List Of Crashed UFOs. Dec. 3, 2003.

  It seems that we have more crashed flying saucers than have
been reported in the past.  Here are a few of them.  This 
information came to me and it was given at a convention of people 
who report on crashed UFOs.


                Crashed Retrieval Conference

                   Franklin D. Ro-sevelt
  The only story that I will deal with regarding FDR is a story that
is being worked on by CUFOS and the Ohio MUFON people. It involves 
the longest servicing State Secretary in US history Cordell H-ll. 
Hu-l won Peace Prize for the work he did towards the creation of the
United Nations.
  He is one of three Nobel Peace Prize winners who have been 
involved in UFOs. The other two are Jimmy Ca-ter, and former 
Canadian Prime Minister Lester Pea-son.  H-ll's story is this. The
daughter of his cousin, Reverend Turner Hamilton Holt, came forward
a few years back to tell a story of an incident that had occurred in
Washington DC in 1939. According to what the Reverend told the 
family his cousin Cordell Hu-l had taken him to the sub-basement of
the Capitol building during a visit to Washington.
  There he viewed Four large glass jars holding 4 creatures and 
a wrecked round craft of some kind nearby.
  No other supporting evidence is yet available, but MUFON Ohio is
still working on it.

                      Harry S. Tr-man

  Harry Tru-an was, as everyone knows was the president who held the
W-ite House at the time of the Roswell crash. Despite the importance
of the crash in UFO lore there is very little evidence to be found 
in Whi-e House records to show that Tru-an had any documented 
involvement in the handling of the crash.
  A display at the Roswell Museum has a display showing a phone call
and a meeting with General Hoyt Van-enberg, who is generally 
acknowledged to be a key player in the Roswell event. The call and 
meeting were supposed to have occurred on July 9th, the day after 
the Roswell press release on the crash. According to W-ite House 
records, however, neither occurred. Va-denburg and other possible 
key Roswell players did meet on July 10th, but it was only for 10 
minutes and then only for the signing of an Air Force Day 
  The following were present: Honorable W. Stuart Sym-ngton, 
Assistant Secretary of War Lt. General Hoyt S. Vandenb-rg, Acting 
Deputy Commander, Army Air Forces Major General Lauris Nor-tad, and 
General James H. Do-little.
  The Whit- House records, however, might not be all that inclusive.
  Edwin Ea-sley, for example, is shown in Whi-e House records to 
have never had contact with Tru-an. In direct contradiction to this
is a statement by E-sley's daughter who stated her father had 
promised not to talk after making a promise to the president. 
  General Roger Ra-ey is another example of possibly incomplete 
W-ite House records. Wh-te House records show that he never had 
contact with the president, and yet George Filer of "Filer's Files",
stated that Mrs. Ram-y had told him during an interview that she 
and her husband had met Tr-man and his wife on more than one 
occasion, and were in fact good friends.
  The oral history testimony of Robert La-dry, the Air Advisor to
President Tr-man, may also help shed light on why there is no 
crashed saucer material, or recorded contacts with Roswell 
participants, in Wh-te House files. 
  Lan-ry told Tr-man oral historians that he briefed Tru-an on UFO
orally [every three months during his tenure (February 1948 - 
January 1953). He described himself as a go-between to the C-A.  As 
a side light to this, Lan-ry undoubtedly told Tr-man of the number
of radar UFO sightings (described in a second oral history interview)
he had while stationed with the 8th Army Air Force in Hawaii during
World War 2.

