transfer the object, and talked with the officer from Kapustin Yar who showed him this document. Local residents observed the crash of the disc and the work of the retrieval party, but were ordered by military and KGB to keep silence, and were even bribed for their silence. In 1984, Yuriy A.Smirnov, UFO researcher from Yaroslavl', got a letter from local residents who told about this, but the next 1985 year the letter was confiscated by KGB (this was possibly the letter from Urdzhar, or from another Kazakh hamlet, Tyuntugur, in Kustanay region, where another UFO crash/recovery operation took place in March 1978). Unfortunately, 2 cases were mixed as one, but now the truth is finally known. Information on the case was supplied by general Valeriy F.Knorr to researcher Alexandr L.Kul'skiy (Kiev), and also by Vadim Petrov from Moscow (ex-KGB officer). Source: Anton Anfalov, Lenura Azizova, and Larissa Chora, Ukraine SINCERELY YOURS, ANTON ANFALOV