                       Dwight D. Eisen-ower
  As I said previously, the president only knows what is told to him
by those around him. He can be cut off from knowledge such as Harry
Tr-man was while vice-president under FDR. During his whole time 
as vice-president he only met with the president twice, and was
therefore out of the loop on almost everything that was going on.
  When T-uman became president he decided that the next president 
would not end up as president knowing nothing as he had. He set up a
series of briefing to be given to the president-elect that would 
have him ready to govern when sworn in. This is a practice that 
continues up to the present.
  Tru-an helped brief Ei-enhower on many subjects he would need to 
govern. One of those briefings is the rumored UFO briefing given to 
Ike in November 1952. This briefing has become famous because of the
M--12 document mailed to Jamie Sh-ndera in 1984. As my time is 
limited and others are talking about this document I will not deal 
with it.
  I will say, however, that I have spent a lot of time in the past
couple months looking at the concept of "if president's gets UFO
briefing and what they are told." I will discuss later other 
examples which show the importance of such briefings.
  Now to perhaps the most well known of the presidential UFO 
  This story is the visit of Eis-nhower to Palm Springs in February
13, 1954. It was during that visit that the press discovered Ike 
had disappeared. Panic broke out and one reporter almost got a story
on the wire stating that Ike had died of a heart attack.
  Ike's press secretary James Ha-erty gained control of the 
situation saying Ike was at the dentist after having broken a cap
eating chicken. Ike reappeared the next morning at church and all
was forgotten.
  All of the 1950s stories state that Ike had gone to nearby 
Edwards Air Force Base, and there met with aliens who landed at
the base. Ike met with the aliens, heard their message, and 
thereby decided the world was not ready for this type of 
information. The story further states it was at this point Ike 
ordered the real cover-up to start.
  In the late 70s and early 80s, when dead aliens became the rage,
the story of Ike's visit to Edwards turned into a visit to see dead 
alien bodies. Although no 1950 story mentions dead aliens there is
actually some evidence to indicate that he may in fact have gone to
Edwards to see alien bodies.  (JW  I believe that you will find
that Ike met some extraterrestrial aliens who had landed in some
space ships.)
  Bullet published a headline story which stated "A.F. Men Examine
UFO: Object Found Near California Oregon Border." Prominent radio 
commentator Frank Edwards, who broke the story, stated that the 
object had been moved to a "West Coast US airfield." 
  An interesting sidelight to this story is the fact that one of 
the air force men reported to be going to the airfield to 
investigate the object was none other than J. Allen Hy-ek. 
  Finally, related to Ei-enhower, is the testimony of Brigadier 
General Steven Lo-ekin who stated that he had been shown small 
UFO wreckage pieces, and that Ike was fully aware of the facts. 
Lo-ekin had served with the Whi-e House Army Signal Corps. In a 
conversation with me Lovek-n stated that Ei-enhower knew what was 
going on and that Love-in himself had witnessed Ei-enhower talking 
about UFOs while at Camp David.

                      Lyndon B. John-on

  During a recent visit to the Lyndon Jo-nson library in Austin 
Texas, I spent a week looking at the UFO connection to the 1965 
power blackout in the northeast, and the role of the Jo-nson W-ite 
Hcuse in the crash of an object in Kecksburg, Pennsylvania.
  Based on information supplied by Kecksburg expert Stan Go-don 
and researcher Leslie K-an I was looking for information that would
support stories, which showed the involvement of such groups as 
N-SA (who have now agreed to turn over 3 dozen pages of documents 
they have always claimed they don't have) and the Office of 
Emergency Planning at the crash site.
  My library research involved checking the president's movements 
and contacts between him and his top advisors with the information 
Stan Gor-on had collected related to the crash. 
  At the time of Keck-burg crash President Johns-n was at his 
Wh-te House ranch in Austin, Texas. A careful review of the evidence
showed some interesting parallels to what Go-don had discovered 
about groups reported at the crash scene. These included: James 
We-b, the head of NA-A arrived at the ranch at 9:50 the morning 
after the crash.
  All members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff arrived the morning 
after the crash.
  The Governor of Pennsylvania arrived at the ranch in afternoon.
On Sunday night, three days after the crash Jo-nson arrived back at
the Wh-te House. The next afternoon, John-on met off the record
with Buford El-ington. Ellin-ton was the head of the Office of
Emergency Planning, which is inside the Executive Office of the 
  This was one of the groups that appeared to have been involved in
the Kec-sburg crash.
  One of the key people under Lionel El-ington was USAF Col. J. Leo
Bou-assa. He headed up the "Special Facilities Division" within the 
Office of Emergency Planning. He is the person mentioned in the 
Blue Book file dealing with the Ke-ksburg crash.
  While at the Jo-nson library I was looking for files on Bou-assa
and on the "Special facilities Division" to see how it fit into 
the Keck-burg crash. What I learned about Boura-sa while at the 
library is that he had also been heavily involved in the 1965 
blackout of New York City. In fact, he wrote a report to Ell-ngton 
detailing his findings. Boura-sa's findings hinted at the possible
role of UFOs in the blackout. 
  From the November 23, 1965 Bou-assa report we read, "The lack of
specific information at the time, plus the state of confusion that 
existed in the Northeast U.S., the fact that sabotage, enemy action,
and unknown phenomena were all considered possibilities..."
  It was not until I got home that I figured out who J. Leo Bour-ssa
was, and why this might be significant to his involvement in the 
Kecksb-rg crash. It turns out that Bo-rassa was the head of Mount
Weather, the nuclear attack proof bunker outside Washington D.C.,
where the president and top go-ernment leaders are taken in case of
a nuclear attack.
  In fact, on September 11 when the Trade Towers were hit, the top 
15 gover-ment leaders were rounded up by the se-ret service and 
taken there, while Che-ey directed things in the bunker under the 
Whi-e House. 

Part 1.

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List Of Crashed UFOs. Part 2. Dec. 7, 2003.

This talks about Jackie Gl-ason being shown some aliens from outer space. ..................................................................... ..................................................................... Boura-sa, who at Mount Weather had instant access to the Joint Chiefs of St-ff Command center, all the mi-itary services, fire departments, NO-AD, and other key agencies, was involved in the Kecksb-rg recovery and may actually have been directing the proper units to the site behind the scenes. Aerial photographs of Mount Weather show the presidential heliport where the president is dropped off. The tower that directs in the president's flight is known as "bluegrass tower." In the Ke-ksburg Blue Book file right after J. Leo Bo-rassa's name you will find (Code blue grass). Another connection to the code "bluegrass" is a paranormal C-A project started in 1955, which I haven't confirmed yet another person who adds evidence for this role of Mount Weather in UFOs was Brigadier-General Steven L-vekin who testified for the Briefings held by CSETI for Congressmen and others in April 1997. He stated, "I was fortunate enough to travel around Washington DC area, and I was fortunate enough to speak to one individual who was a gov-rnment employee. He was not mi-itary. I only knew him as Frank, and I first met him at Mount Weather Virginia, Winchester, which is the place many of you might know where the president in case of attack. He told me at that time, the first time that I saw him, because he knew I was interested in this subject matter, that this place also had facilities to track these UFOs." Finally, I should mention a final note on the Special Facilities Di-ision. In a 1996 story former USAF physicist Robert Co0lins posted a chart and a letter to the Internet following the release of "Independence Day." M--12 chart. As a part of that posting, Col-ins made the following interesting comment. "The following has been uncovered over the years of research. -J-12 had a "cover" under which it operated and that cover was reportedly "The Office of E-rgency Preparedness, Special Facil-ties Division." I followed up on this possible role of the Special Facilities Division in the crash at Kec-sburg during a recent trip to the National Archives in Washington but was unable to come up with a single piece of paper on the unit after reviewing almost every box of files from the Office of Em-rgency Planning. Richard Ni-on The only N-xon story I wish to deal with in this presentation is the story about President Nix-n giving Jackie Gl-ason access to dead alien bodies. Three separate people claim to have been told the story by N-xon. (Bill Knell, Larry Warren and Beverly Gle-son) The key witness of the three was Beverly Gleas-n, the second wife of the comedy superstar. We have proof that she wrote a version of the story for the National En-uirer in 1983 four years before Gl-ason's death. It was a story that Beverly said made Jackie very angry. The gist of the story is that G-ason was friends with Ni-on. He lived in Miami, Florida near Nix-n' southern Wh-te House at Key Biscayne. Gl-ason saw the bodies late one night at Home-tead Air Force Base in 1973, which was close to both men's homes. It was also the base where -ixon flew in on his 92 trips to the southern Whi-e House. There is very little supporting evidence other than what Beverly Gl-aaon and the other two witnesses claimed Gl-ason told them about the event. In only the last few months Mrs. Gl-ason has reconfirmed the story she told so many years ago as being true. Gerald F-rd Gerald Fo-d as most people know was involved in the big flap of UFO sightings in Michigan in the mid-sixties. He helped to initiate a congressional look at the UFO problem. The only things I wish to bring up about For- is to play a clip which shows how quickly and dramatically opinions can change once a person enters the W-ite House. Listen to him talk about UFOs before he became president. From the March 26, 1966 "Face The Nation" show the following question and answer. Q. Mr. Fo-d, what about flying saucers? We've had some in Michigan in the past week. Do you really believe in flying saucers - you've called for a congressional investigation? Fo-d: Dave, we've had several incidents in Michigan in the last week - incidents that many reliable good citizens felt were sufficient to justify some action by our go-ernment and not the kind of flippant answer given by the Air Force where the passed it off as some "swamp gas." And in addition there are other incidents that happen from time to time - reported by people who I think are basically fully sincere and honest. It seems to me that this mystery which has been around the country with all these various sightings does require that the congress take a good look at it. They should bring up these witnesses from the Air Force and N-SA - have them interrogated by the members of a House of Se-ate committee. Let them put their records on the line, and let the people who have seen these unidentified flying objects come and testify. I think the American people would be more assured that there were, or were not, if an effective public hearing were held." F-rd did nothing on the UFO front once he became president or after. It naturally leads to the question of whether there is a big briefing given which changes all presidents' minds about releasing confirming evidence of UFOs. Jimmy C-rter It has always been questioned whether Jimmy Ca-ter was told much about evidence such as crashed saucers because he had run his campaign against the Washington insiders. He also got into trouble a couple of times with the U.S. mi-itary such as when he cut the defense budget, cancelled the B-1 bomber, leaked the stealth fighter secret. The evidence now seems to indicate Car-er was told and may actually have been told about the crashed saucers. Now, as background for those of you who did not know Jimmy Cart-r had seen a UFO, here is his version of the event. He has spoken of this sighting more times than he lu-ted after women. "There were about 20 of us standing outside of a little restaurant, I believe, or high school lunch room and a kind of green light appeared in the western sky. This was right after sundown. It got brighter and brighter, and eventually it disappeared. It didn't have a solid substance to it. It was just a very peculiar looking light. None of us could understand what it was. I never made fun of other people who have seen things of that kind..." This admission of a sighting, and a promise Carte- made during the campaign to release all UFO information, led to a deluge of 9,000 UFO letters into the W-ite House on UFOs. Here is a picture from within the Carter archives showing the letters. What most people don't know about the C-rter promise is that there was an exception, which I believe relates directly to the crashed saucer subject being discussed here today. Car-er made an exception saying he would not release UFO records with national se-urity implications. Here is what he said, "I don't believe in keeping information like that s-cret, but there may be some aspects of the UFO information, with which I am not familiar which might be related to some secr-t experiments that we were doing that involve national se-urity - a new weapons system. I surely wouldn't release that, but if it was something removed from our national sec-rity, then I as president would go ahead and release it. I see nothing wrong with that." In a related story, we have the story of the George B-sh UFO briefing of President-elect Car-er. According to Marcia Sm-th, a researcher at the Library of Congress, when Car-er asked for the files, then CI- Director Bu-h said Cart-r did not have the need to know - that being president was not sufficient "need to know." He would have to go to Congress and get the requested UFO documents declassified. The incident and the constant rumors about George H.W. B-sh's involvement in UFOs led me to make Bu-h a part of my "UFO Most Wanted" deck. An even more important story comes from prominent civil rights attorney Daniel Sh-ehan. He was called in by Marcia Smi-h as a consultant on two studies she was preparing for President Jimmy C-rter. One study was on UFOs, and the second was on extraterrestrial intelligence. Sh-ehan is famous for his legal work on the Pentagon papers, the Karen Silkwood case, Ir-n-Contra, and several other important cases. She-han's story is that he had gained access to the classified Blue Book files, through the efforts of Marcia Smi-h. In a vault in the basement of the Mad-son Building in Washington, D.C., Shee-an found pictures of a crashed flying saucer. This is information that he reported back to Sm-th. Smi-h, in turn, would have undoubtedly have related this discovery to the president in her study. She-han's account "Back in 1977 when I was asked to participate as a special mconsultant to the Library of Congress Res-arch Group analysis for President Car-er, I was given access to The Project Blue Book files - the classified sections of them in preparation for a seminar was asked to present to the top 50 scientists at the Jet Pr-pulsion Laboratory in California in the SETI program.(on the re-igious implications of extraterrestrial contact) In that context I was allowed to review the classified section of the Blue Book project. In that section I came across absolutely clear pictures, photographs of a UFO that was on the ground. It had apparently crashed and it was stuck in the side of an embankment. There was snow all around in the photograph, and there were United States Air F-rce personnel in the photograph measuring this particular craft.